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Created on : Friday, May 16, 2008, 02:26:08 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 05/23/08) It can make your heart race, cause major stress and make you scream in horror … Ladies, you know all about the pain of bathing suit season! Well, summer is almost here – why not solve the two-piece trauma once and for all? With the help of The Ultimate Weight Solution, Margie, Kay and Wendi lost a combined total of 353 pounds and 32 sizes! Don’t miss their amazing results! Then, Robin recruits five women for a beach body makeover, and you won’t believe their results -- in just four weeks! Plus, don't miss a special product from Janet Harris, Robin's go-to gal for radiant skin. Next, Cindy is a mother of two who says her “stomach pudge” keeps her from going to the beach. She bravely models what some are calling the “miracle suit” that takes off inches the minute you put it on. And, Lin says her daughter-in-law, Rebecca, needs to back off when it comes to making comments about her weight. Rebecca says if she doesn’t stir things up, Lin will be overweight forever, but could her comments about her mother-in-law have an affect on her daughter? Plus, Jill despises her body so much, she hasn’t undressed in front of her husband, Don, in 15 years. Don’t miss the surprise Dr. Phil has in store for Jill! Plus,  all the beach-goers at homehave a chance to win an all-inclusive vacation in the Riviera Maya! Join the discussion.

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May 23, 2008, 9:21 am CDT

05/23 Dr. Phil's Beach Body Bootcamp

Quote From: ramair

I've got no problem finding reasonably-priced bottoms that fit. A small usually fits fine. But, the tops are  another story. Most, even in extra-large, are made for B-cup breasts. Come on, swimsiut manufacturers. And, make some D-cup tops that don't cost an arm-and-a-leg. I shouldn't have to pay through the nose to cover my boobs.
Couldn't agree more!  I have the same problem.
May 23, 2008, 9:28 am CDT

05/23 Dr. Phil's Beach Body Bootcamp

Quote From: handplawson

           I quit smoking almost 10 months ago, 08/08/07 will be a year.  I sleep all the time and  I put on the weight  of  40 lbs.  I don't want to be over weight and have health problems. And I will not be a smoker to lose weight.  My husband quit smoking 2 months ago.  We both need a exercise program, we enjoy walking together but the weight is still there.  What is your challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Walking is great, but the real equalizer is lifing weights.  While you're sitting around watching Tv you're burning more calories because  your muscles are doing the job for you.   Also take in no more than 1500 cal a day and for hubby 1800.  In the end if you take in more cals than you're burning off ie walking you will still not lose weight.  I'm 48yrs off, I've kept my weight (115-120) in check because of weight bearing exercises.  Anyone can do, it's very rewarding.  You wouldn't believe the energy it gives you.  I've never had any health problems and rarely ever get a cold.  
May 23, 2008, 9:42 am CDT

05/23 Dr. Phil's Beach Body Bootcamp

Quote From: diamonddust

 I am 64 years old and would love to lose my weight...  I retired and sise then I have really put the weight on.I look at myself in the mirror and I hate what I see but no matter what I do I can not seem to shed the weight....I am not what they call a big eater ...I guess I just do not eat the right foods.....I have no friends to help me as a support group and my biggest hang up is my husband alwys on my case about eating all the time...he has cancer and they removed his voice box and therefore his being able to eat and swallow food is very different from him.....I want to lose this so as to let him know I can do this....I just need a little help or suggestions....We live in a very small town and I can not afford to go to a gym and we only have a limited income Social not have a video because I do not have a camera.......Thank you Diamonddust
Hi Diamond!  I'm 48yrs old and weigh 115-120lbs.  I have always gone to the gym to lift weights.   I don't eat bad every day, but I do have my moments, I'm human.  This has kept my weight in check.  My mom is 70yrs old.  She was over weight for quite sometime and gaining more.  I *finally* talked her into lifting weights.  Over a period of months she started shedding the pounds.  Now she's down to 130 and looks amazing.   Go to Walmart and buy a cheap book on lifting weights at home.  Also purchase some cheap hand held weights, 2-5lbs.  Get two of each, one for each hand.  Start out very slowly, no more than 3 sets each on maybe 2 exercises a day.  If you need to sit in a chair, use a dining chair.  Work up to a bit more over time.  Be sure to read the book carefully making sure you understand what is required.  Take in no more than 1500 cals a day.  Over a period of time, you too will see results.  If you cheat, don't beat yourself up.  Everyone cheats.  Move on and do better on your next meal.  Count your daily calories.  Everything you buy has the cals on it.  Lean quisines, healthy choices all have good frozen meals.  If you can't afford them, make your own meals, count your calories, by measuring your servings in a measuring cup.   No real mayo, only fat free.  You can make it taste great with lots of yummy spices, that's what I do.  I make a fantastic chicken salad.   Get creative and have some fun.  All of this is how my mom and me both keep our weight down.  Lifting weights will give you so much energy and you'll reshape your body while losing inches.  Best of luck to you.  You CAN do it.
May 23, 2008, 9:53 am CDT

