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Created on : Friday, April 11, 2008, 08:22:29 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Everyone has fibbed at one time in their life, but what happens when those white lies turn into dark deceptions? Parents and siblings face off with loved ones to say, "You're a liar, and we're sick of it!" Annie says her younger sister, Abby, lies so much that no one in their family believes a word she says. They say she has lied about doing drugs, stripping for a living and being the victim of parental abuse. When Dr. Phil surprises Abby with a drug test, will she pass it? Then, Abby says her sister and parents are the ones telling untruths. When she accuses her father of abusing her as a child, what does he have to say? And, why does Abby say she's always felt unwanted? Then, Mary Ann says her 28-year-old son, Jon, has been a chronic liar since he was a child. She says he fabricates everything from grades to money, and his irresponsible ways have put her and her husband in financial ruin. What's Jon's reason for not telling the truth? And, see what happens when he gets a surprise visit onstage from his brother! Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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April 17, 2008, 11:43 am CDT


My older sister has been lying all her life. Our pediatrician told my mother when I was one and my sister two years old that my sister was eventually going to need mental health treatment. She was very astute and recognized that my sister had a serious problem. How right she was. The first time I realized my sister was a liar was when I was nine and she ten years old. We moved to a new neighborhood and we were invited to a very wealthy girl's slumber party. My sister told her and the other friends not to invite me that I would ruin their party. I was not invited. My mother, little sister and I took my sister to drop her off and meet the parents and I was hiding behind my mother. The hostess asked my mom if I could stay as well. My heart was praying she would let me. She said I could stay. We had a great and I made the girls laugh so hard they took me aside the next morning and told me what my sister had said about me. After that they would have nothing to do with my sister and I became fast friends with all. Over the years my sister has continued to make up  the most elaborate lies while invoking the name of God and Jesus. I have been told that she wrote two masters theses for her friends. She does not have an education beyond high school and took home ec. and business courses. She refuses to read a book or newspaper and has told everyone that all her friends businesses were saved from ruin by her expertise. I recently found out she has told everyone that we grew up in a house of horrors. I was horrified as my parents are no longer here to defend themselves. One of her friends told me that we should get together someday and she will tell me all the lies my sister has told about me! Not sure I want to hear them. This same friend said that she has known for years about all the lies, manipulations and deceptions and has called her on it many times.She has tried to get my sister into mental therapy to no avail. At 65 years of age I don't believe there is any hope. She has four failed marriages and has cheated on three of her husbands.
April 17, 2008, 12:48 pm CDT

Thank you



  I would just like to say I am so proud of Abby, I wish I was there, I would of gave her a hug.

Please let Abby know that she has changd my life, Let her know that I believe her, I know how it feels.

I wish her all the best and I will keep her in my prayers.

April 17, 2008, 1:27 pm CDT

been there..

 I lived with a person who lied as much as he breathed. The humiliating part was, I really fell for a lot of his lies and it was like one slap across the face after another when I started to find out that there were so many lies. Many years later, I still catch myself having to rethink and question things I was told by him.  I don't  trust anyone's word anymore. Some people have it down to a fine art and thats their way of living in the world. If they hurt a lot of people along the way, so be it. We are all just collateral damage-no big deal.
April 17, 2008, 1:41 pm CDT


If you choose the behavior you choose the consequences.  If you want to be closer to your parents you need to stop stripping, period.  By doing this you've pulled yourself away and are doing something they find morally offensive, they shouldn't compromise and overlook this if they take their religion seriously.  Talk is cheap, quit this profession and ask & you will be forgiven if you mean it (by both GOD and your parents).  Read your Bible and have a discussion with your parents about it. Start with John, Romans, Gal. Eph. Hebrews, James, Psalms, Proverbs and make it a point to get to all of it.


Matthew 16:26  "What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?"


It's not worth it, no matter what it pays. Get yourself pure now, understand why later.


Take care and God Bless.

