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Created on : Thursday, February 14, 2008, 03:54:15 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Every bride wants to shine on her special day -- from wearing the perfect gown to hosting the most extravagant reception. But what happens when the dream of the perfect wedding turns into a nightmare? Janae knows about this pain firsthand. Her husband, Michael, got so drunk before the ceremony that he passed out cold after saying “I do” and didn’t wake up until the next day!  Janae attended the reception by herself and spent her wedding night with her bridesmaids at a hotel. Their wedding from hell took place two years ago, but she still tears up at the memory of that fateful day. Can she ever forgive Michael's mishaps, or is he doomed to the doghouse forever? Then, Angela is a self-professed bridezilla who makes no excuses for her demanding ways. She even created a newsletter for her bridesmaids with the rules and regulations they must follow to participate in her wedding! Her sister and maid of honor, Vanessa, worries that Angela's nitpicking will cause her fiancé, Marvin, to run for the hills. What's behind Angela's controlling behavior, and is she headed for heartache on her special day? Share your thoughts here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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February 25, 2008, 7:44 pm CST

Another Wedding

I disagreed with Dr. Phil giving them another wedding paid for.  But it's his money.
February 26, 2008, 7:18 am CST

Did the First One Count?

Quote From: capri69

I disagreed with Dr. Phil giving them another wedding paid for.  But it's his money.
I think that whether or not Dr. Phil gave them another wedding they should have another ceremony.  One in which the bride AND the groom attend.  He was not in any condition to drive a car let alone make a lifelong commitment to another person.

If it was my husband I would always wonder why he needed to get s@#$tfaced to marry me.  Did he want to commit or not?  Come to the party sober this time big boy. 

Oh yeah and.... Serve sparkling grape juice.
February 26, 2008, 12:07 pm CST

give me a break

if this lady was so torn up about the 'hell' wedding she had 2 YEARS AGO, then she has bigger issues!! let it go, just be glad her hubby is well and with her, sure be mad for a little while but get over it!!! yeah that was a dumb thing to do but i just don't have any sympathy you just want to grab her and yell 'get over it, little crybaby!!!'
February 28, 2008, 4:36 pm CST

02/22 Hell Weddings

Quote From: douhearme

I agree.  As a woman I was both appalled and pi**ed off after watching that segment.   I couldn't believe the way she constantly emasculates this man.  There's a difference between having the wedding of your dreams and being a complete jerk.  She says she loves him, but she totally ignores his feelings about EVERYTHING. She went WAY over budget for the wedding; she mocked the way he looked in the tux; she embarrased him when he tried to propose.    Why in the h#ll is she even marrying this man?  This isn't love, this is the first signs of spousal abuse.  She already has two children.  And she's treating Marvin like he's one. 


Angela talks about being organized.  That's not organization--it's control in the worst possible way.  It's a defense mechanism to keep from being hurt.  Meanwhile she's hurting everybody around her.  Her assertion that she's "better" than she used to be simply means she's just a b*tch and not a super b*tch now.  Wow, what an improvement. 


I'd never marry this woman without months of counseling.  It that doesn't work, I'd tell Marvin to take care of his child and then find a woman who will respect him; love him; and work WITH him.    

 I can't see, for the life of me, why Marvin would want to marry Angela. But I have a pretty good idea why she  wants to marry him. For the benefits, I'll bet.
February 29, 2008, 1:10 pm CST

02/22 Hell Weddings

Quote From: gwarrior6


My whole wedding day is a blur- I remember having tunnel vision to the altar, trying not to pass out.  I was so anxious, just trying to breathe and get it over with.  Looking back, I'd rather have gone to the JP court and maybe have a small get-together of friends go out after.  It's so easy to be disappointed by it because it's this big idealized social event-but if you actually get MARRIED, and have a great marriage, then mission accomplished- and it doesn't matter if you throw a big party or go to the courthouse.


Angela-Come on girl!  If you're going to throw a big bash, you have to know that if people choose to be in your wedding, that's NOT an excuse to demand anything.  In fact, it's a complement that they would endure bridesmaid dresses, costs, rehearsals, etc, for YOU.  


Weddings are as much if not MORE for the people that attend and participate than they are for you- you decorate, you feed them, you give them little gifts and spend the day talking with them.  It's a privelege to even have them there, not something you're entitled.  Angela should be a maid of honor at a wedding, it's a lot of work! Then maybe appreciate what they do for you at your wedding- No more bridezilla, please!

