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Created on : Tuesday, November 20, 2007, 06:08:03 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 11/29/07) Obesity is a huge problem for adults in this country, but now it’s becoming an epidemic among young children. Barbra says her 3-year-old daughter started gaining weight at six months old and now weighs 80 pounds. Barbra and her aunt, Dana, are baffled by what they believe is a medical mystery because they say the little girl doesn't overeat. Dr. Phil brings in two medical experts to get to the bottom of this issue. Is Barbra contributing to her child's weight gain? Then, Tammy says she can’t change her family's eating habits. She's obese, her 11-year-old is 175 pounds and her 9-year-old is 136 pounds. Her sister, Debbie, says the boys portion sizes are too big and the family is just lazy. Can Dr. Phil get Tammy to stick to a nutrition plan? You won’t believe the surprise he has for her! Plus, Jessica says her mom, Angie, is blind to the health issues of her 351-pound sister, Jaleisa, who is only 15. Jessica says her mom never buys healthy food, and she fears her mom has Munchausen’s syndrome. Angie says she can’t monitor Jaleisa’s eating habits all day. Can Angie turn this situation around and save her daughter’s life, or is it too late? Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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November 24, 2007, 10:05 am CST

More big fat babies ?

You know, each time my son & I visit the US of A
we are continuously astounded by how many obese people we see in a day and we aren't out to ridicule them. We don't know the reasons of why each individual is so overweight but each time we see one
we think about how much weight the body is carrying around and the burden placed on the hearts and knees and joints ! As Dr.Phil has said, the obese seriously need to take on a lifestyle change if they want to be healthy and do this before your weight take its toll on you physically and emotionally. It's very demoralizing for people to stare at you open mouthed and just with the 'how could you allow yourself to get like that in the first place look" on their face.
If my 10 year old can make healthy choices and tell me he'll pass desert because he had some candy earlier, you can too... we might add, we are real foodies too.. we love to eat, but our weight is healthy. Thanks.
November 24, 2007, 10:13 am CST

Doctor Phil Show

Babies Big Doctor Fat More One Part Phil.  I have never see this before. But I will see it anyway. See you on

Thursday November 29th, 2007. Sincerley Your. Russell Vlaanderen.---------------------------------------------------

November 24, 2007, 11:36 am CST

obese kids

I have always beleive that if the child does not have a medical condition that is causing the weight gain of that child then the parent is 100% responsible for that child.  It is common sense that the child is unhealthy and overweight.  The parent needs to get this child active and take video games, computer and start limiting the food intake.  When that child passes away due to neglect then that parent needs to be charged with the childs death.  THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS.  Do whatever it takes to get this child to lose weight and get healthy.  The PARENT is the one that children depend on.  The PARENT is the one that is in control of their life for 18 years.  The PARENT is the one responsible for the children. The PARENT is the one that takes full responsibility for the children actions.  The PARENT must take action with help thru medical doctors,to see that these children that are morbidly obese get the help they need to get these children healthy.  The PARENT should take full responsibility for the death of the child due to the PARENTS neglect that is just commen sense to anyone of how unhealthy this is. I feel that most parents will outlive their children because of this.   
November 24, 2007, 11:58 am CST

Obese and Over weight

There are so many people out there that do over feed their children but then there are some of those babies/people who have health problems that can cause the obesity. I think with the children and adults that they should have their blodd checked for different diseases as well as to see if there is anything hormonally wrong. I have a brother who has to genetic diseases that have been passed down in the gene pool to him, one which causes weight gain. I also know that there are way to many people who like to look down on people who have gained weight and make snyed remarks about how fat people are getting these days but do they ever consider that there could be a medical condition that is underlying the weight gain. I have the rare Hashimoto's Disease and I have gained weight. Hashimoto's disease is where the thyroid does not know if it wants to be hypo or hyper thus it conflicts with each other and tries to burn the thyroid out. I do not eat a lot of food but I gain weight. I am so mad that there are people out there that make comments so you can hear them since they are so insensative to your feelings. I have had this happen at a Kmart while my daughter was trying on some new clothes,( and by the way I find no pleasure in buying clothes or going to the mall due to the weight gain) which was the first time I finally ventured out to do this for her to have 3 of their employees who were there by the fitting room start in. I went with my daughter into the room, there were no other customers in the area, and to hear them say things like " People are sure getting fat these days". " They just don't know when to stop eatting", and my favorite *sarcastic here* " They should be ashamed to be so over weight.". I was so mad that I went out there and asked ' Where can I find a plain white T-Shirt?" they looked stupid as they were not sure where to find one. I then said to them " I  am going to write on the front of  it and on the back of it saying  I HAVE A THRYOID PROBLEM! DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT? I DO.  This shut them up. I just read in my endocrinologists office that there are a lot of people who are gaining weight, feeling tired, depressed, and run down that they are being misdiagnosed as depression and placed on medication for it but in this document it said that these doctors should be doing a thryoid test to see if  it is hyporthyroidism as these are the symptoms for this. 

