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Created on : Tuesday, December 04, 2007, 04:09:15 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Every nine seconds a woman is battered in the United States. More shocking is that 50 percent of all women murdered in the U.S. are killed by a spouse or an acquaintance. Dr. Phil goes inside a story that has captured national attention for over a month. In this ripped-from-the-headlines show he delves into the events surrounding the disappearance of 23-year old Stacy Peterson, mother of two, and wife of Drew Peterson. Attorney Lisa Bloom, and Drew’s former fiancée, Kyle Piry, weigh in on this mysterious case. Is Drew involved in his fourth wife's disappearance, or did his wife really leave him for another man, as he claims? Then, meet another couple in crisis. Amanda says she lives in fear of her husband, Chris. She says he abuses her and she worries one day he will go too far, but she stays in the marriage anyway. Amanda's mother, Debby, thinks her daughter is living in denial and fears she will end up like Laci Peterson. Chris admits to being abusive but wants to try and salvage the relationship. You won't believe Chris' mother, Cheryl’s, explanation for his behavior!  And, Kim Gandy, the president of the National Organization for Women joins Dr. Phil with some startling domestic violence statistics and teaches victims how to develop an escape plan. If you live in fear of your spouse, this show just might save your life. Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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December 5, 2007, 3:54 pm CST


Good that you are doing this show. I wish e could pick these people out before they kill or  at least when they kill the first time.


It seems once again, the police have bungled and protected their own too long. Now he's gone and killed again . Hopefully he won't get away with it this time.


Will be watching this and the news with bated breath.

December 5, 2007, 5:03 pm CST


I am at the 10 month anniversary of my divorce from an abusive sociopath and it is only by the grace of God that I did not end up like the Peterson women.  I had a protective attorney and therapist, along with friends, who took steps to help keep me safe while I got out.  We went the whole route; I had notarized letters in safe deposit boxes testifying that if I was found dead, he did it.


It's not easy; 10 months later, I live from day to day in fear, for survival in other ways.  I'm isolated, in financial ruin, and think the best days of my life are far behind me and what's ahead is a mere existence.  But at least I'm alive.

December 5, 2007, 8:39 pm CST

someone wake these women up

Batterers,batter PERIOD.......someone wake these women up they do not change
December 5, 2007, 8:45 pm CST

Brutal Policemen

Quote From: jammaw45

Good that you are doing this show. I wish e could pick these people out before they kill or  at least when they kill the first time.


It seems once again, the police have bungled and protected their own too long. Now he's gone and killed again . Hopefully he won't get away with it this time.


Will be watching this and the news with bated breath.

   We are always so surprised when those who work in postions of public trust elude us.I think there are more people in these professions who behave criminally towards their spouses than are ever reported.You see, I can speak from the experience of having once been the victim of abuse by a police officer, my x-husband. He seemed to me to be unable to make the transition from job to home,often responding in our relationship as if he were wearing his uniform.I can say I never walked in his work boots,but I can only imagine the power that surges through their ego's if they have a pre-existing personality malfunction.Psychological testing pre-emloyment, should be extensive.Did this officer's wife leave for another man? I do not know that. I wonder though why she has not come forward. Is she keeping her silence as a way of protecting herself? I hope so. Maybe Dr. Phil could plead with her to call him and offer what ever assurance she needs that he will keep her where abouts confidential, so that her morbidity can be confirmed. An abuser can be obvious by nature and is distinct in his behaviour(controlling, jealous, verbally humilliating, etc.).He can be employed or unemployed. When a police officer is the abuser, it is easy to assume that   "the boys club" will protect him. I think they are being very careful in this case because this is wife # 4.The last I heard my  x-husband was still with wife #3. He abused #2 as well. I will leave you with this thought.One night while I was sitting in our kitchen, he walked up to me with his service revolver and asked me, if I wanted to play Russian Roulet...........
December 5, 2007, 8:56 pm CST

You Gotta Know What to Look For.....

I, personally, won’t be cozying up to ANYONE named Peterson!

(I apologize to all you INOCENT, God-fearing, decent Petersons out there but ya’ll REALLY do need to check-out the your gene pool!)

