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Created on : Thursday, December 06, 2007, 03:08:11 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
The recent tragic death of rap superstar Kanye West’s mother, Donda West, has put a spotlight on plastic surgery and the risks involved. Donda died one day after her tummy tuck and breast reduction procedures. Is her cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Jan Adams -- whose surgery center is housed in a strip mall, who isn’t board certified and who has a long list of malpractice suits against him -- to blame for her death? Joining the discussion is Senior Editor of People magazine, Galina Espinoza, who shares what Adams had to say shortly after Donda’s death, board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Andrew Ordon, and Dr. Adams’ uncle and former business partner, Dr. Pearlman Hicks. Plus, some of Adams’ former patients reveal what they say were horrific experiences under his knife: Jama says her full-body lift has left her disfigured, numb and unable to be intimate with her husband, Lori says Dr. Adams left a surgical sponge inside her after performing a breast surgery, and Rachel says she was left looking like she was sawed in half after her tummy tuck incision burst open four times. Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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December 10, 2007, 11:22 am CST

12/11 Plastic Surgery Nightmares

Quote From: canada_here

There are man excellent, boaed-certified, plastic surgeons in the United States, just as there are in Canada. There are also some incompetent duds practising in both countries.

Check out ALL physicians FIRST...BEFORE you allow them near your body. Ideally, BEFORE you have a consultation with them and BEFORE you pay them a cent to operate on you.

As a prospective patient, that is YOUR responsibility. People need to do their homework FIRST.

Generally, the top specialists in their respective fields do NOT have offices in shoppng malls.

I steer away from those when selecting a physician, dentist or other healthcare provider.

Think about it...where do the stars/actors and politicians go for their plastic/reconstrctive surgeries? I'll bet they don't go to  plastic surgeons with offices in a shopping malls! They want and need a near-perfect result. Their ability to earn a living depends upon it. You should be no less demanding when selecting ANY healthcare provider. YOUR LIFE may depend upon it.


e  Actally, I admit BOTH my Doctor and my Dentist offices are in strip malls, HOWrEVER they are not performing surgery or any other invasive procedure ( the most invasive thing I get from my Doc is a PAP Test ), my dentist does only the routine fillings and root canals, any surgeries are at a Hospital.
My son had to have two teeth removed from the roof of his mouth when he was seven, the dentist had him to see a specialist through the IWK (local Children's Hospital) , and the surgery was done AT THE HOSPITAL, she KNOWS when she's out of her league as far as procedures go, and THAT gives me the MOST confidence in a Doctor or Dentist, when they can ADMIT they are out of their league, and are willing to RECOMMEND another Doctor.
However I will say, when the kids were small, I INSISTED it was a PEDIATRIC speacialist, children are NOT little adults.
You are right, it is the PATIENTS RESPONSIBILITY to do the leg work and ask the questions, and if you are uncomfortable, then don't be scared to kep looking (though here in the East the pickings are pretty slim unless you LIVE in the cities ).
December 11, 2007, 7:08 am CST

My sympathies to the families who have to suffer

This show had nothing to do with whether you are Democrat or Republican... whether you are Oprah or Jane Doe...I am sorry folks, but someone died because of Dr. Adams, and the 3 women that were on the show have been wronged by Dr. Adams, and a son lost his mother... Famous or not....There are risks with every surgery... I have had my share due to knee and there were problems, but then again, I was not deformed from them either... I wish these women the best, and I hope that they can get their scars fixed...


THANK YOU DR. PHIL FOR BRINGING THIS TO OUR ATTENTION, and I agree with some of the other comments that you need to check out your docs before undergoing such an undertaking...

