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Created on : Thursday, December 06, 2007, 03:14:04 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Dr. Phil and Robin invite you to celebrate the season with their sons, Jay and Jordan, and Jay's wife, Erica. The McGraws share some amazing gifts with deserving families who fill the audience, most of whom were affected by the recent Southern California wildfires. First, Howie Mandel and the models from the hit show Deal or No Deal bring some cool presents to put under the Christmas tree. Then, Matt returned from his honeymoon cruise to discover that he and his wife, Danelle's, first home perished in the California fires. And Ruby turned on the news and watched helplessly as her home burned down. Don't miss the wonderful surprises Dr. Phil and Robin have to help them get back on their feet! Plus, Marie Osmond makes a special appearance, and Robin reveals several beauty products that make great stocking stuffers. And, as national spokespersons for Toys for Tots, Dr. Phil and Robin help the organization kick off its 60th anniversary with some surprise visits to needy families in Virginia. Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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December 13, 2007, 2:42 pm CST

giving time

this show might have been for the fire in cali, but i gotta say it also gave the wrong message for giving.  expensive gifts dont bring back the important things in life.  im a poor single mother of 2 boys and my 5 year went through all his toys and wanted to give them to even poorer children around our area.  but the sad thing is nowadays we have to give new toys and throw out old ones that could be used by some child that would appreciate it.  dont get me wrong christmas is about giving, but it has become to commercial and gives the wrong message even to the poor.
December 13, 2007, 3:10 pm CST

This was a feel-good show!

Although I agree with the previous writer that people need practical things and need to share, I know that this is a time to bring some joy into hearts that have been so hurt, and seeing all those happy faces made me feel good.  How does she know that the recipients will not share?  I believe they were glad they'll have things for their families, friends and others.  We need more of the Christian spirit, believing the best.  I am too old to need any of those things, although I'd love an AFLAC duck, might even share with my great-grandson.  Ha!  And those Marie Osmond angel dolls!  I don't need one but wish I did.  I loved the show.  The only negative thing I have to say, and shouldn't, is that Jay's wife will come across as one more "dumb blonde" if she doesn't learn it's "She and I" and not "Her and I".  Even saying this, though, I think probably she was just nervous, not accustomed perhaps to speaking on TV.   Remember how Dagwood never could come up with his own name when interviewed?  Most of us would probably be like that.   Beautiful show!
December 13, 2007, 3:26 pm CST

Nice to give, especially if the products are donated FREE to the Dr. Phil show.

I wonder how / who decides what people are able to attend todays show? Im sure they know in advance what the show is about, and Im sure everyone would want to be apart of todays show.. So my first question is 1) How is it decided on who gets to be in today's audience.... I mean look at all the free gifts worth thousands of dollars per person.


I also think its 'amusing' how each of Dr. Phil's family members talk about 'how everyone wants this' or 'how everyone gets this', each of his family members speak in such a way that because THEY have one, you get one too! LOL!! Ahhh Im happy for them its just so fake like..


I also WISH being the Christmas season, that SINCE ALL these companies WILLINGLY give the Dr. Phil show ALL these products for free. I just would like each of Dr.Phil's family members, kids/wife etc that speak up MORE about WHO gave them they products and why. I mean they do say WHAT the product is but thats the end of it, after that its like each of Dr. Phil's family members bask in the sunshine/glory of all the audience screaming about what they are getting for free. Personally I think a EMPLOYEE from that SPECIFIC company should get an ALL EXPENSE paid trip to THE DR.PHIL show, explain their product, their company and that its THAT company that is giving each member of the audience the FREE ITEM.


I just hope the audience does not think ohhhh Dr. Phil and his family went out shopping to the mall and spent $4 million of his own money to buy us all these gifts!! When infact they get every SINGLE ITEM for FREE from that specific COMPANY. Its all nice and fine to sit up there and smile and say this is what they get from me oh the show, but infact they really have nothing to do with it. Its all THANKS to the company themselves!!!


COME ON DR. PHIL AND FAMILY... Like you say BE REAL! So give all those companies the PROPER CREDIT they deserve............ ANNNNNNNNNNND Dr. Phil SHOULD give Oprah and Harpo Productions one HUGE present, cause when it comes down to it, if it wasn't for Oprah no one would know who Dr. Phil is...


Please audience I know your all excited, etc but remember WHO TRUELLY gave you those gifts.....

December 13, 2007, 3:29 pm CST

UMM if Robyn likes it.. Why does she think everyone else doess??

No offence to the Dr. Phil family but one thing that bothers me, is that when they say 'this was one of my best toys when I was a kid, or this is one of my favorite things." Why would they also think thats something that THE WHOLE audience would also like or want... Its like the Dr. Phil family is personally PUSHING specific gifts and items to the general public and being that 10 MILLION + viewers watch this show. IF I WAS a competing BIG company to some of these products.. I would be JUST PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE'D OFF! Can you say 'lawsuit'. Hey it is America!
December 13, 2007, 3:45 pm CST


I mean its all fine and dandy to sit in a comfortable chair infront of 10 million people and tell them all how they are getting all these FREE GIFTS worth thousands of dollars each, givin free to them by all these companies everywhere.... Each and everyone of those people in the audience is already extremely fortunate and the Dr.Phil family.. well come on we all know they're aren't going to bed hungry at night....


