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Created on : Friday, February 22, 2008, 12:19:18 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
After six seasons and over 1,000 shows under his belt, Dr. Phil has met many memorable people. Today, he follows up with some of his most-talked-about guests. Rochelle and her husband, John, first met Dr. Phil nine years ago, when she became the poster child for controlling wives. She tracked John's soda intake, told him how to hold utensils and didn't want him to sweat while he slept. You won't believe the new demand Rochelle has for her husband! And, hear her message for all women who criticize her controlling ways. Next, the Dr. Phil staff traveled thousands of miles to the jungles of a third-world country in search of Mollie and Allene, who were taken by their father a year prior. Both girls were returned to their mother. Find out which daughter chose to return to the German Baptist lifestyle with her father and why the other is having a difficult time adjusting to her new way of life. Then, Shawn had earned one million dollars and spent it all. He was in debt almost $750,000 when his fiancée turned him in to Dr. Phil. Did he sell off his prized possessions, and did he and his fiancée finally tie the knot? Plus, 10 years ago, Jo Ann was struggling with the unsolved murder of her 18-year-old daughter. When she met with Dr. Phil during his appearance on Oprah, she revealed her plan to take her life. See how she's doing today and the surprises Dr. Phil has in store for her! Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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February 29, 2008, 1:21 pm CST

02/29 Follow-Ups

This has to be the most ignorant woman, she has a great man and she doesn't even appericate it. She said if any woman can make him happy bring it on, well she might be in for a little wake up call cause he's a very good looking man and doesn't even notice it. If you ask me he need to LEAVE her and find happiness. She is going to make you miserable. Let me say that she is not such a great catch. Trying not being such

February 29, 2008, 1:22 pm CST

02/29 Follow-Ups

In my experience, I have known 2 couples in our circle of acquaintances, where the wife was very controlling. Both couples married in thier 20s. One of the couples we were around a lot and the other, although we knew them we were not around them that much. The show today seemed kind of light hearted. The truth is, when you spend time around a couple with a controlling spouse, it is uncomfortable. The couple that we knew well, the husband was a quiet person, and still is, and never said anything back to his wife. He could never do anything right, according to her. And I swear, I never heard her say anything good about him. It wasn't so much steppin' and fetchin' for her, it was just a total lack of respect. She seemed to think that he didn't have a thought in his head and told him what to do all the time. I always wondered why in the world he married her in the first place. They seemed so different. Well, after about 2 years, he left her. There were no children. Maybe 5 years later, he remarried, and is still married and has a family. His second wife has a personality more like his. His ex-wife remarried also, but is divorced  again. The second couple didn't stay together either, but I don't really know the story on that one.


On the other hand I know several women with controlling husbands and they have stayed with them. I wonder if it is unusual for a man to stay with a controlling wife? And do women tend to stay with controlling husbands?


The thing I noticed with Rochelle and John, was that there was no mention of love or respect. I have been married for almost 34 years and love and respect is still important. It seemd so wierd for Rochelle to say that if anyone out there wanted John, come and get him. Well I think she said to write but you know, someone might end up showing up at thier door. It just seems disrespectful to John for her to treat him the way she did. But evidently he is not dissatisfied with the relationship, he's still there after nine years. Different strokes for different folks. 

February 29, 2008, 1:27 pm CST

02/29 Follow-Ups

if a guy was on his wife the way rochelle is on her husband, people would flood the board saying leave him girl, u can do better; and they would be disgusted by his behavior. Even the audience would be harsher on the person if it was a guy, i mean its borderline abuse; an if he chooses to stay its on him. But people in the audience are laughing and going back and forth; if this was a man the crowd would have turned on him and dr. phil would rant about what a good woman he had, an how the guy had work to do on himself...


its just odd to me that a woman can be that demanding, insulting and controlling and u get so little response; but a guy does it and its funny...or hardly worth mentioning

February 29, 2008, 1:28 pm CST

John and Rochelle

 I watched the show today and i am a bit upset with dr phil.  If a man would be treating a woman this way it would be abusive behavior.  What Rochelle is doing is controlling john and this behavior is abusive.  I think that Rochelle is jealous of John's choice to have a life. What does she do for fun.   To me john seems beat up mentally. He is hurting and he seems emotionally numb. Imagine having to deal with this for 9 yrs.  I think that she is a horrible woman.  I did not see Dr. Phil offer any type of counseling.  John needs counseling really bad so that he can get healthy emotionally and kick that you know what to the curb.  I love in the end when she challenged some woman to take him from her. I hope that some woman is watching and makes her regret those words because she has a good man but is too dumb to appreciate it.  Someone on the message board said that they felt like because of some abuse she suffered this could be the reason she is doing that. Bull!!!   She is an adult. She knows right from wrong. She treats him this way because she can. She needs a man that will stand up to her and put his foot in her ---.   Carol from Louisiana
February 29, 2008, 1:30 pm CST

