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Created on : Friday, May 23, 2008, 07:44:26 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 05/28/08) Whether through music and dance, or sports and education, The Dr. Phil Foundation makes a difference in the lives of children -- especially those who strive to succeed against all odds. Catch up with some of the deserving donation recipients, and see how their lives have changed. From providing music lessons to help for abused foster children, your contributions have been making an amazing difference. Don’t miss these inspiring stories and more! Then, meet an inspiration to children everywhere. He longed to be a pianist, and after years of hard work and determination, he has toured the globe performing, worked with a multi-Grammy winner and is now a rising star in the music scene. Find out how he did it. Plus, Dr. Phil and Robin make a special announcement. Learn what they're doing and how you can make a positive difference in a child's life. And, don't miss Dr. Phil and Robin's surprises for these guests. Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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June 5, 2008, 2:52 pm CDT

Lady with the triplets

Thanks for your posts.  I thought I was loosing it!  I was soooo looking forward to the update about the pretty lady with the triplets that were deaf and blind.   I taped the show, watched it, and then searched for my wasn't there.
July 3, 2008, 4:08 am CDT

Against all odds

My 16 yr old daughter is a daily inspiration of living against the odds. She gives 110% of herself in her studies against great odds. I have always told her to shoot for the moon and never worry if she misses because she will only fall amongst the stars! She has aspergers syndrome, dyslexia, and a miriad of learning disorders....but she just keeps giving it her best!! She has her days when it is all too much and I am there to listen and give her that safe place to fall. She chooses not to have any contact with her abusive father who is no longer in our lives and she battles with weight issues related to her autism and tolerance of certain smells, tastes and textures. We have not had a holiday in 16 years but she never complains. She would benefit greatly from gastric banding which would improve her self esteem and help with her weight. Maybe she would choose then to go to the school formal and feel beautiful.....but we cannot afford this procedure here in Australia. She calls herself a 'retard' even though she has normal intelligence and I continue to be vigilant with her school in ensuring all possible aids are in place to help her to learn. She is my hero and I am writing for all those children out there with learning disorders....don't give up...keep may have your bad days but......somewhere there is an answer.
August 3, 2008, 3:43 am CDT

Our little Angel Boy

On Sept.18,2003...Keaton was born thirteen weeks early. He left our small town in Texas in a Helicopter for Dallas Methodist Hosp...where He remained for over 6 months, with several trips to Children's here also..He had 8 surgeries before he was one year old..HIs left brain is impaired from bleeding, and He has a stunt in his head drain off fluid..He can't  walk without a walker, He only speaks a few words..but he has come so far. Handicapped children can become victims of abuse , more so than normal kids, because they require so much  care and attention..nearly three years ago, His own dad, scalded his behind and legs , because he had pooped his diaper, and as he changed him, he rolled over,and got some on the sofa..He left my grand daughter to take him to the ER..and they arrested him, he is now serving time for felony abuse..My grand daughter has worked and gone to college , and kept Keaton in therapy, and now she has two more boys, they are fine..but she has her hands full, we don't have resources to help much..She needs a van for her three boys, one which can carry a wheelchair..It has been a rough road, but she has been the strongest gal, I ever saw..she is my hero..The world has not been so kind to her, now she has a wonderful guy in her life, that is very good to the boys, but they could use some help, with getting a way to get them all to doctors and school, etc. If I could, I would get her anything they need, but I live on SS...and believe me, with the prices of things now, I barely make it with enough food to eat..If you met them you would be taken in by Keaton's hugs, and kisses..He is the greatest Joy of my life..They gave up on him many times in the Hospital, tried to get her to unplug him, but she told them, "You don't know what God can Do"  and he started to come around that day.Our prayers got this child to where he is today...God has plans for him, I know...I see people on TV all the time get houses, cars, and help, no one is more deserving than this little family ...God bless your work, Dr Phil...and long may Texas be Free...Nana,from Texas...

August 3, 2008, 11:56 am CDT

Doctor Phil Show.

Against All Doctor Odds Phil/Robin. Way to go Doctor Phil Against all odds is a perfect exemple that I like--

to say. See you on Thursday August 07th, 2008. Sincerley Your. Russell  Vlaanderen.----------------------------- 

August 7, 2008, 7:38 am CDT

What about a thrift store to benefit Dr. Phil Foundation: "Getting Real Going Green"?

What about a thrift store to benefit Dr. Phil Foundation: "Getting Real Going Green"?

