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Created on : Friday, January 18, 2008, 02:23:44 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Steven Cojocaru, known to fans as Cojo, was the go-to fashion guy on the red carpet and lived a life of glitz and glamour. But that changed when he received the worst news of his life –- he was diagnosed with kidney disease and needed a transplant -- not once, but twice. Cojo chronicles his struggles in the book, Glamour, Interrupted: How I Became the Best Dressed Patient in Hollywood, and sits down with Dr. Phil to talk about his tumultuous journey. Then, Terri has been on dialysis for two-and-a-half years as she desperately waits for a kidney donor. She joins the show via Web cam to find out how Cojo maintained his positive attitude and how she can stay in the right frame of mind while waiting for a transplant. Plus, Alison and Danaye say their sister, Missie, has had two kidney transplants, and they’re worried she’s going to need a third because of her stressful lifestyle. The sisters say their mom, Janaye, is at fault for coddling Missie her whole life. What will it take for Missie to slow her life down and for her siblings to back off? And, meet a man who had a heart attack but checked out of the hospital so he could smoke a cigarette! His mom says she’s desperate to help him before he ends up in an early grave. Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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January 19, 2008, 8:01 pm CST

Long Time Kidney Patient

I have alot of respect for Cojo getting the word out in the public eye on this subject. There are so many people on transplant lists. I have had kidney disease since 1976 and am currently 2 1/2 years out on my fifth (yes, fifth) kidney transplant. I have been on hemodialysis as well as peritoneal dialysis. Most people don't realize that transplant isn't really a cure; it is another option for treatment. There are still many medications to take and visits to doctors. I now have quite a few other medical conditions, most of which have come from the many years of kidney disease as well as the different medications (including diabetes from the steriods used for anti-rejection).
January 20, 2008, 8:58 am CST

I Heart Cojo!

Cojo you are an inspiration to people who suffer any illness.  You always make me smile when I see you on TV.  Your positive attitude is contagious!
January 20, 2008, 9:21 am CST

01/22 Cojo: Back from the Brink

Quote From: fabulousbeauty

Dear Dr. Phil and Robin,

My name is Denise. I'm 28 and in Arizona. I'm the reigning Ms. Southwest US Crown Jewel 2008. And I come to you with one simple request.

Could you please help me meet my idol, Steven Cojocaru, the man who inspired me to keep living and never give up even when all hope seems lost?

Steven has been a great inspiration in my life. It all started back in 2005. I'd lost the majority of my friends, everything that mattered to me and almost lost my mind, as well. I was ready to give up, lay down and die. I believed that there couldn't possibly be anyone worse off than me. What I didn't realize at the time, was that there was. At the time I was going through my personal hell, Steven was going through his. He had just gone through the pain of having his first transplanted kidney removed and was waiting for a second one. I'd been watching his story since it first broke in late 2004 and I was hoping for the best.

When the news finally emerged that his mother had given him one of her kidneys, I was overjoyed. It not only gave me a reason to believe in miracles, it gave me a reason not to give up on myself. I learned that my life was worth living and I'm not done yet.

Now as Ms. Southwest US Crown Jewel 2008, I've adopted Polycystic Kidney Disease Awareness as my platform. I'm taking it upon myself to educate people about this. I would not have the courage or the will to do this if it wasn't for Steven.

Can you please grant my wish to meet this amazing and wonderful man who has given me a reason to live? I am hoping, wishing and praying that you can make my greatest wish come true.

Thank you very much.


Dear Dr. Phil, Denise and Cojo,


As a person with Polycystic Kidney Disease, I have been frustrated with how little awareness there is about this disease which affects so many lives.  Thank you for bringing the necessary attention to it.  Without increased awareness, funding for a cure suffers greatly.  I hope and pray for a cure in my lifetime that will help my children deal with their fate better than those who have preceeded them. 


I have been following Cojo's ordeal with a personal interest, as he gives me the insight into what lies ahead for me.  He also gives me the inspiration to endure it with dignity.  Please remain vigilent in spreading the word.  I believe that if more people with notoriety used it to support this cause, we would be able to advance research with increased funding.  Look what Jerry Lewis has been able to do for MD and remember that many more people are afflicted with PKD than MD.  I pray for Cojo's health and recovery and hope that we can all rejoice  in a cure in the future.   As for Denise, maybe you and Cojo would be able to meet at the PKD conference.




January 20, 2008, 3:26 pm CST

My Mom is on hemodialysis for the last seven weeks.

