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Created on : Friday, April 18, 2008, 03:22:21 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Last week police conducted a stunning raid which resulted in hundreds of women and children being removed from a polygamist compound in Eldorado, Texas. On this 1,700-acre ranch, formerly led by Warren Jeffs of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, children were allegedly sexually abused by older men, and girls as young as 14 allegedly had babies. Dr. Phil goes on location in Colorado City, where he first covered this sect three years ago and where some members of the religious group still live. For the next two days, he explores the psychological ramifications of children being taken from the only lifestyle they knew. Then, Eldorado townspeople weigh in on this unfolding drama. Helen, a volunteer, says she was shocked to see such young girls pregnant and married, and she shows the Dr. Phil cameras what life was like for these kids immediately after they were removed from the compound. Plus, Dr. Phil talks to Warren Jeffs’ niece, Naomi, who escaped from this bizarre religious sect at age 13. His cameras stayed with her every step of the way as she tried to get past police check points, desperate to find the sisters she left behind 16 years ago. And, Naomi meets another woman who escaped the FLDS religious group, Carolyn Jessop, who was married to the second-in-command at Warren Jeffs’ organization and had eight children with him while she says she was trapped inside this sect. Find out the devastating news Carolyn shares with Naomi. Will Naomi’s search finally reunite her with the family she left behind? Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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May 18, 2008, 8:44 am CDT

does anyone know...

how much a female, with a baby, under the age of 18 & unmarried would collect in welfare, food stamps, medical care, etc. from the state of TX, AZ & UT? Would her guardian or parent(s) collect anything?


What if she was over 18?



May 29, 2008, 10:42 am CDT

May 22 Update, AOL photos of Warren Jeff with young wives

Since the last message was posted quite a while ago, I'm assuming this a dead board, but there has been an update.  May 22 Ruling: Texas Appeal Courts fuled that there was no clear prrof that the children were in immediate danger, and said the state never provided evidence of sexual abuse.


AOL is displaying picures of Warren Jeff kissing two young wives.  One photo is titled as "First Year Anniversary."  Both girls look pre-teen.  In fact, AOL fuzzed out the girls faces in acknowledgement that both were indeed minors.  In the second photo the girl is 2 and 1/2 heads shorter than Warren Jeff, and her features suggest she's no more than 13 years old.  One wife was found to be 13 years-old and already pregnant.  What is the legal age for marriage in Texas?  I'm sure with a parents' consent it could be a younger age than what is on the books?   It just doesn't make any sense to me that we have wedding photos of the leader, Warren Jeff, and pre-teen or young teenage girls, yet the state is saying there is no proof of child abuse.  I'm not getting it.   I do have to be honest and say that the 2 very young girls in the photos were smiling, and seemed happy.   One of the girls already looked pregnant.   It's the photo of the girl that he's kissing while cradeling in his arms. 

May 31, 2008, 9:48 pm CDT


Quote From: nearbountiful

It isn't against the law to defend and protect what you believe especially when you feel that you are being miss labeled. Please take a look at the Heading that this group of people are called FLDS and back in the day they were all MORMONS. You might want to get your facts straight before you attack people that have every right defending them selves and their beliefs or religion.



you may be able to fool some of the people some of the time but

don't try to fool every one with your remarks.

You are one of the bountiful's people

How do I know I can tell by your writing and your defending the bountiful group

Creston doesn't want to stop the flds as some of the people own alot of the business

in the town and they also do alot of the spending in that town to help it keep alive.

I know to much about the history of that colony with Winston's dad. I saw the poverity that

so many of them lived with but Ray lived in the best with the best.

He got rich as so does winston off of the backs of his wives and children.

How much social services and government funding goes into his family alone.

Oh I forgot it is all done in the name of God!!!!!