  So I say Have blood tests done to check if there is a medical problem, and if that is not the problem then look at what you are putting in your mouth and cut back and start eating the right things. Just because some one cries for a cookie does not mean you give them a cookie try giving them an apple, orange or cut up veggies like carrots. I just hope that if it is not a medical condition then the parents start setting a good example for their children and start eatting healthy foods in proper portions. It is the parents who had the children that should be the example NOT THE VILLAGE. It  is the parents that had the children who should be showing the children how they should eat and what they should eat besides all the other things in life.

November 24, 2007, 12:24 pm CST

i need help dr.phil

i am  22 years old, iam a single mother . my child is 3 years old . she is not yet over weight . but i weigh 331 lbs. iam trying to get my masters degree in nursing and i need help getting this weight off to better myself and set a better example for my child so thats she doesnt become overweight.dr.phil will you please help me. i would greatly appreciate it .
November 24, 2007, 2:52 pm CST

Think It Through

Quote From: nicki3685

i am  22 years old, iam a single mother . my child is 3 years old . she is not yet over weight . but i weigh 331 lbs. iam trying to get my masters degree in nursing and i need help getting this weight off to better myself and set a better example for my child so thats she doesnt become overweight.dr.phil will you please help me. i would greatly appreciate it .
I want you to take a moment and think it through.  You are a nurse, correct?  It would seem you must know SOMETHING about proper nutrition.  Perhaps you already have the answer to your dilemma and you don't even need Dr. Phil's help?
November 24, 2007, 3:21 pm CST

11/29 More Big Fat Babies

As noted in the book by Sally Fallon of  the Westin A. Price Foundation you have to eat fat to lose fat. It is simple when you give your body enough nourishment is doesn't crave carbohydrates and sugar. Also drinking diet soda or ingesting anything with aspartame will make you crave more. Also msg and food color are not healthy for you. Email me at and ask me more questions and I will answer. I am speaking from experience.
November 24, 2007, 4:47 pm CST

11/29 More Big Fat Babies

I am really surprised at the title of the show,  more big fat babies.  Dr. phil claims to be such a children's right advocate,  yet he allows children to be called fat.  these children are not at fault,  whether it be medical or their eating habits.  i highly doubt that a three year old is cooking her own meals.  i am very disappointed


November 24, 2007, 5:50 pm CST

Overweight children

I just read some of the message boards for overweight children. It worries me that people can be so oblivious to children when it comes to obesity. For the people who wrote and said that these children need to stop eating please be aware this my not be the problem. If they do not have a child who is overweight how can they make such wrong accusations? My 9 year old son is overweight, we had extensive blood work done, stool samples as well as an ultra sound but there is nothing medically wrong with him. We also put him on a very strict diet with the help of a fitness trainer for 6 months with no results. It bothers me when people say the parent should be responsible if the child dies, the parent may have done everything they can like I did. It is hard enough to comfort an overweight child when he is teased at school let alone the comments that come from what is supposed to be grown mature adults. I ask that people who may not have experience with an overweight child to please put themselves in our shoes. I have taught my son to accept who he is and to learn from other peoples mistakes. If anyone has anymore ideas as to what I can do please let me know. Even his doctor and pediatrician are stumped as to what is wrong.
November 24, 2007, 7:53 pm CST

Overweight kids

I have seen a lot of overweight children over the years, and I do have a friend who had overweight children starting at a very young age. She would feed them all the time. Her son, now 22 is very obese now. He probably weighs 400+ . Her daughter is alot more active and is doing alot better!! Please, for the sake of your childrens health, do something about it!!  I am an overweight person. I have 2 daughters, but they have never had the weight issues that I have had!!
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