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Created on : Friday, January 25, 2008, 01:17:35 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Do you think the government should be allowed to keep you from wearing something others may find offensive? A debate is gaining attention across the country: Should baggy pants be banned? You’ve seen them, primarily worn by men: oversized pants hanging so low that sometimes the entire behind shows! Local ordinances in 12 states have banned the low-slung look -– but are they unfairly targeting African-Americans? Dr. Phil speaks with guests on both sides of the debate -- including parents. And, Reverend Al Sharpton and Grammy nominated hip-hip artists the Ying Yang Twins join the show with their views on banning baggy pants. Get up to speed on this issue, before YOU get caught with your pants down! Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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January 28, 2008, 6:31 am CST

Baggy Pants Saga

And the saga son wears baggy pants, and no, I do not like the style. But we have reached a compromise. He is not to wear them to church, and there is a limit to how low he can wear them. I do not see it as a matter of disrespect but as a fad. We had them as teens, I am 51, and while we did not show undergarments, our parents still did not like or understand them.  And the wearing of boxers became a fad even among college girls in the early 80's as a form of initiation. It stuck!

As for the origin of this fad, one man on the show stated that it originated in prison...untrue. The hip hop group Kris Kross started that fad. And the girl group, TLC also wore them. Now for the "idiot" that said the word saggin spelled backwards spells the "N" word, well, how hard did you have to look to see that. I am an African American female who is proud of her heritage. But first, the word should be spelled "sagging" if you  are literate. And why drop the last "g" if you think the word now is offensive. Also, since when did we as people began reading backwards. I guess you'll follow that up with talking backwards. Imagine how many words spelled backwards would be offensive if we stopped to examine them. Here's a solution, stop talking so much and start listening.

Now, as for the law getting involved, no I do not think so. If the law starts to regulate that, then they will regulate all forms of attire. I do feel that the "indecent exposure" law should be inforced.  I think that we are focused on the wrong issues. The "baggy pants" issue has become a big thing, while women are wearing low rider hip huggers with thongs and g-strings that rise way above the waist band. It's bad enough that with the low riders, we can see the top of their butt cracks, but thongs are made to be worn below the pants not above them. And with the growth of sexual offenses, do you wonder why so many women are being assaulted? If we put it out there, what can you expect. And the tops they where are just as bad. They cover only the nipples. Now I ask, which is the greater of the crimes.

January 28, 2008, 6:34 am CST

Prison and thefts...

Quote From: susielries

first of all the baggy pants style comes from the prisons where the ''female'' or receptive male wears his pants like that to show he is ready to submit to a homosexual act. so why anyone would want to emulate that i can't imagine...secondly there is a law against indecent might not like your gran's ugly sweater but it is probably covering up her bosom. you might not like a man's pinstripe suit, but you can't see his butt... when i see morons wearing the baggy pants i have 2 he gay? and where is a cop when you need one!?

You are correct about the baggy pant fad and prisons. And according to our local police, the baggy pant style got really popular in the early 90's (on the streets) because it was used as a way to committ thefts, mostly petty thefts. The inside large pockets ends were cut and the pocket worked as a slide that went into the underwear. I have personally witnessed this a high school in the mid 90's when I was teaching fulltime.


Regardless of how and why it started, you won't see too many of these baggy pants kids going to college or being hired by employers who pay more than minimum wage. It's a BAD fashion statement, but it needs no regulation. TASTE shouldn't be regulated!

January 28, 2008, 6:36 am CST

01/28 The Baggy Pants Debate

It is so  easy for parents to point blame at other people .Both my sons sag and they are  awesome boys that go to work every day and have no problems..parents  need to step up to the plate and take responsibilty and stop blaming people for your poor parenting skills...

teach them right from wrong and if you dont like it , dont look your head turns

January 28, 2008, 6:38 am CST

01/28 The Baggy Pants Debate

This topic has gotten way out of hand and I think you should be able to wear your clothes the way you want. We will never like the way everyone looks in what they chose to wear. So who are we to judge what any one wears. Contrary to what Reverand Al Sharpton says this is not a racial issue he always seems to find a way to turn everything to a racial issue!!! If we tell them to pull there pants up then what about covering tattoos, clevage and other not so nice things to look at, where do you draw the line. They are already putting in to affect uniforms in our public schools. Is there now going to be uniforms demanded on to the free citizens of the United States. It is your responsibility to raise and instill values in your children so stop pointing your fingers at everyone else when things go bad. If you dont like it step up and be a parent. If a women dresses provocatively then she may look like a whore but a cop has no need to fear or suspect her due to her dress same goes for the baggy pants.
January 28, 2008, 6:41 am CST

01/28 The Baggy Pants Debate

What an absolute utter and total waste of airtime.

