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Topic : 01/28 The Baggy Pants Debate

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Created on : Friday, January 25, 2008, 01:17:35 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Do you think the government should be allowed to keep you from wearing something others may find offensive? A debate is gaining attention across the country: Should baggy pants be banned? You’ve seen them, primarily worn by men: oversized pants hanging so low that sometimes the entire behind shows! Local ordinances in 12 states have banned the low-slung look -– but are they unfairly targeting African-Americans? Dr. Phil speaks with guests on both sides of the debate -- including parents. And, Reverend Al Sharpton and Grammy nominated hip-hip artists the Ying Yang Twins join the show with their views on banning baggy pants. Get up to speed on this issue, before YOU get caught with your pants down! Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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January 27, 2008, 3:47 pm CST

Baggy Pants

  I have a 16 year old son. He thinks the kids who wear the really baggy pants look stupid. They are Gangsta. I read a very insightful article in JET Magazine about this style. It began in the jails. The jail clothing doesn't fit properly. Your belt has been confiscated. If your pants hang really low, it's an invitation for sex. Male on male sex.  I showed this article to my son and he kinda laughed and kinda cringed at the same time. All that aside, its just a fad, this too shall pass. The guys need to realize,guys look at boobs and legs, well they used to look at legs, but women hardly wear skirts anymore, and guys look at behinds. Girls look at behinds, and muscles in the arm,and shoulder area, abs, and behinds! First and last. If we can't see it, then there isn't anything to look at! Most of the guys who wear this style nicely,are boney maloneys in Ambercrombe and Fitch ads, and they aren't really wearing BAGGYS.

                                   O.K. I've had my say. Hope some one cares.

January 27, 2008, 4:00 pm CST

Baggy Pants

Even though I think these baggy pants are absolutely disgusting and ugly, I don't think the Government has a right to tell us what to wear.  This job belongs to the parents.  Frankly, I think the parents are not doing their jobs where the children are concerned.  They seem to want to be their friends and heaven forbid we should damage their psyches if we explain to them that most people judge us by what we wear and how we look.  That is my opinion, and I am sticking to it.
January 27, 2008, 4:49 pm CST

Baggy Bottoms

There's a difference between persecution, and deterring indecent exposure, here the butt  is involved.  And not just that, if someone wearing these baggy pants trips in just the right way, they come dangerously close to no pants at all (or underwear for that matter).  Why not walk around naked in that case, if you have no respect for your backside?  I'm not a fan of butts or cracks and think it's  completely low-class to show it.  It's like phasing out a really bad fanny pack, or similar fashion disaster, IMO.

January 27, 2008, 5:58 pm CST


1st of all as a mother of 3 going on 4, I don't agree with a lot of the hiphop and rap music especially their video's BUT I do listen and bass out to it.  About the pants, it's up to each state and the voters, BUT the kids should have a vote if they are over the age of 18.  NOW about this all going back to hiphop, I agree with Ying Yang Twins and a lot of others out there do too.  THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MTV, BET, OR THE ARTIST MUSIC.  This has to do with the parents.  There is channel blocking and webpage blocking.  If you don't trust your child, that is your fault as a parent.  On the radio, hiphop and rap music is in the radio version, so if you hear your child listening to the bad language version then it's your responsibility as a parent to take that from your child.  Hip Hop and Rap do what they are paid to do, their image NEVER changes, children do.  And only time will pick up the pants.

January 27, 2008, 6:01 pm CST

Baggy pants..

My 2 cents... It is against the law for women to go outside with just their bra on.  Therefore it should be against the law for a man to walk around with his UNDERWEAR showing!  You can wear baggy pants until Jesus comes back.. but you don't have to show your underwear in the process!!!!!  I cannot wait for this law to be pass!
January 27, 2008, 6:40 pm CST

Baggy Pants

 The government should not be legislating wearing apparel such as baggy pants.
However, someone, hopefully the parents, would tell that person that it makes them look sloppy, unkept and ignorant.
Don't these persons know that an employer judges them by their appearance.

Baggy pants certainly do not make one look like they would make a good employee.
January 27, 2008, 6:47 pm CST

Baggy Pants

 As long as the guys don't show off their cracks I don't see what the big deal is. Personally I would be afraid the baggy pants would get caught in something and rip, or trip the guy up. But, that's his problem. Showing off your butt crack is indecent exposure and warrants an arrest. Cherry D. Chapman
January 27, 2008, 7:38 pm CST

Baggy pants

  The government should stay out of this debate.  My son, who is now 30yrs. old, started wearing baggy pants in highschool, they looked horrible on him, he was always pulling them up and his underwear stuck out, we all told him how ridiculous he looked, but since he made his own money working, he wore them.  He always said he would never be the kind of person who wore suits or dressy clothes, once he graduated college and went out into the  world and got a very good job making more money than his dad, he started buying very expensive suits and dress clothes.  I knew he would grow out of the baggy pant phase eventually, and he did.  I know this is not always the case with everyone else's children, but I was happy that it turned out right for him.  Kids go through all sorts of phases, I did myself, mini skirts, hip hugger blue jeans, and I eventually changed when I grew up.  I bet most of these kids will change they're clothing styles  once they are out of highschool or college.  I just don't think it is that big of a deal, and I certainly don't think "the race card" needs to be brought into this.
January 27, 2008, 7:38 pm CST

Baggy Pants- The Gutter trash LOOK

Quote From: housewife52

I do not think the government should decide whether or not baggy pants should be worn. I have never understood why in the world boys would want to wear thier pants that way. They generally are holding them up while navigating through the day. My son always favored a western cut of jeans. ALL of his friends black and white favor the baggy pants. At our local high school, there is a dress code, prohibiting baggy pants among other things. But it has never been enforced. Most of the boys seem to like the baggy pants.(black and white) As far as I know, there has not been a problem with anyone hiding weapons in thier pants.

I just think we need to be careful about what we accept that our government is going to dictate.

 I don't think its racial picking cause nearly every race in america wears them. I still believe that it degrades the ones wearing them , and a lot of the time you can smell thier S----ty underwear, in whixch

they never seem to change very often. As far as government bans that infringe on the rights of others,

banning the confederate flag there's no difference.

January 27, 2008, 7:56 pm CST

01/28 The Baggy Pants Debate

Quote From: thatrabbit

Since when did it become right or fair for anyone to tell you what you can wear, unless it's a parent and a young child. There are so many more important issues that people should be trying to resolve. If the males are not going to be allowed to wear baggy jeans are they going to stop women from wearing short shorts or skirts, low cut tops, or pants that are too tight ? We all know some women who should not be dressing this way do, at least the males are covered up and don't have any body parts hanging all out. A female can just as easily hide a weapon in her shirt as a male can in baggy pants. I think if you see something you don't like look the other way instead of continuing to look. I know this show hasn't aired yet but I saw the previews.


   The problem is that the males are not covered up.  When a fellow should wear size 34, and instead he wears a 42, with the crotch down to his knees, it is easy for his friends to de-pants him in the hallway or cafeteria or gym.  There is a rule now in the high school that I attended that the third time your friends drop your drawers and your colored underwear go with them, you have to start wearing suspenders.

    I know it's funny.  The local high school insists every year they have to buy a dozen or so more suspenders.


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