My Mom had been deteriorating, hands shaking, needing all kinds of breathing apparatus and medications. The doctors had been watching her creatin levels and had starting giving her an injection of Procrit weekly for several months. She had also become severely anemic. On Nov. 29, 2007, we received a phone call from her nephrologist to come to his office immediately. He stated that he did not like her latest blood test report, and we must come in to see him a/s/a/p! I took Mom there and he took me aside to tell me that her kidneys had totally failed! He said that she had the option of hemodialysis or hospice, and ince I am chosen her caregiver, what did I want to do. He also said that if she did nothing, that she would be dead in 7-10 days. I replied that I could not make this decision. It was up to my Mom to decide. He then asked her if she wanted to go on dialysis, or just do nothing. At first she said, "No! I'm not going on dialysis. It's TOO MUCH! He said that that was her choice, promptly left the examining room, and started to arrange for home hospice. Meanwhile, I was frantically calling my husband @ work and my Sister in Florida, to tell them what was going on here in Long Island, NY. Ten minutes later, he returned to my Mom at which time she said that she had changed her mind, and would try going on "dialysis"! He was very pleased and relieved, as was I.

She though tired after the three hour thrice weekly hemodialysis sessions, she is much better and is able to walk more than the ten feet, without being out of breath. She had become severely undetrweight, and is eating well now, having lost 20 pounds before she began her treatments. We are so grateful for this change in her life, and though we all have had to adjust to her nutritional restrictions, her life overall is much better now.

Guess what! She's 93 years old! How's that for guts!!

Thanks for listening!

 I've been following Cojo's progress from the first! I'm so glad that he'll be talking about his progress! He's an inspiration!!!

January 21, 2008, 1:33 am CST

Using gender specific words regarding Cojo

Quote From: dubbieloo

I am pleased that Steven has survived and is sharing his recovery and message of hope. We had a close family friend die from kidney failure. Will look forward to the show.
A personal note: I have been in a fog regarding Cojo.... I will now be able to speak about him using terms like he/him/his, up until this time I have not been able to use gender specific words.

Thanks for the upcoming show - will look forward to it.

I sorry for your loss of your friend from kidney failure, I am sure it must still be very hard.

That being said I can't for the life of me understand your insensitivity regarding your comment about using " gender specific words " in reference to Cojo. How is that even relevant in this discussion?? That you could bring up this subject while discussing a life and death issue is mind boggling. I hope you find your way out of the fog.

January 21, 2008, 5:49 am CST

Why him....

I too have lost someone very close to a me. But why oh why must you use CoJo as the person to talk to. I am definatly NOT a fan of his. There are so many people who have had the same experience as he, some even worse, they died waiting for the first transplant. I wish him well, but enough is enough, how many times must I see his face?
January 21, 2008, 8:03 am CST

Me too!!! In Dayton, OH

I too had a kidney transplant on March 2, 1994.  My kidneys failed due to Lupus.  I'm back on dialysis because my transplanted kidney failed again in 06.  I handle my treatments well and have been called a perfect patient.  (Even though I don't like that reference; no one is perfect).  I have accepted being there (at the dialysis center) because I could be dead.  I am waiting on another transplant and I am doing all that I can to be transplanted again.  If you love life and love living accept what is happening and go with the flow.  I hate going every mon. wed. and fri. for 3 & 1/2 hrs, being hooked up to a machine.  Spending 4-5 hrs. there takes a lot of time out of one's life however, there is no dialysis for the heart, brain, liver or lungs.  Be grateful for dialysis.  I love life and I love living. 
January 21, 2008, 9:25 am CST

Right On T's Momma!

Quote From: tommiesmomma

I sorry for your loss of your friend from kidney failure, I am sure it must still be very hard.

That being said I can't for the life of me understand your insensitivity regarding your comment about using " gender specific words " in reference to Cojo. How is that even relevant in this discussion?? That you could bring up this subject while discussing a life and death issue is mind boggling. I hope you find your way out of the fog.

I second your response.  Cojo's courage and inspiration has nothing to do with his sexual orientation.  He is a man that I admire.
January 21, 2008, 3:32 pm CST

Good for you

Hi I just want to say thanks for doing this show I am looking forward to watching it tomorrow. My son who is 6 years old has Polycystic Kidney disease. When we were told he had it at 6 months old I had never heard of it. His disease seems to spreading fast and the Doctors put him on BP meds to hopefully slow the growth of the cysts. I know in his future he will have a transplant so once again I want to thank you for spreading the word that we need to help out others in need. We can't always expect that family members will be a match. Thanks again and Good Work.
January 21, 2008, 6:06 pm CST

01/22 Cojo: Back from the Brink

I just wanted to say, I think Cojo is really cute. Ummm....that is all.
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