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Created on : Tuesday, January 22, 2008, 10:10:03 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Should women over 40 get pregnant? Is it too risky, or does it matter as long as they are healthy and happy? Share your thoughts!

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January 19, 2009, 11:13 am CST

Over 40 and Pregnant

Quote From: mayaja

At 39 I discovered (on April fools day at that) that I was pregnant with my third child.  Our son was 14 and daughter going on 10 and my husband and I was totally shocked and caught off guard.  After a few days of recovering, both my husband and I decided to abort.  Less than a year later, we were pregnant again!!! 


For weeks after finding out that we were pregnant again I struggled with wanting to keep the baby, seeing it as a second chance to make up for the quick decision that both my husband and I made.  My husband remained stern with feeling that we were too old and not wanting to start over again.  I remember crying in the car on my way too and from work not knowing what to do.  Ultimately, since I am the major breadwinner, and would have to shoulder the financial responsibility, as well as deal with my emotions without the support of a happy father to be-at 12 weeks pregnant-I aborted for the second time in my life!


Its been almost two years since the first unplanned pregnacy and as I look back I REGRET  that I didn't go through with it!!  Now at 41 I'm trying to get pregnant again, and my husband (after living with me being tormented about my decision) is finally on board-But now I'm 41 instead of 39!!!!!


I say, its your baby and he may not always be your husband, so do what pleases you and the rest will fall into place.


Oh and by the way, my husband (boyfriend a the time) wanted me to abort our 15 year old son and I refused-today they are always running around to football or basketball games, etc.


If you already aborted-you may very well regret it and resent your husband afterwards.  If you decided to keep the baby-hang in there!!  Once he sees how happy the baby makes you-he will be ok too!  Just have faith!

i think if you abort your baby and you dont want to you are going to hate yourself and your husband sub councously your hole life. dont do something so big if you dont want to do it. if he wants you to abort your baby and you dont want to he isnt respecting your body. its your body your decision and if he doesnt like it than its too bad. it takes two people to get pregnant. so he should have gotten snipped if he didnt want anymore kids.
January 20, 2009, 11:09 am CST


oh yeah and too the mom that said children over five dont want there parents in there lives. thats bull crap!!!!! any one who says that and believes it is crappy mom! i dont believe that for one minute!! my mom through my whole life was my best friend! and i had lots of friends through school. i was very beautiful and popular! and my mom didnt let me do what ever i wanted to. she was strict. and i followed the rules. and she was  my best friend and still is. even my lil sister of 15 and my mom get along great. and my lil sister is the same way i was so maybe you should look at yourself and say hey maybe i wasnt a very good mom!
February 15, 2009, 3:12 pm CST

personal choice

I think getting pregnant at any point in a women's life is ultimatly her choice.  There are studies that show women over 40 can experience complications during and after pregnancy to the baby and themselves.  I think as long as the women is aware of what could happen, and are prepared to deal with it if it would happen then its fine to have a baby over 40.   People need to live their lives how they want not how other people want!
April 3, 2009, 12:50 pm CDT

40.5 and excited to be pregant

We are quick to criticize something we don't understand or that may go against what is familiar to our own societal norms. I feel like so much negative hype is placed on pregnancy late in life. I am only 8 weeks along and my husband and I couldn't be happier.  My first pregnancy and his 2nd child. My mother gave birth to me at 39 yrs old / 40 yrs ago. I was her 5th healthy child.

So far, My blood work has come back "normal". I have also read that a healthy 40 yr old is better than an unhealthy 24 year old if pregnant.  I biked 23 miles the day after we conceived, took a new cardio class at my gym the first week after we conceived that kicked my butt.  So far no nausea, thank goodness. I am almost afraid to tell anybody because of "people’s opinions".  A woman at the lab where I got my blood done said, "Is your husband ok with the pregnancy? "  I was like, Yes! of course and excited.  She did follow up “that gives me hope”

Geez, I am hoping for one more if all goes well with this one. 

I have done so much in my life thus far that would have been difficult if I had children early, traveled to other countries, went back to school and got a masters degree, bought and sold my own home at 24yrs old. I now work in a flexible career that will help make it easier to be a better mom who is able to work and stay at home part time with my child. I am a much more settled, balanced person due to my life’s earlier experiences. I have No regrets and look forward to the important job of raising a child.

Oh yea,  for the 24 yr old woman who thinks people over 40 can't engage with their kids: I still do cartwheels, headstands & would hang up side down on any monkey bars and jump on any trampoline.

Signed: excited for the next adventure.  


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