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Created on : Thursday, December 13, 2007, 05:11:08 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Little girls are often the apple of their parents' eye, but what happens when these sweet, innocent daughters grow up to become dangerous young women? Dr. Phil's guests say their daughters are on destructive paths to nowhere. Krista, 22, was a beauty queen who went from wearing a tiara to walking the streets. She will beg, borrow and steal to get money to support her drug habit. She says if she doesn't get help, she will die, but you won't believe what happened after the Dr. Phil cameras left her house! Her mother, Janet, says after two overdoses and four trips to rehab, the family is beginning to lose hope that Krista can be saved. Find out what Dr. Phil tells Krista she must do in order to turn her life around. Then, Beverly and Gil's 26-year-old daughter, Barbara, brutally attacked Gil with a hammer while he slept. Why do they believe Barbara's ex-girlfriend, Corrina, is to blame for the attack? They say Barbara showed no signs of violence before the beating, but did they miss the warnings? Corrina says she has no idea what made Barbara snap, and she wants to clear her name. Barbara's sister and brother weigh in. Why do they also say Corrina is responsible? And, hear what Barbara has to say from behind bars.  Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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December 18, 2007, 1:44 pm CST

I agree, what a mom!

Quote From: vassgirl3

Children mimic what they see.  The mom needs to clean her act up, my gosh she made the drugs available to her daughter! 

What did everyone else think of the mom being on all those addictive prescription drugs after obviously having addiction issues herself? Yes, the daughter needs help, but I think that the mom needed help too.


And was it just me, or did the mom seem to totally be playing to the camera? She was obviously upset and weeping, loudly, a lot. I didn't understand why she used the phrase "on national television" when she did. I felt like she was trying to be 'discovered' and used her daughter's addiction to get her 15 minutes.


Let's get mom to al. anon. like they were mentioning!

December 18, 2007, 1:56 pm CST

Krista's Mom

Holy cow, I just watched the mom in the "what happened after the show" portion and I can't believe her! I think she is hurting her daughter's chances of recovery.


Did I read the end correctly where they wrote about the follow-up? Did the say that the mom is NOT attending al-anon? Krista is doomed if she goes back home.

December 18, 2007, 1:57 pm CST

corrina is in denial

she made the  statement, we were very happy. they  broke up and had just gotten back together.  how happy could they have been?
December 18, 2007, 2:03 pm CST


 Get Janet some help!  How many more ways could the mom tell her daughter what a loser Mom thought she was? That isn't going to help.   It won't do any good to get her daughter clean and sober and then send her back to live in that environment.  Mom is obviously clueless as to how to deal with drug addiction in herself, much less another person.  In our house, we were all taught to use our brains, think for ourselves, and my parents did not drink or use even prescription medications very often.  The one time my mother used an anti depressant, none of the children ever even saw the bottle, and as soon as her mental health stabilized (situational stress related), she stopped taking it.

You cannot be around a person who is taking mood-altering drugs, prescription or not, if you are a drug addict.  Will power isn't enough.

December 18, 2007, 2:04 pm CST


Quote From: shmigelz

How can someone who's only 22 years old, been to Detox not once, twice or three times, BUT FOUR TIMES ALREADY! and still?? It's like after each time she's somehow managed to get deeper, and deeper into a rut.. and now she's in sooooooooo deep she can't get out...


At that point I don't care how attractive or good looking you think you are or appear to be to others. You look nothing but an absolute ass to everyone watching and IF anything I feel bad for your family and others who are related to you and have had to put up with this time bomb ready to go off...


I know Dr.Phil was fairly direct and hard on her but I think he could of even been MORE strict, to the point, and say it as it is more then he did... BUT I do give Dr.Phil alot of credit on today's show because, YES I am a huge fan and supporter of Dr.Phil even though I live in Canada, but he stook to his guns!


I don't care if this girl, Krista is a 'beauty queen' or whatever.. I dont care if she was 'America's Next Top Model' or the next 'President of the  United States.' BUT the buck stops HERE! so I predict its now or never with this one....


It's gonna be sooooooooooooo hard for her. She's gonna have to be COMPLETELY OFF the MAP for a LONG time, no drugs, no highs, no escapes, no drug jerk boyfriends, no outlets, no money, no NOTHING! just alot of rehab, suffering, mental and physical and thats just the tip of the iceberg....... WOW!


I guess if this fails her mom can just handcuff her to the bathroom toilet for the next 6 months......

Read the psot show script. The idiot is alread on the verge of getting kicked out of La Hacoinda. My offer  or guranteeof getting her clean in 24 and then guiding her to the folks that can keep her clean for free stands. They don't take childish spoiled rotten brat crap
December 18, 2007, 2:06 pm CST

Mommy pharamacist

Quote From: ktfreij

What did everyone else think of the mom being on all those addictive prescription drugs after obviously having addiction issues herself? Yes, the daughter needs help, but I think that the mom needed help too.


And was it just me, or did the mom seem to totally be playing to the camera? She was obviously upset and weeping, loudly, a lot. I didn't understand why she used the phrase "on national television" when she did. I felt like she was trying to be 'discovered' and used her daughter's addiction to get her 15 minutes.


