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Topic : 05/27 The Dr. Phil House: Brat Camp, Part 3

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Created on : Friday, May 23, 2008, 07:38:19 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
It’s the last day in The Dr. Phil House for four families struggling to tone down the chaos, fighting and unhappiness. Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall and listen to what your kids say about you? Well, the moms get that chance. They watch and listen behind a two-way mirror as their kids have a conversation with one of their peers. Don’t miss Wendy’s reaction when her son, Noah, opens up about his sister’s death. When Dr. Phil puts the kids to the task of cleaning up a filthy room, will the challenge be too much for them … or their parents? Next, Dr. Phil sits down with the mothers and the fathers separately for some no-nonsense parenting advice. If you’re a parent, you won’t want to miss this valuable lesson in parenting! Then, Dr. Phil helps the parents make the first step in creating a phenomenal family. Plus, how are these families doing now? Don’t miss the surprising update! And, are you looking for something fun for your kids this summer? Deborah Gibson has gone from teen pop sensation to an inspiring musical mentor. See how she makes deserving children’s dreams come true at her Camp Electric Youth! Join the discussion.

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July 5, 2008, 1:26 pm CDT

I know kids have there moments

I'm a mother and I can say one thing about my kids an all kids. when they act out it means some thing is going on with them and them need your love and supprot to figure it out. I would say calling what they do is them being a brat I don't think it's that look more in to there behavior an let them know no matter what your there to love and support them and that all things can be talked an worked out. Kids are us just smaller and can't quit figure it out on there own just yet. I could handle any kid no matter there behavior just show em you care that they are feeling what they feel you'll see a diffrence. don't yell get up set or anything talk to them as you want them to talk to you if it doesn't work tell them I'm walking away to give you space and I'll be here when your ready to talk.
July 5, 2008, 1:31 pm CDT

05/27 The Dr. Phil House: Brat Camp, Part 3

Quote From: jodieskinner

First of all, it is obvious that you have completely misunderstood what I wrote and interpreted it in a way that would benefit your point of view.  Nowhere in there did I suggest that I would kill my child for slapping me.  What a stupid thing to even suggest!


Second, from your statements I'm assuming that you believe it was ok for Noah to have slapped him mother like that.  It's no wonder we have a generation of children with no respect for their parents or any other form of authority.  The belief that children can do whatever they want with no consequences has led up to a society of children whose parents have given up because if they discipline they'll be reported for child abuse which is absolutely crazy.  Noah is a perfect example of a child who needs discipline because he thinks that he runs the house and he doesn't. 


As far as my children are concerned, they learn through consequences which generally is the loss of something they value.  That varies depending on the situation obviously.  No where did I suggest that one should beat a child into submission.  That is not acceptable or respectful but children need to know that it is unacceptable for them as well.

ah a child doesn't need phyical displine to become a better listing child. you talk to them in any bad way the start to think bad an feel as if it's true and a child doesn't know oh well she didn't mean it. A child remembers everything.                         love an support them
May 5, 2009, 2:03 pm CDT

I can so relate to this show....

I had to send my daughter away last year to a residential treatment therapy program.  She was diagnosed by three seperate doctors with ODD (oppositional defiance disorder).   She was cutting and heading down juvenile deliquency road, etc.  There is so much more to this story so don't judge me until you walk in my shoes.    She is doing much better and I have no regrets for taking this measure to get her the help that she needed.  She is almost 14 yo now.  I am glad I got this taken care of earlier than later.    I am sure I would have ended up paying for her funeral instead if it did not happen thisway. 


I do get to go see her next week and we will be discussing her home coming.  I have had a year and a half to work through all of this and get ready for this big day.  Things will not be perfect.  She will not be perfect but at least we can make a fresh start. 


All I can say, is God has been in this whole situation and our story will be our testimony one day. 

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