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Created on : Friday, April 11, 2008, 08:16:44 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
You've heard the sayings, "Money can't buy happiness," and "Money is the root of all evil," and the newest family to move into The Dr. Phil House lives up to both of these adages! They’re engaged in a vicious war of finger-pointing and accusations over money, land and Mom's will. One daughter is slated to inherit everything while the other won’t get one red cent. How did a piece of land two family members purchased together become a royal battle ground? Family therapist Dr. Tara Fields, brings this family face to face for an emotional encounter. But will they participate? When sisters Lisa and Sara face off, who calls whom lazy and worthless, and will the siblings decide to put their grievances aside? Then, Dr. Phil makes a house call. Why is he fed up with this family? And, when Sonja's granddaughter makes a surprise visit with an emotional plea, you won't believe how Sonja responds. Can Dr. Phil get this family to focus on reuniting instead of dividing their land? Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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April 12, 2008, 1:56 pm CDT

Add on to what I said

Quote From: prettyp_516

Dear Doctor Phil, If the mother chooses to give her stuff to one person than than person whose name is on the will is the one who gets it why, should there be a fight? Unless the people who aren't getting anything's hearts are not pure. If their hearts could handle the responsibility the moyher might have split it. However there could be many good reasons why the stuff only went to one person. If te family really loved eachother they wouldn't be fighting over stuff that doesn't matter in the end anyways. That saddens me about families now days people get divorces over a lot of stupid things or stupid things they did and they never think before they do it. Well hopefully this family will see the truth and wake up.
Another thing I havent seen the whole story I'm just judging by what it says.  I mean what kinda daughter says I don't give a crap about you. I'm not understanding the whole story so I will have to see it.
April 12, 2008, 2:33 pm CDT


When my mother died, my stepfather kept everything and at that time I didn't know that I could go to a lawyer being so young.


But since I have never been materialistic, I just let it go and he will have to stand up before God one day and he will get his due. 


I don't think we should argue over ..material things as life is so short.

April 12, 2008, 3:06 pm CDT

My Bother the Greedy

It is amazing how things change so quickly when a Parent passes on.  In our case, my Brother and his current Wife had our Mother sign a Deed of Trust in 2003,without informing my Sister or I.  Our Mother had suffered a Stroke in 2001 and was still recovering.  She never even sneezed without consulting my Sister.  The fact that she never discussed the Deed of Trust with anyone, convinced us that he had to have assured our Mother that we were aware of the document and approved.  Our Mother passed away in 2005 and while at a Family Reunion that took place in our Mother's hometown several months later, my Sister and I went to a Lawyer to have an Affidavidt of Kinship drawn up.  Since we were equally divided in the Will, we all 3 decided that this would be a good move.  We had also discussed selling part of our inheritance to take care of some improvements needed on our Mothers' home. Our Brother spoke to us on the phone and told us where we should take the best pictures of the property for the sales brochure.  That night he called us at the hotel and proceeded to act like he had no knowledge of the Affidavidt of Kinship or the plans to sell part of the property. He in fact told us that he owned $75,000.00 worth of that property and we were ___ out of luck. It is still not resolved and we are angry over his deception.  It has felt like our parents died all over again and took him with them.  We were so close and now we are betrayed.  He is like a Jekyl and Hyde.  It has made my Sister, who incidently is Executrix of the Will, physically ill.  I am the youngest by several years and feel that I have no family left.  I feel that I have been betrayed beyond repair.

These women need to wake up and get things resolved or they will wake up without any family left.  Just divide it all equally or sell it all and divide it equally.  It's not worth the tears.

April 12, 2008, 4:42 pm CDT

Love before Money

Dear Dr. Phil:  It is sad when one family memeber can manipulate a parent and see nothing wrong with what they are doing.  We have a sister in our family that has done that since my father died 12 years ago.  In my mothers eyes she is perfect, the rest of us are just there as far as she is concerned.  If we say anything that my mother feels if a put down of my sister she defends her.  The rest of us can see what is happening but not my mother.  My mother has come to my older sister and I upset because things have turned up missing in her home.  We both know that we didn't take them and neither did our brother.  There is only one person she needs to turn to for the answer. The perfect daughter.  She is the only one that has a key to my mothers apartment. 

My sister even had the nerve to tell my older sister and I that she wished she was an only child. then she amended it to say a brother was alright.  We informed her we were not dropping dead so she could have her wish.  Dr. Phil she really is an evil, greedy person, she helps my mother spend her money, charges my mom for special trips and who knows what else.  The rest of us just want my mother to enjoy her life and spend the money my father and her worked so hard for.  If she left us nothing it wouldn't matter as long as she didn't leave it all to the manipulator. 

It has got so bad that most of the grandchildren don't even want to go visit my mother, they get tired of hearing about the perfect daughter and the perfect grandson.  You would think that they were the only ones in the family, my mother forgets she has 4 children, and 8 grandchildren, she only sees my one sister and her one grandson.  The rest of us have decided that when my mother passes on we will not be having Miss Perfect at our doors.  She is trying to shut us out of seeing our mother, so why should we acept her later.

I love my mother dearly, and no one nor nothing can replace her.... no even her money.  If she left me nothing that would be okay... because no one can take my love of her away.  I hold her in my heart.


