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Created on : Friday, November 30, 2007, 01:39:10 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
It’s no surprise that teens engage in reckless activities, but kids today are doing much more than sneaking a drink of alcohol. The newest trends can be deadly for your kids -- from street racing to car surfing. Dominic, 18, is obsessed with illegal street racing, and his friend, Justin, boasts that he’s driven 147 mph on the highway! Dominic’s mother, Susan, fears for his safety, but doesn’t know how to control him. Can Dr. Phil get the boys to put on the brakes? Then, 17-year-old Trais was street racing when he accidentally killed a wheelchair-bound mother of two in front of her children. Don’t miss his strong message for Dominic and Justin. And, meet a mom who worries that her 13-year-old daughter spends more time in a virtual online world than in the real one. Can Dr. Phil help the girl return to reality? Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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December 3, 2007, 7:14 am CST

Teenager Almost killed my son by racing

My son, friend, and i were walking home from a park on evening in the summer of 2006. It wasnt dark yet. We were walking home on the sidewalk when out of the blue i see two cars driving backwards drag racing. One jumped the curb. I yelled at my son who was 4 1/2 and ran and threw him out of the way. The next thing i knew i was being put on a backboard. I had been hit and drug/thrown about 15-20 feet. I heard my son screaming. Luckily my son only had a few burns on his arm from me throwing him. I ended up with bruised ribs, a cute about 1.5-2in long and down to the bone on my head. I had 4 stitches inside my head and 6 staples. It has emotionally scarred me and my son. I was told by the police officer that they sent out a person that investigates fatalities. They didnt know if i would make it or not. I lost extreme amounts of blood. The officer said that if i hadnt thrown my son out of the way then he would be dead. I still suffer pain from this and so does my son. I learned that it was two 16year olds driving these cars!
December 3, 2007, 7:21 am CST

Shocking Teen Trends

I am sure there are many who have experienced the death of someone we know.  My daughter's 19 yr. old friend died in August and he was driving 100 mph.  It has caused so much pain in so many people's lives that love him so much.  Please slow down!!!!
December 3, 2007, 8:26 am CST

Laughable choice

Ok,  first let me say, I don't know about street racing, nor do I care about it at the moment.  The one thing i do know about however is video games.  I think the game  Dr. Phil chose to talk about is laughable.  Second life is a second rate game and there aren't even that many people that play it.  I think the subscriber number varies anywhere from around 1-4 million.  If Dr. Phil or his staff knew anything they would have looked at the game World of Warcraft or Everquest.  These games have a much more addictive quality.  World of Warcraft has double the number of subscribers of Second Life at around 9 million and is a much more popular game, and there have been stories of people killing and killing themselves over these games.  All this just goes to show me how uneducated most people are about the games that are out there.  So bravo Dr. Phil for talking about a game that no one plays.  If you really
wanted to talk about relevant games, you would have done the story on World of Warcraft.

 Also, i'm 19 and i know enjoy playing World of Warcraft, and i've had some days where i've played 10 hours or more a day.  I've been playing since i was 17. I currently have over 1 month of time played in the game.  Yea i know that's alot, but i feel that it didn't affect my life in any negative manner. I graduated high school with a 3.995 GPA and i went to plenty of school and out of school functions and i've had a girlfriend for over 3 years.  So i don't think Dr. Phil or his staff really know wtf they are talking about.

