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Created on : Friday, January 25, 2008, 01:19:15 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 01/30/08) Is there something you’ve been hanging on to for just a little too long? Clothes you haven’t fit into since high school? Boxes of stuff you haven’t looked at in years? Dr. Phil’s guests say their loved ones need to call the junk yard and “Get rid of it!” Kim says her husband, Paul’s, Star Wars hobby has to go. With over 6,000 pieces in his collection, Paul spends 30 hours a week playing with his action figures, building models and talking to friends about Star Wars. He even included light sabers in their wedding, so shouldn’t Kim have known what she was getting into? Next, Larry and Sheila married four months ago, but Sheila says she had no idea she was getting hitched to a hoarder. Larry says she’s got it all wrong –- she’s the pack rat! With some of their favorite collections rolled out on stage, can Dr. Phil help them negotiate what goes and what stays? Plus, meet Terri, who has four storage units and two garages full of sentimental memories –- like a rubber chicken and her father’s X-rays!  She spends so much money storing her stuff that she can’t even afford health insurance. What’s at the heart of her hoarding? Tell us what you think!

Find out what happened on the show.

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January 30, 2008, 2:06 pm CST

Out of line

I don't watch your show to often. For the most part you are all blow.


First of all you have no idea of what the guys Star Wars Collection is worth. The older the pieces the more value they have. He could have older item(s) valued over thousands of dollars. He may have $200,000 invested and his collection and could be valued at  $300,000 or more. Star Wars items, especially the older pieces that are still mint in the package are in high demand for Star Wars collectors. The collectors do pay top dollars.


What seems to be stupid or frivolous to you because of your lack of knowledge shows that you are really not as smart and informed on all subjects as you like to perceive yourself.


Not only that...the woman married the man and knew he was an avid collector.  You should know that marriage is not a reform school!   If his hobby is not taking away money that should be provided for food on the table and a roof over their head,  What's your problem?  You should have told her maybe she should get a hobby or start a collection!  Not every waking minute has to be spent with your spouse.  Maybe, she would prefer to have him sit around and drink beer all night  with his arm around her; then get drunk and go to bed. She's lucky to have him home every night. Far more then most wives can say. Sounds like the man is bored with his marriage.



January 30, 2008, 2:09 pm CST

The wife of the Star Wars collector

What's the big deal anyway? So what if he's into Star Wars action figures? I'm a huge Star Wars fan and 28 years old and I still collect Star Wars action figures. I know when there's a limit. I only collect the action figures and that's it. That wife should have known what she was getting into the first time she met him. The wedding didnt look that bad with the lightsabers. She's such a nagd
January 30, 2008, 2:09 pm CST

Stop filling voids with shopping & hoarding!

For some, shopping and/or hoarding is a compulsion. These people would be miserable if they couldn't get the high they get from "stuff." Been there, done that!


I was a compulsive shopper years ago. Whenver I was bored, stressed, sad or WHATEVER, I went shopping. And I used STUPID STUPID credit cards. With more debt, I became more depressed, which meant I headed to the stores.


A friend broke me of the habit. She insisted I shop and then spend the next few days returning what I bought. That way I got the high from buying, but I didn't rack up any more debt. That was many years ago.


The need to shop and hoard is really a sickness, but it CAN be overcome. I have been happily married for 18 plus years to a great guy. A few years after our marriage, I got over the "need" to shop and collect things. I now fill my days volunteering and running church ministries, plus attending our children's many activities. I NEVER USE A CREDIT CARD (ever!) and we budget our money. When I do shop, it's usually for the kids (something they REALLY need) or it's to buy small gifts for the people I visit in the nursing home.


People need to take control of their lives. They have only themselves to blame (most often) for their financial messes. Counseling is one way to go for help. God bless these guests and may they find a better way to make themselves feel good about life (and themselves).

January 30, 2008, 2:18 pm CST

Digital Photos

Quote From: suesuef

My husband and I have been married for 15 years.  When we married we shared many interests and hobbies.  For the past 6 years or so he has been playing Warhammer 40K.  He and his friends usually play on Sunday evening.   I call it playing "Little Metal Men".  Two years ago I told him I wanted my own army.  He gave me Sisters of Battle for Christmas.  It was my thought that if he liked it so much I would share the experience with him instead of asking him to stop. 

Now he is into remote control planes and cars.  I guess I will need to learn to fly. 

He also has learned a lot about gardening so he can share my one of my interests.

This is how we will survive and nobody feels deprived.

Oh he also has to have every tool they sell at Lowe's.

But we are happy.  It works for us.

Regarding today's show about the packrats, especially the gal with no health insurance but 4 or 5 storage

units. Perhaps she could take digital photos of those things with memories like her prom dresses, flowers etc. and transfer them to a dvd. She would still have the pictures and could get rid of the junk. She would then be able to keep those things from her parents that are most special and view the photos of the other things when she wanted a dejavu moment.

January 30, 2008, 2:24 pm CST

01/30 "Get Rid of It!"

