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Created on : Friday, January 18, 2008, 02:22:49 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Some teens are catty, mean and love to spread lies, but what happens when gossip goes too far? Kim says her daughter, Kailey, was the victim of a prank. Two of Kailey's cheer squad friends took a picture of her while she was in the shower, and the image supposedly made its way around the football team. Now, in the aftermath, the whole town is buzzing. You won't believe what the fathers of the alleged perpetrators have to say about the incident. Another girl claims she was also a victim when one of the girls took an unwanted photo of her as a joke. Hear from this alleged victim. And, Mandie and Nikki threatened the life of a classmate on MySpace after they thought she was going to steal Nikki's boyfriend. They were convicted in a court of law three years ago, and now both families say they face losing their homes because of this teen gossip. What do the girls say about their actions? And, Elizabeth started a Web site that allows anyone to gossip about anything. When a victim of lies posted on her site tells her story, will Elizabeth change her view? Share your thoughts here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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January 20, 2008, 8:00 pm CST

01/21 Real Life Gossip Girls

It is so easy to blame the parents but having been through some rough years with two teenagers I can vouch for the fact that not everything can be laid on the parents.  These girls are old enough to know better and should be held accountable.

January 21, 2008, 5:31 am CST

01/21 Real Life Gossip Girls

Well I am really glad this subject came up. I am going thru this same situation now. I have a daughter who had a friend who likes to gossip and blame my daughter for it to and get her beat up. Then when everyone confronts the friend because they find out it was her she gets her sister and some guy to jump my daughter and other girls involved. Well I let the school know that if my daughter gets touched in any way shape or form the girl, her sister and her mother are all going to jail. I don't play that with no one when it comes to my child. I am really disgusted by the fact that these girls think more about what everyone thinks about them instead of school. There priorities are all screwed up and it is the parents to blame. When my daughter first(this now is the second time I have a problem with the girl) had a problem with the girl I went to her mother and she said my daughter was the one spreading gossip and my daughter was not even in school she was in the hospital and sick at home. When I told her that she told me whatever day my daughter came to school she started the rumors. I told her she is stupid and she needs to get a grip on her daughter before she gets into a lot of trouble or hurt. I got the school involved because the girl got my daughter pulled into the assistant principals office because  of her gossiping and blaming my daughter for it. They told my daughter if she gets in trouble it is an automatic 10 day suspension. That is why the school is involved. I told them if they don't stop it I will get the authorities involved. These girls are out of control and the parents don't care. They think it is ok. It is harmless. But in the grand scheme of things it is not. Parents need to take control of their children before things get out of control and children get hurt. Because parents like me will not take things so lightly and make sure everyone will go to jail or be held responsible in some way

January 21, 2008, 5:37 am CST


Quote From: lmcin2

It is so easy to blame the parents but having been through some rough years with two teenagers I can vouch for the fact that not everything can be laid on the parents.  These girls are old enough to know better and should be held accountable.

No I do blame the parents. They think it is harmless fun and it is not. Teenagers take gossiping and pranks to far. When some one gets hurt it means nothing to them. They have no emotion or feeling, They think it is ok and parents allow them to think so. That is the way they are brought up. Well you know what it is not the way and these girls and there parents need to stop and think about how they are bringing up there kids and see how society will view them later in life.
January 21, 2008, 5:48 am CST

Why Cell Phones

Quote From: travelguru

Finally there is another person who shares my views! This reply is "right on" - if parents knew what their children were doing things like this probably wouldn't happen. And, why do pre-teens and teens need cell phones, especially in school? I'm sorry but that is NOT the place for them. I've heard people say computers, cell phones, the internet, etc...has created a lot of our societal problems today. Just look at the stuff you can view on the internet! Not only view, but there are sites that let you build a web site for free and here you can post anything! MySpace, YouTube, and others, these sites allow anything to be posted, true or not! I won't judge all teens by the ones who are up to no good and even up to criminal-level activity. There are many good teens in the world who do good things! Bless Them! It's the bad ones that we hear about, have always heard about and probably always heard about! What scares me the most is, these kids are the future, and what kind of an adult will they be!
The reason why I say yes to cell phones is because I was living in NY for 9\11. Even though my daughter was to little for one then I was devasted that I couldn't get in touch with her. Now that I live in VA my daughter has had several bomb threats in middle school and now in high school. The school never tells you anything and you are worried about your child. How do you wait to hear from your child until they get home or some one lets them use a phone to call you. Yes they are bother for alot of reasons but in case of an emergency they really do need them.
January 21, 2008, 6:44 am CST

Teen Bullys

Well the real question here is can parents be held accountable for what their teenagers do in their on line activities.There has been a major breakdown between teens and preteens when it comes to their parents.
Moms working Dads working,the kids are left to fend for themselves and learn from each other.
Parents really need to step up and do the right thing,.
Children watch everything their parents do,regardless of the fact that you may think they aren't.
Believe me they are.

