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Created on : Monday, December 17, 2007, 10:08:24 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
It's that time of year where we all take a long, hard look at our lives to see what's not working for us. Dr. Phil's guests say they desperately need to change unhealthy lifestyles or they might not make it to another year. Jill weighs 375 pounds and says she's afraid she'll die if she doesn't drop 210 pounds. Her friend, Cathi, says Jill is a miserable person, and she needs to stop making daily trips to McDonald's. Will Jill be able to put down the Big Mac and pick up some healthier eating habits? Dr. Phil has a drastic plan that will help her get on the right track. Then, Pam vows to quit smoking in 2008 but claims her husband, Eric, is one of the reasons she can't kick her 22-year addiction. Pam says she can't resist the urge to light up when he does. Will a recently discovered tumor be enough to make Pam kick the butts? And, Nyasha and Simone claim their sister, Victoria, has a toxic personality, and they're giving her an ultimatum: Get your act together or get gone! They say she curses, steals from relatives and starts fist fights with them in front of her kids. What's behind Victoria's bad behavior, and will she be able to change her angry ways before she alienates her family? Share your own New Year's resolutions and join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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January 2, 2008, 7:50 pm CST

01/02 No Kidding New Year's Resolutions

Quote From: fromthesquare

I quit smoking 12 years ago.  I had smoked for 17 years and had tried everything to quit- gum, patches, supplements, hypnosis,etc.  What ended up helping me kick the habit for good was praying.  I was too afraid of failure to make a promise to God to quit cold turkey so I would offer up each craving that came my way.  I would say "I will not have this cigarette for you."  I would offer it up as a prayer for people that I had promised to pray for.  I offered it up for myself and my own health.  It is worth a try-  If He can run the world He can certainly help you quit smoking.


Surviving one terrible craving after another is what adds up to success.

Its not by my might Its not by my own power but by My Spirit says the Lord
January 2, 2008, 7:53 pm CST

Partner with Jill

Dear Dr. Phil:

As I watched your show on New Year's Resolutions today I felt like I connected with Jill. I celebrated my 20th wedding aniversary this fall and I will be 42 on Friday and I have hit 205 pounds this past month. My problem is I snack too much, don't eat right, don't exercise and up until the past month I hadn't truly committed to losing weight.

I was diagnosed with Crohns just over a year ago and I feel that this has only complicated my weight problems. I have bad joints and back, sleep apnea (I use a breathing machine) and most days I have insomnia. I know that ifI lost 65 pounds my health would improve drastically.

I would love to be Jill's support partner. I need support and the help that Dr. Phil can give!
January 2, 2008, 7:56 pm CST



I definitely commiserate with the 375lb woman. I recently was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I was in the hospital for a week. I have lost 34lbs so far. I have changed my eating habits. I am walking 3 to 5 days a week. My blood pressure is returning to normal range. She has to look at the changes positive for herself. Once I stopped thinking about what I couldn't have, choices became easier for me to make. I look forward to becoming healthier.

January 2, 2008, 8:48 pm CST

Quit Smoking

I started smoking at age 12. I smoked a pack a day until I was 23. I did the patch, gum, hypnosis, cold turkey. I know that isn't as long as most people but I wanted to let everyone know how easy  it was to quit with Chantix, a new drug approved around August. There is a 44% success rate with it. I took it for one month (12 months normally) and that was October 11, 2006. Anyone can do need the right support and you have to want to do it.

January 2, 2008, 8:51 pm CST


Quote From: rayleen5

I am 5ft 4 and I weigh 420 pounds. My resolution is to lose weight. I am an emotional eater and I am extremly worried that I will fail. My husband bought me my exercise bike and weights so now it is up to me. I could really use an allie.Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers.