April 17, 2008, 1:50 pm CDT

You (99.99%) Are a (Foolish) Liar

Be somewhat respectful for the young girl who sensually performs for some perverted guys who spend a lot of money. All of these gals are in the business mode and can make quite a bit of what should be taxed monies for the Federal coffers. Some of these women stumble and crash on the side of the capitalistic road by becoming an alcohoic, drug addict or prostitute but they at least had the opportunity to explore their freedom of choice. And some ladies earn so much money they will spend it all and still go into debt in order to prove they really are someone who has not been psyched out working and living in a seedy environment having no soul. But it will be only a very few of the female strippers who earn an inveiable, obscene amount annually, having the where-with-all to invest wisely, who will be richley rewarded when transitioning into your next career. congratulations . . . Just have yet to meet you (00.001%).
April 17, 2008, 1:56 pm CDT

04/17 "You're a Liar!"

Dr. Phil, are you kidding? She said she makes good money stripping, smokes her weed. I don't recall hearing her say she didn't want to strip and if she did, she did it because that's what you all wanted her to say. I know people like her and she chooses to do that. Everything she told you she did to make herself look good. YOU are the one I heard say she didn't want to live like she does. She'll go home, smoke her weed, go to work dancing, and making money to support her boyfriend. People like her choose this because they want to.
April 17, 2008, 2:15 pm CDT

About Abby

                Abby so what are if you are dancing

so what big dam deal.

Dr Phil why would you do this.So big dam deal.

i know a lot of gals that are dancers so what if she is?

Abby is not at home and she isn't having kids to bad family get a life.

Abby should not be doing the drugs but dancing is OK.


                                                                                 Cinco Dancer  Cinco De Mayo 3 Cinco De Mayo 4  Cinco De Mayo 2

April 17, 2008, 2:30 pm CDT

Abby's Family need to WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!!!!

 Cinco De Mayo 4 Cinco De Mayo 3 Cinco Dancer   Abby's family are not very smart.

And Abby she is a very sweet girl. SO the family needs to get smart,and smell the coffee and

Dr Phil she is getting all over Abby and not the dam family.

Abby you are a very smart gal.

take care

Abby be safe and keep your Chen up and enjoy your life


And dont let your family put you down!!GF

April 17, 2008, 2:31 pm CDT

You Can Change This!

Your family is so accustomed to ragging on you -- whether you deserve it or not, whether they, or you, THINK you deserve it or not -- it is now their habit.  It's a bad habit, but yours is worse.  Your habit is going to kill you.  No drug of any kind, no reckless behavior, no leach boyfriend, will make life hurt less. 


I encourage you to go to and get the CDs of Father Thomas Keating, called Contemplative Journey (in two volumes) and Centering Prayer.  Listen closely and often, because if you do, you will discover how truly loveable you really are.  You can become whole through this method of finding God within.  God will change your life.


Look forward toward wholeness -- not back toward the hurt -- and you won't need to lie or be reckless and self-destructived -- you'll find that you won't want to.  You are a beautiful package of potential to create a wonderful life for yourself.  God loves you far beyond what you may believe.  He is waiting to bless you, make you whole, and be your Loving Friend.  So don't hold back. 

April 17, 2008, 2:34 pm CDT

Parents are clearly the problem!!

Annie is clearly jealous because Abby is beautiful and the parents are judgemental and callous.  Abby is forced to lie because those parents are not caring or loving to her in any shape, form or fashion.  The daughter is in pain and hurting but the ice cold parents sit there and show no love or compassion!  The sister sits there and denies she is judgemental when every word out of her mouth is a  judgemental put down toward Abby.  Abby feels like she is worthless because the parents have sent her the message for her entire life that she is worthless.  I think the best point to sum up the entire segment was the Mother's statement; "I could not have done anything wrong with Abby because I did the same thing for her I did for her other two sisters."   What  parent does not understand every child is different and needs more or less in areas where another sibling might need more or less.  Only an uncaring parent would fault the child because they raised two perfect children and then go this child that is less than perfect and unwanted.  Abby lies, she is forced into lying but she learned to lie by the model of the parents and thier lies of loving her and wanting her; which are sure absurd lies!
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