December 11, 2007, 7:33 am CST

Plastic Surgery

I just want to know why these patients are just coming out with this now.  They had every oppurtunity to take this to the Media or anywhere else but why now after a death.  Have they ever stop to think that if they had of came forward earlier about thid Doctor a death could have been stopped

December 11, 2007, 8:10 am CST

Plastic Surgery

I had gastric bypass over 5 yrs ago (lost 125 lbs) which left sagging skin around my waist, breast, arms, behind and thighs. I had a tummy tuck and breast reduction 2 yrs later. My surgeon was someone that I knew for a long time and trust. My surgery was in a surgery center because my insurance would not pay for a hospital setting. I had major complications after 8 hr surgical procedure. I went into Anaphylactic shock. I had to be intubated for 3 days and in intensive care. I do not blame my doctor for this but the insurance company cutting cost and corners. If they had allowed me to have this surgery in a control setting as a hospital and not a surgery center, I would not have endured this. Managed care is not being managed carefully with the patient in mind but the bottom line of dollars and SENSE.
December 11, 2007, 8:37 am CST

Plastic Surgery


This is an unfortunate situation and when the story first came to light I was dumb founded. I agree with most of you in regards to being sure that you check out these doctors credentials because obviously this doctor has had prior medical lawsuits etc.


However, I think it is easy for us to say that these other women should have come forward way before now. That is just wrong because we do not know how deep their pain runs or what all they have been through or what they are presently going through. I would like to thank all those who have had the courage to come forward now. It is never too late to face whatever demons that are taunting you.

December 11, 2007, 8:46 am CST

12/11 Plastic Surgery Nightmares

Quote From: shadycat1

 First off if the SURGERY ITSELF is housed in a Strip Mall, personally I wouldn't CARE how MANY DIPLOMAS, CERTIFACATIONS or whatever he had on his wall, SURGERY is the DOMAIN of Hospitals, maybe some private clinics, personally though I would INSIST on touring the facilities, everything from the surgery itself to the recovery area, then talk to the employees from the receptionist to the Head Nurse, and if ANYTHING, ANYTHING makes you feel uncomfortable, or uneasy at all, find another Doctor or facility.  Any Doctor who tries to Bully or talk you into ANYTHING isn't much of a Doctor, any DOCTOR who dosen't take your concerns seriously, isn't much of a Doctor.  I know too many people, even now who take the Doctors word as law, some ended up having to face some serious consequences, personally I respect a Doctor MORE if they can admit they DON'T KNOW (as frustrating as that can be for the patient) and will recommend another Doc, then one that sees me as a Lab Experiment.
Did any of these other women go to the Media with their stories ?  It breaks my heart to see things like this, MOST people who have plastic surgery, really have no disfigurements that may make it NECESSARY, they do it in an attempt to fix something in order to make them feel better mentally, some get so Obsessed and desparate that they DON'T CARE or don't THINK about the consequences, EVERY TIME a scalpel cuts into the human body, EVERY TIME you go under anasthetic, you are at risk of any number of complications.  What breaks my heart, is NOW these women are disfigured WORSE than ANYTHING they could've perceived BEFORE the surgery.
My big problem with Plastic Surgery, is it seems now it is playing to our fears of aging, of trying to make people belive that if you tuck up your stomach, or lift your face, that somehow it will fix any problems you may have in you life.
And ANY Doctor who uses an INFOMERCIAL to advertise himself, I would be VERY suspicious of, their work should be able to speak for its self, I know, you can't get a patient list for referals or opinions, unlike say a contractor, Doctors are NOT allowed to release patient files, so the onus is on the patient to take a step back and learn EVERYTHING they can about the procedure its self and the Doctor BEFORE sighning on, and DON'T EVER be afraid to say "this Doctor isn't right for me"  This is your body, health and in some cases your LIFE.

  If the only television programs a patient watched were full body makeovers and talk shows, he would be remarkably ill informed.  Those "reality" programs all have happy endings.  Reality is the last thing offered.  Talk shows pander to this, also.  "How Oprah Changed My Life"  "I Got Real on Dr. Phil" 

  If Dr. Phil helps explain that surgery HAS complications,--it would be helpful  Surgery can go wrong even under the best of conditions.  Dumping on the doctor might be fun.  Stressing that he works out of a strip mall is even more fun.  Dumping on the patients afterwords is what we don't need.