I am 5ft 5in and weigh 375 today, but was up to 415 earlier this year.  I am an emotional eater and I just plain enjoy food. I will lose 125 pounds in 2008 and would enjoy an allie to share our success with.  I wish you all the luck in the world and hope that somehow we can encourage each other.  I sat down today and put my resolution into the 7 successful steps that dr phil has listed and realize that this is not a diet but a lifestyle change one day at a time and never give up.
January 2, 2008, 9:11 pm CST

Dr Phil hit the nail on the head yet again!!

I quit smoking 5 yrs ago this Jan 1st, and I was a 30+ yr smoker, and toward the end I was up to 2+ packs a day. Dr Phil was SOOOO on the money when he named the levels of readiness to quit. You really do ABSOLUTELY have to hit that last level...the one that says I am sick of doing this to myself and I am commited and ready. It really isnt easy....and there will be times your family will want to hand you a lit cigarette, but after the first month if you keep praising yourself and being proud of your commitment, you are more determinted to stick to it.

 For yrs I wouldnt quit because I knew I would gain weight, which I had gained weight AS a smoker, just an excuse. Then I couldnt decide which to do first, quit smoking or lose weight. I finally decided that Im already heavy, whats a few more pounds, and if I can take control of the smoking, the losing weight wont seem so bad. So now that I have hit that 5 yr mark, this yrs resolution isnt so much to lose weight as it is to GET HEALTHY....I now know I have the power and determination to win this battle now.

Id like to wish all that are trying to quit smoking, a happy smokeless new yr and new life....and to all of us looking to win the battle of the bulge....WE CAN DO THIS!!!!

January 2, 2008, 9:20 pm CST

Quit while you're ahead

Three years ago, my mom 58 at the time, quit smoking and she was having the same problem, my dad would smoke in front of her which made it hard on her.  She was hitting her 7th month not smoking and she thought that she could take a drag or two from my dad's cigarette and not get sucked into the addiction fully again.   My dad didn't want to see my mom "suffer" from cravings so he didn't stop her.  I got into a big fight with both of them and I said "she will be suffering when she is hooked up to a respirator and can't breath in a few years!"   They both said I was being rediculous, judgemental, over dramatic...this past April my mom died of lung cancer and yes she was suffering on a respirator, she found out she had cancer March 17th and she died April 15th.  The cancer ravaged her body, she was only 61.  Imagine laying there, your family is with you,  you can't move because your hands are tied down so you won't rip out the respirator that makes you feel like you are suffocating and you can't a cigarette worth that?  My mom always thought it would never happen to her.  She leaves behind a 20yr. old son, 3 daughters, 4 grandkids and a devastated husband of what would have been their 40th anniversary 2 months after her funeral all because she decided to pick that cigarette back up.  Cravings only last for 10 minutes...lock yourself out of the house for those 10 minutes if you have to, don't let a cigarette kill your childrens mother/father.
January 2, 2008, 11:32 pm CST

Fast Food Addict

 I am a fast food addict. For me it started with personal problems I had in college, and it escalated when I started working retail and my store was close to the mall's food court.  And I am still a big fast food lover, but I have more control over it now.  It can be a long road to eating normally again , so I'd like to share a few tips for anyone that needs them.


#!.  VERY IMPORTANT:  In my opinion, you need to ignore those nutritionists that want you to give up everything!  You know, the nutritionist that don't want you to even drink DIET soda, NEVER want you to go to McDonalds, etc... .  They may not like those things, but it is unrealistic to expect you to give them up completly, and it leads to  yo-yo dieting.  You need to use portion comtrol and lower calorie versions of you favorite foods.


#2.  Use or Weight Watchers points, or any system that teaches you how to eat you favorite foods responsibly.  I loved ediets fast food list, I couldn't believe what was on it.


#3.  Your fast food portions are going to be small (kid sized) so learn the tricks of getting full. Some of mine are: finishing my meal with a glass of non fat milk, coffee or tea (with equal),  eating large portions of fruits and veggies, eating a meal and a snack together instead of hours apart.


