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Created on : Friday, February 01, 2008, 02:19:57 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
They were beautiful twin sisters until they started abusing pills. Yvonne says she had the perfect life -- a great husband, nice house and three happy children -- until her introduction to pain pills six years ago. Shortly after, her twin, Yvette, picked up the habit too. Their lives have spiraled out of control. Their younger sister, Maria, wants to confront her sisters and make them take a hard look at what their drug abuse is doing to their kids and the entire family. You won’t believe the extreme behavior the Dr. Phil cameras capture in their home. Is one of the sisters pressuring the other to keep up her pill popping? The women live with their mother and Yvonne's three children. Find out why Yvette's daughter only sees her on the weekends. And, Yvette and Yvonne have a rocky relationship with their mother, Debbie. Why do they say she hates them? And, what does Dr. Phil say that upsets Yvette so much, she turns away and breaks down. You don't want to miss the first part of this disturbing story, and find out why this could happen to you! Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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March 20, 2008, 12:31 pm CDT

Pathologically addictive persy , NOT Rx drugs!

Quote From: spanky0811

I think that if you need pain meds for a medical condition there is nothing wrong with being addicted.  I have a morphine pump that I have been on for five years and it has saved my life.  I  could not function like a normal person before, the pain consumed me.  


I think you're absolutely right.  When you take pain meds to treat a medical condition (such as pain), your body needs a certain dosage to be maintained to be effective. If you don't get the next dose in time, the pain comes back PLUS a mild feeling of withdrawal side-effects from the body managing the drug in its system.   


As you start to feel better and the pain begins to subside, your competent doctor will adjust the dose down to match how much pain you have.  This is called titration.  Your body naturally and normally comes down from or off the drug. 



Staying on your pain meds is important if the competent doctor directs you to do so.



I heard of one elderly man who fell off a ladder while working on his house.  He thought he was being "macho" by refusing pain meds and just toughed it out.  In managing his constant pain, he wasn't aware he was holding his breath; since his breathing became shallow, he developed a case of pneumonia at the bottom of his lungs, and he had to spend time in a nursing home until he recovered.



One middle-aged person was taking a benzodiazepene (tranquilizer) prescribed by a competent doctor to take care of a nervous post-stress condition that was wreaking havoc on his digestion.  He suddenly couldn't take the drug anymore because "insurance" refused to pay for it, and his condition prevented him from making a level of income to afford to purchase the drug at full price anymore.  The man got worse and developed an ulcer. Three close relatives had died from digestive cancers:  two from stomach cancer!  Soon the doctor had diagnosed a pre-cancerous condition in the esophagus!  He needed the benzo to calm the nerves, which calmed the stomach, and bypassed developing any cancer-condition!



Insurance can refuse to PAY MONEY towards ANY necessary benzo-class drug since GW Bush proudly enacted the NewFreedom 2003 plan for America---which bottomlined to discriminating against a Class of persons (with nervous/mental conditions), NOT responsibly represented in these Committees that run our government now!  The Plan discriminates against The Combat vets who develop a PTSD ("nervous") condition, the epileptic whose brains NEED the benzos to calm seizures.  The Plan also banned paying for any drug  prescribed to help people with anorexic and bulemic conditions----(which conditions overwhelmingly find its roots as the sequelae of child abuse and child rape!!). (Other drugs are also banned...).



The PROBLEM is not that the drug is has a possible addictive side-effect---it's the "addictive personality" taking that addicted drug, without competent supervision, who run into trouble!!  TAKE YOUR MEDS AS PRESCRIBED BY A COMPETENT WATCHFUL PHYSICIAN.  You can take an addictive drug safely and comfortably, and NOT get "pathologically" addicted if you don't have that nature. 


[Regarding 02/06/08 Pill Popping Twins]

August 12, 2008, 5:21 pm CDT

Pain meds to treat a medical condition

This show was some time ago, but I live in Sweden and I saw it tonight.   


I’m a 45 year old woman, mother of 4 children, Dance pedagogue and for about 10 years ago I was diagnosed whit “Spondylosis at L2- L6 and Spina bifida occulta”. The doctor told us ( my husband and I) that I was born whit it and he could not understand how I was able to walk let alone dance and have 4 children, to make me better I got a spinal fusion done 3 times to make my spinal more stable,  tree times because 2 where without accomplish something good, the last one was done true my back and stomach to make it morestable whit bars in front and in the back of my spine, unfortunately I have been having quite pain in my lower back for the last 8 years and some zones where I don’t have any sensation in my legs.   


So during these 10 years I had been taking medicine for the pain, and antidepressants meds ass well.   

But during this time my doctor advised me all the time to take medicine that doesn’t make me addicted to them. And to have continues medical checkups and to use additionaltherapies like TENS (TranscutaneousElectrical Nerve Stimulation) or acupuncture.    


TENS is a method of natural pain relief that can also help you to reduce your need for painkillers. TENS is simply a means of stimulating your body's own natural defences against pain.   


And also to exercise whit a therapist, because it doesn’t help only to take pain killer you also need to work your strength in the body to help it deal whit the constant pain. And people whit back problems need to learn all over again how to do your house work, how to walk more efficiently and to use tools like good chairs and bed and things like that.   


So I don’t understand how doctors can just Medicaid people to this grade of addiction, because to me that’s negligent.    


I think the doctor have the obligation to help people to deal whit constant pain, because often pain causes other problems, like emotional problems and social problems and like I already say I think its negligent and is more negligent of the patient not to learn about their own medical problems, we the patients and our families need to be really involve whit our health issues.   

August 26, 2009, 9:01 am CDT

my twin

i am 46 years old and i also am a twin. I have had neck surgery to repair a herniated disc in july 2009. I am taking vicodine during the day and muscle relaxers at night. None of them work maybe it is because my twin is highly addicted to her prescription pills. She has been like that for years. Everytime nwhich is not often that I need to take something for pain no matter what it is it does not work. I also wanted to tell you when she got pregnant for each of her three kids I knew before her so please I need to see if that is the case with ny pain meds that does not affect me one bit. please let me know if it is all in my head or is their really truth from this. Thanks

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