We can all bow to your reasoning of it being the bride's wedding more so than the groom.  But you said this is the way you are regularly.  Your husband is going to wake up one day and not want to be a child in the relationship and he's going to see you as a "mother" or "control figure" and that will effect your intimate life eventually.  He won't see you as attractive and desirable.  He'll be afraid of you.  Your selfish soul doesn't deserve this quality man.   For you to say you'll get another groom if he doesn't obey -- it would be his blessings if you did.  You need the Lord.

February 29, 2008, 1:39 pm CST


Okay...shes phsyically And emotianlly abusive...If she was a man this would have been handled differently...Anyway! I have to start off by saying I dissagreed with Dr. Phil. He said this is her day..blah blah blah...To her its a 12 out of 10 to marvin its maybe a 2 or 3...Well I never heard Marvin say that...In fact he REALLLY wanted that tux...For all dr. Phil knows Marvin might of pictured his wedding day and wanted to wear a cream suit, and he shouldnt be denied just because hes the man??? Im sorry but I DO NOT AGREE...First he looked fine...and I dont know if anyone else noticed, but shes quite dark as well, should she wear a black dress? Probably suit the occation better because it might as well be a funeral...Marvin your life is now over...You would probably have more freedom in jail...But the more I think about this the less I feel sorry for you....How do you marry this woman??? Do you not feel like maybe you could better? What does she do for you....Other then tell you how to dress/feel/act? And her friends...How does she have any? I always consider the feelings of those around me (at least a little....) And I still end up offending people lol...How does anyone put up with her though? I just cant understand...So maybe they all like abuse and deserve it? I dont know....All I know if it was me I would tell her where to stick it on at least a few points...and if she told me should could find another groom and bridesmaids...I would say



Good luck *****....Have a very lonely, but "perfect" day



February 29, 2008, 6:30 pm CST

If that is true...

Quote From: momnique

Michael, got so drunk before the ceremony that he passed out cold after saying I do.

I do believe that in most states, you have to be sober, not have been forced or coerced,  in order to sign a marriage contract, otherwise the contract is invalid.  The way I see it, the contract is invalid and they are not legally married.


If that is true....... it really doesn't matter because now they're getting the wedding of their dreams thanks to the Dr. Phil Show and this Countryside Country Club.  So, now they get to do it all over again - CORRECTLY and obviously WAY better than the first time.  Congratulations to them!  They actually look like they love each other very much and I agree - I think that Michael made a mistake but he knows it and wants to make it right to live the rest of his life with the love of his life.

March 11, 2008, 3:18 pm CDT

been there

like you all know every girl dreams of their wedding day, i watched this recorded show today and it brought me to tears. i realized that my experiance was not as bad as i make it out to be.
my story: both my mother and my b/f's parents were clear and very pushy on not being embarassed. i was almost 20 and pregnant. i wanted to have our child, wait until i fully recovered, then make the plans on getting married. if i was to be married, it would be for the right reasons. as a child dreaming of the perfect engagement, the perfect wedding, the perfect process, for the perfect reason; love. and i could still have that!  but seeing so many other relationships fail around me, my heart was extra guarded. i resented marriage... "maybe, just maybe when i'm thirty some man will convince me that we should be stuck together"... is what i had thought. but here i am pregnant and my whole world crashing around me, and no one cared about my dreams and readiness.  i thought it would be better for my son to be in the wedding and see his parents unite together because they wanted to, rather than now -because they had to. anyways, one month and one day after my 20th birthday, 3 weeks of somewhat planning, six months pregnant, feeling insecure, too many people i wanted to not be there, no cake, no dance, no excitement, not the dress to be seen in at very many angles, not the place, not the time, not the ring, not anything i wanted. i felt like i compramized my life for my mother and his.  we moved into our apartment the same day, had my nails done and showered while the wedding should have started, finished moving the next day, and bam! we are married! my memory of this day fades me, it was so hecktic and chaotic. nothing was pleasant and at ease, or fun. if i could re-do it all i would. although i am now happily married for one year, i still am hurt from not having "my day". nothing was about me, but everyone else. my husband promised me a "real" wedding, but now sees it at unnecessary. i ask for at least a reception before we go on a cruise in 2 years (so our baby will be old enough to stay away from his parents for a week) and he feels like its rediculous. how can i get past being hurt from all my dreams continually crashing?!?!?!?
but what made me feel so much better, is that my husband trys to be so good to me. he did not come to the alter drunk, but he walked me down the aisle, because he knew i couldn't/ wouldn't do it myself. he refused to abandon my side. he meant what he said that day, so did i. but he still doesn't undrstand why i am so hurt. he feels like it was a good wedding, but he wasn't planning it all his life either. i don't know, i'm just greatful that he was mentally ready to make the decision of his life.   
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