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Topic : 01/28 The Baggy Pants Debate

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Created on : Friday, January 25, 2008, 01:17:35 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Do you think the government should be allowed to keep you from wearing something others may find offensive? A debate is gaining attention across the country: Should baggy pants be banned? You’ve seen them, primarily worn by men: oversized pants hanging so low that sometimes the entire behind shows! Local ordinances in 12 states have banned the low-slung look -– but are they unfairly targeting African-Americans? Dr. Phil speaks with guests on both sides of the debate -- including parents. And, Reverend Al Sharpton and Grammy nominated hip-hip artists the Ying Yang Twins join the show with their views on banning baggy pants. Get up to speed on this issue, before YOU get caught with your pants down! Join the discussion.

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January 28, 2008, 7:19 am CST

01/28 The Baggy Pants Debate

Look it isn't just a black thing you know. I have seen many mexican and white kids wearing this "style" as well. I can understand wearing them low on the hips but BELOW the butt cheeks is just TOO MUCH!!!! If a woman went out in public with a very low hanging shirt and her whole bra was just showing for the world to see she would be arrested for indecent exposure. Also if us women went around with ALL of our panites showing it would be the same thing. If women have to cover up then men should too. My 16 year old high school daughter would NEVER be truned on by anyone dressing this way. She is very popular and has more friends than I can count and every single one of them keeps their butt cheeks covered. I think it's just DISGUSTING!!!!!!
January 28, 2008, 7:20 am CST

My opinion

I am a 46 year old mom of 4 daughters ranging in age of 11 to 26.  My opinion we have worse problems in this country than how some young guy is wearing their pants. I don't see any shows on how women are wearing clothes showing too much skin.  Well maybe because men like it.  We need to start worring about the drugs, drinking and driving, the cost of fuel, the insurance companies deciding what procedures we can have done to save our lives or fix our bodies so we can live a productive life.  Let these guys wear their pants the way they want too.  If you don't like it, tell your kids to pull em up, employers don't hire these people, moms and dads don't let your daughters go out with them.  As far as Rev. Sharpton (probably mispelled), it's not a race thing, I live in small town mid west america and I see more white boys dressed this way than black.  It isn't a race thing it's a generation thing.  Our parents hated the clothes we wore when we were kids.  Get over it and put yourself to good use solving REAL problems.


January 28, 2008, 7:21 am CST

Baggy Pants

As a 59 year old mother and grandmother it's very irritating to see underwear and the constant pulling up on one side. I think if you've got to constantly hold on to one side or pull up on one side to keep them from sliding down then you need to buy a smaller size or put on a belt. I do not think however that the government should dictate what someone wears. We have enough problems in this country that should be addressed and are not. We have tons of homeless, people that are hungry everyday, healthcare that is outrageous and many many people that don't even have healthcare. Our government needs to address those issues and leave the baggy pants up to parents.
January 28, 2008, 7:23 am CST

baggy pants

There is no such thing as "targeting African-Americans" when it comes to this issue. People of all races wear their pants this way. Honestly, I think it makes them look stupid and trashy. People wearing their pants this way look like they have no self respect and they appear unintelligent. I mean, what self-respecting, intelligent individual would wander around showing off his underwear to the world? And then people dressing like this wonder why no one else respects them! I've already told my 7 year old son I will not allow him to dress this way, because he is so much better than that.
January 28, 2008, 7:25 am CST

baggy pants

I saw the show on 1-28-08. i have a few different oppinions about baggy pants. I personally don't care if they wear them.But i do care what they let hang out. I think it is a matter of respect for others & their children. I don't want my kids to be walking behind someone who's underwaer is hanging out. I think it's so disrespectful for a boy or guy to walk around with his underwaer hanging out. I don't want my kids to ever have to see that. If the parents are going to buy them atleast stress to your child to pull them up. I don't see alot of girls & lady's walking around with their panty'ssticking out of their pants. It looks nasty. Wear a really long shirt so noone has to see it. Have some respect for others & either waer a long shirt or hide your under clothes. thanks

January 28, 2008, 7:26 am CST

showing underwear..........

