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Created on : Friday, May 09, 2008, 03:52:17 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 05/12/08) They say when you marry, you marry the whole family. But what happens when a member of your new extended family is the source of chaos and pain? Five relatives claim their sister-in-law, Kelly, is toxic. They say she spreads gossip, sends stalking e-mails and acts self-centered and psychotic. Kelly’s father-in-law, Austin, calls her The Destroyer and says she’s hell-bent on ruining the relationship between his sons, Tim and Greg, and her husband, Bill. Kelly believes she’s being unfairly targeted because she showed up in court as a witness for Greg’s ex-wife. The outspoken sister-in-law may have ruffled some feathers, but is she the only one at fault? Find out why her friend, Jennifer, feels Kelly is getting a bad rap. Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

Do you have someone that is toxic to your family? Tell us!

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May 12, 2008, 12:50 pm CDT

Supporting a FAMILY member

Quote From: micaly27

Thing that was missed here--Greg's wife was also a FAMILY member!! She was going to court on behalf of a family member, not a stranger. Yes, it was against Greg, another family member. But it wasn't to support a stranger. His wife and children are also members of the family. Divorce doesn't change that, and they weren't even divorced yet anyway.


I also commend her for being willing to testify for the wife against Greg when the issue at hand was his excessive drinking and erratic behavior. She did the right thing. I've had alcoholism in my family and have seen the havoc it causes, especially for children. Nobody should turn a blind eye to that.

I AM the SIL from Hell on this show!  Thanks so much for the support!  I'm glad to see someone out there is reasonable and would be willing to take a stand for what is right, no matter what the ramifications are!
May 12, 2008, 12:58 pm CDT

05/12 Sister-in-Law from Hell?

Quote From: housewife52

You could be describing one of my SILs. She is a trouble maker. The whole family knows it, and pretty much ignores her. She has a side where butter could melt in her mouth. She has another side where she deliberately tries to cause trouble with whoever she can. I have a civil relationship with her. I have known her for 35 years and she has always been this way. I can get along with her from a distance. I have never tried to cultivate a close relationship with her. She has often tried to get close to me, telling me I am her favorite SIL and s*** like that. I have always kept my distance. She has been jealous of both of her DILs and has spread terrible lies about them. She has spread slanderous lies about her siblings. Everything is always all about her, somebody has done something to her, etc.... She will probably be this way for the rest of her life.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me. It is comforting to know I'm not alone.  Reading how you deal with it, gives me confidence keeping my distance is the right thing to do as well. Thank so very much again. :)

May 12, 2008, 1:14 pm CDT

Family First

The problem here seems to be the Sister-in-law and the disrespect of  the Mother and Father.


You can stay away from the others, but you should not stand in the way of the parents and their son.  You don't know how long they will be around and WHAT would you do if they died in a car accident on the way home today?  If all you have to do is keep up mess between your husbands family and you, your child will lose out on lots of time with his other family.  If you die, who do you think will help take care of that child while your husband is in pain?


Don't you realize lifes to short for this bull?  It's like Dr. Phill said, you husband WILL turn on you if and when he gets tired of you acting like a fool.  YOu are a selfish person, you don't look that good and you really, really need to get yourself together.  It's not all about you.  Get a hobby or go work for the FBI!

May 12, 2008, 1:15 pm CDT

OMG she looked like such a trouble MAKER

Im sorry but  I in no way beleived a word out of Kelly's mouth. You could see in her eyes she was not being truthful. I have seen manipulaters like her in action and I feel sorry for the hubby. cause he looks like he loves his wife  yes but he needs to see this in her. Like Dr, Phil said she is very self rightous and I agree. She  does not look like she could ever admit to being wrong.
May 12, 2008, 1:23 pm CDT

been there

I am kelly from a few years ago. I don't know how the family gets along with me gone but I have not been in this family circle for a while. My solution, since my husband chose me, was to move to another town and none of them know where we live and I dont' know where they live. Life has been very peaceful since we took these measures.
May 12, 2008, 1:24 pm CDT

now i get it

I've always wondered why my family always gets along.  And today, before Dr. Phil said it, I was on the phone with my sixteen year old and she asked "are you watching Dr. Phil, that family is crazy".  I replied honey now you can understand why mom and dad's families get along, we don't care and not in a cold unfeeling way, we just don't take it personally.  My husband has 3 brothers and a sister, and let me tell you, if we wanted drama, we could write  the book on it as all the brothers are mild mannered good ole' boys and all the sister-in-laws, including me, are a bit strong willed.  We respect each others differences, shake our heads, and are glad we aren't the other person.  BUT we truly love and RESPECT one another.  We aren't best friends, but we are family.  One of my favorite sayings and reminders to myself is "It's not wrong, it's just different."    Sometimes, I think that what they are doing or wearing or saying is wrong, but then I remind myself, no, it's just know how you would do it. 
May 12, 2008, 1:34 pm CDT

05/12 Sister-in-Law from Hell?

Quote From: kbm2008

I AM the SIL from Hell on this show!  Thanks so much for the support!  I'm glad to see someone out there is reasonable and would be willing to take a stand for what is right, no matter what the ramifications are!
Greg seemed the most willing to reconcile with you and Bill. At least according to Dr Phil! Was Greg being sincere?
May 12, 2008, 1:41 pm CDT

05/12 Sister-in-Law from Hell?

Oh good Lord!! I have never seen such a bunch of squabbling, screeching pecking crows all in one place in my life!


Absolutely nothing got accomplished, as far as I could see, and it was a total waste of time.  My time would have been better spent cleaning my bathroom....and I HATE cleaning my bathroom!


(I wonder who cleaned up all the feathers and fur off that stage when everyone left!?)

May 12, 2008, 1:42 pm CDT

Sister-in-Law from Hell?


May 12, 2008, 1:45 pm CDT

05/12 Sister-in-Law from Hell?

Quote From: anweeldreyer

I completely diagree with this statement.  God can do anything, including change the past.  Unlike us, he is not bound by time and space.  You cannot put God into human standards.
I am curious, can you give me an example of God changing the past?
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