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Created on : Wednesday, November 28, 2007, 05:18:57 pm
Author : pennylane_78
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September 2, 2009, 7:45 am CDT

Why are we debating?

Quote From: ritehere

Our government is supposed to be by the people, for the people, our leaders are supposed to work for us.

I'm going to copy and paste some parts of this article to illustrate how our leaders don't consider our wants as important. Here is the article:


In regards to the opposition to his healthcare plan, and the growing concern of government take-overs in general that he has presided over, the article says:


"As for health care, his signature issue, Obama faces a difficult struggle to both regain the upper hand from Republicans newly energized by the opposition to his proposals they found over the congressional recess and to convince pundits that he still has the opportunity to get a bill passed."


"Angered by a radio address on health care delivered by Enzi over the weekend, which repeated a number of Republican arguments against the plan, Gibbs said it suggested that Enzi doesnt believe theres a pathway to get bipartisan support, and the president thinks thats wrong. I think Sen. Enzis clearly turned over his cards on bipartisanship and decided that its time to walk away from the table. "


"An Enzi spokesman said the senator remains committed to the bipartisan talks, and a Grassley spokeswoman said the senator was referring in his letter only to the government-run insurance option embraced in the House and Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions bills. "

The author of the article sums up:

"Despite his enormous communications skills, personal appeal and mastery of new media, Obama failed to win the messaging wars over the health care debate in August. And that happened even though the White House seemed to make an all-out effort to push the measure with a prime-time news conference and nationwide town halls."

The author passes on this bit of wisdom from unnamed analysts:

"To come back, the analysts say, Obama will have to dominate the opposition in three areas messaging, media and muscle in order to change the momentum in Washington. That is, hell have to come up with a coherent argument for his health care reform ideas that ties the proposal into his broader agenda. Hell have to take advantage of the White Houses ability to dominate the media by making news and putting out story lines that will dominate the front pages.

And hell have to use good, old-fashioned political brute force, which the White House so far has seemed reluctant to do in the debate over health care. "

The plan seems to be to pick an enemy to rally against and:

Obama can regain momentum and the message high ground if he provides an overarching message a big idea for his entire presidency, Lehane said. All of his initiatives health care, energy, stimulus bailout are linked to a bigger idea that explains to middle America about what he is doing to fight for them against a direct threat or challenge that is relevant to them in their daily lives.


The article goes on and on, explaining possible "strategies" and such.

Here's the crux of the dilemma in the White House, the overarching message, the goal of this administration is the transformation of our democratic capitalist republic into a marxist socialist communist regime. They can't be honest and come out and said it out loud, so that is why they are using all these other tactics.

Americans can smell a rat no matter what it calls itself. This is also why they are not willing to scrap the bill and start over with a truly bipartisan bill that does not include the public option, which is what the American people want. If they don't get their government run public option, they don't get a key part of their plan.

NHC should be very simple, Is it the same coverage that our elected ( the ppl that work for us have) If not then there is nothing else to talk about. They know WE the tax payer can not afford to give ourselves the coverage WE give them.


Obama invokes the bible * rolling my eyes* That we are our brothers keeper. Yet he himself will not allow his brother to live under the same roof and enjoy the same fruit he enjoys. We the ppl his so called  brothers should be happy with a half ate apple he throws out his back door and rolls on the ground to our feet. We his so called brothers should give up what we have that is equal to his so he can divide it between  us all while he gives up nothing.



September 2, 2009, 8:26 am CDT


Quote From: kathleen27

J. this is very upsetting to me.  Wonder how they are defining "EMERGENCY"?  Isn't the PATRIOT ACT enough to sufice monitoring the they want the power to cut us off? 

The whole concept is like the laws of Afganistan...maybe the next step will be to cut off our fingers if we vote against anything that Obama wants.

If the majority of Americans are truly concerned about our free country, they will have to take to the streets in protest.

I hope this dangerous Bill does not pass.  Even the AMERICAN Democrats have to see that this is soooo wrong.

I'm wondering...the ACLU was so anti- use of the Patriot Act, so from having a mindset etched in our rights to privacy, where the hell are they when we need them?

