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Created on : Friday, February 01, 2008, 02:19:57 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
They were beautiful twin sisters until they started abusing pills. Yvonne says she had the perfect life -- a great husband, nice house and three happy children -- until her introduction to pain pills six years ago. Shortly after, her twin, Yvette, picked up the habit too. Their lives have spiraled out of control. Their younger sister, Maria, wants to confront her sisters and make them take a hard look at what their drug abuse is doing to their kids and the entire family. You won’t believe the extreme behavior the Dr. Phil cameras capture in their home. Is one of the sisters pressuring the other to keep up her pill popping? The women live with their mother and Yvonne's three children. Find out why Yvette's daughter only sees her on the weekends. And, Yvette and Yvonne have a rocky relationship with their mother, Debbie. Why do they say she hates them? And, what does Dr. Phil say that upsets Yvette so much, she turns away and breaks down. You don't want to miss the first part of this disturbing story, and find out why this could happen to you! Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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February 6, 2008, 1:40 pm CST

02/06 Pill Popping Twins

Quote From: ssmith2526

Wow, glad you're perfect.  Makes it easier to pass judgment on everyone else.  Kudos!

far from perfect I just choose to do the work instead of depending on pills and excuses.


February 6, 2008, 1:41 pm CST

02/06 Pill Popping Twins

Quote From: empoweredlife

Drug addiction , a mask to the real event, lack of self respect/love. These are 2 beautiful women who are caught in the grips of a terrible malfunction, that malfunction is dysfunction. I feel for those children, this is no way for anyone to be raised and thank God for you Dr. Phil(the Chosen One) to provide them with the information that could save these kids lives. As a firefighter we know that a large number of fires start with people falling asleep with a lit cigarette, this is one less tragedy that could occur with your intervention. I send my prayers and support to the 2 women and those kids and the rest of the victims of their addiction which is everyone they come in contact with. Yvette and Yvonne , , you are 2 beautiful women with a chance to create a beautiful fulfilled life, please get help and let us all see you in a year as I envision you, in your greatness.

I am 67, I have been in recovery since 1974, A.A. N.A. the 12 steps have held my hand for a long time.

As long as people support what these two girls are dong they will continue, I had to live at the Salvation Army with four kids, they lived a hard life, but by the Grace of God they grew up and are happy, we laugh at some of the things we lived through. It can and will happen if we let it.They are on a pitty pot, someone needs to kick their butts to the curb and let them suffer, they may live and may die, drugs and alcohol do not play. Addiction is a life or death problem today, Locked up -covered up- or cleaned up. Over the years I have seen so many beautiful young people die, thes disease will lie to you, steal from you and kill you. There is hope, it is found in the rooms all over the world, the largest orgination that is not an orgination in the world. Hate festers in homes with active addiction. I hate the things my kids and husband lived through, but we share a bond today that is so special. Anne S. a recovering alcoholic

February 6, 2008, 1:47 pm CST

Oh, and PS--

To the sister that called Dr. Phil--next time, call the POLICE (they have a ton of drugs that are NOT prescriped to them) and CALL DSS!!!!!!!!


February 6, 2008, 1:50 pm CST

02/06 Pill Popping Twins

Quote From: flthomcat

I am a former felony probation/parole officer from Florida. I had quite a few decent, hard-working men and women who were on my caseload for fraud (getting fake prescriptions for pain killers, etc). These people all had REAL LIFE NORMAL injuries (such as back problems) that led them to LEGALLY take a very additictive drug. Once hooked, their lives spiraled downward and they were soon committing crimes to get the medicine that they were addicted to...


Bad things can and do happen to good people. Often it's the lack of good, close medical attention (either due to the fault of the patient and/or the fault of the doctor). Sadly in today's world, families aren't as close and don't watch over their loved ones and doctors don't give individual care and follow-up care.


When it comes to children, it DOESN'T MATTER HOW these people got addicted. The children MUST be protected from their drug-indicted parents. Family members should step in immediately. If they won't do it, than the State should!

The difference here is that these are not prescribed and they are both buying from dealers.  

where is the state and when are they going to take the children from these women?

February 6, 2008, 1:54 pm CST

02/06 Pill Popping Twins

Yvonne and Yvette, I so hope that something good comes out of your being on the show. Life is so short, and I hope you will take the help that you so desparately need. Time goes by quickly and before you know it, those kids will be grown and gone. Please listen to DrP if he offers you some help. Please get your lives back on track. For yourselves as well as the kids.
February 6, 2008, 1:59 pm CST

I Agree.

Quote From: nixi333

My God Yvette sounds like my 12 yr old niece... My mommy hates me because she won't let me have whatever I want! 

 I can't stand how drug addicts think. Yvonne actually said that Yvette tries her best with the kids ....well I'm sorry but if thats her best she does not deserve her kids, neither of them do!

With all the things doctors and regular people know about certain prescription drugs I can't believe they have not stopped using them, it's obviously not worth the risk. There are other ways to control pain. Pills that don't make you high or a whole list of non medicinal options.

