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Created on : Friday, January 11, 2008, 01:03:06 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Girls dancing on bars half-naked, passed out on the beach, hugging the porcelain … these are photos posted for all to see on the Web site Facebook, in a group called Thirty Reasons a Girl Should Call it a Night. These shocking and provocative pictures are supposedly submitted by the women in the photos themselves. The women say they love to have fun, and this is a way to bond with other girls just like them. But are there unforeseen consequences to letting the public behold you at your worst? Dr. Phil speaks with women on both sides of this debate. Jasmine is the moderator for the group Thirty Reasons and says, although she’s responsible for taking down questionable photos, she hasn’t found one yet! Amanda and Norma are incensed that women would degrade themselves in this way. Hear from the president of a company who uses Web sites like Facebook and MySpace to weed out potential employees. Could documenting your good time on the Internet become your biggest regret? Then, a teen who loves to drink says criticism of Thirty Reasons just reinforces the double standard of gender inequality. What do Dr. Phil and the teen’s mother think? Plus, a mayor’s sexy photo has her town’s residents outraged. And, meet a substitute teacher who says he was unfairly fired from his job two times for what’s on his MySpace page. Share your thoughts here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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January 15, 2008, 8:40 am CST

Terminations From Employment

The part-time teacher/musician who was twice fired from the teaching position at middle and high schools has no one to blame but himself.  Although I have not seen his contract with the school system, most such contracts often contain language with respect to inappropriate personal behavior on or off the job that can be connected to or have a nexus with his employment with the school system. 


In other words, his (now public on the internet) inappropriate personal behavior has caused an inappropriate reflection on the school and its students.  In my opinion, therefore, the school system was within its rights to terminate his employment and if challenged, the termination would be sustained.


Furthermore, future prospective employers would be within their rights to voucher prior periods of employment in order to make an informed decision whether or not to offer employment to this man.  If the decision is not to hire him based on this now public information, in my opinion, that decision would also be sustained if challenged in some forum.

January 15, 2008, 8:48 am CST

More information

I am not supporting this behavior. I have a facebook and myspace profile, and just wanted to say that you can see all of the pictures that are associated with your name. You have the ability to delete pictures of yourself. Other people can post pictures of you, and while you can't remove them, you can remove the tag so that the picture is not associated with your name and won't come up if someone searches for pictures of you. You can also create a private profile or a limited profile to make pictures of you only available to the friends you choose and not the public or all of your friends. I understand that their can be negative consequences to posting pictures even when utilizing these features, but there are ways to post pictures without making them available to the general public or future employers.
January 15, 2008, 8:51 am CST


I have a blog called NONONSENSEGRAMMYTREE.BLOGSPOT.COM that deals with common sense (and lack thereof) parenting, grandparenting, etc issues....and this show today is just the kind of thing I talk about!


I cannot believe the blase attitude of that mother of the 17 year old as the kid proudly defended her "right" to behave in such a stupid and dangerous manner!  The mother just sat there with a dumb smile on her face and made excuses for this girl. Where IS common sense?? I would have jerked that kid's chain so hard the FIRST time I caught her drinking...and the computer would have been taken away immediately for a very long time; she would have had to earn it back...and then be only allowed to use it with supervision.

This child is well on her way to alcohol addiction if she isn't there already, and THAT issue needs to be addressed before any other!!


Also, I own a residential cleaning business, and let me tell you, before I hire anyone, I thoroughly check them out! Besides a criminal background check, I also go to MySpace, Facebook and YouTube to see if they come up. If I saw this young woman drunk, passed out, her clothes half off, I would NOT hire her! After all, her moral character and judgement abilities are very important....(not to mention that, because she is drunk half the time, she probably also has regular hangovers and couldn't be depended upon to get herself to work on time or to do a good job if she did manage to drag herself there!)...I am sending those who work for me into people's homes where they will have contact with the client's personal property and young children who may be in the home at the time we are there. I not only do not want people like this kid working for me, but I have an obligation to my clients not to put anyone like that into their homes. 

And, if you are thinking, "Oh well, it's just a cleaning job; who cares?"....let me tell you that I start my people out at $15 an hour and they get pretty good raises, plus bonuses, and they have been with my company for years!

I've had people who have worked for me while they are going to school and their wages help pay for their tuition while they are heading towards a good future. I also have single moms who are able to support themselves and their children on the wages I pay.

They are treated with dignity and respect because they DESERVE to be!


It It beats the heck out of  working in a fast food place for minimum wage!


EVERYTHING you do all your life affects your better consider that before you blither on doing stupid stuff! 

January 15, 2008, 8:52 am CST

The Mayor's Secret

Wow!  She is very attractive, but I could have probably seen that even if she had her clothes on.  It is just not appropriate to blur your private life with your work life and if you post naked pictures online it is going to blur the lines b/c the people you work for will have seen you naked (that's the reality of it).


Should we see our Mayor or other elected officials naked? NO!! For goodness sakes you don't go to school for years and work hard to be a mayor or whatever and take off your clothes. 


Leave taking your clothes off and putting your mostly naked pictures online for the Adult Entertainment Industry.  Gee Whiz!!