05/23 Dr. Phil's Beach Body Bootcamp

Quote From: pllwtlk

I can so relate to Jill's feelings of embarrassment about undressing in front of her husband.  People don't seem to understand how overweight people feel about how they look.  Not all I'm sure. but most.  My weight has affected my outlook on life and what I am and am not capable of.  It keeps me from feeling lovable or attractive.  Unfortunately, I've had to have a knee replaced not long ago and have not been able to be extremely mobile because of it.  Therefore, the weight goes on and on.  I don't feel I'm worthy of holding a job other than warehouse work.  I don't know what to do about it other than what I'm already doing which is trying to be aware of everything I put in my mouth.  Any ideas?  I welcome all.  Thank you,  Linda

Hi Linda, I'm so sorry you're in so much pain and feel sad.  Has your doctor recommended any physical therapy for your knee?  You have a brand new knee, at some point you're going to have to get moving to get it working properly.  This is your second chance which is really fantastic.  Not everyone gets that.   You're worthy of holding any job, doesn't matter your weight.  I'm sure you're focused on it much more than others anyway.  Talk to your docto see when you can start  some rehabilitation.   Try not to focuse on food, instead focuse on your health.  Read food labels for calorie counts. Stick to 1500 a day.  Even without exercise you'll lose weight over time.   I'm 48 and still small.  My mom is too, she's 70.  I talked her into weight bearing exercises and she lost about 30lbs and looks great at 130lbs.   Doesn't matter hold old you are it's never too late.  Best of luck to you.  Get motivated.  You CAN do it.
May 23, 2008, 10:07 am CDT

05/23 Dr. Phil's Beach Body Bootcamp

Quote From: starjcd

Dr. Phil:  I wish you would have a program for the senior citizens for losing weight as I have tried almost everything possible I can think of.  But I know if I was chosen for your TV program I could lose this weight. I am 150 lbs overweight now and it is getting very bad for my health as I am 68 yrs old now.  Please have "an all female group, as women do not lose as fast as men do and we can never compete fairly with men). I have not had any fun in my life for over 25 years now & I am getting to the point where I don't want to live any longer unless I can lose weight and have some fun in my life for the little remainder years I have left. 'So I pray to you and your staff to please have a program like this for us older women, and then you could have one for the older men......How about it?  Sincerely, Jeanette D.
Hi Jeanette, I'm sorry you sound so sad.  You don't need Dr Phil to help you, you CAN do it yourself.  You really can.  My mom is 70yrs old and was over weight for a long time.  I finally talked her into weight bearing exercises and she shed the pounds over a period of time.  She also has more energy than she's ever had.  If you can't afford a gym, go to Walmart, buy a cheap exercise tape or book  and some hand held weights 2-5lbs.   Get two of each and only start out with a couple sets a day working up over a period of time.  Sit in a dining room chair if you have too in the begining.  My mom did weight watchers as far as the food, but if you can't afford the frozen meals you can make your own.  Count all calories, read the labels on cans and packages.   Condiments count as well.  No more real mayo. Fatfree is good if you put lots of yummy spices in it.  I make an awesome chicken salad, you can too.  My mom did this alone, without me or a partner.   You can too, you have to want it bad enough.   If you cheat, move on it's not over.  The next meal do better. Take in no more than 1500 calories a day.  Even without exercise you'll still lose weight by doing this, however you will not feel as good.  I go to a physical therapy gym located next to the hospital.  Most folks in there are elderly.    If you can afford it, try to find something like that.  Lots of people your age all in the same boat.  If they can do it so can you.  Good luck to you.
May 23, 2008, 10:32 am CDT

