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Created on : Friday, May 09, 2008, 03:58:33 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Some people get spooked by horror films and others by Ouija boards, but are there really ghosts among us? James Van Praagh, a world-renowned medium and co-executive producer of the CBS drama Ghost Whisperer, believes the spirit world is closer than we think. James goes ghost-busting on the Paramount Studios lot with The Insider correspondent, Victoria Recaño. Their discoveries might surprise you. Then, Jennifer Love Hewitt, actress and star of Ghost Whisperer, discusses the unexplained occurrences she encountered on the set. Jennifer plays a medium on the show, but is she a believer in real life? Plus, Diane claims to be haunted by the spirit of a 10-year-old boy. She calls the presence “Jerry” and says he even zaps her hands, arms and legs when he’s angry! Dr. Phil arranges a meeting between James and Diane to see if the medium can communicate with the wayward wraith. You won't believe what James uncovers! Then, Mercedes says she's been addicted to psychics for 12 years and has spent nearly $4,000 a year seeking their advice. She even consulted with six soothsayers to see if she should appear on the Dr. Phil show! Mercedes’ son, Glenn, says he doesn’t need a crystal ball to see that the psychics are taking his mother straight to the cleaners. What does the future hold for Mercedes if she continues down this path? And, James performs readings for a few audience members. Don't miss his startling revelations that bring several people to tears.

Find out what happened on the show.

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May 15, 2008, 12:33 pm CDT


Quote From: suzangm

Would you mind explaining further, how you "directly" communicate with your son.


Thanks, Suzan

 Very easy! Just listen! How? Meditate and pay attention! I see my son with my 3rd eye, I feel him when he touches my crown and 3rd eye chakra, and I do get messages from him. Now  my husband has full blown conversations with him. My son, Andrew, is giving my husband songs for a new music cd they are now doing together!

We are actually teaching with our asecended son. The information he is giving is amazing! We don't keep ourselves bogged down with religious dogma. We are open to our spiritual gifts, and honor them. I am a firm believer that religion is of man and NOT of God. Which Bible is everyone talking about?? Catholic, Morman, Witch's, Christian?? You take the core of every religion and there is truth, all the other rules and regs is of man usually used to control people and keep them in fear. That's why there are so many Bibles, rules and religions.

What ever religion brings you geniune peace, which means not condemning others' beliefs,  knowing many roads lead to one, no one religion is "the one & only true" religion, well  then, that is the right religion for you. Religion and Spirituality are 2 different things. We have a Jewish friend from Isreal and we share a Spirituality with him that is very cool. I am not religious but I am spiritual.

If anyone who doesn't believe in any of this and buy into the devil's work, well that's your perogative, I do not. That is not my truth. I honor that it is yours if that is what you believe.

 I can't wait to see this show today!!

Brightest Blessings!

May 15, 2008, 12:34 pm CDT

05/15 Psychic Dramas

Quote From: cndrlla

Some people have this gift and they ARE carrying the message that God would have for the people....the fact that they are paid for this is no different than anyone else being paid for doing a job....they have to live and survive, too.


I'm not talking about the many charlatans who prey on the vulnerable, such as this woman who was on the show today and spent $4,000 a year on these creeps....THEY are guided by satan, no doubt....but, there are people who do genuinely have this gift and are using it for good.


Buyer beware! 

God is not real.
May 15, 2008, 12:34 pm CDT

personal thoughts

I certainly cannot say yea or nay on this subject,but I cannot help but wonder:  My sister has been dead for 51 years, my father for 30 years, and my mother for 12 years.  As close as we were (and as protective as they were to me and my children), I cannot believe that they have not contacted me or my children  if this is indeed so...especially during our times of trial.  I am also extremely sensitive to living beings and have made my living in a career where this played a maximum place.  I feel certain that I would be sensitive to such visitors if they were around me.
May 15, 2008, 12:35 pm CDT

What a great topic and show!

James Van Prague's life story is facinating if you haven't read it.  I totally believe in him and John Edward. Any one who thinks this goes against religous beliefs/God needs to read books by both of these men. 

I just wish I could do what they do, or get a personal reading from one of them!



May 15, 2008, 12:40 pm CDT

05/15 Psychic Dramas

 I am on page 8/10 now.  I am amazed most of the believers her are proud theists, I guess I should have suspected. If you can sell someone man swallowing fish, living zombies, transformers, global floods why not ghosts.  Are demons real too?  Is it still demons that make people sick.... not germs?  The bible clearly says demons make people sick.  Not germs.....
May 15, 2008, 12:48 pm CDT

I am a believer as well

Quote From: lcb81860

Many people are skeptical about psychic people/powers...personally, I believe that there are those  some, if not all who possess these abilities; call them perception, intuition. premonitions or just that plain-old "gut-feeling" one gets at times.  I'm extremely intrigued  by this topic and can't wait to watch this show! :)



Dear Lucy, Dr. Phil and all:


What a phenomenal show!  Thank you Dr. Phil for presenting it to us all.  I had to call all of my close friends to tell them to watch the show, thus I missed quite a bit of it, and was glad to be able to capture some of it on the website slide show...