June 3, 2008, 6:54 pm CDT

Eldorado Person Here

I am really upset at the people that are saying Eldorado and it's sheriff is getting what is coming to them.  We as a community are being drug through the mud.  I don't like it.   I chose to stay home for several Sundays because the church was overrun with reporters trying to monopolize on the Baptist opinion so that we could look prejudice and judgemental.  The press has stirred this up to be a fight over Eldorado specifically.  I wish everyone would realize this was a state call and local (regardless of how some people feel) had nothing to do with any of this including our sheriff.  It is a very sad situation with no easy simple solutions.  The press has made this even worse.  The state is evil, no wait the compound is evil.  They are making way harder than an already difficult situation.  There is right and wrong on both sides.  This is a tough deal where kids are being hurt all the way around.  It just is sickening how the press is not letting the courts and CPS work without ridiculing every move.  CPS is honestly trying to do their job.  No system is perfect and in something on this grand scale of course their were mistakes made.  Just don't let the press victimize the children from yet a third angle, the compound, the legal system and now the press.  It is really sad to live here right now.  The majority of the senior class says that this overshadowed anything and everything of their senior year.  We made history with our baseball team and softball teams only to be upstaged by this whole mess,.  Any article written couldn't leave the YFZ out of it even when writing about our high school kiddos. 
June 17, 2008, 9:02 pm CDT

To the Men and Women of the Compound...

I am reading a very good book by one of the young girls who escaped the compound called: 

"Stolen Innocence."  This is an EXCELLENT BOOK of explaining the minute details of the lifestyle on the compound.  After reading this book I have a trillion things to say on this subject:


First, I am very happy the children were returned to their parents.  Even though I don't agree with everything I felt pain in my heart for you mothers everyday you were separated from your children.  I know it was a very hurtful thing.


Secondly, whenever a man puts himself as the infallible mouthpiece of God:  He is not a prophet, but an ANTICHRIST.  Warren Jeff is an Antichrist, an Apostate.....  You people in that compound need to remove your trust in man and put your trust in God.  A man can give you good advice and guide you, but should not control your decisions, that you know in your heart are wrong.  Your conscience will guide you.  And everyone makes mistakes.  EVERYONE!  Every prophet that ever ruled your religion.  EVERYONE!  That is why there is repentence.  And if they say not, then they are LYING!  And lying is a mistake.


Really the whole concept of polgamy doesn't bother me too much.... but what bothers me more is this ARRANGED  MARRIAGES BY THE PROPHET whatever your age.  You should marry someone you want to marry.  In this book this girl talks about CRYING all night the night before her wedding night.  If Abraham or Isaac or Jacob or Moses or anyone in the Bible had a daughter WHO CRIED ALL NIGHT begging their father NOT to marry a man... I honestly believe THE MARRIAGE WOULD NOT HAPPEN.  If Joseph Smith's daughter cried all night not to marry a man... I believe Joseph Smith would not have given his daughter to marry this man.  Just as Warren Jeff has put many of you in seclusion to REPENT over your deeds... it is his turn to repent and rethink this practice of MARRIAGES ARRANGED BY THE PROPHET whatever the age.  That's the hard thing because these people even though they are adults, DO NOT HAVE AUTHORITY or control over their own lives.  The prophet can come in at any time and change their job, their city... They can steal their wives and kids... never being able to see them again.  YOU NEED A NEW LEADER TO LOOK UP TO!! 


Another thing that bothered me in this book in a polygamy family how one of the wives would hide in the children's bedroom closet of the other wife's children to SPY on the other wives children and to Tattle to the husband about the misbehaviors of the other wives children's behavior, so the husband would like them more:  OH MY GOD!!! Are we in kindergarden??.... That is so immature!!!  Parents are suppose to be examples.  If you are allowed to keep practicing this polygamy... THAT IS JEALOUSY! GROW UP!!  To me that says you can't handle this polygamy.


Also in this book I will mention... this girl makes no mentions of having been sexually molested by everyone at least until her UNWANTED arranged marriage, but instead says they were taught not to touch boys in anyway, but view boys as poisonous snakes...  There's just all this stuff being said in light of this scandel and really the truth needs to be clear without exaggeration or the experience of one girl that wasn't necessarily that of the others....


I don't blame those ladies for lying when the police knocked at their door... what should they have said?  GREAT you are here to take our kids... Oh we are so glad...  Here you go... NO!!!! any parent in the same situation would do anything to protect and keep their kids!!  These are people here... not objects....