05/23 Dr. Phil's Beach Body Bootcamp

Quote From: velvetbuny

Wish I knew the right people to be able to take advantage of these shows and offers, I'm so tired of fighting this fat disease that I'm ready to have the lap band surgery. I've tried every diet known to man including starvation. I'm still fat, with all kinds of ailments that go along with being obese. How can someone who is no one get help?
Velvet you are not no one.   Everyone is someone and so are you.  First stop with the diets.  It will just drive you mad.  To be a smaller person you have to eat like one.  People who keep their same low weight their whole lives don't diet.  They just eat sensibly and so can you.  Start by reading package labels for the calories (if you don't already), then stick with no more than 1500 calories a day.  Every day.  For years.  You can't do it for 6mo's or a year then stop.  It's forever, a complete lifestyle *change*.  You can't go back to old ways.  You have to make up your mind, I'm not living that life anymore, I'm beginning a new one.  One that makes me happy, because the one I'm living now isn't working for me.   Yes you'll cheat, everyone does, but the next meal do better.  If you cheat again, move on, do better the *next* meal.  Cheating doesn't mean it's over, it's just a bump in the road.   However too many bumps and you're right back to living your old life.   If you listen to your overweight friends or take their advice you'll never be smaller.  In fact odds are they won't even want to be your friend when your smaller.   They want you to stay there with them and complain and feel sorry for yourselves.  Take the advice of a heathy person, what are they eating, what are they doing?  Watch *them*.   Lean people are not lean because they're *lucky*.  They're doing something to stay there.  And not every skinny girl is sticking her fingers down her throat or starving herself.  I think this is an assumption overweight women may have or maybe they just tell themselves that to justify their own position (not saying you are).   My mom is 70yrs old.  I finally talked her into weight bearing exercises and she shed 30lbs, bringing her to a healthy weight of 130lbs.   She did it on her own, I did not workout with her and she's single.   She either does weight watchers meals or counts her own calories.    She eats at restaurants too, but if she cheats she gets right back on track the following morning, so no real harm is done.  Giving up is not an option.  You live a new and different life.  You don't do nutty diets.    I'm 48yrs old and I'm still small, because I live a healthy life.  You can do the same.  You can't control getting wrinkles, aging or a man leaving you, but you can control your weight.  People do it everyday, you can too.  Don't be done on yourself, you matter.  No more bad thoughts in your head on positive ones.  Get busy with your new and better life and start today. 
May 23, 2008, 1:13 pm CDT

05/23 Dr. Phil's Beach Body Bootcamp

Dr. Phil,         


 I am watching the show on beach body bootcamp and I wish I could wear a bathing suit.  I was thin all my life until I got married and had children.  My life became my husband and my children.  When my children grew up, I then realized the amount of weight I gained.  I would like to know if your weight loss book will help if your problem is not about eating excessively in order to fill a void? I believe I am not a comfort eater, but I do not always make the right food choices.  I am 55 years old and I am 100 lbs. over the weight I would like to be.  Any advice is welcomed.


Thank you for listening.  



May 23, 2008, 2:50 pm CDT

Oh Can We Relate

I watched with great interest on today show, and wrote a letter to Dr. Phil.  Both my husband I were extremely active until at 50 our health started to decline, and with tall slim builds we are constantly fighting the belly bulge, we are both about 30-40 overweight, we might not make for stunning television, but I'm sure we represent a great cross section of the population.


Oh to be picked to be one of the make-over couples...............................but everyone that is writing on these

message boards probably feels exactly the same way!



May 23, 2008, 2:51 pm CDT

beach body boot camp

it seems funny you know as for jill if her hubby loves her as much as he say she will find that her weight is alright i did and even more now i use to weight 152lbs on my 5 foot frame now i bound between 125 and 135 lbs because of where i work these days but still i had three kids and still chubby in area that i don't mind as long as my hubby loves me for whats in side not out so jill don't be so hard on yourself be glad that your heathy

May 23, 2008, 3:04 pm CDT

is it crazy that no one has seen me naked ever!!

since i was a little girl ive had a terrible body dad says that no one has seen me without my clothes since i was 3 years old,and i will tell you,i was not fat dad is correct though.for most of my life ive been about 20lbs overweight.i have NEVER EVER worn a bathing suit,and i live in naples,florida.i have NEVER EVER been naked in front of anyone else,my 9 yr relationship has been in the dark,and he couldnt care less if my body is imperfect,he tells me his is imperfect,too and he would love me no matter what i weighed.though i feel blessed to have this man and his attitude,i still cant let go.i take showers in the dark because even i am disguisted by my body.i have always been this way,i remember wearing my dads clothes to school to obscure my body.what happened that makes me more self concious than anyone i have ever met?is there any hope without plastic surgery?or is it something much deeper?
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