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Created on : Thursday, December 06, 2007, 03:13:00 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
'Tis the season to be jolly, but some households are filled with more coal than candy. First up, Jose thinks Christmas is too commercialized and hates Christmas trees, lights and holiday parties. His wife, Tammy, says he’s just a cheapskate, and says one year he gave her a stuffed animal that he found in the dumpster! Can Dr. Phil get Jose to change his “bah humbug” ways? Then, since Gary's mother died, he tries to bring his father, Albert, and siblings together, but says gossip and jealousy keep them apart. His sisters, Wrajean and Cheryl, complain that Albert idolizes Gary’s wife and treats her better than his own daughters. The last time the family got together for the holidays was in 2002. Can they gather ‘round the Christmas tree this year? And, for the fourth straight year, Dr. Phil and Robin host Christmas in Washington to help celebrate the true holiday spirit! See special performances by R&B superstar Ne-Yo, country crooner Alan Jackson, pop star Katherine McPhee and High School Musical’s Vanessa Hudgens'. Christmas in Washington airs Wednesday, December 12 at 10 p.m. EST/PST exclusively on TNT! Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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December 27, 2007, 8:15 am CST

12/12 Christmas Chaos

Quote From: ramair

 Whatever Jose gives Tammy ought to be new. But, it also ought to be something he can afford. Dr Phil says Jose should give Tammy what she wants. Not what he wants to give her. But, what if she wants something that's so over-the-top expensive, he' have to go into debt?
  She wanted pots to cook the family food.  She was happy with the toy till she found he fished it from the garbage.  He was buying toys for himself and he has a child.    Your argument is not up to par.  He wants to spend money on himself and not look after his family.
December 30, 2007, 4:57 pm CST

12/12 Christmas Chaos

Quote From: flthomcat

What is the POINT of your post? Yes, Dec 25 was once a pagan holiday, which is why the Church chose it as the official birth of Christ (which is really in January). It was to take something AWAY from the pagan celebration. And it worked quite nicely.


God doesn't care about lights, trees, presents, etc AS LONG AS we never forget the true meaning of Christmas. I spend CHristmas day in a nursing home taking Communion to the elderly. I help out at food pantries and donate to two migrant families. I STILL love the parties, the trees, the lights, the kids' gifts from SANTA (he was a Christmas man from Europe) and I put up secular (as well as Christian) decorations.


God will judge me accordingly...not you or anyone else who thinks s/he knows more than Christ. God bless you, but please stop trying to turn people away from Christian religions. Your rhetoric scares people, including this practicing and devout Christian!!!

ONCE???  No mam/sir.  It is still a pagan custom and God hates it.  And Jesus was NOT born in the dead of winter, "Shepards were abiding in the field"?  They don't do that in the dead of winter.  God says, if I do these things even if I feed the poor and tithe to the penny, He does not know me.  He also warns us, if I want truth and pray and meditate on it, I will receive truth.  If I choose to believe lies He will let that happen, too.  Read your Bible from Genesis to Revelations.  Pray for truth and understanding and see what happens.  Otherwise, God says we are lawless when we refuse to keep His laws and Holy Days.  Jesus gave humans living back then the same truths.  And except that He (Jesus) became the Passover lamb, nothing has changed.  Jesus lived the law.  He kept the true Holy Days.  He was without sin. 
January 11, 2008, 4:42 pm CST

Uncle Miltie

Quote From: mademecry

When I began researching  the history of the Christmas holiday, everything I could find said the same thing. It all said that it had pagan roots that have evolved over the centuries but still have many of the same very basic practices. According to the encyclopedias, it was originally outlawed in the U.S. I have been studying Judaism for about a year and a half and have learned a lot about the increadible differences in the way the Hebrew mind sees everything. From the Hebraic perspective, putting gifts under the tree is like offering it a sacrifice to appease it, and getting the gifts out from under the tree is seen as bowing down to it in order to get blessings from it (since your physical posture places you on the floor reaching under it in a position that looks strikingly similar to bowing down in worship). If you read Jeremiah 10, it talks about Christmas trees in a very negative light. I no longer celebrate Christmas, and I try to stay away from it as much as possible. I don't listen to Christmas music, send cards, or even accept gifts or cards. I have told people not to send me those things. I don't go to the Christmas party luncheon. I stay in my office and work. In the Hebrew mind, associating yourself with anything that has any kind of pagan ties is likened to cheating on your spouse, like adultary against G-d with some other foreign god. It is viewed as having unholy relations with some other foreign false god. So, in the Hebraic mind, celebrating Christmas and other holidays with pagan roots is to be strictly avoided. If Jose was in a Christian chat room as a Jew then (if I had to guess) I'd say that he was probably a Messianic Jew like me. This is different from mainstream Judaism in the fact that even though you have much of the same beliefs and practices, instead of denying that Jesus/Yeshua was the Messiah, we actually do accept that He was. However, this does not excuse the bait and switch that he pulled by not being upfront with her about his beliefs and practices. While I do not believe that he should give Christmas gifts and participate in this holiday that is against what he says he believes, I do believe that when he does give a gift for whatever reason that he should make it come from the heart and not the dumpster. As a woman, let me say, when someone gives me a gift, it touches me more and means so much more to me when I know that it took a lot of thought and effort to come up with it than any last second gift of any price (dumpster gift or diamond) ever could. Plus, I know that us women will naturally see a gift and guess as to what that gift means such as a gift from the dumpster must mean that he thinks I'm worth that much and a gift that he spent 2 weeks planning must mean that I mean the world to him. As for the whole Christmas thing, I have had so much peace in my life since giving up Christmas. I am so glad that I did it.



Uncle Miltie studied the word also.  He dressed in women's clothing too.


I am Jewish but not Messianic.  There is a big messianic movement trying to get Jewish people to believe in Jesus.  LOL, isn't Jesus Jewish?  He was a rabbi, no?


LOL, me love a good dumpster dive.  Dr. Phil, LOL I still haven't found that "Antique Roadshow" treasure but I am still looking and not giving up.



January 11, 2008, 4:44 pm CST

...very true

Quote From: pshreiman

He doesn't go for the commercialism. Good! What is wrong with going through a garbage can or though other people garbage. Many people do it, sell the stuff, furnish their homes. Do you forget that this is the time people re bleading poor. How upidty you were. And holidays aren't holidays anymore.and I think it is ok to encourage the falseness!!  So here! pauline

if not for a good item in the dumpster, Design on a Dime would be in trouble. 


The only thing I say is if it needs two bottles of Fabrese, leave the item.  LOL!



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