I know that we are not alone...I too have had the gift since being a child.  I too remember those times that I had to go to sleep with the covers over my head so that I couldn't see the ghosts that would go in and out of my bedroom as I tried to sleep.


I also asked God to remove my gift of seeing spirits when I was about 12 or 13 years of age being I was being I was being raised on a farm and getting up early was a definite and not sleeping well at night was definitely taking a toll on my life, and school work.


i also asked for the gift to be removed from me, because I was surrounded by family and friends that didn't believe in my gift having come from God, yet they believed it was from the devil.


I also believe like James Praague that all have the gift, yet not all simply do to belief systems being different, develop those gifts, so not all are able to see this far outside of the box.


I will be back to discuss more of this topic...for I too am a sensitive and I too can talk to the other side of the veil.


All Be Blessed

Love, Light and Peace

Tonie Wallace



May 15, 2008, 12:52 pm CDT


Quote From: seenfff

      This is probably more geared towards the creator of "Ghost Whisperer" to answer some questions while Jennifer Love Hewitt answers inevitable questions that the show creates by many viewers.

     As to the Bible, I'm given to understand that I am Egnostic. As in I believe in God, but I don't believe in everything in the Bible. Ironically, the bible is full of contradictions. Such as, the appasal was not supposed to talk about revolutions because it dealt with the future. Apparently, he told someone or made a record of it; otherwise, it wouldn't be in the Bible. So, much for following God's word. Secondly, isn't God considered a supreme spirit, and another poster posted a phrase not to commune with spirits yet we systematically pray to God and so on. I find that very ironic. Additionally, the Bible talks about the destruction of the new Galmora. Since I find natural disasters fascinating, I'd say Galmora fits perfectly with the United States. The U.S has the Cascadian and New Madrid Fault Lines, and the theory is both are about due and both save energy for 8.+ earthquakes. The recent central US earthquake is the fault line north of New Madrid, and if the Earthquake storm theory holds any facts. I think that the Mississppi will run backwards once again within 3 years. Then, between both Fault Lines lays North America's largest and most active Volcano beneath Yellowstone. As though that wasn't enough the Coma Dihey Ha Volcano in the Canary Island's is capable of producing a landslide triggered Tsunami taller than the Empire State Building. If that's still not enough, there's a chance in 2039 of a Meteorid Impact into the Atlantic Ocean. So, if the dream of Galmora is a true prophecy, I definitely think; the US is this Galmora.

Do you mean "agnostic" and "Gomorrah"?  If not, please enlighten me.
May 15, 2008, 12:53 pm CDT

My thoughts on this subject

Quote From: cndrlla

Some people have this gift and they ARE carrying the message that God would have for the people....the fact that they are paid for this is no different than anyone else being paid for doing a job....they have to live and survive, too.


I'm not talking about the many charlatans who prey on the vulnerable, such as this woman who was on the show today and spent $4,000 a year on these creeps....THEY are guided by satan, no doubt....but, there are people who do genuinely have this gift and are using it for good.


Buyer beware! 

Dear Buyer Beware:


Yes, I have found those individuals that are not evolved psychics and do pretend to be I agree, Buyer beware...


As for the part about charging for the services...I have given my messages free to all my family and friends for years...(I am now 56 years old)


What I have learned from doing that the believable status of a gift given freely is that my family and friends, find the information given them by psychics that they pay money too, more believable than what I have given them, even if it is the same messages as the psychics...there is something about this cost thing that makes it more real to them...I can't explain it...I have just had to deal with it...


"Friends and Family Members are the hardest eggs you will ever have to crack open."


I also agree that lots of psychics have to make a living as well...


Enough for now...I will be back later.


Be Blessed

Love, Light and Peace


May 15, 2008, 12:54 pm CDT

This isn't hard.

It is written:  The dead know not anything...


Evil spirits, however, remember everything. They don't like the name of Jesus ; it really bugs them!


Highest level spiritualists are quite frank about their powers. They worship Satan, and understand his regimentation. There are 3 groups of fallen angels:


1) "friendly spirits are of great intellect who have the ability to impersonate  the dead. One of their greatest delights is in appearing as the supposed spirits of departed loved ones. They perpetuate the old errors that have worked for Satan for so long.  Today's show goes here.......


2)The warriers concentrate on sowing discord in families and create misunderstandings between friends, relatives and neighbors. They love to create friction, and the best ones are assigned to cause outright war. among nations.


3)The oppressors are a unique group  in that their only  delight is to cause misery and destruction among the human race.  Hating the Creator bitterly, the way they get even is to wreck the lives of those created in His image.


Jesus already kicked Satan's ass to the curb.  Once you know this, so can you!


Satan's deceptions are astoundingly and astonishingly.....BOOOORRRRIIIINNNGGG!!!!!!!!



May 15, 2008, 12:57 pm CDT

You gota be kidding me

     Ghosts? Do people really believe this stuff...ah umm there is something about February...and the letter J. Ya No kidding...there is something about every month, and every letter. What a hoax. Dr. Phil, what are you doing with these guests???Why are you legitamizing these guys...?
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