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Topic : 06/05 Family Court Battles

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Created on : Thursday, February 14, 2008, 03:52:52 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 02/21/08) Stalking allegations, surveillance cameras, restraining orders. This may sound like a television drama, but it's the life of a mother and daughter who have declared war on each other! Rita claims her daughter, Lisa, is alienating her from her 13-year-old grandson, Koal, and is brainwashing him to hate her. Lisa says Rita is crazy and is using Koal as a weapon to hurt her. Lisa's ex-husband, Koal's father, says his ex-mother-in-law is a habitual liar and control freak. Neither parent believes Koal should be forced to visit with Rita. Accusations fly when mother and daughter face off. With all the finger-pointing, who's telling the truth? Dr. Phil drills down on the issues. You won't believe what he thinks may be at the root of this problem. Then, with seven lawsuits filed, Lisa and Rita have visited the courthouse numerous times. Rita won her grandparent's rights to visit with Koal, and she says she will stop at nothing until Lisa allows her to see her grandson. Plus, hear from the 13-year-old boy who's caught in the middle of this nasty family feud. His comments may shock you. And attorney Gloria Allred sheds light on who has what rights in this case. Can this family arrange a plan for peace? Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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July 1, 2008, 6:15 pm CDT

06/05 Family Court Battles

Quote From: gmorton19

 Lisa, I see things so differently. I saw that you were lying  a lot and made your mother look so bad. A lot of it was uneccesary and degrading to your mom. shame on should give her more respect. I don't think she's evil. I think you need to grow up and get real with yourself. I feel your mother deserves more respect than you give her, and you should be forgiving and have love for the woman who gave you life. Stop turning your son against his grandmother. You're depriving him of an important relationship. I don't think your mom is the evil person you have made her out to be. You need to take a good look in the mirror and see how much you whine, point the finger, and don't even ackowledge anything you do to cause confusion and chaos in this relationship with your mom.  Learn before it's too late. Your mom may not be around long, and for you to disown her like you did, saying to take her off your birth certificate is just plain spoiled and rotten of you. All I can say is you sure manipulate people to hurt your mother. That's not OK to do.
I think that it's up to mom and dad to decide if it's an "important relationship"...
July 1, 2008, 6:17 pm CDT

06/05 Family Court Battles

Quote From: gmorton19

 I saw right through Lisa. She is the head case. Rita is not toxic. She has a right to see her grandson and has done nothing wrong to him. It is Lisa who is putting junk in his head about his grandmother. I feel sorry for the boy, but more sorry for Lisa, because one day this will all blow up in her own face. She is a ranting disrespectful daughter that should have been put in her place. She should look at the good qualities of her mother and maybe stop hurting her and destroying her reputation as a human being, who makes mistakes, and loves her grandson. Lisa is a snotty immature daughter. I'm sure many more people saw this.
Why does she or should she have a right to see her grandchild? She's DONE raising her kids.

Once a parent..NOT ALWAYS A PARENT. Just because a person raises a child doesn't mean they FOREVER get say over them, their lives, their children and the relationship they have with them.

I don't care what her reasons are, if she doesn't want Rita in her life MORE POWER TO HER. She's an adult and can CHOOSE to have a relationship with her or not and that goes for her child too. If she believes her mother is a toxic influence in her child's life then she should have a right to end that relationship!
July 1, 2008, 6:24 pm CDT

06/05 Family Court Battles

Quote From: juliekope

How can ANY of you side for Rita?  First of all, I must state that I was immediately skeptical of all of the positive "Rita" comments.  I may sound paranoid to some of you, but I even feel that either Rita found a way to write those comments which were FOR her or she got friends or others to write those comments!  Forgive me, Lord, if I'm wrong!  But she SOOOO seems to me to be that type of person! 

Next, let me say that Lisa may not be perfect.  Lisa may even have "issues" with her mom.  However, she is the parent along with a seemingly loving father and a seemingly loving and caring stepfather.  I doubt that all 3 together would state on television that Rita is the way she is if it weren't true.  Now, let's include Koal!  That poor child!  No matter what, as long as the child has loving and capable parents, these adults must come first.  And, he is old enough to be asked if he wants to be a part of this or if he deires to be around Rita!!!  How dare the court force this child to spend time in her presence!!!  Just the fact that there is this severe anger and hatred among these people needs to be considered!  If this poor child feels that the "grandma" is hurting his mother and family - again, he IS old enough to know - spending time with her is beyond cruel.  Lisa ans Brian and Keith seem capable and loving and enough as adult caregivers and parents!  GET THAT POISON, RITA AWAY from their lives!  She doesn't care that Koal is now living in a life filled with serious financial issues due to HER?????  Parents are the parents.  Even though grandparents can be an asset to a child's life, this is not so here!  She (Rita) is ruining this poor boy's life!  To the courts...NO MORE RITA - EVER!!!  Give this young man a normal life!

I have no doubt that many of the "pro Rita" comments are made by either her or her doubt.

"How dare the court force this child to spend time in her presence!!!"

I am with you...the idea of  "grandparents rights" makes me so angry sometimes I can hardly speak. The idea that I or any other adult is legally and emotionally beholden to their parents for ever is HORRID. It violently rips rights away from LEGAL ADULTS.

If a person has a child they should get to choose WHO that child associates with. That INCLUDES "grandparents"....and an ADULT shouldn't have to come up with some reason for it either...they shouldn't have to satisfy a court for their reasons.

"Parents are the parents. "

July 1, 2008, 6:26 pm CDT

06/05 Family Court Battles

Quote From: gmorton19

 Can't believe this! You just totally falsely accused Rita. She is in no way shape or form an acquantance of mine, a friend, or in contact in any way with me or anyone else in this discussion. And lastely, I am NOT RITA!!!  See how people falsely accuse others. OMG...   Be careful about judging other too by calling them POISON or other strong names, especially when you know nothing about them as individuals. None of us are anyone to judge another.
  I just wish the family a happy ending,...maybe eventually after time has passed, things cooled down, lessons learned, and forgiveness sets in and maybe maturity on both Lisa and Rita's part. I'm sure Rita isn't a saint....but likewise neither is LIsa. Best wishes to you both. I hope you learn to love your mom and forgive her LIsa, and Rita, I hope you can maybe give your daughter some space which may mean breaking away and letting your daughter grow up and be with her family. I believe in hope. May God show you all the right path.
"I'm sure Rita isn't a saint....but likewise neither is LIsa."

Yeah, but guess what, it doesn't matter...cause only one of them carries the MOMMY card.
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