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Created on : Friday, April 18, 2008, 03:19:57 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
The family battling it out over land, money and Mom's will continues feuding. Lisa and her mother, Sonja, are in a dispute over dividing eight acres of land they bought together and live on. The feuding has turned so ugly, Sonja intends to leave everything in her future will to her younger daughter, Lisa’s half-sister, Sara. Although it seems the family has made some progress in healing their relationships, the petty bickering continues between mother and daughter. When Sara steps into the middle of the battle, will Sonja and Lisa listen to her plea? Sara has vigilantly stood by her mother’s side throughout the dispute, so what makes Sonja question her loyalty now? Dr. Phil's close associate, Steve Davidson, arranges an exercise to help the family get past their focus on the land. When it comes time for Sonja to express her heartfelt feelings, is she able to look her daughter and son-in-law in the eyes and admit any wrongdoing? Dr. Phil has a final sit down with the relatives and hypothesizes about Sonja's seemingly irrational behavior. Will Sonja agree with his assessment? As the family leaves The House, are they on the road to reuniting, or at a dead end? The Dr. Phil cameras follow Sonja and Lisa a few weeks later as they head into mediation over the land. You won't believe how long it took for these women to reach an agreement! But will it stick? Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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April 21, 2008, 11:06 am CDT

What i think is going to happen

I think what is going to happen the man married to the mom the second girl's dad and the eldest's step-dad is going to pull amediate next of kin should something happen to the mom and get everything and both gals will end up with nothing. I could be wrong but I am just getting a gut feeling.
April 21, 2008, 11:10 am CDT


Quote From: hrtsdesire

I think the mother is a cruel peice of work but what about the father there in the back ground? he seems to be controlling and cruel as well. He seems to be the evil stepfather who has alot to do with all the pain that the mother is causing. He is like the silent mastermind feeding thoughts into his wife's head and doesn't try stop her when she makes these awful decisions. I think the fence is such a statement of cruelity, if I was this daughter I would leave the whole lot of them and start fresh and new somewhere else, the best revenge is a life well lived. To be surrounded by this constant negativity from your mother is not worth one dime, money is not worth all this pain. Its not giving up on what is rightfully yours, which you will end up getting through the court of law eventually, but in the mean time let them all wallow in their own hate and misery while you go off with your family and live a healthy, fun and free life. Your mother will never change. I dont know what happened in this generation of women, but they seem very immature and hateful. Your much to strong to let this "fool" bring you down. Your mom is a very sick women, and if your younger sister doesn't see the light on who her mother is, this will be who your sister becomes. So remember this is not about you, this is about your stepfathers cruelity and your mothers cruelity and your sister being spoiled. This is not about you!!
You may have somethng I think the step-dad maybe helping the woman hate her oldest daughter. The man probably beat the older girl because she was not his and pampered the girl that is his. The mom is obvisously manipulated by this man. I lived this with my mom and her husband only difference after he ran me and my brother from her second marriage off he started in on his own kids.
April 21, 2008, 12:28 pm CDT


What a stubborn, egotistical control freak.  She needs to admit where she's gone wrong and make it a priority to pull her family together.  She sets the example.  She needs to get over whatever bagge she's carrying around.  She brought those kids into the world.  She needs to look at herself and setup to the plate and start being a mother.  Get over it! 
April 21, 2008, 12:36 pm CDT


It's easy to figure this one out, the MOM is the DRAMA QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the instigater, the trouble maker. What daughter has to call the hospital FIRST to see her new sister! YOU ARE WRONG SONYA.


Sara will feel put in the middle because mom is sitting on her and telling her what to say, I don't think she is 'allowed' to make a relationship with her older sister. Let those sisters get back together! SHUT UP! YOU ARE HOLDING HER AWAY FROM HER BIG SISTER!

I am not saying the older daughter is completely right but the troublemaker is the MOM!


Bottom line is Sonya will regret this anger of hers. The younger daughter is going to have a relationship with the older sister and the mom will EXPLODE! She will end up losing the younger daughter and have nothing, no one.

April 21, 2008, 12:50 pm CDT

Daughter says, "She'll go and talk to

a cricket out in the front yard"




(referring to her mother when speaking w/ the mediator)


mother still crazy, IMO

April 21, 2008, 12:59 pm CDT

Ummmm.......... are u

Quote From: tericoke1

As I watched the show, it seemed as though everyone was against the Mom.  Now she's loud, but she believes in her convictions.  As I've been raised to believe, it's your God given right to make your will out as you please.  I told my Mother, don't save money for me-go out and have fun!  Now I just lost my Mother (my best friend) last November. I have things of hers that mean more to me than her money. But, my Dad is still alive!!! None of her Grandchildren were left anything.  Which brings me to talk about her Granddaughter coming out on the show. I totally believe she could've stood up and given her granddaughter a hug.  But why does she have to leave her anything? If her oldest daughter was decent to her then it would've been up to her Mother to give her something. But to come onto your show and cry and tell her she can't understand why she left her nothing, WAS A PUT ON! she shouldn't have been on the show.  Why is her Mother trying her hardest to turn that child against her grandmother? And that's all it was. I was kinda disappointed in you Dr. Phil for not bringing that up! You know there's a lot of family members who put on a big show at a funeral-when where were they when the person was alive??? Then they want to know what the person left them in their will.  They want something and then , they're hurt when they find out nothing was left to them.  Why is this person throwing a fit? Because she's NOT in the will? I'm not coming onto your show-but I can tell you this. My own kids will not know what my will says until after my death... 

