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Created on : Friday, January 11, 2008, 01:05:50 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 01/16/08) Do you know someone who says he or she has a great idea to make a lot of cash overnight? Does this person spend all their time, energy and money trying to make a better this or that? Dr. Phil's guests have their heads in the clouds but no money in the bank, and their loved ones want to give them a reality check. First up, Dave thinks his big–money break is around the corner. He says once one of his deals comes through, he'll being living high on the hog, though for now he lives in a tent. His ex-girlfriend, Diane, says she would marry Dave if he could get his finances figured out. Find out why Dave's mom says she's scared for her son's future. Next, Casey is only 24 but has already racked up $2.2 million in debt with rash real estate investing. He's been foreclosed on, receives calls from creditors, is considering bankruptcy, and recently, his wife handed him divorce papers. He's desperate to save his marriage, but is his wife willing to work things out? And, meet A.J. Khubani, a man who has made millions selling products on TV infomercials. He allows the Dr. Phil cameras to roll as he tells it like it is to wannabe millionaires. Find out which product caught A.J.'s eye, and what he's willing to do for this inventor. Plus, learn how to spot a two billion-dollar scheme that could take you for thousands, and don't miss the get-rich-quick ideas the Dr. Phil viewers submitted. Would you buy them? Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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January 16, 2008, 2:44 pm CST

Dave and Diane

I thought it was so refreshing to see a couple who truly seem meant for each other! 


Clearly, God's hand is on Dave's life in a unique way.  I hope that he will take Dr. Phil's advice and get a job.  I hope he will be the man that is faithful in the little because one day he will be the man that is faithful in the much!





January 16, 2008, 2:56 pm CST

I can relate to you totally!

Quote From: twoschues2000

My boyfriend was totally this way. For 2 1/2 years I put up with hearing about this greand idea or this great scheme...we only have to do this, we only need this, if we only use this for that...on and on it went.

Yes he worked - he had an income but was constantly plotting and planning his next BIG money making scheme... I noticed it when we met and I thought it was cute - he was ambitious - as things went on I though well maybe he just has bad luck as things he would try failed for one reason or another. I was also taking the toll as together as a couple - these things consumed all his free time and was starting to consume our finances as well - and it started out small then grew into more things - and more larger things...(INvestments)  

ok well he would get mad as I got skeptical or told him it wouldn't work let it go...and things turned into fights/arguements...Money bcame the center of everything and the lack or loss of it.  He would tell me it would work we'd have so much it was worth it to do...He'd make it right and pay it back to me...

2  1/2 years I had to leave him.  I was 35,000 in debt (thankfully that was all) and filed for bankruptcy. I had to be strong and stop it - Things over and over were repeating and not getting better.  I left him and got myself on track.

I'm now rebuilding my credit, down sized many things to get caught up, paid off all back bills and am even.

I have no real credit card debt I can't handle and am finishing graduate school as a single mom with 2 boys under 12 at home. 

I knew and have known for years if it sounds too good to be true it is...There is NO SUCH thing as get rich quick.  They have ploys and marketing techniques that pray on people';s weaknesses hopes dreams and desires.  They know people are in crisis - in debt to their eyeballs and beyond and yet continue to pray on them.  Desperate people are easy marks.  Be strong, work hard, make and have a plan is my best advice.

if that person is you STOP IT...if that person is married to you  you need to have a serious fierce conversation with them about it  and if you can't take it - leave it...My life has totally turned around - totally for the better...I'm a teacher I tutor on the side when I can - I budget, plan etc. and make things work. I have also found GOD and attend church regularly this has also helped make things easier  and changed my views on many negative things      Am I rich and blessed - in many different ways than with money  YES :)


I myself have been with a man for almost 3 years.  He is the nicest man I have ever known.  He is so sweet, gentle, honest, and so caring of others, he would give you the shirt off his back! His problem is  simple, he wants a rich, quick fix.  He is a contractor, which here in Florida, the work is not available.  After watching the Dr Phil show today, the first gentleman that was on, so reminds me of my boyfriend!  He would refuse to get a job from 8-5, saying he wouldnt  feel comfortable doing this, and I was talking about HomeDepot, or Lowes, where there are contacts there.

When the construction business, went into an all out low, he just packed his things, and moved to Montana, leaving behind his mom and son and of course myself and the kids.  He was there for 2 months, and then once again borrowed money and moved to Maryland, which he is now living with his best friend, which as of today, 5 weeks later, he has maybe had 2 jobs, and still hasnt pushed Lowes or Home depot. He would much rather take a wait and see attitude.   Which unfortunatly has pretty much destroyed our relationship along with his heavy drinking because he has no work.  This man I love is very talented, but does not seem to have the energy or the drive to go out there and push. I believe he wants people to come to him.  He also spends alot of time on the internet looking for jobs, which again he is not pushing himself out there.  Like the first man on the show today, we have both kind of dropped  God from our lives, not totally, but have not asked him for help...until now. I pray every nite for him to intervene in Jims life, and to get rid of the depression and alcohol consumption, which is caused by him not having steady work.I also pray for Jim to seek God again.   If he would just  drop the rose colored glasses and see that you must go out and work hard, and also understand that your chances of winning the lottery are pretty much zilch,  he would  be such a catch.  My only hope and dream is that he stops what I call mooching off of people (friends mostly, never me!)for money to move all the time and realize it is time to become a responsable adult. 

