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Topic : 06/18 "My Big, Fat, Spoiled Family Member"

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Created on : Friday, January 04, 2008, 02:12:22 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 01/11/08) Dr. Phil speaks with guests who are fed up with a family member because they say their out-of-control spending has got to stop. Katie says her brother, Adam, just loves to spoil himself. He's spent hundreds of thousands on boats, Corvettes, and top-of-the-line toys just so he can brag to people that he has them. Adam says what’s the point of buying these things if he can’t show them off? Is living the American dream worth having a $200,000 debt? Then, Kecedra says her 4-year-old daughter, Dawson, is turning into a shopaholic, and it all started when “Auntie Gina” bought the girl a leather skirt when she was just 6 months old! Kacedra says her sister, Gina, spends thousands spoiling Dawson, and she’s creating a big problem. And, you won’t believe the pet project Pam spends all her money on. This obsessive spoiling made her roommate so sick, he had to move out! Tell us what you think!

Find out what happened on the show.

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January 11, 2008, 1:21 pm CST


Quote From: kateyez


 That girl is sick. I think we will find her kinky videos on you tube. And she probably goes through a lot of peanut butter LOL!! My hubby was like that with his dog. I had to break his habit real fast. It is good to have a pet, but they are not kids. And they have a place in the household. It's not in MY bed while I sleep on the floor. Her relationship with her dog is just unnatural. Eventually she will find someone and fall in love. And when he asks her to remove the dog from the bedroom, what is her choice going to be??

There is a name for every mental illness so what do we call people who think that their pets are real human children?  (Besides severely misguided.)  News flash:  Dogs are not people too.  You do NOT love your pet the way I love my children.


Give Me a Break!! 

January 11, 2008, 1:27 pm CST

01/11 "My Big, Fat, Spoiled Family Member"

Dr Phil can spot an "old maid" in the making.  He let the dog lady off because there are those that are just not meant to be married or otherwise involved.  There is one of this type of person in every town around.  She seems happy and content at least.....
January 11, 2008, 1:32 pm CST

Step up to the plate here!

Quote From: mommy_312

A 4 year old shopaholic?  Be a Mom... and if you don't want your sister to buy her stuff then let her know if she wants to see her niece then don't buy her anything.  As for your daughter, tell her know and ignore her temper tantrums... she will get the picture.  YOU ARE THE MOM... you decide what happens with your child.  If your child was constantly treated unfairly at school would you just complain about it to other people, or would you do something about it.  Just because she is your sister... doesn't mean you can't do anything.


There are way too many "Mom Help" books, online advice and usually friends and family for you not to know the options you can try and figure out which one works.  Sounds like you just don't want to deal with or not strong enough to  deal with the temper tantrums and just give in.



I so agree with you!  Mom knows this is a problem and refuses to deal with Auntie!  Why couldn't she just  set some simple rules with her sister.  I am not so sure she really wants it to stop.  In the end it's really the child who will suffer from this indulgence. That's the sad part.
January 11, 2008, 1:32 pm CST


Quote From: toniecw

The biggest thing that I have seen personally from grandparents, aunts and uncles a favoring one child over what it does to the other children that are shown no favorite position.  It creates hurt feelings of not being loved as much as the "Golden Child."


Good job of pin pointing the problem it could hold for the other less fortunate children.


In defense of Gina:

I believe in Reincarnation. 

I too have nieces and nephews that I feel as if they could have been mine in this life-time and perhaps were in other life-times.


Yet I also believe that what you do for one child in a family, should be done equally for just makes good sense to me. 


Sometimes I realize that this is hard, for sometimes these children that are closer do us, show us more clearly that we are loved by them as I can see how it might make things a bit harder to not show favoritism to the one that reaches out to us more than the rest...just my thoughts on the subject.


