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Created on : Thursday, December 13, 2007, 05:12:39 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
The ultimate test for any parent is loving a child who is difficult, sometimes frightening, to the whole family. It’s a test parents of autistic children are put to daily. Ten-year-old Luz throws screaming tantrums, barks like a dog, and tells his mother, Sara, that he plans to kill her. Sara has long felt despair at Luz’s out-of-control behavior, yet she was shocked when a doctor diagnosed him with autism. Go inside the daily life of this family, see Luz’s wild behavior caught on tape, and learn why Sara’s main coping mechanisms might be putting her at risk. Then, a member of Dr. Phil’s own staff achieved miraculous results for her autistic child and her whole family through an intense program. Could a similar treatment work for Luz? Plus, what causes autism? Several recent media reports and high-profile parents such as Jenny McCarthy have pointed the finger at vaccinations. Is there a link? Child care expert and pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears weighs in. Then, imagine having a crime committed against you, but not having a voice or any way to tell someone you’d been wronged. Some mothers in Las Vegas say that’s exactly what happened when a teacher allegedly abused their autistic children, and they’ve filed a lawsuit. Hear them recount the painful details of the alleged abuse. What are their chances of winning in court? Share your thoughts here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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December 17, 2007, 4:28 am CST

God promised rainbows

Quote From: daisydes

I am glad to hear that you are all doing a show on children with Autism. I have a son that is autistic and know the battles and heartache that comes along with it. It took me along time to realize that I wasn't the victim that this just didn't happen to him but it happen to our family and I had to fight for him. When I came to grips with that my whole world changed. So anyone fighting this battle also don't give up and have faith cause it does get easier.
 Weather the storm in the smartest and most comfortable fashion for your family, but who ever said that rain was a bad thing anyway? Just remember to take time to see the rainbow after the storm, it will always be there. Let it remind you that you are truly blessed and you must be a pretty great mom, because God only gives special children to special parents and families so CONGRADULATIONS to you for doing a great job with your family. Enjoy and let many others see you coping with lifes hurdles so gracefully it is contagious.  BRYTONEDBYASD aka Jami
December 17, 2007, 4:43 am CST

Your a breath of fresh air

Quote From: Criss




                              I have Aspberger's Syndrome.  I'm 21 years old and I am getting ready for college next year.  Right now I am taking a college prep class.  I was great to hear about someone else with this disorder.  Thanks!

 Your comment was like a breath of fresh air. Please keep up the good attitude and spirits it is contagious you know. Good Luck with school next year! Be sure to let as many people as you can hear your story so that people who are uneducated about  Aspberger's or living life on the spectrum get a fair view about the successes of people who are living with social disorders. Your attitude is just what the world needs to see so that they can be comfortable asking and thirst for a better understanding of what life is really like being you. CONGRADULATIONS on just being you! Enjoy and Thanks again for making me Smile. BRYTONEDBYASD aka Jami
December 17, 2007, 7:04 am CST

I have a son with Autism

It is really sad when a gradnparent is scared of his Austic grandson.  Grandpa has not seen him in years.  My son is only tries to hurt me.  My son is 12 and is weighs as much as I do 140 pounds. He is as tall as i am.  When in publius I have to restrain him at times.  People think I am hurting him, no I am protecting me

 I have no friends and I have accepted that my son is the reason why.   I am so scared some one is going to hurt him, he would never be able to tell me.  He has come along ways though.  He is toilet trained after 5 years of working  on it.  He does talk, but he swears alot.  He is my son and i love him to death.

December 17, 2007, 7:41 am CST

The world of Autism

Please make a point to mention that many children who don't have autism, but do have genetic disorders, have autistic tendencies.  Although I feel it is commendable to dedicate a show to autism, please make sure it is mentioned how much these children are loved and teach us how to be better people.  My daughter, Jordan, 11, has Williams Syndrome.  She has many autistic tendencies.  She flaps her hands and hums and toewalks (all autism traits), but she is the most outgoing loving person I have ever met.  Having a child with a disability can be a truly rewarding experience.  Thank you so much.  I hope this can reach you before you air!


Gina Pursley 

December 17, 2007, 10:44 am CST

Food Allergies

There has been a marked improvement in certain symptoms of autism when diets are adjusted.  Certain food allergies such as gluten and milk have been discovered by parents looking for help for their autistic child.  My son had dramatic improvement after removing milk from his diet.  If he has milk in his food- he never drinks it- then I can tell.  He becomes irritable, depressed and has trouble focusing.  He does not have typical allergy symptoms, only behavioral ones.  He is 16 now. His teachers are not aware that he has asperger's unless I tell them.  As far as special area- he needs only resource time in high school.  He has an 86 average and plans to go to college. 


Prior to removing milk from his diet when he was 9 he would pace back and forth, flap his hands, have frequent melt downs.  All of these no longer occur.  It is worth a try parents.  Become label readers though because milk ingredients are in many food products including bread, crackers, even ramen noodles.  Also, I supplemented with vitamin B-6 and magnesium as recommended by Dr. Bernard Rimland of the Autism Research Association. 