January 28, 2008, 6:44 am CST

01/28 The Baggy Pants Debate

 I do not feel that it should be banned by law necessarily. If you ban it it is just going to make the ones doing it do it more. It's like giving them more ammunition to do it. I do not think that it is right or okay for boys or girls to walk around with saggy pants. It is disrespectful and nobody wants to see your underwear. That goes for the "whale tails" too. Nobody wants to see that. I think my biggest pet peeve with the saggy pants is that, you walk SO slow. It's one thing to have a ligitament reason on why you walk slow but if you just pull your pants up you can move. I am a mom and my husband is deployed....I am busy and I have better things to do than trail behind you in the grocery store because it's crowded and people are stuck behind you because you won't pull your pants up. Yes, it's your right to dress yourself, but what happened to common curtesy?
January 28, 2008, 6:45 am CST

Protect the children

Dwaine Caraway is a hero for African American children.  Hip hop community does not want to take responsibility for their influence on America.  They take the money while they create a culture that keeps many African Americans from jobs because of their look.  The same rule applies to tatoos, and inappropriate dress by women .  These are the international rules.  Speaking english well and dressing appropriately will give them a greater chance for success and that is for any American.


A young African American man running in late for work had his pants falling down.  He was clearly a nice young man deserving of a great future.  It was offensive to see his boxers but my heart broke for his future.  Why no one at the restaurant or at his home or school did not do something to help guide him for his future is disgraceful. 


I love Dr. Phil but this is a decency issue.  Women can't walk around in a bra and underwear and no one should be able to expose themselves.  These poor kids think it is about freedom of expression while their futures go down the drain.  I am white, if my daughter marries a black man by grandchildren will be loved and guided for their future.  I would not let the people I love disrespect themselves and others or allow the billion dollar hip hop and clothing industry make money by manipulating young minds.

January 28, 2008, 6:46 am CST

baggy pants

January 28, 2008, 6:49 am CST


i'm not a sagger or do i find it cool.  if it makes a statement, then so what, thats freedom of speech. whatever happened to diversity or freedom of choice.  we need to keep the government out of our choices that do not physically or financially hurt anyone.  if what or how someone wears their clothes hurts you,  you got a problem.  learn acceptance don't conform everyone else to your ways and beliefs be yourself.  the more you can accept diversity, the better american you are.  Thank You, Eric T.
January 28, 2008, 6:50 am CST

Okay, but...

Quote From: ronisue65

I am so sick of the government trying to controll our lives.  Let the young generation wear their baggy pants. I do find them to revealing but like someone else said there are women who wear to revealing clothes as well. Some who have no business wearing them. Not all kids who wear baggy pants are involved in gangs. Is the government going to stop me from wearing my baggy flannel pants when I go out to the store. Yes I like to wear my flannels out in public especially when I am not feeling so well. I know I will probably get some feed back on this. The government has just banned smoking in all public places here in Illinois. I don't think banning smoking in bars is right and I don't even go to bars. I do smoke. When people go out drinking smoking and drinking go hand in hand. The majority of people who go to the bars are smokers. I use to go to the bars back when I did drink. That is one business that shouldn't have been included in the smoking ban. If you don't smoke then don't go to the bars especially when you know the majority of the customers that go to the bars do smoke. This is just the government trying to controll what we as Americans can and can't do with our own lives. We are becoming like other countries. I was told that the government has been trying and has succeeded in banning smoking in people's own homes in some states. Well I guess I will be going to jail alot because this is my home and I will do what I want in my own home. This country is falling a part.  The government say that these kids could hide weapons in their pants well how many people have killed in public places who didn't wear baggy pants? Quite a few. Ther are more important things to worry about in this country then what people are wearing. Like healthcare. Quit sending all our damn money over seas and start by helping familes get healthcar for their children and taking care of the homeless and the veterans who have become homeless. Worry about our own country for a chnage.

You say that smoking in bars should not have been banned....well, should non-smokers not enjoy the pleasure of drinking and socializing as well? While I am glad they banned smoking in public places, I do understand your dilemma. Maybe if bars were properly divided into smoking and non-smoking areas, there would be no objections. My problem with smokers is that most have no respect for those of us who do not smoke. You may have the right to smoke but I have the right not to. And second hand smoke forces me to "smoke" with you. The casino near my home had the right idea. Most areas tried the "no-smoking" areas, but how do you keep smoke from traveling when the areas are contained within each other, i.e. across the aisle from each other. But Harrahs built a separate no-smoking wing. You have to actually leave out of the smoking area and travel down a hallway to the other area. Maybe public places should try this. I whole-heartedly agree that you should have the right to smoke in your own homes. We all know that smoking causes lung disease and cancer, but if it's your "weapon" of choice for your demise, then that should be your right. Sometimes I do think our government goes too far in deciding what is best for us. Maybe more time should be spent on educating, feeding and properly compensating for a day's work. Instead of regulating what we do in our own homes, more time should be spent on helping us keep those homes. 

As for the baggy pants, you are so right....most criminals don't wear baggy pants.


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