Let's get mom to al. anon. like they were mentioning!

Amen. Te young lady is stuck in in a dysfucntional family.Mommy needs recovery as bad or worse than the girl.
December 18, 2007, 2:15 pm CST


I am a twenty-one year old recovering alcoholic and addict. The woman Amy, on the show today, was my former counselor at LaHacienda. She is a straight forward woman. Lucky for this girl, she will not be able to manipulate Amy. Believe me I tried. I am a former debutante and sorority girl. Many people are shocked to know that I went to rehab. I believe there is a stereotype with these categories (like the pageant girl) that we are these perfect and innocent women, which is far from the fact. LaHacienda is an expensive program (it was the changing point in my life), but like any other rehabilitation center, you must work the program in order to recover. If Dr. Phil had not been as tough as he was, the young girl would have attempted to make her situation seem as though it wasnt as bad off as it is. With addicts, enabling us or babying us doesn't seem to work. Thanks to Dr. Phil, more people are getting the treatment that they might not be able to get without his help. LAHACIENDA IS GREAT!!!
December 18, 2007, 2:17 pm CST

As long as you're still breathing, there's hope!

Good show today.  I thought Dr. Phil dealt with the beauty-queen-crack addict just fine.  It is true that addicts develop elaborate coping mechanisms to enable their dark need, that need for drugs.  Those coping mechanisms fall so close to who they are, it's difficult to see where the manipulation ends and the person begins.  Dr. Phil does an excellent job of walking that line.  I think other therapists could learn a lot just watching him.


Something I've noticed in 12-step programs, it seems as though in the beginning, the program can dramatically change a person for the better if he or she lets it.  However, as time goes on, we can becomem innured to the program.  The rhetoric becomes a mask and the dysfunction creeps back in ~ I don't mean actually picking up, but, let's face it, most addicts were raised in dysfunction junction and old habits die hard ~ perhaps they never really even die at all.


I'm just saying that I understand why the mom made the mistake of not locking up her klonopin.  I'm not excusing it, because she seems contrite and she knows what to do now.


I don't know if I'm explaining this well but I gotta run.  Just such a good show I felt compelled to write.

December 18, 2007, 2:18 pm CST

12/18 Dangerous Daughters

Quote From: shmigelz

Im not exactly sure what your getting at with your post. First off I think you meant 'weak minded person' in stead OF WHAT you actually wrote there 'week minded person' unless your referring to a 7 day person? LOL. Here's a tip for you, instead of getting all worked up, riled up and wanting to post a message SO BAD and SO FAST, please take a minute to review your grammer. You could end up sending a point thats giving the wrong meaning...


That being said, YES addiction IS a disease BUT that girl on todays show 'the addict' consciously made the decision to take the drugs, to drink the booze be it at school during lunch or even before school started, she made the conscious decision to steal prescription from her moms purse. The mother 'a recovering addict' herself should be smarter in terms of hiding the drugs, especially knowing her daughter's a severe drug addict...


It's a double edged sword....YES it's a disease. But there are people 'strong minded' and 'strong willed' people WHO DO and CAN get better and druge free on their own. Im sure its not a high percentage but still as Dr.Phil would say, 'he's an incurable optimist.' So it can be done but then there are people who are soo caught up in the drugs that no matter what they cant get better and those I would qualify as 'diseased' with addiction...


Some people beat it on their own, some people beat it with help, and a heck of alot more people don't beat it at all....


Even as tough as Dr.Phil was on this girl, she needed it. As for the mother, I dont really agree with her saying to her daughter that at the age of 22 she should be well on her own way and doing her own thing....Thats tough to say because I know alot of university students who are only 22 yrs old, live at home, eat at home, and their parents pay their university tuition which is about $10,000 / yr x 4 yr minimum... 22 yrs old is still very young in my opinion. As for me, I graduated high school 1 year early and moved out at the age of 17. Infact my parents didn't want me to leave that soon but I wanted to be out on my own, move to the BIG city and work and support myself.. If I could do it all over again.... Im not sure i would of did it all the same, I might of stayed home at the business for 1 more year....


In the end I hope that girl IF SHE TRULY wants help and I MEAN 100%, no questions asked, not a second of a doubt, ultimately wants her life back, then I hope her the best.. I really do. As we all can see it's not only her who is suffering, but the family as well.... Now she has the ABSOLUTE BEST professionals, people, services, etc, etc at her disposal FREE OF CHARGE. Im sure between the Detox place and Dr. Lawless's services, etc and everyone in between.... the total fees would easily be in the HUNDRED'S of THOUSANDS of dollars...... So if this don't help nothing will and she might as well start digging her own grave because it don't get any better then this TIME RIGHT NOW!


God Bless and hope for the best. If she wants it, this time next year she will be a completely NEW and VIBRANT person!

That's all you got??? If you could not infer from everything else I said  which "weak" I meant ...............
December 18, 2007, 2:22 pm CST

Mom needs help too..

This mom is NOT fooling me!!!!!  She is an addict herself.  I also think that she isnt keeping her meds away from her daughter effectively.  Dr Phil needs to be a little harder on the mom also...
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