just my 2 cents
December 3, 2007, 8:43 am CST

Two trends

  The car racing thing is just common sence. When teenagers and adult "boys with toys" grow up a bit they see it is destructive. Too often that growing up comes after a tragic experience.
  What interested me was the on-line simulation game the sweet 13 yr old was addicted to. I work with kids so this topic has both positive and negative aspects. I am including all gaming and computor use by kids in this. I have seen kids with disorders like ADHD and obsessive compulsive disorders use the internet  to speak with others with the same thing. It helps to have a community. Others get trapped and spend too much time on line instead of in life. As the Dr. said parents need to be aware and in control. it always amazes me that parents do not realize they have the ablity and response-ablity to control the excesses that are pretty natural to kids.
   As far as the simulation game goes.. Mom should check out The Sim 2 games by EA games. they are rated pretty clearly.No on line fees, no real people to interact with and you can always just take the disc for a time out. It would give her lots of pretty and cool virtual objects for virtual money. I have looked at it and it does contain some sexual themes but is teen friendly and makes you develop relationship skills before you can date someone. It is also clear this little cutie has to be cut off or scaled way back from her online
gaming. The EA game may help the withdrawl! Good luck hon and get painting and riding that horse again.
December 3, 2007, 9:34 am CST


Where's the problem? If I learned MY child were street racing, she would no longer EVER drive our car. She would be driven to and from every event.


Where's the other problem? If I learned MY child was spending too much time on-line, her computer would be removed (and sold).


STOP BEING FRIENDS, parents, and START BEING PARENTS! Your kids are not supposed to like you; they're supposed to learn from you!


Kids do what they are allowed. My parents trusted me TOO much so I was able to drive drunk (back when that was not unacceptable and MADD did not exist). I was able to get into cars with stangers. I was able to hang out and use drugs. I was an A student and had the respect of my parents and myteachers, yet I had everybody conned. I am lucky I am alive today (and very lucky I was not raped).


The parents on today's show are not conned; they KNOW the bad and dangerous things their kids are doing. The ball is in their court. Will they be mature, responsible, tough parents or will they be friends with their kids and gamble with their lives (and the lives of the case of street racing)?


Wake these parents UP, Dr. Phil, before they lose their children or their child kill my children!

December 3, 2007, 9:54 am CST


Why are we focused on just teens? Every day everyone is racing some where. On the highway I see people passing weaving switching lanes constantly. I understand the main point is to focus on Street racing but Highways have become the convenient location for all commuter's to find out if there vehicle is fast or not! I see people in everything from top end Porche's, to Mercedes that all want to push there car to the max. 


My follow up questions are why are speed parts so readily available? I myself drive a 2006 concept edition Mitsubishi Eclipse and I'm amazed at how many parts are available and that make it so much faster.


Keep in mind I myself use to race at the water main in Lowell on the Blvd. and the Lowell Connector when I was a kid. Racing around in Camaro's Corvette's and then in a Alfa Spider. (p.s. so fast that the frame could not hold the motor and I ripped off 2 motor mounts and destroyed a transmission!)  Can you say that was a costly fix. About $2000 in motor and transmission repair, $800 in welding,, and needing an alternate car for 3 weeks.

December 3, 2007, 10:36 am CST

Re: adeadpoet123

Quote From: adeadpoet123

dr phil you pick the dumbest replesentatives for street racing its funny but only sucky cars go 100 i know dominic personally is car is slow i raced him in my crappy truck and beat him i cant wait for this on monday dude and put it on myspace and you tube 100 is nothin
Keep it up poet123 and you might just be DEAD one of these days.  I sure hope you and your buddies don't take me or a member of my family with you.
December 3, 2007, 11:35 am CST

You can do just so much

From my own experience as a mother who went through three teenagers, all you can do is pray.

Of course, I told all three that if they got into trouble with the law, "you are on your own."  I just know they did crazy things I did not know about and it  was not for me to know.  If I knew in advance, my children would never have left the house.  This would have been from "fear" not "trust."


There is enough fear in our world and we need to get back our "faith" and know our Lord and Savior will see us through "all things."

December 3, 2007, 12:08 pm CST

12/03 Shocking Teen Trends

I hope you don't mind me sharing this rather lengthy message. On October 14, 2001, a 16-year old friend, who had just gotten his license, asked if he and our 15-year old, Benjamin, could go out for pizza after the evening church service. Ben's father was doing some religious duties, so I told the boys it would be OK. I even told Ben that I would up his curfew from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m., since he hadn't seen the friend for awhile.


They were not back at our house at 11 p.m.