April 12, 2008, 5:21 pm CDT

love of Money

My mother and father  are alive and life has not been good between my mother and I since birth.  I am 60 now and decided last summer to get therapy.  After 6 months of therapy, my mother did something horrible to me and the therapist advised me to get the toxic woman out of my life.  I faced mother with the problem and have since been  written out of her will.  I don't care about the money!  She has been told this.  I just wanted to get along with the woman who gave me birth.  I am also not allowed to see my father.  He is 87 and will die soon so the theft of my father is much worse than the the loss of money that I did not work for!  I can get along very well without the money and am getting along without any parents also.

I have 4 children of my own and they all know I love them as much as life itself and I don't miss a chance to tell them so.  My heart would break if I ever thought my children did not know what a precious gift from God they are to me.  I am just sad that I never had the chance to feel the same way. 

I have 2 brothers.  One is not talking to mother and says he is out of the will.  The other, God only knows how he tolerates her and the things she has done to him and his family but he does.  He will be 'in the will' as we have all been from time to time but good luck to him!




April 12, 2008, 6:24 pm CDT

Hope YOU will have some help for those of use who are still going through it.the PLEASE show some answers for the rest of us


Who are still going through it.  

Having lost a house, my retirement account, my  savings and had to close my business to care for my parents where do I go now?  How do I get not only my father's good name back but mine?


11 siblings have sued me because they didn't like the last (legal) will and trust my father left. 


When my mother was diagnosed several years earlier with a brain tumor,  they badgered my mother to change a will.


They sued my father and I to take away the POA (from my father to his wife of 52 years), and me, and tried to have us be labeled mentally incompetent, and tried to take everything away from me after they both died. 


And although there was a legal last will and trust, the judge saw fit to reward the greedy, instead of the honest and LEGAL wishes. 


Currently I suffer from post traumatic stress and constantly have flashbacks. 


Blessings  I have however, are that I was able to take care of my parents in their last years and see to it that they both had THEIR wishes in life.  They lived and died the way they had told me they wanted to for decades after our weekly mass and dinner.


The money, the belongings are things, and the memories I have with my parents cannot be taken away. Yes it is VERY HARD. 

And what are these 11 showing and teaching their children? 


Hope this show will give me some suggestions as to what to do, to move on with my life.

Yes it is difficult for me, in many ways. But I will not give up or in. 


My parents are dead but my siblings have dishonored them by the lawsuit and their lawyer withheld evidence that showed my father was mentally competent when he made his will. She withheld it, and refused to give it to me. 


When do I get my life back after the all of the fighting,  lawsuits and judgements?  When do I go to get back my security?    Where can I go to get some legal advise to take my financial life back?


April 12, 2008, 6:33 pm CDT

Parents have a right to live their own lives



Parents many times feel as if  they cannot please ALL of their children.


In my case, BOTH of my parents felt as if there was a VOTE!!


They felt they were not allowed to  make their own decisions on life and death.


I can assure you that after decades of taking my parents to mass and to dinner every week, I knew their wishes.  They felt as if they could not make all of their children happy.


What did they do?


They told those that would listen for DECADES how they wanted to live and die.


It wasn't one dinner, it was years of dinners, that I listened to their wishes. 


Children, are not OWED anything from their parents. And the parents do not OWE  the life and death decisions  to a vote.



April 12, 2008, 7:17 pm CDT

House of Greed

First I think it is very disrespectful to fight over their mother's items. My grandmother is very sick and she will not be around much longer. The kids are already fighting over items and she is not even gone yet. I promised my grandmother that I would not do that out of respect for her. I think it is more important to remember her than to help tear apart her family. If I thought for a minute my kids would fight over anything I have to give to them,  I would donate it all to a charity before I die so there will be nothing to fight over. I just feel it is very disrespectful to their mother's memory and I think it shows how shallow people get over possessions. I have dolls my grandmother have given me and I would trade those for more time with her and not think twice about it.
April 12, 2008, 11:05 pm CDT

house of greed

if money is the only thing you can think about     then   you did not care about the person.     i have told my family   that there is not going to be anything to fight over      husband and i are enjoying it all now and wont be any thing left to fight over    we worked for it so why not enjoy  life now.
April 13, 2008, 12:12 am CDT

The House of Greed!

I became an  orphan at the age of sixteen and knew my dad had a will written up with the help of my mom's sister and my dad's brother.  Dad did this because I was the only living child under the age of consent and my brothers were married and all had children.  Now from my experience is that the day dad died {six months from the day my mom died} I was terrified to show anyone the will because I felt it would cause hurtful feelings and the green eyed monster would take over my family.  Since dad was an alcholic my brothers too having the same disease, felt this was wrong since one of my brothers was incarcerated and his family of three children and wife should benifit by my parents life long savings.  It was not the amount because it was such a minor amount that I came to the conclusion many years later that it's that hurt a child feels when a parent chooses one over the other.  Thats the real problem!  We all want to be SPECIAL  in our parents eyes.  By my dad writing a will my older brother was relieved dad had taken my future seriousely and he was named my guardian, which made him feel important.  Brother number two was angry and in jail, and  brother number three felt slighted since he moved in with me and dad after mom died and his family could have used some help.  To end my story is that I attended college and moved out on my own and tried hard to put all this behind me with a very important lesson learned. My husband and I both experienced the same losses and have learned how important it is to write things down and to speak openly to our children about such issues.  Unfortunately, one of our two sons was tragically killled at age fourteen.  My other son feels devastated and would give anything to have his brother back. Again families need to act like families and help each other when a love one dies. AMEN!!  Keep up the good work Dr. Phil.
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