SO parents step up,do the right thing talk to your children about race,equality,bigotry,teach them how to be Honest,humble,have empathy for their fellow man.
Talk to them about the bigger picture .That it is deeper than me you and us.
Teach them by example also.
Remember they are watching everything!....Learn to say no when needed,spend some time talking with them,sit down play a board game with them.This gives you time to talk and LISTEN.
GO for a walk,give them examples of improper behavior and proper behavior.

Children need lots of attention do it now parents time flys.
My first born is now 36,and I am about to welcome a great grandchild into the world.

Teach by example!

January 21, 2008, 6:51 am CST


 girls are a real crap even here in botswana they like gossiping especially when they are  discussing relationship issues

January 21, 2008, 6:58 am CST

real life gossip girls

1) child porn is a federal offense.  (13 year olds are chidren.)  It seems strange to me that the picture could circulate through the whole school, and the sheriffs office can not come up with the picture.  The victum herself has seen the picture. (If this story was real)


2)Dr Phil was on Extra announcing that he had gone to see BS at the hospital.  Once again Sensationalism.   

January 21, 2008, 7:12 am CST

Gossip is a sin


iI am a Jew- and according to the laws of my faith, gossip is a sin that is considered to be as serious as murder.  In Hebrew it is referred to as  "Lashon Ha rah" - the evil tongue. Remember " Thou Shalt not Murder"! Gossip is murdering someone's good name. 


In an ethics class at my synagogue my Rabbi put it this way:

 Two people could have adulterous sex in the synagogue sanctuary in front of the open Ark on Yom Kippur and then eat a ham and cheese sandwich... and the Rabbis of the Talmud would write that gossiping about them was just as evil a sin as what they had done.


I teach high school- and  I tell my students this: I will never say anything about you that I would hesitate to say to you.  If I overhear gossip in my classroom I Immediately shut it down by asking these questions:

                                Was this done directly to you?

                                Were you there or are you hearing about it?

                               Do you know for an absolute fact that it is true?

                                  Does repeating the story cause harm or embarassment?

                           Are you a person who hurts others for your own amusement??

It usually stops them.


January 21, 2008, 7:17 am CST

Gossip sucks but..

Yes, what the two girls did on MySpace sucks..but to sue the families TWO YEARS later!!?? That is not right either..I'd like to know what damages they could possibly sue for. Crystal was the victim, she would have gotten all the sympathy, which she deserves, don't get me wrong..but obviously, the threats the 2 girls made were not carried out.They have paid..They are now very likely the subjects of the same kind of crap they pulled on the other girl.So, why do their FAMILIES have to pay MONEY ?? For what??


How many of us with kids can say we know /knew EVERYTHING they are doing. I had normal kids, who somtimes screwed up. NOt pefect ones,like the ones you all apparently have. I think parents like to think they have raosed perfect children and give themselves pats on the back..Well  folks, think again, because there is no perfect. The only differences is in HOW we screwed our kids up.


Sometimes, the things they did and said completely shocked me. They are all now grown, college educated, good jobs..not perfect,just like I am not..and they will mess up raising their kids,too.


I was the victim of MUCH gossip as a teenager.My family was so very openly dysfunctional and my mother did stuff that caused the whole little town we lived in to TALK AND TALK.I rose above it..or It made me cry..It also made me stronger. My life was threatened ,verbally..Those girls were dealt with..and we actually became friends..

WTF is the other mother thnking she is teaching her daughter about monetary gain..Yuck..

January 21, 2008, 7:21 am CST

Bullying Hurts

My child (a minor) was being bullied at school.  Unfortunately he chose the wrong way to deal with it.  He resorted to making threats against the boy bullying him and blanket threats against others.  He was arrested, convicted and is working off his punishment.  Part of the consequence involves paying money which he is supposed to earn.  This has become a problem because of the gossip that arose from this incident.  The gossip came from the boy who was bullying him and his parents. My son's name has been spread through out our small community, and consequently he has been unable to get a job to pay off his debt.  The parents of the bully he threatened took this to the news and caused a lot of commotion.  The news of course did not look at both sides.  The school did not do anything to the bully, either.  This bully has gotten away with his crime which is not fair.  My child is paying for what he did, and I agree he should.  My question is how long should he have to pay!  Bullying caused this problem and continues to cause problems.  The news media continued the bullying with thier one sided reports. 
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