December 5, 2007, 9:27 pm CST

I know how they feel

my EX husband beat up so much I would not to talk to anyone for days and weeks,it 's not easy getting out like everyone saids if my husband did this to  me i would leave, but they will tell you stuff like i'm going to kill your family than you will have know one left,my ex killed our unborn child,and he is still walking the streets i thought i was safe from him at a chruch but once again he shows up there , and left . I know he came back to kill me just a feeling I have , he told me when you are alone I will get you,  my dad has step in so many times i was worried that he will kill my dad, and my mom had to sleep in the same room with me he tryed to break in my house and he tried to kill my dog and than he started saying he was going to die wihtout me and i told him just die

December 5, 2007, 9:58 pm CST

Abused & Battered Spouses

Quote From: tuebar

Batterers,batter PERIOD.......someone wake these women up they do not change
Wives or husbands who accept being abused and battered most likely suffer self-worth issues.  Their reasoning is usually so complex that they don't even understand it themselves. Only counseling, such as Dr. Phil's methods will help.
December 5, 2007, 11:12 pm CST

My dad changed

Quote From: tuebar

Batterers,batter PERIOD.......someone wake these women up they do not change
I agree about all the talk about abusers. But I am happy to say this one thing. My dad stopped abusing 28 years ago. He and my stepmom had been married about a year, when he attempted to slap her .  He was 6'1", she was 5'1".  She was so shocked, she holed herself up in their extra bedroom, thank goodness it had a half bath. But before she did that she ran to the kitchen and got the biggest butcher knife they had. She stuck it up to my dads face. And called him a bad name and said you B--, i f you ever do that again, you will  be  a dead man.  She stayed holed up for 3 days , only sneaking out at night to eat etc.. when he would be snoring real loud in the next room.  He begged and begged for her to come out, would go get her food and sit it on the floor by her door (she would not eat it in case he poisoned it) .  Finally she came out, but then would not speak to him for weeks.
I am Glad to say, he has never even attempted to hurt her again.
They have been married 29 years now.
Now my mom was another story. he beat her till he messed her up mentally. At 49 she died from a brain disorder, caused normally from damage done to her brain.
I finally forgave my dad , only because I know he has changed.
WOMEN wake up if they beat you up and then promise they will quit, do not believe them, get out.  At 12
I had to stay at home from school to take care of my mom.  I finally dropped out at 16 cause I was so far behind. (I have a GED NOW though).  She died when I was 18.  I am 49 now and married to the same man almost 30 years.  I warned him if he ever wanted to hit me to walk out.  He never has had to walk out thank goodness.  (I did explain about my mom, and added I'd kill a man if he ever hit me ) But my hubbie is like a big gentle bear.  Awesome hubbie and dad to our 5 children and now a wonderful grandpa to our grandchildren . Women it takes time to know a man.  These short relationships of not knowing a man are so stupid and dangerous.  My husband was my best friend for 5 years before we realized we wanted to be married. 
Women always remember YOU DESERVE TO BE TREATED DECENT!!
December 5, 2007, 11:15 pm CST

No doubt He killed her

After watching this man on different shows etc.. my thoughts are that he had everything to do with his wifes disappearance.   What about the 55 gallon drum that a man had to help him get rid of etc.. etc.. et.c....
Everything points to him as guilty!!
Gosh I feel so bad for her children.  

December 6, 2007, 12:03 am CST

Gangs of New York

It amazes me that most people still think we can trust any public official. The Sheriff's dept. in Deschutes County in Oregon is rampant with corruption. In 2001 the Sheriff himself was arrested and convicted of embezzling about $250,000.00 and then later when he was in jail, convicted of selling Sheriffs' dept. guns in the paper for his own personal gain. Then in 2002, two deputies, one of them the DARE officer at a local high school were arrested and convicted of having sex with minor high school girls, giving them drugs, and attempting to tape the sexual acts to sell on the internet. Several of these same men were involved in the investigation of my brothers death, did no investigation, and broke about 8 Oregon Statutes and declared it a suicide. The smartest criminals are the ones with the guns and the badges. This Peterson case is a double whammy....Domestic Violence and Police Corruption. The state of our nation makes me sick, when this thing happens as regularly as it does. As an aside, does anyone else find it highly ODD....the Lacey Peterson...Stacy Peterson name thing and their apparent similar fates? OH....and (heavy sarcasm)...let's give the police more power and weapons so the next time they TAZER a pregnant women trying to take her kids home, maybe they'll kill her too. It might make their day.
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