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Created on : Friday, November 16, 2007, 03:39:06 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 11/19/07) Should you stay in a marriage with your husband if you find out a secret that disgusts you? Michelle thought she had the perfect marriage until recently, when she found out her husband of four years, Wade, was a sex addict and compulsive liar. He admits to cheating on her while she was pregnant, but says since then he's been faithful. Michelle made Wade take an online polygraph test that he failed. Why is Michelle convinced Wade is having an affair, and what proof does she say she has? Wade says there's a simple explanation and wants to take another lie detector test to prove his innocence. When Dr. Phil reveals the results of the second polygraph, will Michelle's fears be confirmed or put to rest? Concerned for the well-being of their two sets of twins, will Michelle decide to divorce Wade or hold on to the hope that their marriage can be healed? Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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November 18, 2007, 5:44 pm CST

Michelle - GET OUT!!!

Dr. Phil;

Thank you for bringing this to the fore front of the world.   I am a survior of domestic abuse (by my ex-husband, PG Williams) from a man that said that he loved me and yet stocked and tried to kill me.    I fled from my home in San Jose,California &  left everything except what i could take in my friend's Big Rig Truck (including my Deceased Father's prized M38A1 Willy's Jeep that we as a family growing up built from scratch).    I went to couseling but still look over my shoulder as I now have a 5 year beautiful daughter that I am fearful that he will come clear across the country and do something to her.    My Fiance (my child's father) is very protective of me and our child, but is gone at night at work.     Many nights I have "baby girl" in my bed with me so that I know exactly where she is at all times.    Seeing Michell's story and the fact that children are invloved, brings up ALOT of fear in me.    I never want to have anyone else go thru the HELL that I have gone thru as it never ends.     It is never over until the abuser is DEAD as they can always break the law and the TRO, they can always get out of jail, they can always hurt you again until they are DEAD!

Dr. Phil, please perfom your miracles again with this woman and her children.    Get them out now!!!!  

November 18, 2007, 5:50 pm CST

11/19 A Husband's Shocking Confessions

This has to be one of the angriest men I've ever seen on this show, and one of the scariest, scarier than Jeffrey even.
November 18, 2007, 5:58 pm CST

dirty man!

Quote From: chelshy

Michelle get out !!!
He's a dirty man. No woman deserves, to be treated with such disrespect!!!

Good Lord!  He's sicking ,you are so right!  Michelle don't even let the screen door hit u in the butt.


Run like the wind girl.. He stinks....!!! Actually have him get out of your house. There is no reason you


 should have to pack up your children. That is, if you can be safe in your home. Dr. Phill will know what you


need to do.





November 18, 2007, 6:23 pm CST


Quote From: abba660

I wasn't even married a week when I found out my husband had been married two times prior to our marriage.  He told me he had been married before but I ASSUMED it had only been once before we got married.  (I have to disclose that we knew each other three months prior to getting married.)  It broke my heart to find this out, mainly because I am in a marriage "till death do us part".  I had not been married previously  but was in several relatinships, both good and bad without the commitment of marriage. 


Marriage is hard.  It takes a lot of work from boh parties and,  I have to say, my husband failed at 2 marriages prior to our marriage, but he has worked so hard to make this one work , and it has. 


We just celebrated our 9 year anniversary...none of our closest friends and relatives thought we would make it even 2 years! We have been thru hell and back financially.....that has got to be the worst strain in a marriage, but we always have believed that as long as we have each other (and our son) and keep working at everything together, we will be o.k.  After losing our first home to foreclosure, we are now in the process of buying a new home that all of us are happy about. 


For almost 7 years, I was the sole supporter in our family.  My husband stayed home with our son until he went to kindergarten and it was the best thing that fo all of day care expense, no illnesses for our son, and just a peace of mind or all of us, knowing that our son had the best care possible with one parent home with him all day long.  I have alot of regrets, not being able to be home with my son during his early years, but am able to "make up" for that now  After being laid off from my last place of employment, my husband has become the sole-supporterer of our famiy and, just by coincidence, has excelled in his current employment where he began as entry-level and is now managing. I no longer have to commute to work (and spend a tremedous amount of money on gas. in addition to supporting or family) and am a "stay-at-home-mom".  By the way, I became a mom at 39 years old.  I am currently pursuing a career that I have thought about doing for many years, and will finally accomplish, after going back to school on-line, one year from now.  I will be able to work from home and still be able to make a  reasonable amount of income to help support our family and no longer have to be the sole-supporter in our household. 


So, what I am trying to say is that marriage takes alot of work and alot of faith.  I have prayed for guidance from Day 1 because I know I'm not perfect and neither is my husband.....we have to accept each other's faults and learn to deal with it. We had so many strikes going against us, we met and married within 3 months, prior history and "baggage" from it that was hurtful, and a rocky start.....but we made it.  If you commit yourself to a relationship, you have to work at it to make it work! 


I will end this with what I strongly believe has been helpful in our marriage.  I do not tolerate violence and I do not tolerate betrayal.  In spite of a person's past history, it can be overcome with alot of work from both parties.