See why below:

Lynn had a hit on ebay, first day posted I think, on a pilot headset I found curbside shopping. I think originally listed for over $150 yet, now, similar pilot headsets average selling for about $90. However, Lynn is just asking $15 plus postage. Appears in mint condition and Lynn tested out. Hey, better than ending up in landfill and crazy items as nice as that end up in landfill.

Likely, like my pilot headset (for a passenger). My headset isn't as nice that I just used less than 5 times when I was taking emergency co-pilot training. I gave mine to Lynn to sell, too.

Wondering if he'll sell his too. Sorry, wondering hazard of my first name.

All three pilot headsets in very good condition. Now, I need to find a really nice box curbside shopping to mail it while on errands. I already have that bubble packing I found curbside shopping. Tons of that, all recyclable BTW, inside all those new HD TV sets and flat screen computers people are getting.

Lynn's ebay name is can-o-lope which is kind of catchy. I'm posting because if you Google seller names won't show up anyway. I think every name he chose taken so how he ended up with. YAY! Looks like sold. I want things he lists and we send to get five star ratings from presentation to packaging and especially product. I think since items from Dallas, Texas, people will like.

That's why I hope Dr. Phil begins a State-of-the-art thrift store "Getting Real Going Green" that does online sales as well. What a wonderful legacy to build to fund the Dr. Phil Foundation. I have lots of things I'd donate that we likely won't sell on ebay. Richest woman in the world, lives in China, fills empty import ships with paper trash from USA to recycle. However, curb side shopping you can find mint condition products and packaging to mail in.

Too much usable and recyclable is being trashed and even irreplaceable valuable history ending up in landfills... that sometimes are rescued and bring tens of thousands on Antique Road Show. Crazy by its truest sense "a danger to self and others "and" earth." A small corner table worth a million bought for $3 at a garage sale.

Groups of children and teens and young adults and older adults would love to be involved in bike or moped or walking etc. earth angel brigades spotting finds and asking owners of homes if okay to tag for Dr. Phil "Getting Real Thrift Stores" to pick up to fund the Dr. Phil Foundation. Plus, handing out cards with donation information at garage, estate et al sales. Now, that's a good FAMILY FIRST/COMMUNITY FIRST project.

Would learn how to spot valuable antiques and vintage and historical items and other items of value. Life is a team effort. "One for all and all for one." I hope Dr. Phil and everyone in USA joins the team with you/me/WE recycling for a better TODAY "and" TOMORROW. With a public service message at end of every Dr. Phil Show "To recycle everything positive to recycle including kindness." I think Robin's sister, Cindi, would even like that.

Recycle Momma of Dallas
adopter of causes, i.e., recyling
Improve Children and Earth's Fate
Conserve, Recycle & Donate
August 7, 2008, 8:10 am CDT

Dr Phil's Foundation

 Thank God for people like you, to do Dr. Phils Foundation for the Foster Children. My hubby and I have been foster parents for 16 years now. We've adopted our 6 childrens thru fostering and as of last dec. we have a sibling group of 5 with us, on top of our 6. I know thats alot but they were gonna seperate the 5 if somene didn't take them. and through everything they are all they've had ( is each other). I worried and worried and prayed till I told my husband we just can't let that happened and I hadn't even meet these children yet. so we went and met them. they've been in the system for 4 yrs now. from a very abusive family life, into a foster family that did the same to them for 3 yrs. ( they had fallen through one of those big cracks) and now to us. they came to us with enough clothes to get thru a few days and that was it. With the way the countys are ran now, they offer no help. a long time ago they use to give vouchers to get them some clothes. not anymore. but we managed and we have fallen into (a sometimes choas family life) but a good one. If the Lord sees it to be and the children end up needed a home till grown, we know we will do it. no matter how hard it is We'll manage and as long as we have room and more love to give, we will keep doing it. so now my family ranges from ages 2 1/2 to 21. 6 boys and 5 girls. I know I can't give them everything their little hearts desire. But I'll give them unconditional love, a warm safe home and a full belly.
August 7, 2008, 9:02 am CDT

Saddened about negative experience with CASA

Quote From: bluesky5000

"Depending on the state"...  which state did you retire as CPS investigator?  "...They fought investigators".... "A little more investigation... by whom? the investigator?  "bad decisons on the part of these undereducated do gooders"...I thought decisions were made by the Judges???  In my state. the do gooders only make "recommendations" to the Judge and the Judge decides based on the facts....  I can understand your frustration as I am sure you have seen many unforgettable outcomes, you most certainly were overworked and underpaid, but there are usually "some" good apples in every barrel.   Saving "some" of the children is better than saving none.  We are all not perfect and I know many a judge who has had case decisions they made which bothered them (but they had to follow the law), but as you and I both know...nothing is perfect...IF IT and your fellow workers would not have had to "cringe" whenever a CASA person was court ordered to your case there would be no need for CASA workers OR CPS investigators. 


