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Created on : Friday, January 25, 2008, 01:19:15 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 01/30/08) Is there something you’ve been hanging on to for just a little too long? Clothes you haven’t fit into since high school? Boxes of stuff you haven’t looked at in years? Dr. Phil’s guests say their loved ones need to call the junk yard and “Get rid of it!” Kim says her husband, Paul’s, Star Wars hobby has to go. With over 6,000 pieces in his collection, Paul spends 30 hours a week playing with his action figures, building models and talking to friends about Star Wars. He even included light sabers in their wedding, so shouldn’t Kim have known what she was getting into? Next, Larry and Sheila married four months ago, but Sheila says she had no idea she was getting hitched to a hoarder. Larry says she’s got it all wrong –- she’s the pack rat! With some of their favorite collections rolled out on stage, can Dr. Phil help them negotiate what goes and what stays? Plus, meet Terri, who has four storage units and two garages full of sentimental memories –- like a rubber chicken and her father’s X-rays!  She spends so much money storing her stuff that she can’t even afford health insurance. What’s at the heart of her hoarding? Tell us what you think!

Find out what happened on the show.

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July 31, 2008, 2:14 pm CDT

07/31 "Get Rid of It!"

Quote From: dulieqq

I wonder if people think ahead when accumulating "stuff".  It was a wake up call for me and my sister when our unmarried aunt suddenly passed away and left us a house full of "collections".   There was so much stuff, we were three months cleaning out before being able to sell.  The first weekend we took 75 of those big industrial garbage bags full to the dump.  There were bureaus full of various sizes and shapes of light bulbs, bags of things purchased and never used piled in one room.  We had to pry and push to get the door open.  There were closets full of clothes and coats that were so full of dust, we needed dust masks.  The canned goods were years out of date.  Think about us left behind to clean up.  Since going through this, I have been giving family heirlooms to my children - anything anybody doesn't want goes to charity or the garbage.  I do believe one experience like ours would cure the most ardent hoarder!  Thank you for doing this program!
I think, when my pack-rat MIL dies, a "controlled burn" will be the best way to deal with her filthy, cluttered house. The other day, my husband took her half a watermelon. And, almost fell through the termite-eaten dining room floor on his way to the kitchen. Then, he had trouble finding space for it in her rusting refrigerator. To say nothing of finding open containers of out-dated perishable food outside the refrigerator. No wonder she gets sick-to-her-stomach so often. 
July 31, 2008, 2:26 pm CDT

07/31 "Get Rid of It!"

Quote From: nillawilla

Being with his wife is boring?  I doubt that it has occurred to him how boring he makes life for his wife.  My husband's response to that "boring" comment -- being with ME makes his life more fun and interesting.  Ditto for me, honey.  Maybe that's why we do nearly everything together.


Seems that it's just easier for him to hide in his fantasy world than relate to real people.  Life would be more interesting to him if he made room for someone other than himself.  Suppose his wife saw this before she married him but thought he would change for her?

Maybe, like many "love-smitten" young gals, his wife thought she could change him. But, insisting on a Jedi light-saber wedding should have been a dead give-away that this man was obsessed with Star Wars way beyond normal. And, I think you've hit upon the real motive behind this Star Wars obsession. Maybe someone left him feeling so let-down, he's retreated into his Star Wars universe. But, he's missing out on the many good things life still has in store for him. If he'd make room for something other than his Star Wars crap. Starting with his wife!
July 31, 2008, 2:36 pm CDT

starwars fan

I disagree with dr phil on this star wars marriage. The wife should have gotten to know him before marrying him, and not married a guy she didn't accept as he is, hoping to change him, hoping he'll "outgrow it."

For example, I sew, and don't need a guy to come in here and say, there's too much material here. What I need is a space for my stuff and a way to keep it organized. If he doesn't like it, he's just the wrong guy.

Personally, I like the star wars stuff, and I like guys who are into science fiction stuff. If she didn't want to play Princess Leiah, and didn't get a kick out of the sabers at the wedding, then she should have said "I don't" !

July 31, 2008, 2:37 pm CDT


Is this AME2 US Navy Paul, (VA - 97), last name starts with M and ends with R?
July 31, 2008, 2:43 pm CDT

07/31 "Get Rid of It!"

