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Created on : Wednesday, November 28, 2007, 05:18:57 pm
Author : pennylane_78
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August 26, 2009, 8:20 am CDT

Ted Kennedy passes

I guess I thought he was going to keep fighting on for awhile. I shouldn't have been surprised, he must have known his time was near yesterday.

I'm sad for his family, the last of the brothers is gone.

August 26, 2009, 1:29 pm CDT

Patterson, and we can thank Spitzer!

Quote From: ritehere

Here we go! Have you seen the commercials with the ambulance that gets headed off by numerous cars? The message is that "special interests" are trying to stop healthcare reform.


This is soooo laughable! Now they're calling us "special interests!"


Personally, I wish they would stop squandering our money on these sorts of things, and I wish they would use the rest of the stimulus funds to pay back some of the debt and save my children and grandchildren the headache of being taxed to pay it back.


Kathy, Paterson has been informed by the White House that he is on his own with his problems and not to include the president in his racist comments. I think Obama & co. are beginning to realize the pile of doo doo they are stepping in bringing up false allegations of racial issues.

Guliani is considering running for governor of NY too.

I agree with you.  Obama is too smart not to realize that this over-use of "racism" has the potential to backfire, so he moved away from Patterson, like he did from Rev. Wright. 

Basil Patterson,  the Gov.'s father, was an activist Upstate for the Black Community, more polished in his approach, but NOT unlike Al Sharpton in his opinions...guess the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

IF Guiliani does run, I feel he has a good chance of winning.  HIS flaw will be the affair he had during his marriage to Donna Hanover, in Gracie Mansion, with the now Mrs. Guiliani.  Somehow, after Patterson gets through with us, I don't think people will care.

I saw the ads, and yes, the monies could be much better spent.  The debt is looming over health Care Reform, and I doubt if Ted Kennedy could have been effective even were he to have lived to have a voice.

I feel sorry for the family...Eunice Kennedy Schriver just passed, now Ted.  I thought he was going to die quickly, when he couldn't attend his sister's Mass.

I wonder if his request to fill his seat ASAP will be honored...sticky place for Obama.  Kennedy wanted that health care, so to by-pass the "formalities" would appear to be very self serving and may arch more than a few backs.  Some may see it as a tribute to Ted, but it still, IMO, is not the right thing to do.  We shall see.

Oh, I spoke to my friend, Judie...she is VERY weak.  They want her to walk a bit, but she can't, so her hospital stay will definitely go into next week.  I think having a massive heart attack made the recovery more of a challange, plus they did a quadruple, not the triple as was first stated.

In 6 months, she could be like a new person..sure hope so, but it was nice to hear her voice, and they are going to allow visits from non-family by the weekend.  I hope that tropical storm goes out to sea.

I cannot believe that summer is almost over.  Both my college students return to classes on Monday, but they go to one 15 minutes away, have Fridays off, so I can't say I'm unhappy.  They had more than 3 months off, so it's time.

Maybe Sept. will be nice. In N.Y. that is a funny month...can be GORGEOUS, or rainy and damp.  Time will tell, just no hurricanes and I'll be happy.


August 26, 2009, 3:44 pm CDT

Good news and bad news...

Good day everyone!  And happy hump day!  First I have good news for men and women who wish to share their stories of overcoming unwanted same sex attractions...

"A landmark court decision in Washington, DC, could have far-reaching ramifications for those who have left the homosexual lifestyle.

Regina Griggs, executive director of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays, tells OneNewsNow that former homosexuals now have protection under sexual orientation non-discrimination laws. According to the ruling [PDF], handed down by the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, ex-"gays" are now a protected class that must be recognized under the DC Human Rights Act.


Read on...


Although, I don't think that any ONE class of human beings should be a "protected class," I am pleased with the outcome simply because the mere existance of this particular class- similar to pre-born children- has been largely ignored and I look forward to a day when ALL human beings are deemed worthy of protection.  Which brings me to the bad news...


Late term abortionist, "LeRoy Carhart wants to educate as many doctors as he can to perform late-term abortions

so the process doesn't die with him, according to the latest issue of Newsweek.

"That makes the anti-abortion activist's job just 10 times harder," he said, "because there are now 10 times more of us."

Carrie Gordon Earll, senior bioethics analyst for Focus on the Family Action, said that may be easier said than done.
"Many obstetrics and gynecology residency programs offer abortion training, yet the number of physicians willing to do abortions doesn't seem to be on the increase," she noted.  "It's not a preferred profession or even sideline for most doctors, and for good reason."

