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Created on : Friday, January 18, 2008, 02:22:49 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Some teens are catty, mean and love to spread lies, but what happens when gossip goes too far? Kim says her daughter, Kailey, was the victim of a prank. Two of Kailey's cheer squad friends took a picture of her while she was in the shower, and the image supposedly made its way around the football team. Now, in the aftermath, the whole town is buzzing. You won't believe what the fathers of the alleged perpetrators have to say about the incident. Another girl claims she was also a victim when one of the girls took an unwanted photo of her as a joke. Hear from this alleged victim. And, Mandie and Nikki threatened the life of a classmate on MySpace after they thought she was going to steal Nikki's boyfriend. They were convicted in a court of law three years ago, and now both families say they face losing their homes because of this teen gossip. What do the girls say about their actions? And, Elizabeth started a Web site that allows anyone to gossip about anything. When a victim of lies posted on her site tells her story, will Elizabeth change her view? Share your thoughts here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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January 21, 2008, 7:26 am CST

Mauricio is a JERK!!!

If that child of his had been a child of mine, not only would she have NOT been allowed back on the squad, she'd have a couple of stripe marks across her fanny!  It's no wonder his daughter has such loose morals; look at him!  He wants to blame anyone but his widdle pwecious, and people like that sicken me.  Those cheerleaders got the punishment they deserved, and not nearly enough.  Mauricio's daughter is going to be one heck of a grown up, since her parents didn't bother to raise her with any sort of ethics!  Dude, you are such a LOSER!
January 21, 2008, 7:35 am CST

gossiping and lack of responsibility

if this were my child, her cell phone would be taken away...forever. she would resign from the cheer squad and publicly apologise. for those girls' parents to defend them and threaten to sue the school is very wrong. it shows that the parents are teaching them that it's always someone else'sfault. even the victim.  that they bare no responsibility and they will end up in jail, sooner or later. besides, they comitted a felony.  and gossiping is a sin. corporations and agencies such as Boeing, NASA, FEMA, Wells Fargo ,just to name a few, no longer hire anyone convicted of a felony.  they don't care what it was for, or how old you were. so this "harmeless prank" will have you flipping hamburgers for the rest of your life.  
January 21, 2008, 7:58 am CST

Mean Girls

We all went through some kind of gossip/prank situation before, but what these girls did surpasses that. Don't blame the parents, although the parents should take more action after the fact (case in point, i would not get an attorney to get my child back on the cheer squad, my child pulls a prank like that and she has no privileges, including cheering)

What i want to know is did anyone look at the legal part, this is child pornography and these "mean girls" should be held accountable for that, and it seems to be a recurring theme for these girls, If the parents can't discipline them properly, then let the state attorney teach them a much needed lesson.

January 21, 2008, 8:02 am CST

Great Day To Air This Show :(

I love you Dr Phil but today wasn't the greatest day to air this show considering it is a Holiday and kids are out of school probably watching your show with their mom or alone. Now they all have the gossip site info.


Maybe you should find new producers or whoever does the air scheduling.



January 21, 2008, 8:27 am CST


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January 21, 2008, 8:40 am CST


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January 21, 2008, 8:47 am CST

The Movie Gossip

U should see the movie Gossip...


U can see already there what it can bring to ppl...

Think about it!




January 21, 2008, 9:08 am CST


I could t not believe both of the girls who pulled this prank are back on the cheer leading squad, and go on with nothing more than a slap on the hand!  Both of them should have been prosecuted on pornographic charges.  The victims parents should sue both the school and the parents so this type of garbage stops.  It went on 10,20,30, 40 years ago, and it only takes 1 person to throw that pebble into the water to make the change.  I sincerely hope both of those brats are punished to the fullest extent of the law.
January 21, 2008, 9:34 am CST

Todays show thoughts 1/21/08

Every families nightmares today!!  I taped for my 16yr old and 13 yr old.  Unfortunately kids never THINK!!

In my county a willing high school girl let her boyfriend take a pix of her breast on his cell phone.  Sent it to his friends.  Somehow it got in right hands was stopped.  Police went to school and arrested everyone who sent this pix to someone.  Not illegal here to take pix but illegal to send explicit pix.  Can't believe this law isn't in every county and state.   Parents think this was innocent.  This girl will feel this pain 4 ever.  What happens in adulthood when this pix  surfaces again!!  GIRLS SHOULD BE REPRIMANDED MORE SERIOUSLY.  NOT JUST A PRANK!  Family can moveon if something is legally done. They haven't learned any lesson have not really been made accountable for actions. Speaking from a mother of a 13 year old girl.

January 21, 2008, 9:47 am CST

And THIS is the future...

The fact that the parents of the girls who took the nude cheerleader picture got them reinstated on the cheerleading squad is utterly ridiculous.  But in today's world, not surprising.


Kids are being raised to believe that there are little, if ANY, consequences to wrong actions.


It would never have occured to me to do such a thing (or threaten to kill another--this is particularly scary) when I was in high school twenty-some years ago, & if I HAD, not only would the school's punishment have remained, but there would also have been home punishment.


Dr. Phil has stated on previous shows that the child/teen brain is not fully-developed & that they don't think ahead to the consequences.  I wonder why he never mentioned this today.  Perhaps it depends on the circumstances. Perhaps that line better fits the less serious examples.  (Yes, read this with sarcasm.)


I never bought into that idea. 


Kids can & do learn even at an early age about actions=consequences.  Why else does a two/three-year-old keep a lookout for mom when he goes into the cookie jar without permission? 


And these kids are absolutely old enough to understand & think ahead.  One, I believe, is 18...she is legally an adult.  Those girls in that particular case are lucky they aren't in jail.  With all of the school shootings & such anymore, (more grossly negligent examples of zero discipline & parenting in the home) there is no excuse to not understanding or thinking ahead to the consequences of making death threats. That. is. not. a. "prank".


I believe the problem is that they don't care to understand or think ahead...especially when mommy & daddy run to their defense screaming lawsuit & "you-can't-do-that-to-my-child"  when someone else tries to step in with some much-needed discipline. 


WISE UP PEOPLE...someone has to when the parents refuse.


Parents want to be their kids' friend, not the parent, & by doing so, they are raising a bunch of irresponsible, disrespectful & cruel soon-to-be adults. 





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