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Created on : Friday, January 18, 2008, 02:23:44 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Steven Cojocaru, known to fans as Cojo, was the go-to fashion guy on the red carpet and lived a life of glitz and glamour. But that changed when he received the worst news of his life –- he was diagnosed with kidney disease and needed a transplant -- not once, but twice. Cojo chronicles his struggles in the book, Glamour, Interrupted: How I Became the Best Dressed Patient in Hollywood, and sits down with Dr. Phil to talk about his tumultuous journey. Then, Terri has been on dialysis for two-and-a-half years as she desperately waits for a kidney donor. She joins the show via Web cam to find out how Cojo maintained his positive attitude and how she can stay in the right frame of mind while waiting for a transplant. Plus, Alison and Danaye say their sister, Missie, has had two kidney transplants, and they’re worried she’s going to need a third because of her stressful lifestyle. The sisters say their mom, Janaye, is at fault for coddling Missie her whole life. What will it take for Missie to slow her life down and for her siblings to back off? And, meet a man who had a heart attack but checked out of the hospital so he could smoke a cigarette! His mom says she’s desperate to help him before he ends up in an early grave. Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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January 21, 2008, 6:57 pm CST


I too had to face a liver and kidney transplant in 2001. It is wonderful to see someone speaking out about tranplants. Seven years in March. The secret in waiting is in your attitude.
January 21, 2008, 8:24 pm CST

kidney transplant 24 years ago

Congratulations COJO and all the other people on the message board with k.transplant and doing well.

I had a kidney transplant 24 years ago and going strong!!!! My sister donated her kidney and we were a perfect match ( I only have one sibling, my sister) It is so important that blood relatives are open for donations. The change that it will be a very good match is so much larger, plus the patient doesn't have to wait so long which is better for his or her physical condition. I have been on hemodialesis for only 6 months. To me it felt like being kept alive. After the transplant a whole new life started and I am so grateful

to God for it. I know over the years the medicins you have to take can cause complecations, but to me it is all worth it. I wish you all a long and happy life,


January 22, 2008, 2:05 am CST

Back from the Brink

I remember the time when he went for his transplant...I've always been a fan of his. Steven has such a witty sense of humor and all the stars seem to love him. I wish him all the best in his road to recovery!


Keep your chin up!

January 22, 2008, 4:27 am CST

01/22 Cojo: Back from the Brink

Quote From: fromthesquare

I second your response.  Cojo's courage and inspiration has nothing to do with his sexual orientation.  He is a man that I admire.
Yes, I say let's celebrate that Cojo has been able to move forward with his life and be an example of wonderful possibilites!
January 22, 2008, 4:55 am CST

Living with PKD

 Hi, my name is Jennifer.  I have a husband and 3 boys with PKD.  I am glad Cojo is doing well but I have to say at first when he came out about this disease he didn't take it serioulsy enough and express how important it is to treat the symptoms of this disease and I wish he would've been more of an advocate for PKD.  I hope that he changes around and helps the 12.5 million people worldwide with PKD.  I fight everyday for my husband and my boys in hopes that they will not die before me.  Did you know that there is a PKD Foundation and that there are over 75 walks in the US every September for Walk for PKD and that is the only fundraiser done to raise money for a cure.  I wish Cojo would talk about that!  Someone needs to stand up and help us "regular" people who are dealing with PKD spread the awareness.  That is the only way we will find a cure!
January 22, 2008, 5:09 am CST


I'm so pleased to see PKD getting some publicity.  There are so many of us with it (since it is the dominant gene!)  but yet no one knows about it..  My mother had it very seriously and lived much of her life with just half a kidney(2 surgeries one in the 30's and one in the 50's),  but it was never given a name or diagnosed correctly.  I found out shortly after the birth of my 3rd child, 23 yrs ago, that the huge, painful lumps on my liver were actually an additional complication and symptom of PKD-at which point my mom's dibilitating disease, that took her life early, finally had a name and  made sense to me.  Five years ago another complication that is more prevalent in PKD patients caused a problem--I had a brain aneurysm and the surgery necessary to wrap it to prevent a rupture.


Please know that, although difficult, PKD is not necessarily an early death sentence.  Everyone needs to live a life that will make the world a better place.  Sometimes having to survive battles makes us stronger--as it has done that for me.  Thanks, Cojo,  for making your life count to publicize PKD and especially organ donation and thanks Dr. Phil for bringing him onto your show. 



January 22, 2008, 6:50 am CST


I just want you to know that I am so proud for you.  My Mom gave one of her kidneys to my sister in 1967, however, my sister past away after 4 years.  Mom was on dialysis for almost 10 years.  My Mom went to heaven on August 21, 2007.  She was 78 years old and one of the greatest, strongest person that I know.  Well, now I know another one!





January 22, 2008, 7:10 am CST

back from the brink show

Hi! I am so thrilled to see that Cojo is doing so well. I have always enjoyed his commentaries on various shows. I was interested in watching this show. I am sad, however, that the one lady guest who had two tranplants and were so *whatever* attitude about taking care of herself and not taking her anti-rejection meds like clockwork, like one is supposed to do. She doesn't realize how lucky she was to have two close family members who were willing to be tested and to become living donors. A lot of people is not that lucky. A lot of people find that if they need a transplant, family members become very distant and reluctant to test and hopefully become living donors. She doesn't realize that if she had to go to the infamous *waiting list* that the transplant team will place her very low on that list (and thus ensuring that she probably wouldn't get a new kidney) if they feel she is not a worthy candidate... meaning she doesn't take her meds or something she did caused the rejection of the other kidney transplant. Many people die while waiting on this waiting list who would be a good candidate, but doesn't have the chance. I could say a lot more, however, I don't want to go into a major rant. This whole issue is very close to my heart, if you can't tell. :)

January 22, 2008, 7:29 am CST

01/22 Cojo: Back from the Brink

I just want to say to COJO I hope all goes well with you.  I just wanted to post this my father is not  a big Hollywood Celebrity  but he is  a Celebrity to us my fathe lived 8 months without any Kidneys because the disease attack him and we thought we had lost him at one time, But thanks to God I was able to donate a Kidney to my father and he is now living his life like never before he is back preaching and teaching at his church about how you have to have faith and just trust the Lord.  I am so glad that I did this for my father but during this test he never gave up he continue to go to dyalysis three times a week he continue to take his medicine inspite of throwing up but he did it and because of his obedience to the Doctors and continuous prayere my father is still here today and I love my father for hanging in there.  I don't boast on giving my father a Kidney because of him I am here today and I would do it again and because I did this for my father he did not  have to wait a long, long time.


So  to all family members if you can help your family you do it don't wait for someone else to do what you are able to do that is your blood.

January 22, 2008, 8:00 am CST

Surprised about the smoking

First of all..... I am so glad that Cojo is doing better....I love him!

Second...... I am Shocked that the man that had the heart attack and smokes 3 1/2 packs a day did not accept the help from Dr. Phil to stop smoking. And his wife.....if she REALLY loved him she would have accepted the help extended to her hoping that he would follow her lead. I don't even smoke a whole pack a day and I hate what a hold those things have over me. I would JUMP at the chance to get some free, expert help!! Why would anyone CHOOSE to be a second class citizen? That is how society is starting to look at smokers now. With research showing the amount of lung cancer and other health related issues related to smoking .... why WOULDN'T smokers be thinking about quitting all the time??? And....who can AFFORD to keep up THAT kind of a habit? Now it isn't only the smoking that makes that man look like second's his ignorance.

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