Why does every one want the easy way out??

Over weight---take a pill

stressed -----take a pill

depressed  ---- take a pill

back pain ----take a pill

can't sleep----- take a pill

can't wake up-----take a pill
Good God how about exercise?? How about taking a walk in the woods to get away from the noise or problems for a little while?? How about talking to a good friend or writing a letter or in a journal to get it off your chest??

Nope; God forbid anybody does alittle work to make it better! Nope let's just be lazy and take a pill!!!!

Sad Sad Sad.


I agree with you.  I was having trouble sleeping.  I went to see my doctor, he said I had insomnia and he prescribed Cymbalta.  It worked for little while, I was sleeping, losing weight, and had dry mouth.  That's the side effects.  I was drinking plenty of water, but it wasn't quenching my thirst.  Then after a couple of months I noticed I wasn't losing the weight, nor sleeping very well.  I decided to stop taking them.  I suffered with the insomnia for a little while.  I was eating like crazy, and putting on the pounds. One evening I was watching the Discovery Channel about the National Body Challenge. The program had different set of twins working together as a team supporting each other losing weight, etc.  I was so motivated by the progress they were making, I decided to get into an exercise program.  Now, I watch what I eat, exercise here at work 3 days a week and at home.  I've been sleeping and feeling much better and I lost about 5 lbs.  I don't ever want to rely on pills ever again. 

February 6, 2008, 2:10 pm CST

Pill Popping Twins

Dr Phil, please tell the twins that they sound of cajun descent which I'm of cajun descent.  If I know one thing about cajuns and their families is that they are very strong and will help them if they want help.  Also, they have what's in their genes to help them kick this habit and get better for their kids and themselves.  I know that they can do it.
February 6, 2008, 2:11 pm CST

How sad!

I really do not know what to say.  It must feel horrible to be in a place where you constantly medicate your emotions. I am a child abuse survivor.  I have been subscribed Zanex for anxiety.  I have been on the prescribtion for about 7 yrs now.  I take it bc I have anxiety, I have not taken it during the day bc I can hardly function.  I have had to learn to use Yoga and breathing techniques in order to control my anxious behavior by day.  I have been on several anti-anxiety drugs and depressiants!  Nothing has worked.  The biggest torture is to wake up in the middle of the night and think about all the negative things that some to mind.  "How I am not good enough for my husband or a good mother to my children!" or "how the house may burn down or my car could break down!"  I have tried every sleeping agent on the market and Zanex is the only pill which helps me sleep through the anxiety that haunts me in the night!  I have only been able to continue using this drug bc I have not abused it. I am able to call in once a month to refill bc it is prescribed for twice daily.  Sometimes I try not to take it at night and sometimes I take a half of a pill & sometimes a whole pill depending on how tough my day was.  I call in my refill anywhere from three - five months depending on how many nights I can skip the pill. 


What I am trying to say is that when used properly these pills can be a life saver.  Without sleep I could not function or be what feels normal.  But it is sad to see that it can grip two mothers to this extreme.  I have a trough time struggling with being a good mother & after growing up in a environment stricken with drugs and addiction I have to be focused each day.  Its a constant battle.  I just pray ato God this will never be me.  BUt also bare in mind that some of these drugs can serve the purpose in which they were intended. 

February 6, 2008, 2:12 pm CST

02/06 Pill Popping Twins

Quote From: lperkins3

I am was in the same situation as the sister except it was my sister and my niece.My sister just got out of rehab and my niece is still in,,,she is 5 months pregnant.It has been such a frustrating time in my family because I have watched their lives go down the drain.I would try to help but they would just get mad and then we would fight and it wouldnt do anyone any good.Now my sister is on saboxone and my niece is on methadone,,,I have read that both are very addicting and it scares me ,,,,cant they just be pill free?? Please anyone ,,any advice??

Addiction is so painful for the families of the addict! You cannot really help someone who is not willing to help themselves, but, you can and must help yourself to cope. It's too easy to lose yourself in another's addiction. They are absolutely what I call "soul-sucking", whether they mean to be or not.


There are programs for people like you who need coping tools, like Alanon for families of alcoholics, and Narcotics Anonymous for families of drug addicts. I strongly suggest that you find the nearest meetings and attend them...I can tell you from experience that they can be life-changing. I believe that you can find these organizations in the phone book.


You don't give your age, but anyone at any age can attend these meetings. It's amazing what a support group can do. It's nice to know you aren't alone.


Educate yourself as much as possible on this subject....knowledge is power!


Good luck, and God bless!

February 6, 2008, 2:15 pm CST

Pill Popping Twins

These two twins shouldn't  even be allowed to go home.  They should be sent straight to rehabilitation, and their supplier should go to prison.  They are so out of it they don't even respond correctly to what they are asked.


The young sister who brought them to the show is the only responsible family member, including the mother.  Yevette doesn't even realize that the young sister is trying to save their lives...Yevette is   embarrssed because she is on TV, that she is going to"punish" her sister by not going to the wedding.

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