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Created on : Friday, January 25, 2008, 01:20:15 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 01/31/08) You’ve heard the phrase, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!” Dr. Phil’s guests say to achieve justice they were forced to take matters into their own hands. Dr. William Moody says his constitutional rights were violated when he was physically and verbally attacked while arguing with a man about moving his car. But the dentist wasn’t on his best behavior either. You won’t believe what’s on this tape – but does it tell the whole story? What does Dr. Phil think? Then, 75-year-old Mona made national news when she walked into the office of her local cable company with a hammer and smashed up their equipment! She says they were rude and gave her inadequate service, and she doesn’t regret her actions. Was the grandmother justified in taking on big business with a weapon? Plus, meet a man who shot video of himself pulling over an erratic driver whom he thought was under the influence. Should you perform a citizen’s arrest if you encounter a drunk driver on the road? Hear what the experts have to say and join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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January 31, 2008, 7:19 am CST

Way to go

Hi There,


New at the message board thing, but just wanted to say, way to go Hammer Lady!!  Love it, Comcast screwed us out of good service for months with me complaining to them each and every week.  Finally when we were leaving the area, they sent a competent service man and he fixed the problem after 4 other visits.  Although I didn't take a hammer to them, I was not happy and gave them an ear full.


It ended up with them reimbursing us for over $200.00 for our troubles.  So stay at the big companies and don't let them get away with this stuff.  As a society we have become way to complacent and need to take our power back.


Thanks for putting her on the show - a breath of fresh air.


A little richer and happy.

January 31, 2008, 7:22 am CST

Utility Companies

About 3 years ago my husband and myself were cutting down a dead tree when the wind caught the top of the tree (it was raining) and threw the tree into the power lines in the lot beside my house. When the tree hit the line one of the lines broke and started a fire. I called the Fire Department and called the Electric Company and had them come out to cut the power to that line. When the lineman got there he had a very bad attitude and told me to my face that he didn't appreciate having to come out on a rainy day because he was asleep (it was almost noon). He went down the road and cut the power to that line and left. A weeks later I recieved a bill for $1500. This just floored me. I called the electric company and asked why this bill was so high that all that was done to repair the line was just splicing it together. They told me that because one of the lines broke that we had to replace a transformer (which was extremely old) 1/2 mile away because the tree falling on the line caused the transformer to tear up. It didn't hurt the transformer that was between the break in the line and broken transformer. We tried to fight it and the people that are supposed to be on our side that Dr. Phil talked about on his show today wouldn't help us. They said there was nothing we could do. We ended up negotiating with the power company and paid the $1000 only because my husband's job had been threatened 3 times because of this. Well, 3 years after this happened the man in Raliegh that was called on the carpet over this found a way to get rid of my husband. He was made CEO or something like that anyway he is over the power company now. They fired my husband on a made up violation. They had someone say that my husband was drinking on the job and he wasn't. We have tried everything and let me tell you that there is NO ONE that will help you when it comes to problems with the Utility Companies. They have a monopoly and can do whatever they please, ESP in the South. So, now my husband and I are trying to turn a hobby into a business. It isn't going too good because most people want something for nothing and they just don't realize how much work it takes to build items out of wood. So, we are trying to live off of my husbands retirement which will run out and then we don't know what will happen.

Thank You for listening...


January 31, 2008, 7:24 am CST

dr. moody

dr. moody is so,so, so wrong. trying of course to play the race card. the victim in the car should have shot him in SELF DEFENSE for trying to carjack him!!!!!! what is wrong with people??|???!!!!!!!!!!!

January 31, 2008, 7:25 am CST


Quote From: fromthesquare

I have not seen the show yet but it sounds as if 75 year old Mona might be ready for the nursing home now.   Provided they have nice happy pills for her!

I give Mona all the credit there is to give for doing what she did.  Everyone has a right to their own opinion but maybe you should look at the situation with open eyes instead of making an obnoxious comment regarding Mona and a nursing home.


I take care of my elderly parents who are not in the best of health and I see the way they are treated with certain situations that arise pertaining to them.  I am the one who writes letters and makes phone calls to the totally disrespectful, unprofessional people that don't either understand a seniors problems or just do not care.  I get results and if I had to go to Comcast or any other place to get someones attention believe  me I would.  I guess it's a good thing my letters and phone calls are doing what needs to be done.


I worked at a hotel as a front desk manager and our general manger was an alcoholic.  He was so drunk one night that he fell in the parking lot,  messed in his pants, a maintenance man had to pick him up and walk him over to his car because the GM asked to be taken to his car.  When I saw this, I ran out the front door of the hotel, took the keys out of his hands, said a few choice words and told the maintenance man to take him to a room and get him cleaned up.  If I had let him go home who knows what could have happened.  I have a 12 year old grandson who lives in the same city as this alcoholic does and I'll be damed if I was going to let him drive in his condition not knowing who he would kill.


The next day the GM apologized for his behavior and said, if it wasn't for you taking my keys I could have killed myself or someone else.  I was so angry with him because this was not the first time he came to work drunk this is a daily occurrence for him.  My reply to him was this "I TOOK THE KEYS AWAY FROM YOU FOR ONE REASON AND ONE REASON ONLY BECAUSE GOD FORBID YOU HAD INJURED OR WORSE ANY HARM TO MY GRANDSON, YOU WOULD HAVE PAID THE PRICE. 


