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Created on : Thursday, July 03, 2008, 01:02:19 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
They’ve been called the modern day Bonnie and Clyde. Twenty-six-year-old Josh Rich and his young bride, Kylee, became wrapped up in a story that read like a Hollywood screenplay. As newlyweds, the pair allegedly committed three armed bank robberies, using the money from one heist to pay for their honeymoon. Dr. Phil tells the tale of these two star-crossed lovers, from their first encounter through their action-filled arrests, and sits face to face with Kylee as she lays out her version of events. Is she a hardened criminal who deserves to be behind bars, or a naïve little girl whose husband greatly took advantage of her? Then Dr. Phil has some hard questions for Kylee’s parents. How did she go from A student to armed robbery, and what was their role? Plus, Kylee stands face to face with her parents with an emotional plea you won’t want to miss! Next, Josh’s family weighs in. His brothers and sisters describe the Josh they know and how his encounters with the law have affected them. Could Kylee have played a larger role in the robberies than she claims? Facing up to 20 years in prison, Kylee finally faces a judge for sentencing. Will the scales of justice tip in her favor? Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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July 9, 2008, 9:56 am CDT

07/09 Newlywed Bank Robbers

Quote From: cablekidz

Maybe Kylee can hook up with Brandi Drumheller, the ex-Cheerleader who accidently ran down her former boyfriend and killed him when Brandi gets out of the slammer in Missouri!   Dr. Phil presented a pretty one-sided show which made Brandi look like some poor former A student whose life was ruined by choices she made after becoming involved with a "bad boy".   Their stories have a lot of similarities, except Dr. Phil made sure the point was made that Kylee wasn't as goody/goody as Brandi was made out on the Cheerleader show to be. 

Hello, Cablekidz, remember me? I remember what you're talking about. Speaking of Brandi, I just checked up on the boards called "Cheerleader Scandal", & I see that there are still some people who are posting there (I haven't been there in a long while!).


I agree that people like Kylee & Brandi should be held accountable for their actions on what they done. That's what laws in this country are made for.

July 9, 2008, 10:22 am CDT

07/09 Newlywed Bank Robbers

Quote From: bina43

I just wonder what would happen if this girl was black? Would she be on Dr. Phil? Would she be getting her brain mapped to determine if she has issues? um...
If she had been black, it probably wouldn't have made the news, not national anyway. She would have been given a lengthy prison sentence and then forgotten.
July 9, 2008, 10:25 am CDT


Quote From: txballplyr

wow.. how can EVERYONE on here be so narrow minded?  people make mistakes..thats life.  there's not a single one of ya'll that can seriously say that you haven't done something would ya'll like to have your life thrown away over that mistake?  its kinda pathetic how this girl is obviously sorry and regretting what she did..and ya'll still want to tear her down..and want her life  to be thrown away out of pure ignorance to what really happened..its kinda dissapointing how judgemental this country has become..

You think our country has become more judgmental, eh?  You obviously didn't live in the 50's when every other family on a person's block felt free to give their 2 cents on how people's children were being raised and what kids were doing.   It was a time of "no excuses".   Kids were deemed to be obnoxious or undiciplined, not ADD.  Kids who had little or no impulse control were hoodlums, not bipolar.  Kids who did drugs and robbed banks were shunned and shamed by society.   


I'm saddened for the state of our country that so many people think becoming a bank robber to support a drug habit qualifies as a "mistake"!   I agree with Dr. Phil that, at 20, Kylee still has time to chose a more beneficial path in life for herself.  I'm not sure how being unwilling to call a spade a spade is going to help Kylee and her family. 

July 9, 2008, 10:25 am CDT

07/09 Newlywed Bank Robbers

Quote From: goodguyutah



How can everyone on these boards just bash these two? They are human beings too, being jerked around by the media, stories obviously mis-reported, like for the fact that she was only involved in the third attempt, not all three like the news still reports!


Do not judge these two, you have not been in there shoes or know the situation like they do, obviously there has been mistakes made and consequences has been set by a jury and a judge, you have no right to say what should happen or what these people are like without knowing them.


Again, I'm am totally and fully disgusted in what I have read here.


Good Guy in Utah



Well, get over it!


I'm a firm believer in suffering consequences for your stupidity and bad behavior.....don't try to tell me that these two didn't know right from wrong. They CHOSE the behavior, and, when you do that, you CHOOSE the consequences.....(something Dr. Phil says quite often)...and it's just common sense.


For you to say that "she was only involved in the third attempt, not all three...." is like saying it was okay to be involved at all! It was not! What's the difference if it was once or a dozen times?? And, by the way, who knows what other crimes these two committed for which they weren't caught?  


If no one in society judged anyone else we'd have total chaos and anarchy...why do you think EVERY society has a system of laws, rules, and expectations for behavior? Because it's necessary! To demand that no one judge anyone else is ridiculous and unrealistic.

July 9, 2008, 10:37 am CDT

Yeah yeah, blah blah

Quote From: larson0687

You really can't blame the girl....i can bet that not many of you have been physically abused or threatened for it to happen....its terrifying, so who are you all to judge her...and everyone makes mistakes

These are not "mistakes"! These were conscious choices to disregard laws, and people's lives and safety....a deliberate and willful "screw you" to society. Not in the category of "mistakes"...and not okay.....and these two are worthy of judgment.