#4.  Shave off calories wherever you can.  Low fat and non fat condiments, diet soda, sugar substitute, and portion control your condiments .


#5.  Learn portion control, count calories, and have a plan before you eat.   It is easy. All packaged food has the portion size and nutritional value on the label.  Info on non packaged food can be found in some cookbooks and on the internet.  Keep a food scale and a calculator in the kitchen.  GO TO THE WEB SITES OF YOUR FAV FAST FOOD PLACES AND PRINT OUT THE NUTRITION INFO TO HELP YOU PLAN BEFORE YOU EAT.


#6.  Fast food at home:  When you bring the food home, you can do things that you can't do when you are out.  Freeze large portions before you eat, so you won't be tempted.  Scrape off mayo and cheese and replace with your low fat stuff.  Check Nutritional values before you eat.


Diet frozen food REALLY CAN be good.  I have gotten a fix off of Weight Watchers baked ziti many times.  Just remember it is trial and error.  Buy something that looks good on the box, bring it home, try it out,  play with different condiments until you get the right taste.  My fav condiments are, steak sauce, BBQ sauce, salt, pepper, kraft parmesean cheese, I can't believe it's not butter spray, and tobasco hot sauce.  REMEMBER to  protion control you condiments.


#7  If you cook, invest in some good low cal cookbooks.


#8. Recognize your NON HUNGER issues and find new ways to deal with them.  Personally, I was using food to deal with sinus headaches instead of using sinus medicine.


You might fall off the wagon sometimes, but someone who practices a more nutritional lifestyle complete with fruits and veggies is less likely to have a nutritionally starved body that holds on to those extra calories.



January 3, 2008, 4:42 am CST

schmigelz, it's not a matter of working vs. not working

Quote From: shmigelz

I beleive a big reason alot of people are fat and overweight is because they have nothing to do all day. Either they are simply lazy and don't work or they choose not to work. So when people are bored they look for things to do, so why not eat for something to do?? It's true it happens! People eat because they are bored! because they have nothing to do....


Jill get a JOB? why not WORK? Get some structure in your day? find something to do so you can't think about food all the time, or just so you dont eat JUST for something to do! If your bored, don't have a job, don't have a job, you will simply eat to kill some time..


Jill is overweight because its the easy thing to do. Food doesn't say NO, food doesn't label you!!!!!


Jill is in a BIIIIIIIIG (no pun intended) hole.... She loves to eat, she eats just for something to do, she eats the absolute worst foods, I'll promise you she is depressed, lonely, sad, etc, etc. Im sure FOOD makes JILL happy, FOOD satisfies JILL even if only for a brief few moments.....


Jill is addicted to food for a wide variety of reasons. (She's bored, she does not work, so eating is doing something, food makes her less depressed, etc I could go on and on and on.) the signs are clear and visible.......


Jill needs MAJOR help, and thats assuming she even really wants to lose the 200+ pounds she added in what was it?? 1 YEAR!


Some people on here might say Im being hard on Jill but the reality is, and we can all see, shes harder on herself then any of us can ever be.. I don't know why she's laughing while shes up on stage. This is not a joke. Infact the only joke her, and Jill knows this, is the jokes the people who see her out in public make at her and Im sure does not like them....


But then again HOW can someone gain 200+ pounds in 1 year?? WOW! I mean that is a massive amount of weight for a woman to gain, let alone a man.....




schmigelz, Jill's weight problem is not a matter of working vs. not working. First of all, I have done both; I have worked and stayed at home and have not seen a significant difference in my own weight based on that factor.  As a matter of fact, there are plenty of chances for unhealthy eating in a working environment including birthday cakes for co-workers, vending machines, holiday candy and cookies that people bring in, and of course, the opportunity on lunch hour to go to.....McDonalds!!!.....if one chooses to do so.  Then many people will opt for those hurried, less healthy  meals at the end of the day that are a function of being too tired to cook.  Or a trip out for fast food f (McDonalds again??) for the same reason.  Granted, one can make better, healthier choices for  meals, but this can be done whether one is working or not.


