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Created on : Friday, January 25, 2008, 01:18:26 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1

The Doctors are in the house! Dr. Phil’s team of medical experts, including OB-GYN Lisa Masterson, family therapist Dr. Tara Fields, pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears, plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon, and E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork, come together to address some weighty topics. How many times have you tried to shed pounds but failed? Obesity in America is one of the fastest-growing epidemics. First, meet Kevin, a father and husband who weighs over 700 pounds and spends 95 percent of his day in bed. Cameras follow him on his first-ever plane trip, and you won’t believe what it takes to get a man of his size to the Dr. Phil studios. Will the journey pay off, or is this self-proclaimed food addict beyond help? Then, Alfreda was at one time considered obese at 350 pounds, but after bariatric surgery, she now weighs 175. Instead of feeling overjoyed at her dramatic weight loss, Alfreda struggles with rolls and rolls of extra skin. Can she get the body she wants by going under the knife? The Doctors speak candidly on these stories and the top health news of the day. Get in on the discussion!

Find out what happened on the show.

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January 29, 2008, 1:30 pm CST

About the medical errors...

As a worker in the nursing field, I want to say how EASY it is to make a medical error.  One vial of Heparin looks identical to another- It' set up that way. It's scary to be in the hospital... the people who medicate you and watch over you are OVERWORKED as hell, and most of them hate their job.  It's so easy to get in trouble because the nurse is usually the whipping boy- no wonder there's a shortage!  Your manager is never your friend, mine lied about me to upper management to save her own skin.


The hospitals like it this way, it saves them money, I feel like I'm working in a factory- get em in, get 'em out.  I had to constantly watch my back because people were taking stabs at it left and right.  That plus being demeaned by doctors, patients, visitors, other nurses and management, that's more stress than what is fair for anybody.


That really weighs on the nurse (I think of it as a job, NOT a profession) and the nurse is more susceptilble to making an error because 1) they give in to the verbal abuse and actually think they're stupid, 2)The bottles are generic white and kept close together, so it's very easy to not see that extra zero on the concentration, or think you have a more dilute solution than you do. 


No, it's not fair to demonize a nurse because the institution they work for doesn't care about them, which means indirectly that they don't care about the patient.  If you have to sue someone,go for the hospital, nurses don't have that much in comparison- send a message to the system to change!

January 29, 2008, 1:31 pm CST

second opinions

I don't agree with the doctor's on today's show who say that most doctor's have no problem with second opinions. Being a nurse I knew this but until I experienced first hand I didn't realize how bad it could be. I was in the hospital post surgery and had an incision that was bleeding so much that my blood count had gotten so low that they were considering a transfusion. I was so sick with high fevers and my blood pressure dropping so low they were having to give me IV bolus fluids. My doctor was so arrogant and did not offer any reasons or solutions to what was happening. After several days and wondering what was going on, my husband and I asked her if we could get another opionion and she stated that if we wanted another opinion that she would discharge me from the hospital and I would have to find one myself. We ofcourse were scared to death that if she discharged me that I might not make it. The nurses were in tears. Finally the doctor returned that night and said that she would contact a collegue of hers, a general surgeon to look at me. I thank-God because as soon as I saw him I was in surgery for repair and an implant had to be placed.

January 29, 2008, 1:33 pm CST

01/29 Extreme Weight with the Doctors

I feel sorry for the man on today. I am over weight and have been struggling for 16 years. I am finally making progress through a program. It is so important to have an over all program, what ever means of weight loss is chosen. That means to look at why one over eats. For some I have found that is is an addiction that fills an emotional void. Often times over eating gives a feeling of calm and comfort. As a result anxieties or any other negative feelings are quieted for a time. That feeling is powerful and comfortable, but to keep that feeling one has to eat more frequently and in greater quantities. So, it is important that not only a weight loss program/surgery be used, but looking at why a person eats. For me every time I over eat I write down what happened before hand and what I was feeling that made me feel I have to over eat. It took me 20 years to develop bad habits and it's going to take time to get rid of them. So for all those people who are saying they don't feel sorry for him, that he should just exercise and is never that simple!!!
January 29, 2008, 1:33 pm CST

My hats off to you, guy!