As Dennis Leary says "underwear are called 'underwear' for a reason!!" I'm not sure legislating this problem is the right answer, but someone needs to alert these people to the problems of walking out of their pants (I've seen it several times) and the possibility of having their underwear go with the pants when they fall down (indecent exposure). Obviously they just don't care enough to dress appropriately.

January 28, 2008, 7:29 am CST

not a racial thing

Will someone please advise Mr Sharpton that this is in no way just a black thing.  I think Mr Sharpton cannot get out of HIS racial cloud to make an intelligent statement on this and any subjet.  Mr Sharpton has caused more raciallism in this country than he has helped anyone.  I personally think the style is ignorant and disrespectful.  If they want to be taken seriously, they need to dress the part like the rest of the world

January 28, 2008, 7:36 am CST


I can't believe these people.  I agree with Al Sharpton-  campaigns are fine,  but don't pass laws to take away even more freedoms.  I am a white 37 yr old mom from Connecticut- you know,  the state where all the uppity, overly conservative people live? Yeah,  anyway,  if these kids want to wear their pants low- whose business (besides their parents') is it?  All their junk is covered up- I am one of those women and I  have one of those children that they are trying to "protect" with their ordinance.  PLEASE DO NOT PROTECT ME &/OR MY CHILD FROM SOMEONE ELSE'S RIGHT TO EXPRESS THEMSELVES.  I personally do not like the style & I think that father is too old to try to be in style- he looks really ridiculous,  but it's HIS CHOICE!!!  These people who are trying to make this FREE COUNTRY into what they want it to be really PISS ME OFF.  Not agreeing with the way another person chooses to express themselves is the ONLY DRAWBACK to living in a FREE COUNTRY.  What is next?  Their argument that the style came from the prisons:  SO WHAT?  How many people wear camoflage?  I have,  it comes in & out all the time,  & its origins are WAR.  My wearing it isn't a statement that i'm psyched about war.  They need to realize & be thankful that they live in a supposedly FREE SOCIETY -getting less & less free everyday & people like them are to blame. They think it's just this one issue that they want to fix,  but that is how we are where we are now. Read PLATO NOT PROZAC.  He writes a good argument for how being offended is a verb.  They need to get over themselves,  & focus on what is really important.  If your kids are healthy & you're healthy,  why do you give a crap about some random stranger's pants?
January 28, 2008, 7:40 am CST

Tired of Al Sharpton

I hate to tell him I don't care about the color, but everyone is doing this.  Everytime we turn around and there is an issue on anything, they start the racism.  Get over yourself already, this world isn't about  how everyone can bash you because of your color.  You guys cry about racism all the time.  I'm tired of it.  If there is ANY issue brought up, you guys start screaming leave us alone!!!  Sorry, White, Hispanic, Latino and others are doing this.  You don't hear us Bitching about the Black Entertainment Channel, we don't care!  We could scream racism on that, but who cares!!  If there was a White Entertainment Channel, you guys would be going out of your mind, if you guys would just start living life and worring about the future and quit living the past it would be so much better for everyone.  There were white slaves as well!!  It's the past!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This society needs to get along anyway possible too much stuff is happening and this world is going to the dumps because no one can move on!!!!!   Move on Everyone, move on!!!!!!!         
January 28, 2008, 7:44 am CST

Baggy Pants

Those baggy pants are ridiculous and make them look like penguins. We don't like to see their underpants showing and their whole rear-ends sticking out. It makes them look retarded, too, and like gang-leaders. We shouldn't have to see this. They say they are not gang-leaders when they dress this way, but what about that old saying that goes something like, "if it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck, it is a duck"? If you walked into a bank wearing a ski-mask, you would appear to be a bank robber. The way you dress and what you wear does tell a lot about you, so dress normally and not in those weird-looking baggy pants. They say they do it to be different and then they all do it and so they are not different, just in the fact they look very weird and no one in their right mind would dress like that. Who started this stupid way of dressing, anyway? And I have seen a lot of them stealing in the stores, stuffing booze bottles and other stuff into those baggy legs. Maybe that is the whole idea behind it, to be able to steal stuff. The government might have better things to do but they aren't doing it, but according to some websites about gangstalking, they have time to get in on that.
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