Let the guy have his fun. She knew what she was getting into when she married him. Most of the money he has spent was gone long before they got married. Kids and family were never in the picture. My son is in the Air Force and still plays with his Legos. He plans on passing them down to his kids in the future. His collection will probably never be worth less than he paid for them. Consider them an INVESTMENT for his childrens future. Get off of this guys back about getting rid of his life long collection. He does need to give his wife more attention, but other than that I see nothing wrong with it.
January 30, 2008, 2:24 pm CST

just the opposite

I have no idea what a pack rat is like.  I am the complete opposite I throw away everything.  I hate paper!!!!  If it is on the counter it is in the garbage.  I throw away checks to divorce papers.  I do have a file cabinet for the things I have to keep.  This keeps the items safe from me!  The show was very enlightening to see the complete other side of me.
January 30, 2008, 2:24 pm CST

You go, Paul !

Quote From: faeryedark

I so agree with this. I flinch everytime I see a show hwere someone' made to get rid of actual collectibles. So, it's not her tastes or interests, so what? Like yousaid, give him his own space to put his stuff.
Kim needs to learn that Paul has a *right* to his interests. She cannot complain that her hubby
is an SF " geek "  *when she knew that before she married him*.  That she knew before,  means
that  choosing to marry him after  knowing that about him, IS  agreement that thats OK.
Kim is too narcissistic to grasp that *other people can like things that she doesn't like*.
The bottom line here is that, if you know about someone's passions, and you still choose to
marry them, you have NO standing afterwards, to bitch about those passions.
Your only choice is not to then marry someone who's interests you cannot stand. But, thats
on YOU, and not the passionate hobbyist.
And, as far as his collection goes, it could well gain in value over the years. Far too many
wives and mothers throw away such stuff, without caring that the collectors love having it.
Tell you what: Lets see what happens if Paul wanted to throw out 90% of Kim's shoes...
And, don't try to tell me "Oh, we need all those showes. " No, you don't. You may NEED ten
of the pairs. The rest are because you LIKE them. Well, Paul LIKES his stuff, too. Capice ?
January 30, 2008, 2:25 pm CST


I took offense to some of the comments that Dr. Phil made towards Paul (Star Wars man) on today's show. My boyfriend and I are both collectors, however we collect comic book and Star Trek items. For him to say that the action figures in the apartment "reminded him of the 40 year old virgin" offended me. Both my boyfriend and I are very successful in our careers, are not seen as "odd," and until someone actually comes over to our home and sees our collection, no one ever knows. Just because you collect items from a movie or some sort of genere does not necessarily make you odd, weird, or a "40 year old virgin." Maybe his wife should have taken the hint and left when she first saw the figures, and maybe Paul shouldn't have married a woman that doesn't understand his hobby. Believe me, I was like a goddess when my boyfriend met me because it's rare to find females that are collectors.

However, we do have boundaries. First, we don't put our figures in the pool like Paul. All our figures are kept sealed in their boxes to keep their value. Also, instead of all the items being spread all about the house, our second bedroom is our "Collection Room." Basically, all our items are in there on shelves, hanging on the walls, or stored in comic boxes. It's clean, organized, and presentable. I think our friends are more accepting of our hobby than Paul's friends would be because we have all our items in a presentable manner which is organized and when that happens, for some reason, people don't see it as such a bad thing. This is a hobby of ours, not an obsession, so we don't let it take over our home and our lives. We do it for two reasons: one, we love the generes that these items represent and two, we know that later on, they will be worth a decent amount of money.

I just felt like Dr. Phil was making us collectors seem like odd, weird people and I take offense to that because like I said before, if you met myself and/or my boyfriend in person, you would never guess that we were collectors. Maybe I was taking it the wrong way, but him laughing at Paul's hobby and some of his comments truly made me feel offended.
January 30, 2008, 2:25 pm CST

Well it could be worse....

Hey at least Paul isn't a drug addicted, wife beating, wife cheating, jobless bum right?? I mean how many times have we seen those type of people on the Dr. Phil show! So many problems in people's marriages revolve around drugs, sex, cheating, beating, abusing, money, etc. This is giving Paul the benefit of the doubt and Im assuming he's not sexually abusing his Star Wars action figures... After all he does play with them in the pool...

So IF the worst part of this marriage is that the husband (PAUL) is spending too much time playing Darth Vader with his Star Wars action figures, well then Im sure something can be done here to SAVE the marriage. Like I said atleast he's not smoking Crystal Meth and selling the family car for drugs.....


I think there is hope for this family... Infact why dont they do some role playing? To enhance their sexual relationship and sexual situation. Kim can dress up as whats her name? Princess Laya? and he can dress up as Chubaka? See it could be fun!

January 30, 2008, 2:29 pm CST

Getting rid of it

     I am a saver and have a hard time getting rid of things that I am not sure is important or not.
I have been thinking and advised by close family and friends that when it comes to family, friends and memories, it is going to be more memorable to make a tape and/or diary of memories. include some pictures but words are the best memory retention.
Please pass this idea on to those that are struggling with getting rid of the things that are memory provoking.
Thank you
PS I am still struggling myself!
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