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Created on : Monday, December 17, 2007, 10:08:24 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
It's that time of year where we all take a long, hard look at our lives to see what's not working for us. Dr. Phil's guests say they desperately need to change unhealthy lifestyles or they might not make it to another year. Jill weighs 375 pounds and says she's afraid she'll die if she doesn't drop 210 pounds. Her friend, Cathi, says Jill is a miserable person, and she needs to stop making daily trips to McDonald's. Will Jill be able to put down the Big Mac and pick up some healthier eating habits? Dr. Phil has a drastic plan that will help her get on the right track. Then, Pam vows to quit smoking in 2008 but claims her husband, Eric, is one of the reasons she can't kick her 22-year addiction. Pam says she can't resist the urge to light up when he does. Will a recently discovered tumor be enough to make Pam kick the butts? And, Nyasha and Simone claim their sister, Victoria, has a toxic personality, and they're giving her an ultimatum: Get your act together or get gone! They say she curses, steals from relatives and starts fist fights with them in front of her kids. What's behind Victoria's bad behavior, and will she be able to change her angry ways before she alienates her family? Share your own New Year's resolutions and join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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January 3, 2008, 2:28 pm CST

01/02 No Kidding New Year's Resolutions

Quote From: purple82

I'm sorry that it has taken something as serious as a health crisis for this woman to realize that she needs to quit smoking.  When are smokers going to realize that this is a dangerous and potentially deadly habit?  I've never smoked.  I used to live with a smoker.  I don't get the whole "smoking thing".  I don't buy into the story that it's an, sorry.  I've seen friends who smoke just stop cold turkey so I know that anyone can do it.


I hope this is a wake up call for others.

I can understand why people used to start smoking. Before it was known to be dangerous. When I was a kid, in the early sixties, I thought it was something that most adults did. And, was planning to start once I turned 21. Until 1966, when a doctor spoke, at my Junior HS, about the health consequences of smoking. That was the turning point for me. I don't smoke. And, I avoid anyone who is smoking. With so much information about the dangers of smoking, I can't understand why anyone would even begin to smoke.
January 3, 2008, 2:50 pm CST

Good luck and best wishes to the quitters!

Congratulations to those of you who have quit smoking. It is the best thing you could ever do for yourself and your children. Even adult children.

On Thanksgiving Day, I watched my mother die from lung cancer that had metatasized to her bones. It was not a peaceful, tv movie death. Mom suffered for 11 days in the hospital and two years prior to that. (We were lucky to have her that long, as the median survival rate is usually 6-8 months.) Morphine didn't even help her pain anymore, as she developed a tolerance to it over time. I will spare everyone the horrible details, but even my physician husband said it was one of the worst deaths he's ever seen. And he's seen a lot in the ER. So if you think quitting is hard... Try dying from smoking.

It's ironic. I have friends who smoke and are the best mothers you'd ever meet. Always there for their kids with a hot meal, open arms and lots of attention. Yet I can't help but think to myself, "If you REALLY loved your children, you'd quit smoking." I understand it's a serious chemical addiction and you have to be emotionally ready to quit... but if you saw what my mother went through (and consequently put her family through) I'd have to say it's the most selfish act imaginable. There are too many smoking cessation aids and too much information out there these days for people to turn a blind eye. There is no excuse for such ignorance. Don't think it won't happen to you. Lung cancer kills more people every year than all other cancers combined. Including nonsmokers.

And yet, my cousins who watched their own mother die from lung cancer haven't quit smoking. If you can watch your mother die and not put down that Cancer Stick, then you have a death wish besides an addiction. It makes me so angry now, to see anyone smoking or throwing a cigarette out of a car. I don't know how I'm going to feel the next time I see a friend light up. All I know is that they can't love their children as much as they say they do, or they would never subject them to the kind of pain I've gone through as I watched my mother writhe in pain and struggle for her last breaths. I still can't bear to think about what her beautiful life turned into at the end. It makes me feel hopeless and full of despair. If I let myself think about it too long, I wouldn't be able to function.

PLEASE, people... If you don't love yourself enough to stop, PLEASE think of your children. Picking out funeral flowers, cremation urn, living through the memorial, and worst of all, holidays without you... It's been hell for my family. Sometimes I dream Mom is still alive and the nightmare is when I wake up and realize she died. Worst of all is when I go to pick up the phone to share something with her and then I remember she's gone forever... I will never get to hear her voice again. Every time I see her picture, it only reminds me of how much she suffered, even though I try to remember her in happier times.