In the beginning they wanted Mom to buy the property. Then, they wanted it split up. But the one who bought it wasn't allowed to have her say. If she wants a fence up let her. Why does it bother you? Do you think if her granddaughter wanted to go down the lane to see her grandparents that the Mom would allow her to. No flipping way.

It would be nice if they could let bygones be bygones. But even if they hug and apologize  on the show-the hurt has been done. And it will always be too hard to be a family again.

That Mom has been hurt by the oldest daughter. She loves her. But she's going to do as she wants. And all of the opinions should stop. Look at what respect her Mother gets from her daughters husband. There's been times my husband has been upset with my parents, but for respect of me he would never call my Mom names like bitch! He'd be in Divorce Court!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have things that I want my granddaughters to have and my boys and their wives. And I'll probably have it put in my will that way. Heck I wanted to leave my house to one grandchild. And I don't know if I'll do that or not- because I really don't have 2 more houses. But her parents live next door to me and I thought maybe she'd want to live next door to her parents. Hopefully I'll have more time to think this one out. Considering I'm only 52.

I believe what she would want most from her family is to remember her- for whom she was- not what they all turned her into! I believe before they wanted it all , she would've done just about anything for her family.

I feel sorry for the youngest girl. She does love her Mother. And yet I think at her age people could turn her head around and think all of this is her Mothers fault. She feel like she's in the middle where as she shouldn't feel like that. This is not her fault. But she's going to because someone told her that everything was left to her and now "everyone" is fighting..............

Well, I've never written to you before. But I had to. I just think you need to give that woman some slack-please.



by any chance

April 21, 2008, 1:03 pm CDT

The Will

I think this is horrible to fight about will. It's her money, she does whatever she wants to do with it, instead of fighting about money be happy, because you still have your mother with you. I hope this family works  out their problems. Life is not all about money, we need money, but we need love first. Thanks Sue
April 21, 2008, 1:05 pm CDT

04/21 The Dr. Phil House: House of Greed, Part 2

Quote From: princessgina

You may have somethng I think the step-dad maybe helping the woman hate her oldest daughter. The man probably beat the older girl because she was not his and pampered the girl that is his. The mom is obvisously manipulated by this man. I lived this with my mom and her husband only difference after he ran me and my brother from her second marriage off he started in on his own kids.

where did you come up with that, the youngest daughter is not his, and I dout he is beating a 40 year old woman. sure you where not watching a Life Time movie instead of the Dr. Phil show?

April 21, 2008, 1:08 pm CDT

Not always the way we want it!

The subject of who gets what when a loved one passes is not always left to the living. To waste so much time and energy with all of this makes me crazy!


Both my parents are in nursing homes in 2 seperate states 1000 miles a part. My mother is recovering, but i've signed my father over to hospice. His passing is eminent and soon. I'm the only surviving child between these 2 people as my brother commited suicide 16 years ago.


I found out last week in trying to arrange paying my fathers bills after his passing that all of his bank accounts are to go to the woman he has been living with for 24 years. Not married, not common law, just living together. I can't tell you the pain that i've suffered due to this. I've been his daughter for 44 years and that meant nothing to him. I've made the 1000 mile trip at my own expense to see to his care and have been left to make every medical decision pertaining to his wishes.


To make my point clear "I DON'T NEED HIS MONEY". My only concern was to use his money to take care of him since i'm his only living blood relative. What hurt was the choice he made, choosing another woman over his own child. This is a decision he made though and i'm trying very hard not to take it personally. I believe i was a good daughter and I have peace in my heart in the way I've taken care of him. So, to sum it up, greed is just a waste of time and energy and if you search your heart, you'll find that no matter what, the right thing to do lies right there.


Good luck to all involved and all that read



April 21, 2008, 1:13 pm CDT

House of Greed smells of DISRESPECT!

 What is upsetting and sick about this is the LACK OF RESPECT among this family!  First of all, Mom you don't need to use all that foul language!  I suspect this is one reason your daughters DISRESPECT YOU!  Girls, come on!!  Your mom isn't even dead!  What the heck is all this "will" talk?  Selfish, ungrateful kids is the only way I see this.  I couldn't live with that either!!!  I'm the mother of 6 and we don't speak to each other that way, I respect them, they respect me and I don't think anyone has even SUGGESTED what may be in our wills.  Get a life you girls!  And that granddaughter should NOT have one word to say about it!  You should have told them this Dr. Phil.
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