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Topic : 06/17 A Daughter in Danger? Part 2

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Created on : Thursday, November 08, 2007, 07:39:52 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 11/15/07) Dr. Phil continues the story of a young woman who made international headlines when she ran away to Palestine to be with a man she met on the Internet when she was just 16. Katherine was stopped by the FBI and brought back home, but two years later and now an adult, she’s left the United States again to be with Abdullah, the man she says she loves and wants to marry. Katherine’s terrified family thinks she is being brainwashed, and may never be allowed to return home. They say they’ve witnessed Abdullah’s violent temper when he’s verbally abused her over the phone. Now, in an exclusive interview via satellite, Dr. Phil speaks with Katherine and Abdullah together. Is Abdullah lying about letting Katherine return home? Is this couple already married? Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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July 7, 2008, 4:03 am CDT

You are not a palestinian.

Quote From: lutherniveen

Oh my God, this man doesn't love her at all. I am Palestinian too and I know how the Palestinians in Gaza strip are living they are looking for any chance to leave Gaza. I believe that Kathrien is very good opportunity to help Abdullah to have American passport and to live in USA in the future.


There are some Islamic groups in Gaza who try to converts the Christians to Islam and persecute the Christians and hate the Americans for being aggressive to us by giving power to Israel.


Last several months a Christian was killed in Gaza strip, his guilt is being Christian serving Christ. I believe that Abdullah is using Katherine and she has to return to her homeland. Love is not everything in the world. Her love to him will not protect her and keep her safe from him. Go to Gaza and you will understand much more. She is in danger indeed. She need somebody to help her.


Why pretend to be a palestinian, they stick together regardless of relions. Christian palestinians are

even more feared by Israel than muslims, cause they have higher education, they can speak better

to defend their case. They are very nationalistic, and stick together with their brothers. Christians

are not beeing killed for beeing christians, they have lived together in peace for several hundreds of year,

before the occupation. Nothing you say makes sense at all.



July 9, 2008, 3:07 am CDT

a daughter in danger? part 2

hi   i am from sweden and yeesterday i se the show about this ,,,and  i  wonder what happen to katherin and abdulla ? did she come home to usa again ? did he come ? // Tina
July 11, 2008, 7:44 pm CDT

06/17 A Daughter in Danger? Part 2

Quote From: laceysalim

im muslim.. were happy to be coverd so only the guys that look at us is our husband..unlike you guys dress so people can see everything you have.. people just listen to the media thats where they think they know about muslims.. why dont people just read up on it and get the truth ..instead of saying what they dont know nothing about...
So you tell other people to read up so they can get the truth, but then you make an untrue stereotypical statement? I say that if oppression teaches you nothing then you've helped them oppress you.
July 15, 2008, 3:58 am CDT

06/17 A Daughter in Danger? Part 2

Quote From: moodymitzy

you do not like it here then go back to where you came from. I wish more immigrants who say they hate Americans and America would go back. the reason why there a re a growing number of Musilms here and all over the world is because they do plan for world domination. they want to become citizens so they will be able to vote for their leaders to be in power. Like the guy who wants to run for presiden (i can't remember his name right now). He claims to have converted to Christianity but I do not believe that. Bottom line if you do not like it here then get out. That goes for all the liberals who want to complain about everything American.

Hmm...are you a REAL american? Cause last time a checked, the real americans were indians whom your forfathers massacred.


But ok, now it's been a couple of years since that.


So, why do you think that everyone must be a christian to be a real american? And why does everyone have to love everything about america to be able to live there?

In human nature it's normal to be both positive AND negative about things and issues. It doesn't mean that everyone who's negative about some issues in USA hate this country so bad that they need to leave it.


Where did you get this false information that they have a plan for world domination? Did you know that even jews have that reputation about themselves? Do you believe that too?


You're so isolated my friend. You need to meet some people, read books, see other news and educate yourself.


Regards from Sweden.

July 31, 2008, 1:04 pm CDT

06/17 A Daughter in Danger? Part 2

Quote From: tennlady030

Dr. Phil did the correct thing by not igniting anger between he and Abdullah. Katherine was in a very delicate situation just sitting there with Abdullah. I was truly nervous watching the interaction between the family and Dr. Phil with Abdullah. Remember, Katherine is in Abdullah's territory where he is in complete control of her. Have you ever been to an islamic country? I have and let me tell you that it is very different to be a woman there compared to being a woman in the United States. Any woman who visits an Islamic country immediately "gets it" as soon as she arrives. By "gets it" I mean fully understands that the men are in control, PERIOD.
I can understand saying nothing to unduly anger Abdullah while Katherine was still at his side.  But, even after she was back home, safely sitting next to Dr Phil, he never told him that, no, it isn't "normal" to call one's wife a bitch. And, that he'd never called Robin one. Isn't this something Katherine needs to know, anyway? So she won't take such abuse from any man?
September 11, 2008, 2:01 am CDT

06/17 A Daughter in Danger? Part 2

Quote From: jdk155

Dr. Phil,

You keep mention that the daughter went to Palestine country, but there is not offical country called Palestine. The west bank Jericho is in Israel, and before belong to Jordan.

The local Palestinian like to refer to their area as Palestine country.

I was born in Israel and living in the US now.

From my knowledge of the Palestinian people, her boyfriend will convert her to Muslin and force her to cover her face, and have his children and do all the house work and caring for the children, and restict her from any outside contact. He will mistreat her and physical abuse her. As Muslin in case of divorce the father take the children, and that what keep the woman staying.

Right now he is lie to her until he marry her, and than he will show his true face.

Unless someone save her, she will be too afraid to do anything.

Save her, as she have very dark future.


is that all you care about !!
that dr. phil said Palestine country how old are u ??
and who told u their was not a country called Palestine !! do the history right. ma'am
im with dr. phil that what this kid did was not right and she was to young to make such a decision and abdulaha is to blame he didnt make it clear form the beging..
but thats it's not a reason to attack hole muslims that's gust silly
and you said you know them!!
well, do u know me if every isrelian thinks gust like u their will be no shalom my lady !
me i dont think that all israelian are bad or childs killer i think their are many nice people in israel who helps build with phalestinian what their own merkava or TRACTORS destroyed and the other israelian are manipulated by media gust like us citizen but i believe that people like dr. phil has to revele the truth to the sleeping world.
with all my respect .
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