BUT seriously my point is this. Dr. Phil has REPEATLY PREACHED how he was grown up in a broken home with a alcoholic as a dad, no money, little/no food, etc. A basic HELL... He's not the only one of course but still that's not easy... But even that is HEAVEN compared to all these kids in AFRICA who are dying from AIDS by the age of 2 yrs old or being born with AIDS, simply because the drugs couldnt be afforded to be brought there, or there is not enough money to send the drugs there... Even if the drugs themselves are free. So many kids/families/etc live in MUD huts! with flies all over then all day long! No/little food ALL day long! No medication/drugs EVER for things we would easily get treated for.. If the DR. Phil show and/or his family who just LOVE to give free gifts away on TV.. How about this.


Why NOT take all the gifts and either say 'we only want money' or 'send the gifts to Africa' or 'Asia' or any poor country where the little kids/babies barely get food nevermind FREE GIFTS!! The holidays are about GIVING to others less fortunate... I mean yea this yr Dr.Phil says we're giving to families in need in Southern California affected by the fires.. But come on really, either they have home insurance AND in the end get a BIGGER/NICER house then what they had before! and/'or they live in Souther California so they gotta have money anyways!!!


So if Dr. Phil really wants to KEEP IT REAL and ALSO HIS FAMILY WANNA SPEAK UP AND OWN UP, how about the ALL go to Africa and work for free in some poor village for ONLY 30 days, and bring all the free xmas gifts/money/ and medical drugs/supplies/ and heck why not FOOD to make these families WHO really need it, HAPPY!


Its only 1 CHRISTMAS in all the Christmas's in the world that we celebrate every single/damn year.. Your wanna step up, well there you go. STEP UP!

December 13, 2007, 3:47 pm CST

what about the poor people from New Orleans

let me make one thing clear first before i post my comment - I'm in Canada so nobody can say I'm jealous because I'm not part of the audience and not getting any gifts.  It bothered me to see people from California who had these big houses getting gifts to help them "re-build" their lives...c'mon, what about the poor people from New Orleans????  did you forget about them already?? that's sad.  These people really needed help then and never got it and they still need help and they are still being ignored.  Does that seem fair to you all?? 
December 13, 2007, 3:48 pm CST

paige premium denium

WOW I went on the web site .I thought I would buy a pair of these jeans !!!!

Yea, right around $176.00.

One of those things that are for the RICH once again !!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 13, 2007, 4:12 pm CST

12/13 Dr. Phil and Robin's Holiday Special

Watched the show  today and was choked  up.  After such a  devastating  fire this will give  the  victims  the beginning towards  a  happier  holiday. May  God Bless you and your family  because  that  is  what  this  time  of   year  is  all  about .  FAMILY ,  FRIENDS, SHARING &  GIVING.  A  lot  of  people  have  either  lost  that fact ,  forgotten it  or  just  don't  want  to  see  it because  of   greed.  Saying  that,  I must  apologize;  I  am unable  to donate  anything  for the  toy  drive. ;  I'm  on  a  low  income.   What  I  have been  dong  for  the  last  four  years  is  volunteering  to  stand by  a  salvation  army  kettle.  I  can't afford  money  but have  lots of  time  to  give.  Look  forward  to  it every  year.  VERY  REWARDING.and SATISFYING
December 13, 2007, 4:18 pm CST

Christmans Cheers!

Dear Dr. Phil and Robin,

Christmans Cheers to you and your crew!


I only wish I could have been there today (Thursday 12/13/2007)

I lost my sons in an accident and lung cancer.Tthis show

has lifted my spirit. This is the best  show I have seen in a long,

long time to watch the generosities from all who contributed .

Too many to mention!

What a JOY for all the invities to your your show! 

I watch your show every day and learn so much.

 I can't get around much any more due to a Vertebrae Accident in 2005 and your

shows are making my day, every day.

Thank very much!




December 13, 2007, 4:32 pm CST

Since you are in Canada

Quote From: helenwpg

let me make one thing clear first before i post my comment - I'm in Canada so nobody can say I'm jealous because I'm not part of the audience and not getting any gifts.  It bothered me to see people from California who had these big houses getting gifts to help them "re-build" their lives...c'mon, what about the poor people from New Orleans????  did you forget about them already?? that's sad.  These people really needed help then and never got it and they still need help and they are still being ignored.  Does that seem fair to you all?? 
 You might not know this since you are in Canada that the people in New Orleans have been helped a lot.  They showed on the news how they provided homes to a lot of people and these homes were completely destroyed on the inside.  A lot of the people just didn't take care of the homes.  I did not watch Dr. Phil today because I am tired of that type of show.  It is not that I want what they get because my husband and I live comfortably but I really think Dr. Phil and Oprah's show give too much to the same people.  They should spread it out and maybe give one gift each day during the month.  Since you don't live in the US you shouldn't really be talking about things you know absolutely nothing about. 
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