Thank God I live in America.....this is my opinion and I am stickin to it! :)



I am sorry to hear the CPS worker had such negative experiences working with CASA volunteers. They are well trained and supported by the program staff. The National CASA Association has strict guidelines that are to be followed by CASA programs across the country in selection of volunteers, program management and volunteer supervison.

It is necessary to remember that the role of a CASA is to gather information about a child's life, report the information to the court verbally and in a written report, monitor the services that are to be provided to the child and family by providers-that does include to ensure the CPS worker is completing the orders as well and to advocate for the child's best interest.  The CASA is not the one making decision about the outcome of a case, they make recommendations to the court. The Judge makes the decision.

CASA and CPS workers who have mutually respected relationships can work well together to serve families and protect children. There are times that they must agree to disagree and have respectful listening of each other's perspectives and understand that they each serve a purpose in this process. 
Again, I am sorry that this retired CPS had unfortunate relationship with someone who is there to care, gather independent, objective information to serve as eyes and ears of the court, advocating for the best interest of a child from their perspective, and remember that the Judge is to consider all the informaiton presented and the law and make the final decision about the best interest of abused and neglected children.

August 7, 2008, 1:39 pm CDT

don't blame us

Quote From: sacwalls

Often the caseworkers are to blame for a child being returned to an unsavory home, but in my state it is ultimately the judge's decision that has been assigned to the case.  I have a wonderful relationship with my caseworkers at our Department of Human Services.  The caseworkers are overworked and the foster system including the case workers, the money for the family keeping the child until they can be returned to their family or to a more permanent home, everything is under payed and understaffed. 


We have 5 children in our home right now and their is alot more waiting for a foster home in our temporary

shelters.  Which I would like to add is ran by a wonderful group of caring people.  Not an institution like setting at all. 

I am a CASA volunteer in az. in our state we have alot of training and do alot of on-line training so i am taking offense to CASA workers being uneducated!!!!!  We don't always agree with CPS but our only goal is to do what is best for the children counting on that is to go home or not....The only thing we're advocating for is what is best for the child through our wisdom and training and talking with the child and all parties involved.....maybe the CPS case workers should not have such a bad attitude toward the CASA workers since we do this out of love for the children that are in the system and remember that we are not paid......
August 7, 2008, 1:42 pm CDT

CASA Organization

Well, Dr.Phil I tried to be a volunteer for CASA and went as far as going before the judge and getting sworn in. But what I have is an assisted living dog and when I went to the meeting the lady said we can schedule for daytime classes. So I called to schedule she said you are not going to work out because I smelled like my assisted living dog. Keith
August 7, 2008, 2:22 pm CDT

CASA is...

Quote From: jprhedd

As a retired CPS investigator, who unfortunately had those stacks of files to deal with, I cringed as did my fellow workers whenever a CASA person was court ordered to our case. Depending on the state, the primary mandate of most foster care agencies is to return the child to the home. CASA workers took this to mean "no matter what". They fought investigators tooth and nail to return the children to awful homes. I am sorry that the show is being snowed by these "mentors". A little more investigation would certainly reveal some absolutely stunning bad decisions on the part of these undereducated do gooders. I have retired for ten years and it still bothers me.
I'm sorry, that in your state, CASA's were adamant about returning a child to the home they were removed from.  In the state where I was a CASA we were told that we were to advocate for the best interest of the child, no matter what that might be.  It was the state who said the first goal was reunification.  The parents have a lawyer who does what THEY want, the child has a lawyer who does what the CHILD wants, but the CASA is a neutral party who does what's best for the child.  Because a CASA is appointed by the judge and has more assessibilty to information than a case worker, our CPS workers actually wanted us to be involved.  Granted, I would love to have "fixed" every home so the child could return, but if that was not the safest place then I would look for other more suitable situations.  The CASA program can be a great thing for a child.  I'm sorry your experience was a bad one for you and possibly the children you represented.
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