I miss my mom so much. In losing her, I lost one of my closest friends. My life will never be the same. If you truly love your family, PLEASE don't subject them to this kind of pain. (Not to mention, second hand smoke that could kill them too.)
January 3, 2008, 3:27 pm CST


Quote From: uglyiest

I too took Chantix and it is great to help you quit smoking but once I was through the 12 weeks I was right back to smoking. So for 45 dollars a month it is not worth it because once the drug is out of your system you are right back to smoking. I am not the only one that has taken this drug and as soon as the 12 weeks are up are right back to smoking.

Congratulations on your success.  I am very happy that you were able to quit and I truly hope you never pick up a cigarette again. There are a lot of people that do quit when they take the chantix unfortunately I wasnt one of them but I am thinking of trying the Chantix again.

I wonder how much you spend on cigarettes in a month.

I could be wrong, but I got the feeling that the smoker on the show wasn't ready to quit because she had her excuses. Weight gain is another popular one. Many smokers are already overweight because they have addictive personalities to begin with. Ten more pounds probably won't make a big difference in their health.

Is your life worth $45 a month? If you have children, I'm betting they would say it is and wouldn't mind chipping in. It sure beats paying for hospital bills and a funeral. Please keep trying. Do whatever it takes to stay healthy for those who love you.

Best of luck to you, mingjade, mommajulie and others.
January 3, 2008, 4:34 pm CST



                          Both my parents died my mom was 46 and my dad was 56, both were heavy smokers and drinkers, yup I picked up the smoking and as a teen I could polish off alcohol like it was soda. Since I have a lot of health issues esp seizures. Yup, I'm taking chantix I been on and off this medicine for months.

Still trying to kick the habit. Waiting for my Dr to give me the OK to go back to the gym, then its 3 hours a day there or until i feel like my heart is going to burst, esp to get this weight off. Even if it sets off my asthma everynow and then that'sa chance i'm willing to take.


Being Diabetic,having a partial thyroidectomy and taking meds for seizures,thyroid and a  few other conditions.


Watching Dr Phil and that Lady polishing off all that McDonalds, makes anyone want to puke . she's turning herself into a heart attack in itself. Well, to each is their own I guess.

January 3, 2008, 5:41 pm CST

01/02 No Kidding New Year's Resolutions

I just wanted to comment on everyone bashing McDonald's.  Yes, fast food is bad for you, but not all of it.  Many places are now putting healthier choices on the menu.  I work at McDonald's, so I know.  You can go to McDonald's and get salads.  Several different choices, actually.  We also have fruit and yogurt parfaits, which do have real fruit, as do the fruit and walnut salads.  And the ever popular apple dippers, which come with fat free (or lowfat, I can't remember which) caramel dip.  So while a lot of it is bad, not all of it is.  There are choices, you just have to be smart about what you choose to eat.  And for the record, I am about 80 pounds overweight.  I am also fighting to lose weight.  I gained it when I had my kids, and it is very hard to lose it.  I have to say that working at McDonald's makes it difficult, but I really am trying.  Good luck to all of those trying with me.  I have to share this though, for the record.  There is a couple that comes in several times a week with their baby, who looks about 10 months old.  They feed him chicken nuggets (which aren't too bad, my kids have them occasionally), fries, and for breakfast sausage biscuts.  He is a fat baby.  I always offer them apples and the like (which is what my kids get, they NEVER have fries), but they turn their nose up at them.  That poor baby.  What are parents like this thinking?

January 3, 2008, 6:35 pm CST

Kidding New Year's Resolutions

     I do not get how one person can eat so much Mc Donalds food. Mc Donalds food is GROSS and its NASTY. Mc Donalds food falls into its own category of being GARBAGE. Heres a Ney Years Resolution STOP EATING MCDONALDS FOOD.

  I also do not get how people can eat somethng that they know very well is not healthy for them and thats the stuff that they make a normal everyday diet. You should know when you constantly eat food thats not healthy for you, your body will pay the price for it. If you continue to eat foods that will make you fat, you will get fat.........

January 3, 2008, 8:30 pm CST

Gloria's present Angercan be an asset.


Gloria, please do not feel like you are the only one who has had to face that almost the exact same problem.  It hurts like hell too.  The only difference between your action and mine is that mine happened about 60 some years ago when there were no Psychiatrists or Psychologists, and I am a man.  It almost took me under.  I had the same feelings as you.  I had decided that "I'm not going to take it anymore, and I alienated myself from every person who had ever touched my life, hurt my feelings, beat me up, picked on me because I was smaller at the time and was the school Principal's son.   I had a chip on my shoulder also.  The time did come when I was bigger than most of my classmates.  At first, I couldn't believe it.  It was at the Class of 52 High School reunion three years ago.  Now, did I beat the hell out of everyone there? 