Since Ben was always good about letting us know where he was, I immediately called the local hospital ER. The young woman who answered was somewhat taken aback when I asked if our son had been admitted. All she would tell me was that the highway patrol was coming to our house. I suspected then that we were entering a world of a parent's worst nightmare. I awoke my husband and we waited...who could we call? We didn't know what specifically had happened or even where. At about 11:45 p.m., two patrolmen came to our door. It was just like you see in the movies, "I'm sorry. There's been an accident. Your son didn't make it." That's it. That's all. Those simple words have changed our lives forever.


We found out later that the young man driving the car had met another teenager he knew (whom Ben didn't even know) and he and the other boy decided to drag race on a country gravel road. At about 9:30, Ben's friend hit the pavement on an intersection with the gravel road, lost control of the car, and hit a tree on the passenger side (Ben's), flipping the car upside down onto a pile of steel girders left in the ditch from recent road construction. They said Ben died instantly of a broken neck. I'd like to believe the stories that say it all happens so fast that you don't know or feel anything...instead, I get to wonder the rest of my life if in his terror, he called out for his "Mom!" If he wondered where I was and why I wasn't protecting him. Not knowing what kind of a driver his friend was, we should have had much stricter rules about who Ben could ride with. But we didn't...


And Ben's friend has to live with the fact that he killed his best friend--someone who stuck up for him and introduced him to cool girls. Ben's friend had a mild concussion and injured his right thumb. He did some community service. We knew it was a stupid mistake, a tragic accident, so we didn't prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. We knew Ben wouldn't have wanted us to be vengeful. In retrospect, that probably wasn't best for his friend, but we didn't want to further "ruin" his life. And, I guess, in a weird way, we still hoped we could be a part of his life since he was the last person who had seen Ben alive. Sadly, he has only really made one effort to talk to us in the last six years. 


Ben was a gifted mathematician and was a year ahead in school. He played trumpet in the high school band and could also play the violin. He was set to begin working on his Eagle badge in scouts. He threw a newspaper and played baseball. He was quite handsome ("my beautiful, brown-eyed baby") and had a great smile. People at his funeral said they almost didn't recognize him without it. He loved church and "I Love Lucy" reruns. I'll never forget working around the house and hearing his laughter as he watched, or listening to him sing in the shower (he was pretty bad but he sure enjoyed it!). He had made it through some hard years of elementary school where we dealt with ADD. But , at 15, he was starting to "get it." Unfortunately, he wasn't far enough along so that when he saw what he was getting in to, he called me to come and pick him up.


In his memory we talk to driver's training classes and have set up summer music camp and newscarrier tuition scholarships. We were privileged to be at the ceremonial signing of a graduated driver's bill in the state of Oklahoma, affectionately known locally as "Ben's Law."


The acclaim has been bittersweet. I would rather have attended his high school graduation, heard about his first kiss, seen him in a tuxedo at his sister's wedding, or gone with him to college orientation. After six years, his friends have gone on with their lives, as they should...and we sit with a picture and empty memories of dreams that will never be. So young men who think drag and street racing are a natural high, why not come and sit with us for a couple of days? Maybe when you see how a person can still live, even when their heart is torn out of them, that will bring you back down to earth. 


In Proverbs 23:19, it says, "Speak not in the ears of a fool: for he will despise the wisdom of thy words." I hope your words of wisdom didn't fall on the ears of fools, Dr. Phil, I really do. Or mine either...though I'm sure yours have more weight because I'm no one compared to you. And if not yours either, I only hope somebody's, sometime, somewhere get through to them, and thousands of others just like them. We can't let another precious young person die because fools selfishly resist curbing their impulses.

December 3, 2007, 12:29 pm CST

12/03 Shocking Teen Trends

Quote From: adeadpoet123

dr phil you pick the dumbest replesentatives for street racing its funny but only sucky cars go 100 i know dominic personally is car is slow i raced him in my crappy truck and beat him i cant wait for this on monday dude and put it on myspace and you tube 100 is nothin
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