How good of a mayor is she?  I am sure the town didn't want this scandal brought apon them and that is something to consider and whether or not she uses good judgement.  I think it is up to her city people to decide if they want to keep her. I think I would look for a different mayor if given the opportunity.


I think she should have waited until she was not in office to show the world how good she looks in her underwear. 

January 15, 2008, 9:00 am CST

Laying on public potty floor

I think that is so gross.  I don't know who is taking the pictures?  Someone else takes them and then gives them to their friend? 


If it was my friend I wouldn't take a picture of her like that, I'd pick her up off the dirty floor (I won't even put my purse on a bathroom floor).  After I picked up my friend I'd either drive her home if I was completely alcohol free or I'd get a cab and get her back to her house okay and make sure she got in the door and got help from her parents for her drinking problem. That's what I would do if it were my friend.

January 15, 2008, 9:01 am CST

Take time to THINK

I am very concerned for our young since the rights and priviledges of parenthood have been sliced away by the government.  As a child of the mid fifties there is no way my mother would have allowed me to be so cavallier about myself.  These young ladies don't seem to have one iota of self respect and don't care who knows it.  There is a proven fact that will become evident when you are 20 to 30 years older.  That is no one can love, care, or treat you better than you love, care, or treat yourself.  Relationships will come and go.  Jobs will come and go.  Self respect is forever and what you do now sets the stage for the world to either look up to you or down their nose at you.  Take some time to read some self help books that teach empowerment and self esteem.  As the leaders of tomorrow, take care what you do today.  Some things can't or wont be overlooked regardless of age.  And consider the young men!  What they see and read on the internet will bias thier opinion of you before they ever meet you.  Look at the stigma your are placing on yourselves.  Also consider the men who like young girls.  You may become an easy target for them.  I hope each of you reading this will stop to think that no one is exempt from danger, negative thoughts, or gossip.  Take care of yourselves and your bodies.  We only get one life, one body, and many time one chance to get things right.
January 15, 2008, 9:01 am CST

You are not too old!

Quote From: jbloblolly

Re:  Today's show about the teens getting drunk and posting pictures.........................In my own personal opinion (although I'm old and no one really wants to hear my opinion) one, including these young people should post of do anything that they would be ashamed for God to see.

I am a mother of three and a grandmother of five and I have LOTS to say! You may be interested in my blog: NONONSENSEGRAMMYTREE.BLOGSPOT.COM / because it deals with a lot of these issues....and, I am always interested in feedback from grandparents, parents and anyone else who has something constructive to say!

Check it out.

January 15, 2008, 9:03 am CST

A drinkin' girls moral

Well, I would be a liar if i said I'm not a weekend warrior. I agree, i dont think there is anything wrong with a young lady drinking and having fun, if she is of age AND responsible.

I, however, one) dont drink myself to the point of poisoning and i two) WOULD NEVER post pictures of myself being THAT irresponsible on the internet. I just wouldnt. I dont understand what the payoff is for these girls. What are they getting out of doing this??

January 15, 2008, 9:08 am CST

01/15 Internet Mistakes

Quote From: tracy1242

I don't understant the use of the word "right" in this show.  She acts like there aren't equal rights.  Clearly she got drunk, took pictures and posted them.  Therefore  she has the right to do it all.  The right to do it is not what is the question.  Is it appropriate or harmful?  That's what is the question.


I'd say it is very inappropriate and it is going to be harmful to those involved if an employer sees it.  I don't know their ages, but this is the type of behavior you can be kicked off of cheerleading squad and clubs for.  I was VP of a college based marketing organization when I was in college (we were learning the ropes by taking small jobs in the community) had I posted pics of escapades like this about myself and our client seen them not only would we lose the business but I would have lost my position in the organization as VP. 


It is also harmful to others to present this online like it is a funny joke when young ladies will look at this and think this is how you can be cool and go out and get themselves in trouble.


Shame on you "Right to Get Drunk" girl.

you're right, the whole time i was watching the show i kept asking myself "what is the payoff here?". I believe, like you, it's because these girls are trying to represent themselves as COOL. What's sad to me, is that if they had any common sense they would realize that later on in their lives the people that they are trying to impress arent necessarily QUALITY people. so all around, the PICTURES prove to be futile. And clearly, if they are documenting their prayers to the porcelain gods, than their drinking is affecting their health. Not good all around
January 15, 2008, 9:16 am CST

Clueless and Wanting to Stay Clueless

Mary's mom is clueless and wants to stay that way.


Let's see, she caught her daughter twice drinking once b/c of a choma and the other time b/c of a night in the drunk tank.  Come on Mary's Mom!!!  This girl needs help and she needed it years ago.


Burrying your head in the sand about your daughter's drinking isn't going to turn out a mature and prosperous woman.  She is almost an adult and she seems very immature.    The next time mom cathes her drinking it could be the time she is dead or killed someone else.


Personally, I wouldn't blink before sending a girl of Mary's current age to jail for life if she took a life driving drunk.  She is irresponsible and dangerous. 


Maybe she can post some pics of herself in the choma or in the drunk tank on the net.


MOM of Mary should be very ashamed. I wouldn't let her out of the house and I would have her in a program as long as I could afford it even if I lost my house.  She has a drinking problem, she is chemically dependent.


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