Get serious lady..Did u watch or listen to this guy?? What r u thinking??  He's  mental. He needs to be in an institution for the criminally freaky! U need to pray Michelle gets far away from him. This has nothing to do with how many times he's  been married, or lies about what  NORMAL  people would lie about to keep out of trouble. Wade, would be the last person on this planet that she should even consider leaving her children with, if he COULD, stay home and watch them. There are degrees of stupid deceitfulness and he's already blown the top off the gage!

November 18, 2007, 6:53 pm CST

Sharing similar stories

Quote From: ladyteal28

I say a BIG NO to staying with a man who is a cheater.  I am watching my best friend go through hell.  She found out this summer that her husband of over 34 years has been cheating on her for years and years and years.  He used ALL his vacation time for the year to go and meet women he met online.   He is also a big time porn lover. 

For years I have ignored his remarks about a 3some.... now I actualy hate this man.  And the pain his wife and grown kids are going through breaks my heart.  He even had the nerve to tell my best friend that he never really loved her..... I see a women who had worked all her life for her husband and how broken he has made her.  I am always here for her and I tell her that all the time.  I listen and give her a shoulder to cry on and tell her she was the best wife ever, and she was.  He just lost the best thing in his life.  They are now getting a divorce and selling their home that they both worked soooo hard to have.  My B.F. has worked this one job for years and years and it is slowly taking everything out of her.  She hs worked and worked tons of overtime just to keep their head about water while he just continues to add more and more debt with his endless spending, all for himself.  He has opened more credit cards in his name and run them up she is looking at going bankrupt...


To tell you the truth there isn't one man in the world worth giving up your heart too.  I have been married for almost 40 years to a very cold, unaffectionate man....who I have BEGGED for us 'both' to get help.  No he can't be bothered.  He only cares about the kids, and grandkids and spends his retirement in either front of a t.v. or a computer screen.  We retired to travel...and here we after day.  How sad! 

I would run the other way, if I knew then what I know now.  Life is hard enough....without these selfish men.




I understand what you are saying.  It is so hard to see your friends and loved one hurt by those who are supposed to love them too. 


I am taking my life back!  I am working on rebuilding my life and myself.  I am weeding out the bad and trying fo bring the good in my life.  The things that I love!!  I have totally changed my career to one that will be more in line with what I want to do in the coming years.  I stop and smell the roses.


How about you start thinking about what you love.  Dancing, reading, whatever.......and look for ways to experience those things.  Maybe a dance class or a reading club.  Let him sit in front of the tv.  YOU DON"T HAVE TO DO WHAT HE DOES!!!  Make the rest of your life a happy experience!


You don't have to travel to another place to find fun and excitement.


I wish you a full and happy year to come!!!


November 18, 2007, 7:35 pm CST

Husband's Shocking Confessions

My first marriage of 20 years was abusive both mentally and physically for me and mentally for our 3 children. After I finally got out of it and got into some really good counseling for myself and two of my children, (the third one would not go) things starting getting better for me and my daughters. But the very very best of anything in my life (besides my children) is that years later I met a man that was 16 years older than me and we got to spend the happiest most wonderful years together until he passed away in December of 2003 just shy of are up coming 15th wedding anniversary on January 1, 2004. Since then I have no desire to ever marry again but I am just thankful for those years with him and all my fond memories. So ladies get out of a bad relationship or marriage if there is abuse and get your head on straight for you and your children and I know that in your future you will be blessed with a much better life.
November 19, 2007, 4:11 am CST

I'm sorry if I sound cold and uncaring...

...but I am so tired of women, who get into situations where they are left dependent in every way  on men like this.


Sometimes I think one of the requirements for getting a marriage license should be some kind of a profession, so nobody is stuck in a marriage because they need the financial support.


And if someone's religion doesn't allow divorce, is there anything that prevents them from leaving a dangerous situation?

November 19, 2007, 7:31 am CST

Sexual Deviants..

When someone is so sexually deviant?  Master manipulators get angry when confronted. So much power behind everything they do, the cheating, lies, stories, fanasies and obsessons in all and getting away with what they do.  No one is safe by this kind o mentlity.  Especiall someone he feels he owns in a relationship and that he shows he should keep no matter what he does?   Some truth would have to have weight in his life for him to ever be trusted, it sure don't look like he hasmuch of that?

November 19, 2007, 7:33 am CST

Pathalogical liar

I think this man is an emmbarssament to me because he does the very same things that I do is lie to much he should be ashamed of himself of what he has done to his wife and his family and can't believe

he would stoop so low and lie so many time to save his marriage doesn't he know his marriage was doomed anyway from all the lying . My relationship with my brother is is tested every time I make a mistake

and doesn't trust me as well and I'm scared to death. I been honest with but no matter how hard I tried lied

and after seen this man doing the very same thing like I did I'm appaled and very embarrassed and ashamed of myself because the wife is like my brother she doesn't trust him feel sorry for the wife so I think she needs help worse way possble and get away fast as possible as for the husband you better

stop the lying right NOW because your a pathalogical liar.

November 19, 2007, 8:07 am CST


I would love to see a whole show that deals with the subject of porn.  It has been around forever and I know that med see it as no big deal.  Oviously, it is.  How much is to much? At what point is it a problem? Is porn cheating?  With the easy availability on the internet, it seems to be more and more of a problem.  And I know for a fact that what can start out as a little harmless looking can lead to bigger problems.  I would love to here a solution to this problem. 
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