EVERY RELIGION thinks they are the SUPERIOR to every other religion and that they are the ONLY ONES saved.  God is a God of LOVE and there should be PEACE.  Fighting and Strife and Tattling and Tears is not God....  I think the people of God are kind and loving including to their enemies.  I don't think they separate from those that disagree with their practices in fear they will be influenced, but I think they are a bold witness.  It should be a strength that comes from your heart not from fear of some militant man spying and punishing you for every petty thing.  Godly men throughout history made mistakes and God still loved them and they were still the FRIENDS of God......And that is why there is Judgement Day!  And you will stand alone and not in the group you hide in now.  And I think many will go in before you who WERE KIND TO OTHERS while you wait because you spent your life condemning and fault finding and nit picking peoples faults.  I believe its God's will to live a good holy life... but its wrong when your life is spent fault finding others.....and thinking you are holier than everyone else...


Your supposed Prophet  told you the end of the world was Dec 31st 2000.  The end of the world has been predicted over and over again.  It could be tommorrow.  It could be 10 years.  It could be 100 years or more.  It could be anyday for any given person.. I mean if your supposed prophet's prediction was wrong.....Don't you think you should reconsider trusting him with everything else in your lives?  I just hope all of you get A NEW LEADER to look up to and respect and stop trusting this FALSE PROPHET ANTICHRIST who is deceiving you and brainwashing you.



June 18, 2008, 3:29 pm CDT

Warren Jeff should also LOSE his priesthood!

Warren Jeff is in jail, but he also should  lose his priesthood!  Back in the days of Jesus Christ people with a need would travel a long way to get a miracle or a healing.  And Jesus would only touch them and say:  Go in peace:  your FAITH has made you whole.  And they would get their miracle. This precious teenage girl in this book  BOLDLY took it upon herself to go speak to the 80+ year old prophet herself when she was arranged in a marriage that she didn't agree with and too young.  She spent days in fasting and prayer.  And when she got her chance:  All the prophet said to her was:  FOLLOW YOUR HEART!  Thus giving this precious, courageous girl the MIRACLE she sought God for.  But Warren Jeff DISOBEYED the prophet and stole this little girl's miracle that was given to her by the prophet.  And Warren Jeff being only 2nd in command had no right to change the words of the prophet and steal the miracle that  the Prophet gave this precious little girl!  Warren Jeff should LOSE his priesthood and a leader more worthy should take his place. 
June 22, 2008, 10:30 am CDT


I just finished reading this book this morning and I think one of the BIGGEST THINGS these adults and children are missing is FREEDOM.  Founded upon God, America is suppose to be the Land of the FREE.  In the Old Testament there are Good and Bad Kings.  READ IT.  He did what was right in the sight of the Lord.  And a few chapters later another king is recorded as doing that was evil in the sight of the Lord.  And sometimes the Father was Good and the Son was Evil.  Or visa versa:  The Son was Good, yet the Father had been Evil.  I think thats what you have here with Warren Jeffs.  You have an Evil King.  And you Latter Days Saints church members shouldn't take it so personally against your religion. 


As a generalization:  your average God fearing American people see Christianity or Holiness as an elderly Methodist Pastor who visits the sick in the hospital, feeds and clothes the poor and the needy, is busy doing good deeds for others, collects money for those in need, not for his own selfish luxuries,  PEOPLE WHO GET ALONG and are KIND to one another....  I mean THEY DON'T BAN SOMEONE from a relatives funeral because they don't attend the church.  THEY SEE IT AS AN OPPORTUNITY.  You call them apostates... these may call them Backsliders.  If a backslider say drinks too much alcohol.  THEY WANT them to attend a relatives funeral and sit in the service so that the spirit of God may touch their heart in the service and they make a new dedication and start to return and live right.  They don't fear a sinner is going to poison the congregation, but instead they feel they are going to be a good influence on the sinner with their love.  They don't have to call the Pastor to say:  Can I take a trip to such n such a city? in fear they are going to escape the community.  In a church with a Good King so  to speak, People feel the love of God... THEY WANT TO STAY without anyone putting any pressure on them or fear of who is tattling.  Its a work in the heart when BRETHREN have UNITY and get along. 


Its hard to blame anyone for anything in this situation except the LEADER who is holding them HOSTAGE.  Because all their decisions are based in fear they are going to be reprimanded, excommunicated or FLESH ATONEMENT.  When you even think that way:  YOU ARE TAKING GOD'S JUDGEMENT into your own hands.  Let God judge!  He sees the heart.  "Vengeance is Mine Saith the Lord, I will repay." 


"You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you FREE!"




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