Whatver is going on with Jill is deeply internalized, and she needs to deal with it rather than use food as a medication for pain.  I believe it goes alot deeper than boredom, and she is not doing it just because she lacks something else to do (ie. working).  I agree with you that she eats to feel better, and that it is just a short, temporary fix which happens to have very unhealthy results.  She needs to uncover whatever it is that is causing her pain. The nasty comments from people when she is out in public is compounding the situation, making her feel even worse. ( where do people come off thinking they have the right to laugh at someone else's appearance anyway?? Shame on them!)


I hope she will take the help she has been offered. If she is not working she should put the time to good use (ie. walks, gym, preparing healthy meals) I wish her the best.

January 3, 2008, 6:24 am CST

01/02 No Kidding New Year's Resolutions

Quote From: uglyiest

My daughter is 27 and was just diagnosed with Bi-polar also. She was cutting on herself a lot. She doesnt do it as much as she did. She also lives at home with me and I cannot get her to do much of anything. She doesnt pay anything and refuses to do work around the house. When confronted she says she didnt know what to do because I didnt tell her. That is so frustrating because at 27 she dang well knows how to clean and cook and all that. She is just totally lazy.  My younger daughter ( who has 3 kids) also lives with us. She was diagnosed with Anxiety disorder and something else, plus she has fibromylgia and chronic migranes. When asked why she hasnt done anything around the house it is always an excuse also like I was too tired or my head hurt. I work every day and beleive me I have enough problems of my own both physically and mentally. I too am terrified of just throwing these girls out because I do not know what will happen to them, on the other hand maybe they would grow up and learn to do things for themselves.

It is like being between a rock and a hard place.

My daughters are also rude and snotty when I try to talk to them.

I was releived to say the least to read messages posted from others about this problem and that I am not alone.  Her and I had a big argument last week because God forbid, *I* went in HER ROOM, which is a total pigsty, to empty her garbage can. She saw that I had moved things around in her room, which consists of dirty clothes, clean clothes, and dirty underwear. I told her to clean the pigsty up. She went off like you can not believe telling me its HER ROOM and I am NOT ALLOWED in there. I said, this is MY HOUSE. Her response was,"This is DADS HOUSE". I told her last time I looked my name was on the house, too. She then began punching her thighs numerous times SCREAMING at me "I HATE WHEN YOU DO THIS!" I told her she should leave the house NOW because she was out of control. She was walking out the door and said, "I'm NOT coming back", and slammed the door. I then locked the outside door which she has no key to. She then came back after riding around the block. She was on the front porch ringing the doorbell because she could not get in. She was SCREAMING,"i need to get some of my things". I did not open the door. She then began to call from her cell phone and I did not answer the phone. She came BACK to the house trying to PRY the outside door open. I picked up the phone and told her she had one minute to get the HELL off my porch or I was going to call the police. She then yelled "F*** YOU" and took off in her car again. She began calling and calling and calling the house which I did not answer. After about 25 times, I picked up the phone and she said SHE would get the police there to get her things if I did not let her in to get them. I told her I would unlock the door and her and I were going to have it out. She came in and I read her off like you would not believe. She did pay room and board last week, and did a few chores. She then said,"Why do I have to do chores if I am paying to live here?" I said because you keep telling me you are 21, step up to bat and ACT like it; you should want to help me out with chores seeing as how I have herniated, bulging discs in my back and can not DO a lot of what I used to do. I also told her I CHOSE to have her, which means like it or not you are STUCK with ME as your MOTHER; I do not EXPECT respect, I DEMAND IT". She has not gone out in a few days now, just stays home and reads books...good sign? I also told her the next time she cusses at me, I will knock her teeth out of her mouth, regardless of her age.She has been behaving, but it's only been a week. If she slips up again, she is OUT THE DOOR.
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