December 17, 2007, 10:45 am CST

12/19 Parents’ Ultimate Test: Dealing with Autism

Quote From: yoyoqn

Autism is caused by a series of DNA strands.  It is not contagious, it is not caused by MERCURY in VACCINATIONS.


It's in the DNA people.


I am autistic, my brother may well be autistic, my niece is autistic, my two daughters are autistic.


Autism runs in my family.


But that's not what people want to hear.


Instead we have crack pots touting that if we remove all of the mercury out of the system, there's no more autism.  These crack pots say it's a cure.


It's not a CURE people, it's a deatth sentence.  This 'treatment' as well as it's 'results' were shown on both TV, and in several news magazines as what it is ....... a death sentence to children. So, don't do this to your child. It didn't work for the little children who died, and it will not work for your child either.


The only thing that works is early intervention (depending on the severity of the autism).


And yes sometimes drugs such as straterra, and prozac can help.


Sometimes even going to a wheat free diet will help.  Although it did not help in my case or that of my children; I've seen it work for other children who's autism was actually more severe than that of my childrens'.


But remember people, there is no proof whatsoever that Autism is caused by the vaccinations that prevent so many diseases.  That is simply incorrect.

My son is 18 and has autism.   I totally agree with you.  There is no proof that vacinnations have any thing to do with autism.  My older son has learning disabilities.  My husband also did.  I believe there is a genetic component very strongly linked to autism and that's where the focus should be.  People like Jenny McCarthy who claim that they have "cured " their children are very dangerous.  They give false hope.  There is no cure.  There is treatment and some drugs help.  But there is no cure and no one knows the cause.
December 17, 2007, 10:50 am CST


I'm so glad Dr. Phil is finally giving recognition to this subject.  I wrote a letter to him years ago to do this very subject!!  I hope the show does the subject justice.  I also hope that it will show what a "typical"  life looks like when living with autism and living with a child with autism.  My son is 18 and was diagnosed when he was 2 1/2.  So far most of the news media focuses on young children with autism and rarely shows how the syndrome looks when the child is a teenager or an adult.  We'll see if Dr. Phil focuses on the younger children just like everyone else.  As I said, it would be nice if someone(media) would focus on older people with autism.  That can be just as helpful. 
December 17, 2007, 11:12 am CST

Effects of ultrasound on fetal rats.

Quote From: spookie
This article describes the effect of ultrasound on fetal rats.

Fetal brains are watery mucuos like organs.

Ultrasound is done to let impatient parents know the sex and "what their baby looks like."

They are also done to protect physicians from malpractice.

Ultrasound is radio waves that bounce off the hard and soft tissue of the fetus to create

an image.  We've only done ultrasounds routinely in the past 20 years.

Vaccinations have been around much longer.

As far as mercury goes, there has been mercury in the environment since we began burning

coal for power plants and industry and heating.  Probably far less today than 50 years ago.

I'm much more interested in prevention that treatment. 

It would be interesting to ask parents of autistic children if they had ultrasound.


Thanks for the info. I always wondered about this, this is a very real concern. I pray others take notice!
December 17, 2007, 1:17 pm CST

12/19 Parents’ Ultimate Test: Dealing with Autism

My son has Autism. he was diagnosed when he was about 2 and a half. BUT I can tell you that the Autism did present itself in my son long before that time - that was his official diagnosis. I noticed issues with my son when he was still a very young infant - long before he was given any kind of vaccine. We have consulted many doctors and specialists and all agree that my son has high functioning autism. Autism is in the DNA people and soon they will be able to map it. It is brain damage and the only way to go about dealing with it is to deal with it - not try to blame it on everyone and everything. Early intervention worked for us as well as common sense and mistake making. We have had our share of problems and my son does become violent at times. He is a smart llittle guy in the 4th grade in a regular school with a full time aide and many adaptations. We have lots of problems with other people and their fears but we deal with what was dealt us. If I was given the opportunity to cure him I wouldn't take it - there is too much of a risk that I would lose who he is now. I don't medicate him I mother him and sometimes that means being threatened and injured but a lot of times that means being loved in so many different ways.
December 17, 2007, 2:23 pm CST


I look forward to watching the show. Many mother's who do not have autistic children think yeah it is hard but I would love my child. Yes us parents of autistic children love our kids. The hardness is not just the screaming, tantrums, staying awake all night but mostly needing and wanting love from your child. To make him or her laugh or to be able to sooth my child with my comfort and my love. To desire a simple kiss or hear the words I love you may be the hardest part. I give and give and most moments don't even feel like my child is inside until just a breif moment I get something just a glimpse of who he is. I don't even really know my son but I easily know his pain anger and discomfort he often displays. I want so desperately for my son to get better. We do the strict diet, ABA and other therapies and even what biomedical treatment we can afford. Autism is not viewed as being able to do anything for it so none of his needs are being paid for by our medical insurance. Jenny McCarthy doesn't claim a cure she claims it can be recoverable. I have seen changes in my son and it breaks my heart that we don't have the money to go futher. Jenny has done wonders for fighting this fight for us.
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