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Created on : Friday, May 09, 2008, 03:58:33 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Some people get spooked by horror films and others by Ouija boards, but are there really ghosts among us? James Van Praagh, a world-renowned medium and co-executive producer of the CBS drama Ghost Whisperer, believes the spirit world is closer than we think. James goes ghost-busting on the Paramount Studios lot with The Insider correspondent, Victoria Recaño. Their discoveries might surprise you. Then, Jennifer Love Hewitt, actress and star of Ghost Whisperer, discusses the unexplained occurrences she encountered on the set. Jennifer plays a medium on the show, but is she a believer in real life? Plus, Diane claims to be haunted by the spirit of a 10-year-old boy. She calls the presence “Jerry” and says he even zaps her hands, arms and legs when he’s angry! Dr. Phil arranges a meeting between James and Diane to see if the medium can communicate with the wayward wraith. You won't believe what James uncovers! Then, Mercedes says she's been addicted to psychics for 12 years and has spent nearly $4,000 a year seeking their advice. She even consulted with six soothsayers to see if she should appear on the Dr. Phil show! Mercedes’ son, Glenn, says he doesn’t need a crystal ball to see that the psychics are taking his mother straight to the cleaners. What does the future hold for Mercedes if she continues down this path? And, James performs readings for a few audience members. Don't miss his startling revelations that bring several people to tears.

Find out what happened on the show.

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May 15, 2008, 1:22 pm CDT

Nice to read your post!

Quote From: macgyverfan

It is written:  The dead know not anything...


Evil spirits, however, remember everything. They don't like the name of Jesus ; it really bugs them!


Highest level spiritualists are quite frank about their powers. They worship Satan, and understand his regimentation. There are 3 groups of fallen angels:


1) "friendly spirits are of great intellect who have the ability to impersonate  the dead. One of their greatest delights is in appearing as the supposed spirits of departed loved ones. They perpetuate the old errors that have worked for Satan for so long.  Today's show goes here.......


2)The warriers concentrate on sowing discord in families and create misunderstandings between friends, relatives and neighbors. They love to create friction, and the best ones are assigned to cause outright war. among nations.


3)The oppressors are a unique group  in that their only  delight is to cause misery and destruction among the human race.  Hating the Creator bitterly, the way they get even is to wreck the lives of those created in His image.


Jesus already kicked Satan's ass to the curb.  Once you know this, so can you!


Satan's deceptions are astoundingly and astonishingly.....BOOOORRRRIIIINNNGGG!!!!!!!!



Now here is someone who has studied..way to go!

Have you read the book of ENOCH?

Amen to your post, I hope other's read it, and digest it!



May 15, 2008, 1:28 pm CDT

05/15 Psychic Dramas

Quote From: craig3137

     Ghosts? Do people really believe this stuff...ah umm there is something about February...and the letter J. Ya No kidding...there is something about every month, and every letter. What a hoax. Dr. Phil, what are you doing with these guests???Why are you legitamizing these guys...?
I agree. Well put!
May 15, 2008, 1:30 pm CDT

A Christian Perspective

If you believe in the Bible, it is clear in Acts 16:16-34. Paul and Silas were put in prison because they cast the Demon out of a slave girl who was a psychic, and her masters could no longer make money off of her. Angels and Demons are real--which takes less of an open mind to believe than to believe in a psychic. I believe that these people are being used by demonic forces to draw people away from God. Now hear me, I am NOT saying that these people are evil or demonic, but I feel they are being told their "powers" by demonic spirits, and I also believe that the "psychic" people are completely unaware of the spirits. Think of it, why would they want the person to know? Who in their right mind would want to listen to a demonic spirit? They disguise it as something wonderful for this person to possess. In a way, the psychic is a victim. They are pulled away and used to pull others away from God.
May 15, 2008, 1:32 pm CDT

physic dramas

I want to say that I truly enjoyed the topic of today's show.  To me the best of the bunch of physics are James and Sylvia Brown.  The physics on the internet and on tv commercials are just out for the money and will tell you anything.   On a lighter note, Dr. Phil, you can dumber than a bag of rocks sometime, James knew the lady's father had died because he is a physic.  Anyone watching had to listen close as you went to commercial  but I heard you ash him how he knew the her father had died.
May 15, 2008, 1:40 pm CDT

05/15 Psychic Dramas

Quote From: pushback317

God is not real.
Well, I guess we'll all find some day, whether or not He's real, won't we?  Personally, I prefer to err on the side of caution. There's more to convince me He is real than that He isn't.....and it comforts me....and won't you feel stupid if you find out you're wrong?
May 15, 2008, 1:43 pm CDT

My Mother was on this show

If Dr. Phil had spent any time with my Mother he would have realized she is mentally ill but rather he just hooked her up with James Van Praagh.  I am very opened minded about the spirit world etc. but when your life is taken over by it and you are no longer a balanced person, medical help has got to come into the picture to help bring someone back to reality.


I am frustrated and saddened to have to report that my Mother just spent 8 days in a psychiatric ward. 

May 15, 2008, 1:47 pm CDT

05/15 Psychic Dramas

Quote From: jaimie1974

I feel the same way that Dr. Phil feels; skeptical but open to learn more. I was excited when Dr. Phil said you can go to the website and enter to win a free reading with Praagh. I went to the website, but wouldnt you know ityou cant enter to win unless you BUY the book! Hmmmm, that makes me think that this is just a money making machine. 
I'll bet Van Praag came on the show more to hawk his book, than for any other reason. I wonder if Dr Phil knows there's a "catch" to Van Praag's "free" reading?
May 15, 2008, 1:49 pm CDT


i am filling thing that i do not under stand what is going on with me and the gosts that i am filling here with me. i have beeb filling things like this from the time i was a lillte kid. so what realy can i do?

May 15, 2008, 1:50 pm CDT

05/15 Psychic Dramas

I was watching today's show and my TV just stopped working on this show only. Every other channel on the TV works besides this one. Did anyone else experience this?
May 15, 2008, 1:52 pm CDT

Van Praagh: Fishing

LISTEN: James Van Praagh uses a method I think is called "FISHING."  He guesses at what to say:  "Is there a Brenda?" 'My cousin's wife is Brenda.'  "I'm seeing Brenda and she's standing beside you."  Etc.  He will guess and say "I'm seeing a lot of books.  There is something to do with books."  The person will search their mind for books.  If they don't come up with anything, it looks like she just didn't find the connection.  HE IS GUESSING.  When you see him in action, look for this.  It is hit and miss, and he plays up the hits and makes the misses look like the guest just couldn't remember.  I was shocked to see Dr. Phil not expose this guy for what he is.  Again, if you see him again, and actively watch for him to guess at everything, and then accentuate the HITS and downplay the misses.
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