January 16, 2008, 2:58 pm CST

the online patent registration....

what was the name of the website the guy stated to go to where it only cost like $100 some dollars to patent your item(s)?

January 16, 2008, 3:04 pm CST

Bad Checks scam

I got one of those letters for help with the money.  I refused, but they were persistent.  they sent me a check and I contacted the company that the check came from.   I was informed the check was real but it was not for me it was for a company that did services for them.  The lady i had contacted sent me information on where to send the check back too.  I have several email from her thanking me,  but I have to wonder if she was part of it or not.  maybe a show could be done about that stuff
January 16, 2008, 3:20 pm CST


Quote From: gamaeat

I have been getting these emails DAILY for a very long time!! I mark them as spam but they just keep coming!!! If not the lottery, then the inheritance from a poor deceased uncle. I have gotten the scam email from Bank of America (or so they would have you believe). That one was scary because it shows the logo from bank of america and return address from BOA !! They say your account has been breached or something to that effect and they need to verify your account info . I have NEVER had an account with BOA and am NOT naieve so i didn't fall for it !!!! But what about the poor folks on a limited income that DO have an account with BOA?? It looks so legitimate that I could see people getting taken after giving account info.

      I like the earlier response that says they offered to meet this person in central park with his people:):) What a clever response!!!! I hope you don't mind if i borrow that !!!!!

    Just remember to NEVER give ANY personal or account information online , if it is legitimate they will have no problem sending you the required info or forms!!!

I can certainly relate to the scams that were identified today on Dr. Phil and when you are down and out with children and see these emails for the first time from places like MICRO SOFT it sincerely hurts the sole. I not only recieved checks that are still here, with me not knowing at all what to do with them but new enough not to touch them at all! For so long I have tried finding a way to work from home and I am sincere in that I am qualified, but then you see what is under all the b/s that comes along with a job offer and the bottom line a COST < when did you have to start paying to work and perhaps it was when I was not disable and able to work> because ever since I have had nothing but scams sent to me if not a college that always finds a way to make money on those less fortunate. Well I could go on and on but the fact of my writing is I am truly lost as to what to do with the checks, I want to report all the emails I have saved and the checks which I almost shredded, but didn't catch at all what Dr/ Phil's suggestion was so if anyone has that information, I would appreciate a post and I will do my best to STOP the non sense and pain caused to me and so very many who are undeserving of such b/s and scams. Bless ALL and Be Happy!
January 16, 2008, 3:35 pm CST

Careful when selling via classifieds

My husband and I have been breeding and selling dogs for many years.  The last 2 times we have advertised via newspaper classifieds we have gotten a phone call.  The call is from an operator who states he/she has a person on the other end who is deaf.  That person types in what they want to say and the operator translates it.  Then my response is again typed back to the supposed deaf person.  The operator is an 'IP' operator.  The first time I received such a call I fell for it.  The person calling said they wanted to purchase 2 puppies.  They requested my e-mail address. In the e-mail they stated they  would send me a check for more than the purchase amount of the puppies.  I was to deposit that check and rush to Western Union and return the overage to the person calling.  They would have 'their service' pick up the puppies later on.  As my neighbor is a county policeman and my son-in-law a news anchor, both of them told me this was definitely a scam and most likely originated in Nigeria.  They had both heard reports of this scam. 

Please advise all viewers about this scam.  I have gotten 4 or 5 more calls but have refused to accept any of them.  I tried to block the number from my phone but since the number comes from anywhere in the USA it is impossible to do so.  I contacted the IP operators and they told me there were many numbers used and the person calling to the IP operator could be from anywhere in the world. 

Please do not fall for this scam.  Remember, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is!!!!!

January 16, 2008, 3:57 pm CST

Happy I watched the show today!

   I probably would have fallen into the get rich quick disaster. I  had a few good ideals and went to on the internet. I sent the ideals to  some developers whom e-mailed me back, made a few calls and sent me some paperwork to be filled out. I was shocked as to how much it cost to get an ideal off the ground. I was thinking of doing my own research but did not know where to start except with getting the patient ,I was lost. Phil if u have information for free, to send out to virwers like me. to get there foot in the front door without it costing 5 to 10 grand! that would be a dream come ture for a regular ol whousewife with big dreams. I had played with the ideal of getting friends to sponsor the ideals for me . Glad I had a wake up call after watching your show today.Thanks Phil for the informative information!

                                                                             Homemaker in West Virginia  Pam

January 16, 2008, 4:17 pm CST

Some people do make it to early retirement - my brother did at age 31!