02/29 Follow-Ups

I cant believe that she has the nerve to tell other women to take there chance if they can make him happy bring it on.  Well  I think he needs to go be happy. She isnt anything but a huzzy.  She needs to realize that she is the one thats LUCKY!!!!!!!!   I have a wonderful husband and I wouldn't even think about telling him that he looks bad, I think we work together and hes my best friend.  She isn't going to help their relationship by the way she acts, its pitiful!!!!!!!!  
February 29, 2008, 1:30 pm CST

02/29 Follow-Ups

Quote From: longbowz

Why is Dr Phil so afraid of this woman ?? Is is quick to jump on any other guest but shys away from her.

Well, I assume Rochelle was kidding about being the reason DrP is where he is today. It WAS kinda hard to tell, she ain't exactly a jolly person and she said that with a straight face. I guess the best thing for DrP to do was just laugh it off? I don't know. And they weren't there for help, although they need it, they were just there to show that things are basically still the same as 9 years ago, except that Rochelle is demanding that John get botox.

February 29, 2008, 1:34 pm CST

02/29 Follow-Ups

Quote From: momakababe

Just because he's still there doesn't mean things got better.   It wasn't John who had originally brought Rochelle to Oprah it was John but really her sisters & her mother. 


Rochelle was brought up in an abusive home with her father being the controlling *narcissist* & Rochelle had decided she would "never" allow a man to treat her like her father treated her mother.  See when you're brought up in abuse you don't know *any other way* & so you either become the abuser or are the abused*  They don't know any other way!!!!!!!!! 


When people "stay for the kids" this is what they're getting from it "this is life". 


No mistake about it Rochelle is & was the abuser & no she's not exaggerate for tv.  She WAS more tame now than years ago. 

I think that is stupid!  I'm sorry for voicing my opinion but that is what it is!!!!  Rochelle is a spoiled BRAT

February 29, 2008, 1:36 pm CST

02/29 Follow-Ups

Quote From: happiness08

I must have missed the part on the show talking about what Rochelle has been diagnosed with. If it was just a controlling issue then she needs to get a dog and leave her poor husband alone. But then again he has got to stand up for himself. She humiliates him and he just takes it, that's why I thought maybe she had a mental disability and he felt sorry for her and wants to help her. He should hope someone takes her up on her offer of giving him to someone else. That would probably be the best thing for him. I have never seen someone as cruel and ridiculous as Rochele. I never write messages on a TV show website but Rochele just made me sick. If she is mentally disturbed then he should stay with her and continue to fish and have fun but if that's just her and she doesn't need therapy or meds then he should fake a boating accident and float very far away from her.
I believe everything you say. I think someone should take her up on her offer maybe then he could be HAPPY!!!!!!!
February 29, 2008, 1:38 pm CST


 You treat your husband like trash.  You try to throw your husband away like trash.  Be careful of what you ask for.  What will it take for you to see what life would be like without him?   Send him my way.  Send him to the hundreds of other women who would gratefully accept him into their lives.  I'm a happily married woman and I would take him into my home just to get him away from your mental abuse.  Tell your husband he is not good looking and he has something wrong with his face is abusive.  He is a very good looking man.  He handles your abuse with grace and honor.  Get down on your hands and knees and fix a floor yourself.  Pick up a hammer and learn how to hang cabinets.  Take a shot of botox into your backside and maybe that stick will slide out easier.  Geesh woman.  I hope you don't claim to be a Christian.  Learn to stand by and stand up for your man, take care of your man, build up your man, and you'll find you might actually enjoy your marriage and life.  Grow up and discover what's important in life.  A litte vanity?  How 'bout acting like you actually love your husband instead of treating him like the enemy.  --A woman who knows how to treat her man
February 29, 2008, 1:43 pm CST

02/29 Follow-Ups

Quote From: beebeejean

so it's YEARS later, and John is still there.  I like Rochelle. and I think she is exaggerated for tv.  John obviously loves her, too.  so chill, people.  do you REALLY think he'd stay in the marriage if things were THAT bad.......paleeeeese. 
I didn't hear anything mentioned about love. And yes I think he would stay even if things were that bad. I know many people who stay for years in bad marriages. (Although John is the only man I know of who is hanging in with a controlling wife.) My parents stayed in a bad marriage untill they died. I personally know of women in long term marriages with very controlling husbands. I know men who would make Rochelle look like Mother Teresa. I wonder if John is the exception to the rule? Does anyone else know of a marriage with a controlling wife? I don't know any husbands  that stayed in that situation.
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