Quote From: flopeyeman

Yes that is right 17 months ago I weighed in at 740 pounds I was completely bed bound and was on oxygen and I was an insulin dependent diabetic at 41years old I probably was going to be dead inside of a year! I wanted to have gastric bypass and contacted three different surgeons and no one would consider doing the surgery on me one surgeon even told me that if I would loose down to 450 he would do the surgery on me! If I could have lost that much weight I would not need the surgery! but I found a surgeon that would operate on me! Dr Bryne at the Medical University of South Carolina and I was operated on on Aug 30 2006 and my weight is now down to 390 pounds so I have lost 350 pounds and I am able to get around I can now drive again no more oxygen or C pap no more diabetes meds of any kind and I'm doing great I feel that I have a new life now I still have a large hernia and a lot of hanging skin that I have to deal with the doctors want me to loose down to about 350 before I can have the hernia fixed and the skin removed!!  
Good for you! If people only understood the monumental effort that you've put forward! I have 50lbs to lose and its the hardest thing to do! I don't have the lifestyle or the stamina right now to do it. If people only stopped to THINK of the mitigating factors in a person's life that make the weight issue only part of the big picture.You've proven how very strong you are and you WILL succeed! 
January 29, 2008, 1:36 pm CST

01/29 Extreme Weight with the Doctors

Quote From: piglet64

 When you lay around eating moon pies and items that are unhealthy it no wonder you put on more weight. You could do exercises in bed,cut back on food.I have a hard time feeling sorry for him when he wont help himself.

For many people, including that man today, food is an addiction. It is not simple for people with addictions to just quit without help.

January 29, 2008, 1:49 pm CST

01/29 Extreme Weight with the Doctors

Quote From: gimpysu

I have fought with weight my whole life (and losing) yes I am an emotional eater.  Stressed? eat Happy? eat? Being in a wheelchair and not able to exercise makes it even harder to lose, but even more important.  In my travels, I notice that many people in wheelchairs are overweight.  I have had success with Weightwatchers, but now at 50, I'm even having trouble with that.  Hmmmmmmm, what to do?

I am also on Weight Watchers so I can tell you how I approached the program and maybe it can help you. Remember first , that our bad eating habits took years to develop, so it will take a lot of work to replace with good habits. The first thing I did, was really look at why I started over eating. I realized that food is an addiction for me. The reason that I over eat is to quite my negative feelings. When I over eat I get a high/buzz from it and it feels comfortable because those negative feeling are quieter. So, I have to eat more as the buzz gets less intense after I eat. So, whenever I over eat on the program I write in my journal how I was feeling before I over ate, why I had this feeling and what the plan will be next time I feel this way. I also write down every one of my indulgence's in my WW journal.


I hope this helps. Good luck.

January 29, 2008, 1:53 pm CST

Big Guy...

I hope that this guy can lose that weight. I was feeling so sad for him when he was explaining how lost he is in own body. That is so sad. I wonder how people get that way, but I don't think they mean to. 
January 29, 2008, 1:59 pm CST

no way out

   I feel like I'm on my way to become like the guy on today's show. I'm considered obese. I'm 6' 285lbs. I used to be able to walk and weight train to keep my weight down, but, now because of 2 back surgeries(the last one didn't work and I'm going to need another one) a knee replacement(with another in the wings because my other knee has worn into the lower leg bone) in the last 4 years.
 I can't walk without a lot of pain. I feel trapped. I can't exercise which of course put's on the weight and that makes the walking more painful. Right now because of the flubbed surgery I basically am not supposed to do any exrcise except walk, but, that kills my knees. It's a catch 22.

January 29, 2008, 2:06 pm CST

Are you kidding me? (to quote Dr. Phil)


I'm trying to determine if I'm being judgemental or if I'm just envious of Kevin.  I find it difficult to feel sorry for someone that is affraid of losing their life due to obesity...this is because I'm afraid of losing my life due to a rare disease, called Scleroderma, which to my knowledge was not caused by anything I did.  What I wouldn't give to have Dr. Phil offer help to me with the team of resources he has available to him.


Kevin, I sure hope you find the stamina to take the necessary steps to help yourself.  You should be comforted knowing that your situation can be turned around and that Dr. Phil is willing to help you.  Some of us face eventual death, and no one can help us.  You have a fighting chance - take it!

January 29, 2008, 2:16 pm CST

gastric bypass is not a magic pill

 My main concern while watching this program is that this man thinks that gastric by pass is the magic pill.  It appeared that he believed the weight would melt off magically and he doesn't realize the effort that goes with it.  If you don't eat right, you will suffer malnutrition and that in my readings, you lose most of your weight in the first year.  He is going to have to get some determination and take responsibility for what goes into his mouth or this will end up a disaster for him and his family.
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