Carhart's clinic in Omaha, Neb. sees dozens of women each day seeking late-term abortions. 

Newsweek reporter Sarah Kliff calls Carhart, who also has licenses in seven other states, an 'abortion evangelist.'  Carhart can't exactly say why he does abortions, but he refuses to stop.

"Abortion is not a four-letter word," he said.  "I'm proud of what I do."

In May, Carhart's fellow late-term abortionist George Tiller was shot and killed.  But Carhart is steadfast in his commitment to the gruesome procedure.

"If we give in, pro-lifers win," he said. "That's unacceptable." 

Earll contends Carhart's commitment is misguided. 

"The question of who 'wins' in the abortion debate is a critical one," she said.  "However, it's not the pro-lifers that matter.  It's the mother and child who both deserve a chance at life — and life without regret."

August 26, 2009, 3:50 pm CDT

Good news for marriage...

Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen — who ordinarily would defend a duly-enacted law — announced Friday he will not defend the state's domestic-partner law from a legal challenge brought by a pro-family group...

Julaine Appling, chief executive officer of Wisconsin Family Action, said Van Hollen took a strong position when he said he would not disregard the constitution or the will of the people by defending the registry.

"What J.B. Van Hollen was saying was that his oath of office is to defend the constitution," she said, "not the Legislature and not the governor."

The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) is representing Wisconsin Family Action in the suit.  They're arguing that the process and fees for registering as a domestic partnership are similar to marriage and violate the constitutional amendment that says marriage is only between a man and woman.


And inSANTA ANA, Calif. — "A federal court (last) Monday threw out a lawsuit filed against the federal Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman.  The decision to dismiss the case comes just over a month since the same court threw out a portion of the lawsuit that challenged California’s constitutional amendment protecting marriage.  Alliance Defense Fund attorneys represent in the suit"

August 26, 2009, 3:53 pm CDT

News, Politics and Current Events

Quote From: ritehere

And I'm still an erring human, but I'm working on it!
Yeah, that makes two of us ;)
August 26, 2009, 4:03 pm CDT

Oh, no doubt!

Quote From: ritehere

No doubt Michael Moore said that with admiration too. (extreme disgust!)


Our president should be honest with himself, and truthful to his public at all times. How else can he be worthy of the nation's trust?

Michael Moore is still over the moon for Obama.  And that's the really tragic part of all of this... Obama supporters like Moore actually admire this type of deceit and irresponsibility; his only concern is giving away the plot to Republicans (as if we did not already suspect!)  Tell me, America, would you stand for these qualities in a spouse... a friend... an employer?  Not owning up to the things you say in do are by no means admirable qualities... for anyone!
August 26, 2009, 4:16 pm CDT

Good point!

Quote From: ritehere

Kathy, my  husband and I also feel the need to do something and not just sit around griping and moaning about the mistakes being made in government.

If you remember, this is what John McCain advocated in his speech after the election results came in. To be active if you were not happy with the results, to become a teacher, a social worker, a representative of government.

On his blog Dr Phil also mentioned volunteering to help out on crisis hotlines. There are many people in grave emotional straits these days due to the economy and lack of jobs which leads to not only concerns in how to pay bills, but how to keep a roof over the heads of our loved ones and food on the table. Those responsible savers that lost jobs early on are now seeing their retirement savings dry up, their homes losing value, and still not relief in sight. It's cold comfort hearing about a "jobless recovery." In my point of view, that's no kind of recovery at all. The hotlines are chronically understaffed, and are being inundated with callers, so the good doc suggested volunteering.

This AM I read that Social Security payments will not recieve an annual cost of living raise, and may even go down slightly. It galls to think that this is all according to a plan to make us all dependent upon government and thus ease the way towards socialism. As Rahm Emmanuel said "Never let a good crisis go to waste."  Bah!

As far as glutting the elections with Republicans, I wouldn't be so fast. Some of the Republicans have been just as fiscally irresponsible as the Democrats. And right now, I'm pinning faith on some of those blue dog Democrats to demonstrate their belief in the constitution and not in Obama's vision of a socialist take over. I'll be registering Independant and voting for whoever stands to uphold the constitution and roll back the flawed and leftist laws that got us to this predicament.

As a voter, I think it is much more important to look at a candidates record, rather than to assess him or her simply by the party he or she alligns with.  The three "moderate" Republicans that voted for the "stimulus," for example, do not deserve our support.  Neither does anyone who confirmed Sotomayor.  I think it is also important to consider whether or not a legislator upholds their state constitiutions (including marriage amendments) Furthermore, and especially with healthcare reform still on the table, I would not support anyone who does not have a record of supporting bills that which would serve to protect human life... be they Republican or Democrat.