   At best, plastic surgery is a calculated risk.      

December 11, 2007, 9:47 am CST

he needs to be stopped

This doctor needs to be stopped before he can disfigure or kill anyone else. I hope Kanye can make that happen before any other family has to suffer like him and some others have. I would not have it done even if my life depended on it.
December 11, 2007, 11:09 am CST

12/11 Plastic Surgery Nightmares

Quote From: kat71305

    I am an empathetic person by nature. And I truly feel sorry for the people who have been affected by this horrible doctor. Now that this is said I would like to say..... Are these people crazy? If I would ever turn to cosmetic surgery I would do the most throe background search ever, and only choose someone who is certified and comes with good references! This person is not just cutting you open he is permanently changing your body with an already established risk of DEATH!!!  And just as a rule of thumb... If you can go get a tummy tuck and then go next door to buy a cheese burger it's probably not a good place to go. Most good doctors are not located in strip malls!!!!!! (no offense to any GOOD Dr. located in a strip mall it's just an opinion:-) And out of all these people the mother of Kane West!!!!! Here we go again, I'm sorry to be rude, I think he's a wonderful artist but...He has sooooo much money yet his mother is going to a strip mall non certified Doctor???? What???? I'm a normal middle class person but I wouldn't ever let my mother go to a place like that!!! I would pay the difference for a good doctor that would keep my mother safe!  

   I feel bad I came off rude but use common sense before the big decisions people! That saves the pain of a bad mistake or in this case malpractice! I hope the all sue and win and this "doctor" is never allowed to practice medicine again!

   I cant wait to see the show!!!

First let me begin by saying Kanye keep your head up it may not seem like it now but there are brighter days ahead. Secondly, there is so much talk about what Dondra West should or shouldn't have done but no one knows how or what she was feeling or why she felt it necessary to alter her appearance. I am not sure where the rumors regarding the doctor doing business out of a strip mall, but if this is true then yes I agree lights should have gone off, but we (public) don't have all the answers. Maybe she felt safe with him  safe with him and why would you make an assumption that Kanye knew what she planned to do?. Did you ever think that maybe he had no idea of what was going on until after the fact?, and if all the other rumors circling  around the world are true why haven't the proper authorities stepped in and did something? Please do not misunderstand me I believe that if he is the cause of  taking someone's life because of negligence, incompetency, neglect and overall carelessness I say FRY HIM, but let's not assume that her son knew anything.
December 11, 2007, 11:15 am CST

Michael Funk - Plastic Surgery Nightmare?

I didn't see the show today, but i'm really interested in this story about Michael Funk who supposedly was butchered by Dr. Gunter who did a revision rhinoplasty on his nose.  Did the story air today?

The story has some holes, so it's hard to say who's at fault as Dr. Gunter is a very good surgeon.  Michael's nose apparently rotted out.  There's some photos here (not for the squeamish):

Also, they were talking about it on the makemeheal messageboards that it is supposed to be part of today's plastic surgery nightmares show on Dr. Phil:

Did this story air, as I wanted to see what Michael's nose looks like after having revision surgery.

December 11, 2007, 11:50 am CST

Surgery gone BAD!!!

i felt the hurt of those three young women. A year and a half ago I went in for breast reduction surgery due to a injury I have to my neckand shoulder. I did my homework on my Dr., I met with him about 4 times before the surgery, I felt confident with him. I assume he was, is, board certified, but I dont know. My wounds took about 4-5 months to close, I had the inside stiches coming out, my scars now are about 1 1/2 inches thick on the underneath of my breast up to and around my areala. I noticed a size difference in my breasts but i thought it was due to swelling. Then when i received the report of the surgery I realized that the Dr. took more breast tissue off the WRONG side. Now I have now feeling in the outer half of either breast. To say the least I was, am, devistated. I tried to hire a attorney but I can not find one in my area for malpractice. I hate the way my breasts look but I dont know if i could ever bare having surgery again. So if anyone knows of a good attorney  let me know.
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