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Created on : Thursday, March 06, 2008, 04:36:16 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Don’t miss Dr. Phil’s exclusive interview with Brianna Denison's mother who is speaking out for the first time since her daughter's body was found. Nineteen-year-old Brianna made headlines when she was kidnapped while she slept on a friend's couch. Brianna's killer – an alleged serial rapist -- is still on the loose in Reno, NV. And, a controversial issue is heating up the headlines: Where should registered sex offenders live when they’re released from prison? Residents of Long Beach, California say not in their neighborhood. They’re outraged that an apartment building is allegedly housing 13 registered sex offenders, and the building owner is reportedly receiving $1,000 per month to house them. Former tenants, James and Getania, were disgusted to learn that the sex offenders were living in their building, and local residents weren’t happy either. Dawna owns several properties near the apartment complex. She says she’s losing tenants and the sex offenders are stalking others. Then, Jake Goldenflame, a registered sex offender who was convicted of molesting his daughter and young boys over 25 years ago, says he's still attracted to teenage boys, but says people like him have no resources and need to live somewhere. What does Dr. Phil think? Should the sex offenders be forced to leave the community, or should their neighbors just learn to live with them? If it's happening now, Dr. Phil is going to deal with it now! Join the discussion.

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Find out what happened on the show.

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September 29, 2008, 9:46 am CDT

03/07 Dr. Phil Now: Sex Offenders Next Door

Everyone that doesn't feel save inside their own homes should without a doubt get a dog. I'm not just talking about a small silly looking hairball... I'm talking about a real dog.

I have a Doberman and Doberman's are known to be the sweetest and most loyal dogs alive. I know there are a lot of people who fear them because of the general image that the media has given them but that's basicly only because they look good on camera to strike fear into trasspassers.

But to the point. If anyone sees you walking the street with a Doberman, or any other kind of dog that atleast has the size of a Doberman, they will never consider entering your home because if you have a dog that you have trained and treating with love and respect, that dog will give his or her life for you. Dogs, if loyal (not all dogs are loyal) they fight till the death to defend you.

Also, Doberman's have the natural instinct to sence people's intentions. If someone is using drugs, they are aware and they will stay close to you. If someone has aggressive tendencies or behaviour they will make it clear that these people need to stay at a distence.

I can absolutely garantee that if you get a dog from a save breeder with the nessusary bloodline papers that you will have a healthy, good natured dog that will grow to become a part of your family, it will love you, it will protect you and it will die for you if it has too. It's a constant silent protector and a friend for life.

I will say this... do not get a dog from a dogpound, large dogs get attached to you, they share a special thing with you and once they leave their original owners, they sometimes tend to act different to other people, because in all fairness, these dogs feel just as strongly about love as we do, they have emotions and feelings and you would also not like to be left by your parents and guardians.

Get a dog if you do not feel save in your own home. You can get a gun but it's a risk for the entire family, young kids pick it up or find it laying around... We've all heard what happens then...

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