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Created on : Friday, January 25, 2008, 01:20:15 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 01/31/08) You’ve heard the phrase, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!” Dr. Phil’s guests say to achieve justice they were forced to take matters into their own hands. Dr. William Moody says his constitutional rights were violated when he was physically and verbally attacked while arguing with a man about moving his car. But the dentist wasn’t on his best behavior either. You won’t believe what’s on this tape – but does it tell the whole story? What does Dr. Phil think? Then, 75-year-old Mona made national news when she walked into the office of her local cable company with a hammer and smashed up their equipment! She says they were rude and gave her inadequate service, and she doesn’t regret her actions. Was the grandmother justified in taking on big business with a weapon? Plus, meet a man who shot video of himself pulling over an erratic driver whom he thought was under the influence. Should you perform a citizen’s arrest if you encounter a drunk driver on the road? Hear what the experts have to say and join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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January 31, 2008, 6:26 am CST


He should have been charged with car theft he got in the car first and she came around the car and pushed him to protect her car! He should be in Jail for the year time. No one will get in my car i will fight back!!
January 31, 2008, 6:36 am CST


All I have to say is wow. I don't know anything about the legal system, but if I were a judge and saw the clip of the dentist and the other folks, I'd throw his suit right out of court. Never in a million years would I get out of my car if someone was blocking the driveway. That's what horns were made for. If you're that determined to get to work, beep your horn and I'm sure the man would have moved. This dentist is making it sound like he was thrown to the ground and beaten close to death. He was punched in the face ONCE, and that was after a) he pulled a man from his own car and tries to move it and b) he pushed a woman to the ground. I'd say he had it coming! If someone pulled me from my car and tried to move it themselves, I'd say you better be careful. I am surprised that it took the officers that long to take care of it. I think they should have been involved right when the man got out of his car. But then again, we can't see what it is they're doing prior to the incident. I just think this is bogus. He is playing the victim after HE started the whole fiasco. I think he needs to apologize to those two people HE attacked to diffuse the situation.
January 31, 2008, 6:37 am CST

Dr. Moody

I don't know what Dr. Moody was thinking, shoving that woman.  He seemed to be in a fit of rage. There is no reason to ever hit a woman, and it is very upsetting to me to watch a video of the assault.


In Michigan an older gentleman was killed when he had a dispute with a young man over parking.  The younger man pushed him to the ground, and he hit his head.  He died of a brain bleed. 


There is never an excuse to shove someone onto the cement, especially a woman.  I just hope that the Dr. will get the help he needs before his rage seriously injures or kills someone.

January 31, 2008, 6:38 am CST

The Dr

He should be charged with theft he entered the car first before the lady came around to protect her property and husband or boyfriend. He entered the care against the law then got out then he was assulted. Anyone stealing my car I will push and fight back to keep my car from being hijacked! Good for her to stand up for herself!
January 31, 2008, 6:50 am CST



two thumbs up for Mona!!!   I have had many problems with Comcast Customer service.


You go Girl!!!!



January 31, 2008, 6:58 am CST

dump dentist

 I can not believe this guy!! he assaulted the "brother " first by shoving him acouple of times and yelling at him to move the car,, repeating "move the car , move the car "  like some spoiled brat !!  he was soo stupid in getting out of the car in the first place ,  if that had been my husband he tried to yank  out  he would not have been so lucky , and that would have been self defense. That Dr. was having a crappy morning and was very aggressive  from the start ,  you can tell by his body language during this entire event ,  he had his opportunity to get back in his car and go to work  after he assaulted the reporter/photographer , instead he made a beeline for the "brother " again , you could see by the way he walked back to the " brother " , the Dr. was angry at that point , ending up shoving the woman to the ground.. and now instead of manning up , and saying I am sorry he is trying to make up half truths and exaggerating the whole event , in his favor which clearly it is not ,his actions are going to have a serious impact on his life , not good
January 31, 2008, 7:00 am CST

