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Created on : Friday, January 04, 2008, 02:09:07 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 01/09/08) For most couples their home is a peaceful, loving sanctuary away from the outside world. But for Dr. Phil's guests, this couldn't be further from the truth. Jennie and Jeremy's house has turned into a battlefield, where they fight three to five times a day. They have been married for eight years and the only way for them to remain together is by living apart. The arguments have turned so ugly, Jeremy has called the police, and Jennie was arrested for domestic abuse. Why does Jeremy say he fears leaving Jennie home alone with the kids? The Dr. Phil show installed cameras in their home, but why didn't they capture any of the yelling, screaming and cursing? Then, hear Jennie's sisters' emotional pleas, and find out the one thing that Jeremy and Jennie's family can agree on. And, how are the kids affected by the swearing and anger in their home? Is there hope for this family, or should they head to court and finish their divorce proceedings? Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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January 9, 2008, 12:34 pm CST

01/09 When to Call it Quits

Why has noone mentioned an eating disorder clinic???? I am anorexic also and When you are its because you feel you have NO control over ANYHING ELES but what goes in your mouth! I'm not defending her actions but not eating makes your brain work funny and you don't feel as if you can EVER be happy no matter what anyone does! First things first, GET HER HELP, GET the kids out of there, some therapy, then see what happens!

And noone is putting any responsibility on the MAN IN THIS!!!! He needs to get it in check as well!!!

January 9, 2008, 12:47 pm CST

01/09 When to Call it Quits

Dr. Phil MAY have said stuff about the hubby being "part of the problem" but EVERYONE is blaming HER!!! No wonder shes anorexic! Her family has abandon her, what eles does she have! Ya shes not doing the right things but EVERYONE is beating her up! How do you expect to fix her if you only focus on the bad stuff! If you've not been anorexic YOU HAVE NO CLUE what its like to be one!!!

January 9, 2008, 1:00 pm CST

sincere hopes

No comments on the couple, just want them to know they have my sincere prayers and best wishes that they can work through their problems and learn to be the individuals, parents and couple that they want to be. Their children need a healthy home to live in with good role models.
January 9, 2008, 1:07 pm CST

01/09 When to Call it Quits

watched the show today, was just wondering who Roger King is, it said in memory of Roger King at the end of the show
January 9, 2008, 1:09 pm CST

01/09 When to Call it Quits

After watching the entire episode, I still don't understand what ismaking this bitchy wife so angry!  


She needs to be locked up in some sort of eating disorder clinic and the husband should be given full custody of the kids.  She is obviously  the problem!!!




January 9, 2008, 1:23 pm CST

I know you're hurt

Jennie, I know you're hurt. You like to control things, and I can totally relate to that.  A hard lesson for me to learn was that I really couldn't control my husband and kids. When I read about you totally yelling at your daughter and she was cowering in the corner, I saw me from a few years ago. I now know that I was mad at being home alone with little children all day because my husband commuted two and a half to three hours every day, I wasn't getting enough sleep because my baby didn't sleep through the night and I couldn't nap during the day, and I had no friends close by who didn't work. I took out my frustrations on my kids because there was no one else around, but I didn't make the connection about my circumstances. Now, whenever I feel like letting loose on my kids I try to stop and ask myself what am I really mad about? Usually it's because I'm tired or an expectation I had for my husband was not met (and it's my fault for not asking). I know you can be happy again and your children will feel safe with you.

Jeremy it isn't easy to see your wife like that and not know what to do. Good luck.

January 9, 2008, 1:26 pm CST

What a Wimp!

I don't see a man in this picture.  The woman is very irresponsible in her behavior.  She shouldn't be yelling and cursing all over the place.  She is very angry and she thinks she can just let off her steam on everyone in front of everyone.


Jennie seems very defensive and not ready to acknowledge how wrong she actually is in all of this.  Perhaps she cannot voice what she really wants and needs to her husband.


I seriously doubt the husband is being supportive and putting his wife's and kids first in his priority list.  She isn't either. They are both wrong. 


The whole dating thing with both of them is very sickening.  Going outside the marriage, well nothing can compete with that.  The grass always looks greener on the other side.


I love how she acts like she is the only one being blamed on the show.  I really got the full picture that the husband is a panty waste who doesn't step up and be a man by leading his family. 


She has a lot of resentment toward him.  He needs to find out why she is so upset with him.  Is it b/c she has to work too much?  Maybe they need to change their situation so that isn't the case. 


If she has an ED then she needs to deal with that and any other disorders she may have.  Rather than hide in bushes and following the wife around he should deal with the problems in their relationship.


If they tried treating each other right for two weeks showing love and respect to each other, I think they would see a glimpse of what they could have. 


I hope it works out because they will destroy their kids together or apart if they don't both grow up now.


Very sad case!

January 9, 2008, 1:30 pm CST

NOT quits Yet!

    In my opinion the father should have control of the house and children, While the mother gets help!


She seems to be the real problem, with her anger issues, eating disorder, and over compulsive disorders! She should get her own life in order first , and then decide whether they are meant to be a married couple.  Being apart right now would be best for the three girls though!!


Just my 2 cents worth, Kim

January 9, 2008, 1:33 pm CST

Dr Phil got it right

They should stop pointing the finger at each other and start growing up and acting like mature adults do.  They are both responsible for being mean-spirited and making a terrible home for their girls.  They should start supporting each other instead of tearing each other down.  They could have a nice life together if they would stop the drama.


It is wrong to complain all over about your spouse.  All that does is validate your feelings of self-righteousness and anger and make you more unwilling to do your part.


Women and men who want a happy marriage they key is:  women give respect to him, men give love to her (that means show it, not just love her and say it now and then).


I don't know why this woman is so angry, but it is probably like a lot of marriages, she wants him to do A,B, or C or she is tired and frustrated with status quo and he is blowing off her needs.  That would be my guess.  It doesn't have to be as dramatic as this.


I understand her anger, if that is the case.  My husband frustrated me for many years and we had a house of yelling and fighting.  It was like that for years and only better recently because he realized how he was not supporting me or helping me out with the kids.  He realized he was being a selfish and insensitive jerk.  He's really sorrry for that.  If this man could do that then he'd get some respect from his wife, I bet.


I hope they can work it out.  I hate to see divorce and they don't act like they will be peaceful in a split either, it looks like everyone is ready to take sides on both sides of the family.  SAD.

January 9, 2008, 1:42 pm CST

Ending This Could Be a New Beginning for Both of Them

Dr. Phil is right, neither of these people are bad people.  They are just bad for each other.  Obviously they both have serious emotional issues that cause them to lash out at each other.  Meanwhile, their kids get caught in the crossfire.  It is impossible to protect them from the hostility and anger when they are witnessing this behavior all the time.  For the sake of the kids, stay apart.  You both need serious counseling.  Mom, you need to get your head out of the sand and deal with your anger/hostility issues.  Dad, you need to stop acting out like a 5-year old and grow up.  Get away from each other and get help.  Then and only then should you try having a relationship with each other.
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