Although every so called 'Wanna be get rich person' on today's Dr. Phil show pathetically failed to the point of either being in 2 million dollars debt and losing his marriage or to the point where your living in a damn tent and even then it doesn't kick in. The truth is....SOME people do make it who start out on their own at a young age... Case in POINT my oldest of 4 brothers... I don't feel safe giving his name out but I'll try to make a long story short..


He graduated from University with a Degree in Computer Science and initally worked for the City of Calgary which by the way payed very well, however as he was working for the City during his last year of university (which was a requirement) for his particular COOP program, the wheels were already in motion for his own business. A phase that I think speaks volumes and can make/break a company is "Timing is everything". Well has anyone here ever heard of the Internet? Well lets say back in 1995 - 1996 is was still in its very infancy, my brother who was just starting a company in computer graphic design, heard about the Internet and instintivly knew this was gonna be a HUGE idea/product/service/etc/etc with unknown capabilities. When I graduated high school 1 year early in 1994 I decided at the last minute to take a year off before going to university and worked a full time job and played hockey/went to the gym/etc/etc BUT about in April/May I decided I wanted to move to the BIG city and see how things would go. At the end of May by luck I guess my brother offered me a job at his NEW Internet company and if anyone who has worked for family knows, it not easy, infact its harder then anything else! But I believed in my brother, I waned him to succeed, although I didn't know much about the Internet, I know that I really wanted to learn and that I was very attracted to the Internet and what it could do, even at that time.


So over the years, his company grew and grew, yes there was hard times in the beginning but thats only cause he's actually BAD with money and balancing a cheque book, and this one lady who came in 1 day/week in the beginning I JUST knew that she was the other key to the success of this company. I told my brother this many, many times and about 6 months later this lady quit her very, VERY successful, extremely high paying job to come and work for my brother FULL time, yes she did receive ALOT it coming over but I knew the two of them would make it work after that.. In 1999, so about 6 yrs later, give or take my brothers company which grew to the LARGEST Internet Provider in the city and probably western Canada was offered and beleive me many, many, many, many US MILLIONS to buy him out by a company called PSINET in the United States. In the end he accepted and the rest has be a dream life for him....All at the tender age of 31.


Don't get me wrong though, It wasn't a get rich scheme, although 6 years in the WHOLE time line of life and work really isnt much at all. He did bust his ass, he worked 7 days/week, 14-16-18 hours a day and I know that for a fact cause I was living with him for a while and while I was at the gym or going out with girls or getting drunk or going to University he was always at the office. I guess thats why out apartment was less then a block from the office... Even on sundays I would go in there and help out from time to time but he was always there.. It was his...project...his life...his investment....


So yea he succeeded very well, at a very young age. But from my experience alot of came down to timing and seeing a unique/very good opportunity and he jumped on it from the start and never let go, never quit, even when times were tough at the start...


So now? He drives around in his Ferrari 360 Modena Spyder or his Porsche Boxster or him BMW or his Merceded Benz SL500 I think is the model number. He goes on nice vacations, buys nice houses, condos, properties around the country. Currently he just does his own thing, does a bit of investing and does what he wants really...


So yea it can be done but from what I have seen and witnessed it came down to timing, a bit of luck and the right idea and the right people...

January 16, 2008, 5:11 pm CST

I should have 100 million dollars

  The day I changed my e-mail to Yahoo I started recieving notices that I have won the British lottery(at least  25 times, I am benificiary for untold millions from many dead relatives I didn't know I had. The only stipulation is that I be honest and share the booty 50/50 or 40/60 depending on the bank worker.

  I had my bank account cancelled when I brought a cheque in to them to see if it was real.I asked them to

verify the cheque,that I would not do anything until they had oked the cheque but because it was fraud my account was cancelled.

   Another scam not mentioned is the collect money for my company and tras ship 90% to head quarters

or where ever else they say, usually Nigeria.The big problem is the money order or gram are very good fakes. The first ones I recieved were from Wal-Mart .I went to the local store to have them looked at and they told me they were very good quality fakes but the missed on three different places.The next ones I recieved were postal money orders which I brought to the post office and of course they were fake.

  I have kept all the e-mails in a folder and have them available if they would help the authorities.

  By the way the lotteries all use the hook of having to have the money sent by courier at a cost of 500 to 600  british pound sterling that has to be paid first. I was told how can you be broke your over 50,and I said it's not hard on a pension.

January 16, 2008, 5:12 pm CST

Invest with knowledge

I'm thinking that guy who is 2.2 mill in debt bit off more than what his young uneducated mind did best-GOT GREEDY.  He couldn't be happy he made $30, he got greedy and had very little financial intelligence and lost his as_. It's not our fault he got a 'liar loan' any one could have gotten one, the smart profited. The greedy ,inexperienced amatures lost alot. And we as a country lost alot, as you see part of our economy is dependent upon real estate,when RE is bad the jobs diminish and it goes downhill.SO if you want to blame someone for all the foreclosures and a down market,blame the greedy dumb people who are practically breaking our economy. Don't get a loan you can't pay !! They can't blame the author of a book or a bank. Where is the self accountability??

                 A Realtor who works with investors and we all make money.

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