Today's show

 Dr. Moody is an idiot.  He sounded like a politician up there.  He sat there and lied and twisted the story in his favor.  In the tape he said the the man hit him first but he pushed the guy pretty hard as he got into the guys car to move it.  So he deserved to get hit in the face.  Then he said that the lady fell down from running into his arm.  He has no credibilty because of the lies that he told about how this went down.  He also attacked the camera man.  I also don't understand his claim that his constitutional rights were violation.  I don't believe that he was spit on and called the N word.  Even though that is what he was behaving like.  If he was called the N word he would have had Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton on the show with him and he would be claiming that it was a racially motivated crime against him.  His lawyer was also a typical scumbag...
January 31, 2008, 7:14 am CST

he is crazy

i feel that he is wrong to have done what he did then to blame them for all of his actions was wrong. i was so angry when i watched it. i had to walk away from the tv. i feel sorry for the victims not the dr. i watched the show with the thought i can't beleive this guy is claming that he was the victim. he was wong and so is the attorney.
January 31, 2008, 7:16 am CST

Vigilante Justice: Crazy Dentist

Dr. Moody, the  "vigilante" Dentist, was absoutely Ridiculous and he should  serve the max for his actions: a full one year for assault.  Dr. Phil was right when he said if not for him getting out of the car, none of this would have happened.  When Dr. Moody got out of his car and pulled the guy out of his car, he assaulted him when he laid his hands on him.  Further, when Dr. Moody continued with his outrageous behavior and tried to move the guy's car, he committed Grand Theft by attempting to take possession of someone's else's property.  At his point the guy is justified in using porproptonial force to defend his property.  Though we did not see Dr. Moody being punched in the head, as he claimed, if he was punched in the head, then the guy was justified in doing so.  Once again, the driver of the car had been assaulted and was defending his property.  All these facts are true, if Dr. Moody truly believes his claim that he was assaulted by the women when he was pushed by her.  It's important to point out that this "assault" was brought on by Dr. Mooody getting out of his car and assaulting the lady's brother.  Dr. Moody set this entire series of events in motion with his "better than you" attitude and with his explosive behavior; as his history of such events cleary attest to.  He clearly assaulted the lady when he pushed her down and even when the camera cleary showed this fact, he denied it.  He avoided all the logical and reasonalble alternatives suggested by Dr. Phil when he brought his children into the mix  to answer the quesion.  Using them as a shield to avoid responsibility is the biggest cop-out ever.  And as Dr. Phil pointed out "that is not going to fly" on the stage our in court.  Dr. Moody is clearly a hot-head and his road rage is deserving of jail time.  He should pay the maximum for his illegal behavior, no matter how much he has done for the community.  No one should ever behave in this way in response to being late to clean somebody's teeth.  The theme for this discussion in vigilante justice, but Dr. Moody's behavior here does not fall into that theme.  There was no crime committed against Dr. Moody.  Parking is an issue everywhere and a little patience is what a logical, rational, and law abiding person would have used in this situation.  Dr. Moody needs to spend a long, long time in anger management therapy after he serves his one year behind bars.  That is the only way to stop crazy, out of control peole like Dr. Moody. 
January 31, 2008, 7:17 am CST

01/31 Vigilante Justice

I remember the elderly woman with the hammer from news articles. If I remember correctly she went through all of the proper channels and got the run around. She could get no answers. So she made a statement. Was this vigilante justice? No. She made a point that finally got attention. Someone finally listened to her.


Anything a citizen does without the police is considered vigilante justice. The police cannot be there when bad things happen and even if the bad guy agreed to hang around until the police show up; the police are not legally obligated to protect you. This has been proven many times in court. If you protect yourself, family or property, in the eyes of the media and the law you are a vigilante. If you notice when a state decides to create a handgun carry permit or try to extend their Castle Docterine the media and the liberal politicians start screaming that vigilante justice will run wild in the streets. They like to paint a picture of the return of the Wild West.


If there is an argument over a car or a parking space and a fight breaks out that is road rage. plain and simple. Pulling over someone you think is drunk? As a citizen (depending on your state) you have the right to perform a citizens arrest. The police can perform a FST and transport but you have to sign the arrest papers. If they are found not guilty then you are open for a lawsuit. There was a religious right wing nut a few years ago in Chattanooga TN (where I lived at the time) who interrupted a broadway play Cats. He placed the whole theater under arrest for indecentcy, since the play was done in the buff. The police had to transport everyone to jail. After all were found to be innocent he left the area to keep from being sued.


If you troll your neighborhood looking to kill thugs then thatis vigilante justice. If trouble comes to you then it is self defense.


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