August 26, 2009, 4:23 pm CDT

Hey Kathy!

Quote From: kathleen27

Having a baby was what put me "on the fence" concerning early abortion.  I was like you in my attutides pre-Heather, but after that, I did have pause...knew I couldn't do it, but still felt that in the first trimester, it was a woman's right to decide.

Sorry to hear you miscarried, and actually saw your baby...had to be very hard to get past that!

With all of the birth control available, you'd think that there wouldn't be the need to abort, but if you don't take the precautions, pregnancy will occur.

I thank God I never had to face making such a decision.  Even if we did make abortion illegal, the back street butchers, and the underground doctors would perform them, and make more $$$$$, just like they did in years prior.

I was SHOCKED to hear how many of my friends mother's...and my own MIL, had abortions back in the day.

Only after they were legal, did many women come foreward about having them.

I suppose it was similar to "speakeasys" in the days of Prohibition.

Lots and lots of illegal money was made...sad, no?

How was your weekend?  Did reading House Beautiful inspire you to decorate?!


Even if we did make abortion illegal, the back street butchers, and the underground doctors would perform them, and make more $$$$$


I don't know about that.  For sure, though, they would not be able to lay claim to taxpayer $$$$!  For more information on the pre-Roe abortion statistics compared to now...

August 26, 2009, 4:31 pm CDT

I was for it before I was against it!

This is the rhetoric Obama consistantly used in order to defeat other Democrats running for the nomination last year, and so it appears that the president has infact changed his mind of healthcare reform...


"Senator Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina) has been one of Obama's staunchest critics on this issue. He says the president opposed meaningful Republican legislation while he still a member of the Senate.
"I want Americans to be clear that I have introduced major healthcare reform every year I've been in the Senate. Barack Obama did not introduce any that I'm aware of. He voted against Republican reforms that would have made it less expensive and more accessible for individuals to have their own insurance if they didn't get it at work," DeMint points out. "He's done everything he can to maintain the status quo so that he could call for government intervention -- and we need to expose that to the American people."
DeMint says healthcare overhaul is a critical battle for Americans and there is no need to rush to pass such important legislation. He recently released his new book Saving Freedom: We Can Stop America's Slide into Socialism.

August 27, 2009, 7:37 am CDT

News, Politics and Current Events

Quote From: kathleen27

To be backing the elderly into a corner, reducing their small checks, knowing they have no shot at returning to work, in most cases, disgusts me!  Then, they raise welfare for those who do have a chance at getting a job and perhaps, one day COULD contribute to our economy besides just adding to its' deficit.

This entire mindset is an embarassment!

IF one were to suggest mandated sterilization in order for someone to remain on welfare, you'd hear SOCIALISM hollered all over the place. 

Someone ought to bring this up.  You want the Socialized Health Care, well, put together a Socialized system of Social limiting the number of children they are allowed to have, like China. 

Seems this Administration targets selectively ,where only those who work hard to be educated and productive pay the price, along with those who worked for their entire lives to support all of these programs...gotta hit them as well by reducing Social Security.

You can bang out babies in N.Y. and you get increased benefits as a reward  for not working and continuing to have children  you know that you cannot afford, and then they DARE take monies away from those who paid into this system.  SICKENING!!!!





I believe that if we go to NHC there will be limits to amount of children you are allowed to have, it will not happen right away but 5 10 years it will. but it will extend to all not just the poor. all you have to do is look at the folks that Obama has around him, like Sunstien and Holdren, E. Emmanual. Read their therories and you will see they are truely not the poor mans friend . These ppl are not the true Libs of days past, they are elitist in Lib cloths using the greed of the poor telling them that they are entitled so they stand at the door of the Government demanding and distorying this country one entitltement at a time.

Look these ppl up that are around Obama, they talk about and therorize about placing sterilizations cems. in the drinking water and using forced abortion as control cost.


We do not want the government in our lifes. NO Ins company can force what the governement can. Privite Ins companies can not make laws demanding anything from us, The Government can. If we don't like our Privite Ins company we can walk away  and choose from many other, Under a Government HC there is no where to go and thats when we are going to be forced to do as the governments says. i see us being finded for being fat or a smoker or drinker or if you have highblood presure, cancer ect. Some will say they will not pay, I say the government will get their monies if its taking it right out of your bank account like only they have the power to do now. Or out of your refund if you get one. The Government will get what they demand is theirs to get.



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