Liberal USED to mean more freedoms, not less.  Now Liberal seems to mean oppression, and sorry, that is not Liberal at all, it's Governmental control.  Weren't all the Liberals in protest of BIG BROTHER?  Suddenly, they want him even bigger?  Is this country going crazy, because I feel as if I am.



Obama is not a Lib, I have change that opinion as he surrounds himself with Marxist and communist all the (ist) he can find and place in our WH. The old timey Lib would be outraged at what is being done today.

Obama is a elitist a foe and not friend of the poor and will use greed of the ppl that want without working for it. He will tell them that they are entitled to the scaps that he throws alittle at a time. We see this in our welfare system how little ppl expect from themselves and what they have come accustom to.  The old saying beggers can't be choosers .if you give me my home i will live in filth and crime ridden areas. feed me and I eat only when your buying. Reward me for having children that I can not afford , I will have a litter of them for they can become the next generation of greedy lazy ppl you can control with scraps.


entitlements never envoke the ppl to work harder, it makes them lazy and less caring of what they have.

Proof of this is the Carter homes that was built in the 80s and given to the poor. They are shack now and unlivable condictions. The projects of Chicago built in the 60s  where nice new apts for low rent to help the poor 10 15 years later they are holes and the center place for the old show  *Good Times*

Its not like we don't know what giving somthing without earning something for it come out to be. Our children will ask for something when shopping and if you buy it they will take it and be happy, and a week later it lays on the floor for us to pick up and take care of for them. Now if you tell them to use their monies they earn for that same thing, they think twice about it and most of the time walk away from it.

ugh i can't talk about it anymore.


I heard Spitzer is trying to get back into the game and his eyes are set on your senete seat???


My kids are back in school, it seems like we never got a summer here. cool and raining most of the time.

i think I swam about 10 times this hole year. I love the water and last year I would say it be about 10 time I didn't swim or lay out. we brought jackets everytime we went out on the boat and by the end of the day needed them lol  . Where my globle warming?? I feel like I live in Alaska lol...



September 2, 2009, 9:04 am CDT

This can't happen in America??

There is so much going on in this country thats never been seen before, so where do we start with the average person that still has their heads buried in the sand of their life. Lets be real here we us on this board look things up when we hear things  on the news any news sorce because we can't really trust anyone any more. Heres the problem I am having, how do I tell these ppl anything without comming across as a nut? If I was told a year and a half ago that know communist would have the ear of our Pres I would laugh at you, If you told me a year and a half ago that the press would look away from a story to cover for the President I would tell you to stop reading J. Patterson books. The list goes on and on elected making fun of the voters of their districts, Our Pres. bows to a Suadie King, shutting down radio talk shows and the internet . Shoving NHC in to law when 80% of this country doesn't want it. Our elected comming out saying Castro is a great guy and that we should have his kind of NHC in this country.


If you told me a year ago that we would elect a Pres that sat in a church that preaches hate and that is Anti American as you can get. I would think your nuts and say not in America can that happen.


So I am that Nut to some, do they will they bother to look it up for themselves? i don't want anyone just to take my word for it. I want them to want to know what is going on and form their own opinion based on facts and not what they don't believe can't happen in America.


I guess we keep whispering until all the whispers sound more like shouting. whisper LLoyd, and sunstain,Van Jones,E. emmanual, j. holdren . pound the keys of the internet look for yourself and mostof all look at Obama himself and his past his words his ppl that think like he does.



September 2, 2009, 9:31 am CDT

One more post

Here is a arguement I found working for me when talking to those that think NHC is a right.

Ask them are they willing to for go their tax returns Their 1000.00 dollars per child to help pay for their NHC watch how upset they get thinking they could be forced to give what they think is theirs to pay for something they want.


When I was younger I had a friend that made less them 15 thou a year with a child. She would get back about 3 thousand a year in her tax refund. I had NO child and made the same and I had to pay in.Tell these ppl that you think they  should lose that extra monies they recieve to help pay for the HC they want me to pay for them, ask them if they did have to lose that tax refund per year do they still want NHC and you will find most will say no.  Their spew about NHC is a right turns into a wrong when they are asked to help pay for their HC with tax refunds that are gifts to them by the tax payers anyways. UGH!!!



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