Love, Light and Peace


We Are All Blessed



Tonie you surprise me!  When did reincarnation become so mainstream?  We have psychics like Slyvia Brown talking about past lives and even christians are buying into it.  Slyvia Brown's predictions are wrong much of the time- the rest are so vague that I could have guessed it too.  I recall her saying that JLo would never get pregnant- she was wrong. 


Reincarnation is a Hindu belief- have we become a Hindu culture?  I had to explain to one of the children in my Confirmation class that christians do not believe in reincarnation and she was shocked.  Why- I asked her- would we need a Savior if we just keep coming back?  As christian we believe we have one life, one Savior.  The Torah, The Bible and The Koran says the same.


Are you Hindu Toni?

January 11, 2008, 1:34 pm CST

I have some of my own

I have spoiled family members and not only is it frustrating to see them live beyond their means, but it also can make you feel bad because you can't afford such things.  For instance my aunt and uncle went into debt for their daughter's wedding.  They let certain bills go and had bill collectors calling all of the time because they were letting bills go to pay for the wedding.  And now the daughter is divorced, what good did it do to spend all that money?  Even now, my aunt dresses in all these nice clothes, always has her hair done, had gaudy jewelry and you'd swear she has money, but just today one of her bill collectors called for her at work.  She's bought jewelry for $400 on QVC, had it delivered at work and then showed everyone what she bought.  I believe they have a big problem with needing to be seen by others as "trendy" and they put too much emphasis on material things.  I do believe they are trying to fill some sort of void.  There are family secrets and perhaps that has something to do with it.  I just choose to keep my distance to avoid unnecessary frustration.

January 11, 2008, 1:38 pm CST

another show about people with no common sense

Where is the common sense with all of the people on the show today. The first guest Adam was so insecure with who he was it was just sad. I quite frankly laughed when he paid full price for Jewelry for his wife.

Adam most  wealthy people don't get that way by chance or luck it is by hard work and smart choices. I can guarantee you we never pay full price.  We own our  basic cars they are just metal no one remembers you for what you drive. Most people who have money do not show it off. What if you get sick or lose your job or you should pass on from this life did you ever think where that would leave your family. They would be the ones stuck with your stupidity. Better to be remembered for what you did in life then for what you owed.


As for the mom Kecedra get off of your but and just say no!! you are the parent start acting like one and if your so concerned about  how it's affecting your daughter take her to a homeless shelter and donate the clothes! seems to me I see your lips moving but nothing is happening. I was appalled you let the your sister treat ALL of your children in such an unhealthy manner shame on you! 


Pam what are you going to do when you dog dies they live around 15 years if they are lucky and by then you will have lost touch with all the people that seem to care about you. You might end up one lonely lady and you do seem to be a very likable person.  I feel sorry for the dogs you own never to let a dog be a dog  to run out side like dogs should do is doggy abuse. I could understand if the dog had a medical condition but he looks fine maybe a little neurotic from living with you.

January 11, 2008, 1:46 pm CST

Find more interesting topics

Dr. Phil,   I love your show but there has been some really stupid topics lately.  I am going to take a break from watching due to the fact, I could really care less some brat is given more than she needs, spending to much money and spoiling a dog??????  Please find some topics that is important these days.  I am really sorry I wait daily just to turn your show on.  I had sent you many e-mails over the years, asking for your help and I know you are busy with really important things, dogs, over spenders and you are still on without any of my sad stories.  Hope you come up with some better topics to interest myself and my friends that work very hard and like to relax with a good, great Dr. Phil topic.  Sincerely Connie


January 11, 2008, 1:49 pm CST


 That poor woman.  She obviously has some deep-seated psychological problems.  And that dog is NOT the most beautiful thing.  He sneers for God's sake!
January 11, 2008, 1:56 pm CST

The Dog

    The dog has it Better than anyone in this life
January 11, 2008, 2:03 pm CST


I think this woman is a mental case.  She had no connection with reality here!!  I am not a fan of counselors but I do believe she needs one.



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