So tell me, should I spend the rest of my days in a nursing home with happy pills?

January 31, 2008, 7:32 am CST

01/31 Vigilante Justice

Quote From: talktalk2

Dr. Moody, the  "vigilante" Dentist, was absoutely Ridiculous and he should  serve the max for his actions: a full one year for assault.  Dr. Phil was right when he said if not for him getting out of the car, none of this would have happened.  When Dr. Moody got out of his car and pulled the guy out of his car, he assaulted him when he laid his hands on him.  Further, when Dr. Moody continued with his outrageous behavior and tried to move the guy's car, he committed Grand Theft by attempting to take possession of someone's else's property.  At his point the guy is justified in using porproptonial force to defend his property.  Though we did not see Dr. Moody being punched in the head, as he claimed, if he was punched in the head, then the guy was justified in doing so.  Once again, the driver of the car had been assaulted and was defending his property.  All these facts are true, if Dr. Moody truly believes his claim that he was assaulted by the women when he was pushed by her.  It's important to point out that this "assault" was brought on by Dr. Mooody getting out of his car and assaulting the lady's brother.  Dr. Moody set this entire series of events in motion with his "better than you" attitude and with his explosive behavior; as his history of such events cleary attest to.  He clearly assaulted the lady when he pushed her down and even when the camera cleary showed this fact, he denied it.  He avoided all the logical and reasonalble alternatives suggested by Dr. Phil when he brought his children into the mix  to answer the quesion.  Using them as a shield to avoid responsibility is the biggest cop-out ever.  And as Dr. Phil pointed out "that is not going to fly" on the stage our in court.  Dr. Moody is clearly a hot-head and his road rage is deserving of jail time.  He should pay the maximum for his illegal behavior, no matter how much he has done for the community.  No one should ever behave in this way in response to being late to clean somebody's teeth.  The theme for this discussion in vigilante justice, but Dr. Moody's behavior here does not fall into that theme.  There was no crime committed against Dr. Moody.  Parking is an issue everywhere and a little patience is what a logical, rational, and law abiding person would have used in this situation.  Dr. Moody needs to spend a long, long time in anger management therapy after he serves his one year behind bars.  That is the only way to stop crazy, out of control peole like Dr. Moody. 
You said it better then i coudl! Thak you! That is true they were only defending there property and he should be charged as stealing the car or grand theft auto! What a Joke!
January 31, 2008, 7:37 am CST

get a bigger hammer= LOL=HAHAHA

DR PHIL I KNOW ITS NOT REALLY FUNNY BUT THIS GIVES NEW MEANING TO THE EXPRESSION GET A BIGGER HAMMER,  one question- did her cable services get better? hahahahah,
January 31, 2008, 7:40 am CST


Quote From: immeanbcurstupid

dr. moody is so,so, so wrong. trying of course to play the race card. the victim in the car should have shot him in SELF DEFENSE for trying to carjack him!!!!!! what is wrong with people?????!!!!!!!!!!!

Amen to that...I carry a 12" solid stick in my car...If someone tried something like that I would beat the tar out of them...I love my car and value my own life...
January 31, 2008, 7:44 am CST

Vigilante Dr.

After seeing this guy in action I was just so totally shocked that he could come on TV and try to justify his actions. He was so wrong in his actions and to try to make himself out to be the victim. I am with Dr. Phil in saying that if this man had come up to me and pulled me out of my car and then start shoving me around there would have been a butt whooping on the horizon. He tried to claim that he was hit in the Right side of his face during that part of the altercation which is a flat out lie. If he were hitting the man you would have seen him jerking back from the impact. I understand that Blacks have not had it easy in life and it angers me when I see people treating other people bad no matter what creed or color. On the other hand I am so sick and tired of seeing blacks cry discrimination when he obvioulsy was the agressor in this mess. Enough is enough Dr. Vigilante, you are clearly in the wrong. Get off your high horse admit to your crimes, man up and deal with the consequences of your actions and stop hiding behind a lawyer and crying about your kids being your heart and blah, blah, blah nonsense.
January 31, 2008, 7:54 am CST

I understand

I understand what the atty meant when someone is blocking your way you do get out of the car and ask them  to move. So I don't understand all the moaning in the audience. I do not agree with the Dr he went over broad, but I feel for him because people do tend to try to antagonize blacks and call us  n**** you just have to realize that you are not one. Also to Dr Phil you made the statement about putting your hands on a woman, but my grandmother told me not to put my hands on a man they were both in the wrong. She swung first, he second and then again she a third and the forth sent her to the ground, Oh Well it wasn't her fight!


Lastly way to go Grandma I have the same problem with TW, they are the only cable provider and the customer service is below substandard. As long as you didn't get hurt or any serious trouble more power to you. Instead of sending that statement Comcast should have dropped the charges for the equipment. The would have showed they were sincere. 

January 31, 2008, 7:58 am CST


i agree with the carjacking defence..once dr moody physically removed the man from the car and got in..his car was being hijacked and he had the right to protect himself and his car..after watch dr moody try to defend himself i think the man should seek serious can he defend what he did..when he said he was put in a choke hold by the police and then they should him he wasnt ..his excuse for that was of a soooo outrages ....
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