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Created on : Tuesday, November 20, 2007, 06:03:36 pm
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Dr. Phil follows up with a family terrified for the safety of their loved one, Katherine, a young woman who flew to the Middle East to be with Abdullah, whom she met online. When she last spoke with Dr. Phil, Katherine promised that she would return to the United States within two days, but immediately after the show, she changed her mind. Find out what happened during two failed attempts to get Katherine home, and what finally got her on a plane. Then, Katherine’s mother, Shawn, and sister, Mary, say they were overwhelmingly relieved to have her back safe, so why didn’t they greet her at the airport? Katherine joins her family onstage and offers her tearful apologies. After hearing how her actions have affected her family and Dr. Phil’s staff, will Katherine go back to Abdullah, or will she have a change of heart? Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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June 9, 2009, 4:36 am CDT


Quote From: ahmeddureidi

Dear non-Arab brothers & sisters,


I just want to make it clear that Abdulla really loves his wife Katherine. he confirmed the same on a live T.V show on MBC channel yesterday and he said that he was happy with her and he is waiting her to come back to him.


what I want people to know that we are having an excellent marriage ties in our society and strong family relations, we treat women the same way we treat our mothers & sisters. I think in this show there was a big miss understanding to the situation of this couples, and I think that if we leave them alone things will be fine and they can live a great life together. treat women the same way you treat your mothers and sisters, huh? Like call them names, and swears, and bite them???? Like having them killed if they just talk or smile at a strange man on the street??? Like making them stay at home and beating them if they don't do their daily quota of housework and chores, and working the fields??? Like not letting them go to the store without an older male child to watch that she doesn't say a word to a man at the store, and if she does, the child will report it to you and punishment will be given and or death???? Oh....that's love....


You see...I live in Israel...or Palestine as you call it. I live in a settlement with Arabs all around me in what you call the West Bank. I have Arab friends outside my settlement, as well as my Jewish friends in my settlement. My Arab friends tell me horror stories of how their husbands treat them, and they tell me that this is the norm. I grant you...there are some nice beautiful arab families out there who gave up being palestinian and have Israeli citicenship. They assimilated into society, and became educated and treat their families how they should be treated, but the norm for arab muslums in the west bank is: treat your wife as a common dog (and I won't get into how they treat dogs here! Oy! All animals for that matter! The abuse is horrific!!!)  This is the culture here. This is how the children are taught. It's so sad! Your children go out with the teachers at lunchtime, and throw rocks at us as we pass with our cars! Your children are taught to make homemade bombs to throw at our cars! Your children kill our children in wadis in our area! And even some of your children go to summer camps that teach children how to be proper terrorists!!!! A typical Muslum's biggest and proudest day, is when their child promises that when he grows up, he will be a suicide bomber and kill hundreds of Jews to secure his place and status in heaven with Allah, and get all his Virgins! This is all true, and don't try to answer this and counter act what I'm saying to change peoples hearts about all this. It's all true. I've heard it from many an Arab cousin!


Getting back to women....I know this is all's how you were all taught...this is why I don't hate any of you...but whenever I see an arab women with a boy walking behind her going to the corner store, I say a prayer for her safety...whenever I see a beautiful arab child playing on the street; especially a little girl, I fear for her little life that has literally NO FUTURE and say a prayer for her...I fear for her being a girl growing up in this horrible society you call Palestine.


I thank G-d every day that Katherine is safely back home in the USA with her family who know the meaning of LOVE, and away from that lying young man Abdulla, who was never taught the meaning of love. The middle east...especially our certainly not a place for a naive young american girl to be alone! ......Abdullah is a very handsome young man who could go far....if he only knew the way....But he is lost.........When I watched Abdullah I cried for my arab cousin who is so far gone...I will pray for he and his family...and especially for the future young woman that comes into his world someday....and of course for their children...They will all surely need the prayer...May G-d be with them all...

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