No, I had overcome it and had the most fun ever.  I had also gone through college and got a BSEE degree.  I had done more things to be proud of than most anyone else.  I made more money than most.  I rubbed it in a bit with pictures I had taken in the South Seas plus plus the North West and West other places..  Those hiking trails at Mt. Rainier were absolutely gorgeous and fun.   I had girl-friends everywhere that were all prettier than any I had ever seen in High School.  That is the way I evened the score.  One picture is worth much more than a thousand words.   I did not have to say a word.  Now Gloria, you are one gorgeous woman.  Your past brought a tear to my eye. You can overcome the present and past feelings and make something of yourself.  I did it, and you can too.  Hang in there.  HaroldB537.

January 3, 2008, 9:59 pm CST


Quote From: juliebgg

Hi Debbie

I agree with what you are saying here.  I responded to that same poster that I do not feel that getting a job is the answer for Jill.  Jill's reasons for overeating go much deeper than boredom, and she needs to explore and work on whatever is giving her the pain. 

I did not address the issue with that poster that she was very very harsh on Jill (like you did), but that thought certainly crossed my mind as I read her message.  There is no excuse at all for putting someone down.  And, yes, that only exacerbates the problem.  Kindness and encouragement would be so much more helpful.  My impression was that there may have been some envy on the part of that poster that Jill stays home rather than works.  I wish Jill only the best in her quest to lose the weight.

Julie B

I  am overweight as well and I know when people get on my case it make me want to go eat.. I too hope Jill will make  progress with her weight  I watched the show again today and I feel Jill  really is ashamed of her weight  but cant seem to get her self under control  But then again who am i to talk I have the same weekenss.. Jill is a pretty lady  i hope the best for her..Jill if you read this  I am wishing the best for you in 2008  ... Debbie InFl
January 3, 2008, 10:09 pm CST

wow you threw them away

Quote From: housewife52

Debbie, Hi! I know that might not be the site for you. You can always look around for something else. If you want to read DrP's book about weight, it might be at the library. I haven't read any of his books, no reason ,except I haven't gotten around to it yet. Just try to take this ONE day at a time. Hang in there. I agree that it would be better to find a plan to change your lifestyle, instead of just trying some kind of a diet that may not be good in the long run. That site I found appeared to have advice about the nutritional aspect and that kind of thing. For me, time goes by fast. I know it's easy for me to say ,just take it a day at a time. There's so much more to that than just the words.Try not to get bogged down in the fact that you want to change the way you eat and maybe excercise. Is there some place you can walk? I have found that's a very good thing to do, it makes me feel better physically and emotionally when I walk regularly. Is there a buddy who might come with you. Or even a pet. If not just resolve to walk by yourself. I have done it. I know you have a long-term goal of loosing the weight. Also, set some goals from one day to the next. Write them down. As time goes by, I have found that just setting goals from one day to the next helps me get to the long term goal. Today, for example, decide exactly what you want ot accomplish tomorrow and write it down. When you get up in the morning, look at your list and do those things, if you don't get anything else done.  Then tomorrow set some goals for the next day. For me , it might be something as simple as bathing the dog or cleaning out the birdcage or even writing a letter that I have been meaning to write. And DO try to get the walking in if at all possible. Debbie, I so believe that you can do this.


Now for me, I also want to quit smoking. I smoke a pack a day. I am resolving right here and now that I WANT to do this. It is 1:00 p.m EST. I have an almost full pack and an unopened pack. I am destroying them right now! I AM DETERMINED DEBBY! I AM GOING TO DO THIS. I AM STRONGER THAN MY ADDICTION! 

O.K., now I am going to take my own advice and go for a walk. I CAN LIVE WITHOUT CIGARETTES! I AM STRONG ENOUGH TO DO THIS! 


It has now been four minutes. 

O.K. I just went in there and tore all those cigarettes in half and threw them in the trash where they belong.



now i am gona go for that walk tomorrow  I live in florida and we are 2 miles for a park we have a boardwalk that got 5 miles one way It is marked every 1/4 mile and has benches along the way in case you need to sit  Its fenced in around the walkway  because of all the water bit there are opening when you can swim as well.... I am gona go tomorrow and walk some  I tried before but it hurt so bad in my sholders and im not sure why  They have security  on the board walk there and   they drive golf carts so if something happens they can get you back to the begenning.. Its really nice  but  it was 23 here today  Yes in Fl so I didnt even open the front door till my hubby came home from work...but I will bundle up and go tomorrow...  Now as for you   did u smoke any today.. I know its hard I use to smoke as well but I stoped when I cought my children (when they were younger) taking my cig   they always  was on me for smelling like a ash try and now they all smoke  go figure..i foung gum helped alot . Debbie
January 4, 2008, 4:18 am CST

happy w/ins

Quote From: ramair

 So, you're happy with North Carolina Blue Cross? My husband and I have some land up there. And, planning to build a cabin after he retires.
I was very happy with my insurance until something happened and the company changed ins.
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