I'm so sick of people who are so willing to just blindly accept anyone's criminal behavior because they are so skilled in putting on a poor-little-me act. It's why so many kids are so messed up...from the time they are tiny, no one demands that they be held accountable; parents are wimps, and kids rule.


This is the result.

July 9, 2008, 11:40 am CDT

Did Anybody Else Notice...

I thought it was telling that when asked what she would say to Josh, Kylee said, "Why in the hell did I not see this before?  Why the hell would you desert me the way that you did?"


She continues that she's mad because he hasn't told her 'I'm really sorry for bringing you into this and just leaving you." 


She appears to me to be far more offended that he would take off and leave her than that he was the kind of man who was capable of robbing a bank!   


"I hate him," Kylee says, "and I don't know why he would think that this was a logical reason for trying to get money."


A logical reason for trying to get money?   Was robbing banks OK if the reason was to take her somewhere exciting, but not for day-to-day rent and drug purchases?   It doesn't take long before heavy cocaine/heroin/meth users stop worrying about getting money to pay the rent, let alone go on vacations!  Maybe I've gotten hardened, but this girl is just another junkie.   Maybe her family should be glad he suggested she rob a bank instead of selling herself on the street!


July 9, 2008, 12:25 pm CDT

Justice not "judgmentalism"

I wonder how the "Ya'll are mean," people would feel if they were the ones robbed at gunpoint. I know a bank teller who was so traumatized by being held-up that she had nightmares for ages and was unable to return to work at her bank.

We could go to any prison and walk past the cells asking people if they were sorry and regretted what they did. I'm sure they would all say, "Yes." We have a system of punishment for crimes and enforcing that system is our only hope against a lawless society where no one is safe.

Drugs are ruining this country.
July 9, 2008, 12:51 pm CDT

Been there done that

I can sympathize with this girl! I was in her shoes just a few years ago! I was a high school drop out, got my GED, tried out some college and dropped out.  I met this guy and was in a relationship from hell! He was a sociopath, and he knew how to push my buttons just right to keep me in his tangled web of drugs and lies! I was vulnerable, afraid to think for myself, the bad boys were attractive to me, he paid attention to me without paying attn.  He emotionally and mentally abused me.  The hardest drug I did do on a continual basis was weed.  It got to the point i was callin off of work.. and ended up getting fired! Well as time went on I wanted to escape from this relationship, but was to scared! I was to scared of not having anybody! So a friend of mine introduced me to this guy friend of hers.  I wanted to replace the sociopath with somebody else, and guy 2 was the replacement.  He turned out to be a bad boy to.  I did what he did just to fit in and to try and show him I wasnt a pussy! Well that went over well, cus later that year, I was arrested in several jurisdictions for the plethora of crimes I commited! I believe that it was the wonderful parents that I have and the compassionate judge who seen the pain of me realizing how much i ****** up, that i didnt see any jail time.  I am currently paying for what I have done with a 5 year probation! But I am proud to say that I have quit doing all the bad things! I have been drug free since April of 2005, I have even quit smoking cigarettes since 12/5/05! And Spring of 2008, I have finally been able to begin going back to college! In fact this once former high school dropout.. college drop out felon, has made the deans list the first term back at college! I made straight A's even bumping a B+ to an A- and finished out the term with a 3.918!! I am in summer school trying to finish my associates degree as quickly as I can so I can transfer to go on for my Bachleors degree in business! I did **** up, but I have learned! I am no where near perfect, and I probably will not come close to being perfect, but Im using this 2nd chance I got for good! I have big dreams that I fully intend to enjoy!

July 9, 2008, 12:54 pm CDT

07/09 Newlywed Bank Robbers

I find it interesting that when she got in real trouble she went to her parenets for help.  Why didn't she ask for help when "he raised his hand to me" or she saw other signs of trouble?  Notice she didn't say he hit her. But, now that she got herself in this this mess it is Mom and Dad (and Dr. Phil) to the rescue. Maybe, she didn't ask for help because she knew they wouldn't approve of her behavior. Of course if she had asked for money they probably would have helped with the rent but not for drugs.


Too many kids get in a jam because they want to do things their way but as soon as they are in too deep, they get their parents to bail them out.  I wonder how much her family is paying for lawyers, etc.


My kids were all told that we would bail them out of jail one time.  They had better think before getting in a little trouble and using that get out of jail free card because they might need it more later. We have never had to bail one out yet. And,  one son actually said that thinking about that kept him from doing some stupid things. Too many parents enable their kids because they repeatedly bail them out and never expect them to take responsibility for their own actions.


I hope some jail time is a real wake up call for her, but I doubt it. She is still blaming everything on her husband and not really taking responsibility for her actions.



July 9, 2008, 1:08 pm CDT

Paying for my mistakes!

I would like to also say! that even though I recieved no jail time and only probation, I am paying for my crimes.  To get anywhere in life now I have to prove myself even more! I will constantly be scrutinized when filling out an application and marking the box for commiting a felony.  I have to work even harder to earn the respect and trust of my peers, and knowing that I will never be completely trusted anymore!  I am completly sorry for all that I have done!! This world is chaotic enough, and i caused more chaos for petty reasons!
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