Quote From: samat47

I simply don't see why these people are out of control! I mean, yes, I collect things but they do not interfere with my husbands' space, nor his mine. We have learned over 40 years that each person needs to have their own 'hobby' or 'clutter' or whatever you want to call it. Mine happens to be sewing and crafts, I have a 'work-room' where I do these things. His happens to be fishing and camping (which I also enjoy) It never ceases to amaze me to see the petty things that people put an importance on. If it meant that I had to give up my 'work-room' to have peace in our home, I would gladly do so. For many years as the children grew up I didn't have one... it's not something I HAVE to have! My husband has footlockers full of fishing gear, and poles that could fill a truck, but they are HIS and I respect the fact that he likes these things. There are just such more important things to 'obsess' about. I'd rather cuddle with my hubby than sit in my work-room alone, and he'd rather have me beside him when he fishes and camps rather than being alone. It's called love, companionship, compromise..... what is it with these people?????



My hobby / work is sewing too, and if I were married to a star wars collector, I'd be making star wars garb! I think someone should never marry someone that they want to change, and she should have said "I don't " if she didn't enjoy the light sabers at the wedding. I would have gotten a kick out of that! In fact his wife should've married in a Princess Leiah wedding gown! That's what I'd have done! Maybe she's boring to him because she shows disdain for who he is and what he is interested in.
July 31, 2008, 2:51 pm CDT

Star Wars Geek on Dr. Phil

My DH loves Star Wars. We met at a Star Trek Convention, so he's a Star Trek and Star Wars geek, but I knew this when I met him.

I support his 'habit". I bought him a 6 foot Millenium Falcon that he's customizing to be like the interior of the Falcon. The garage has several cabinets filled with Star Wars toys, I don't have an issue with it. If he wanted a Star Wars wedding I would have been up for it.

The wife of the star wars geek married the wrong man if she can't understand what this means to him.  My DH collects Star Wars and Star Trek and I collect Swords and Klingon Weapons.

The thing is, the collection that guy has is worth three times more than he paid for it. If she only knew.....

And he did say he'd sell part of his collection to pay for college for any kids they had. That right there should give you an idea of how much the collection is worth!   They shouldn't be together. She obviously has no interest in his hobby and he has no interest in what interests her.
July 31, 2008, 3:00 pm CDT

Take Pictures!

You can't even SEE those things tucked away in boxes!  Take pictures of the important items and make an album for memories.  Then get RID of the stuff! 


My theory is.... if it's tucked away in a box and I don't even know what's in it (5 yrs maybe?)... OUT it goes!!  Don't even LOOK. 


I live with hoarders.. they make me crazy!

July 31, 2008, 3:43 pm CDT

Is it jsut me?


   So on the interview with the StarWars guy, i have to say i feel Dr. Phil went a little far. The poor man was embarrassed, and insulted for his hobby. I also like Starwars, not as much as him but even if i did, and even if I played in the pool with toys like he dose, its probably somthing he didnt want EVERYONE watching to show to know let aloune gawk at him for it. Everyone dose embarassing things (I.E. Singing out load when no ones around).  and i personally feel the interview went a little far. Is it just me who thought that?

July 31, 2008, 4:19 pm CDT

Do it for your family

 My 55 year old sister died suddenly alone in her 1800 square foot house of a sudden Heart attack.   She turned out to be a hoarder.  Every bit of her house was full.  Some rooms were packed to the ceiling with her clothes from high school, antiques,  all types of collections, every letter she ever received.  That was just the beginning. It took the entire family two weeks to clean the house out.  There was so much you could not go through everything, so we ended up bringing in rolloffs and just filling them.  Such a waste of resouces/ stuff.  It had a profound affect on the family. So much so that we now are careful what we keep. None of us what to ever cause another family member to have to go though the process of disposing of someone elses things ever again.  It is worse than doing the funeral arragments.
July 31, 2008, 4:28 pm CDT

07/31 "Get Rid of It!"

I wish they wouldn't diss the Star Wars geek.  The national association spoken of on the show is a great organization, and has even marched in the Rose Parade!  And even though this fellow may have spent $200K on his collection, I would venture that a professional appraisal would find it is worth (on paper) nearly $500K!  The Boba Fett original figurine from the 70's, in the package, is worth more than $1500 now!

And is the woman stupid?  How could she marry someone and NOT be aware of the depths of his love for this iconic story?  First marriage, obviously.  The woman expects the man to change, and doesn't expect that SHE will be changing,  And there are PLENTY of female fans of Star Wars out there.  If you go to any convention in the WORLD, you will find a large number of single females who aren't merely trolling for a male nerd.  They are actively interested in science fiction, and collect items as well!

Dr Phil should be aware of the importance of this mythos not only in the movie realm, but also in the grander scheme.  Joseph Campbell has recognized and mentioned that this story arc is a re-telling of the "Hero Myth" which is found in every human culture.  The movie series is very important on many levels.  This young man is enthralled with this coming of age story, and is not alone or even unusual.  She needs to get over it or get out!

Also, don't pick on us "nerds", or we won't fix your computer!
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