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Topic : 06/17 A Daughter in Danger? Part 2

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Created on : Thursday, November 08, 2007, 07:39:52 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 11/15/07) Dr. Phil continues the story of a young woman who made international headlines when she ran away to Palestine to be with a man she met on the Internet when she was just 16. Katherine was stopped by the FBI and brought back home, but two years later and now an adult, she’s left the United States again to be with Abdullah, the man she says she loves and wants to marry. Katherine’s terrified family thinks she is being brainwashed, and may never be allowed to return home. They say they’ve witnessed Abdullah’s violent temper when he’s verbally abused her over the phone. Now, in an exclusive interview via satellite, Dr. Phil speaks with Katherine and Abdullah together. Is Abdullah lying about letting Katherine return home? Is this couple already married? Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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November 15, 2007, 8:28 am CST

She is so naive!

 OMG this Katherine is so naive and trusting.  She will get yourself into a lot of troubles.
November 15, 2007, 8:29 am CST

Daughter in Danger

I think this girl is crazy for going there, but thats her... I just got done watching part 2 of this. when does the conclusion air?  didnt catch that part i'd like to see what happens ne one know where i can find this info?
November 15, 2007, 8:47 am CST

Living this nightmare

As a mother I did everything possible to keep my girls from getting envolved in this kind of situation, the computer was in the family room, I went behind them and check everything that they did while on the net. I also knew they were on myspace, so I got a myspace page. However when my Eldest daughter turned 18, she went away to college & met a man on myspace from Morroco. she is 20 now & has been having this relationship for 2 yrs. without my knowledge. Watching this show , there are so many similarities, it's almost like they have a book to go by to get these american women hooked, for instance he says he can't get a visa, his father bought her plane ticket & the comment they made about the children will be allowed to choose their own religion. In the spring she lied to me & told me she was flying to see a friend, however  after  questioning her futher she confessed what was going on. She was going to see him, she already had her Pass Port. Things were really bad at home , we have always been a family who were open & honest, sure we had our disagreements but there was never alot of arguing going on at home. Well I hate to say this but all hell broke lose, her Father & I tried to talk some sense into her, but she had made her mind up. I tried to get FBI envolved... consulted with a private investigator. There was nothing we could do, she was of age. After about a week of really angry conversations, she was going,,,,I was told I would never see her again, to prepare for the worst. I did speak with this young man on the phone , he assured me she would be safe but he didn't really like me questioning him. I thought to myself if this is the last week I have with my daughter I don't want to be fighing , so I just starting loving her & tried to put angry on the back burner. I did take her to the airport, I just wanted to see her for as long as I could...till the last minute. It was the hardest thing to do to let get on that plane but I had no choice. She did stay for 2 weeks...I was scared she wasn't coming back because when I would talk to her she would say what a good time she was having.His family was good to her, she was allowed to stay with him in their house, I do believe they tried to get married & she may already be married to him. She is back in the USA now & trying to get him here.  I feel God watched over her while she was there & allowed her to come home. I feel this young man  is just using her to get to the US. My daughter is a smart young woman she is in her 2nd year at college & is making good grades , I don't want to see her have to support him the rest of her life. He doesn't work  where he is because he "doesn't make enough money." I just want Katherine & her family to know that I'm praying for them also. And to Shawn , you are really getting some abuse from this message broad & I just want you to know , I've been there & I'm sitll there ,  It always seems like everybody always blames the Mother ,  we can only raise our children the best we can, what they do when they become adults .....we just have to hope that the raising we gave them will matter to them at some point!

November 15, 2007, 8:47 am CST

The Abdullah Affair

Dr. Phil,


This is a hard  case to crack. First, we have Abdullah who is a Palestinian. I am old  enough to have certain rules I live by. One is that all middle eastern people think differently that I do, as an American. That is just the way it is. I can say that people from the middle east see the United States as something that it isn't. We are not a land of milk and honey. We have to work, and try every day to do what we think is right. Abdullah thinks that we are different ... but I am not sure exactly what kind of different he takes us to be.


Then we have a beautiful young lady who spent too much time on the internet, instead of going out to school functions, hanging out with her friends, and doing things that young ladies do, in the United States. And Katherine is in the most important time of her life, learning what she wants to be, deciding on a career, going to college and having fun, fun, fun! She apparently does not read the papers finding out about the war on terror, our fight with Iraq, fighting in Gaza and Palestine. The middle eastern countries are always fighting with each other. They would rather shoot you than do anything else. That is the  middle east. That is where Abdullah grew up. For chrissake, I am 53 years old  and I don't have them figured out and probably never will! (And neither does our President)


So, you have a hard one to fix this time. I will be anxious to see what happens to these people in the end. I would like to say that Katherine would see the light and write off Abdullah, but she is 18, she has hormones, and she has that creepy middle eastern boyfriend-boy-enemy to fight off. Maybe you could get a Psychic because she might believe her over someone like you that knows what is right and can put her in touch with the tools.


As always,


November 15, 2007, 8:56 am CST

11/15 A Daughter in Danger? Part 2


Oh please she's more in danger of meeting some pedofile in this country. Americans are so melodramatic. Ohhhhhh woooow she's in the middle east. It's safer to be in the middle east right now running around nakid than it is to walk alone in any city in the united states. Turn on the news lately?? It's so funny how americans think the rest of the big bad world is soo dangerous forgetting this country is the number ONE in crime in the WORLD. No other developed country comes even close.


Where is the father in this situation? Oh once again...single mothers raising their kids and not having a clue as to what they are doing nor caring. Now she wants to blame OTHERS for what her lack of parenting has resulted in. Ya good luck lady. Your daughter is NEVER coming back.

November 15, 2007, 9:04 am CST

Wondering the same thing

I was also wondering when the conclusion to this show would be on air. I'm going to email them and I'll post on here if I get a response.
November 15, 2007, 9:19 am CST


     I certainly hope the family is able to keep her home and away from him!It bothered me that every time he "answered"a question from Dr. Phil,he put his head down and could not even look at the monitor.Strange.I sincerly hope all turns out well for this family.
November 15, 2007, 9:30 am CST

MYSPACE has earned it's reputation, sadly

Quote From: mrs_e_cook

why is it that everything bad that happens over the internet has to happen on MySpace. Just because of a few kids that don't have the sense and the parental control not to meet with strangers. I personally met my husband on MySpace and if it weren't for that particular website, I truly believe we wouldn't have met. I am truly sorry to all the parents who have had something horrible happen to their children after meeting someone on MySpace, but it happens on other websites too. Why does MySpace have to get all the bad press?

Sadly, MYSPACE gets all the bad press becuase it earns it. When you have the largest website on the Internet when it comes to a teen following, there are going to be a large number of problems. Some of the problems are high profile (pedophiles, rape, dangerous affairs, etc) so they get the press.


Our 13-yr-old is not allowed on MYSPACE and never will be. There is absolutely NO REASON a young person needs to be "talking" with strangers. We wouldn't allow her to talk to a stanger on the street, so why would we allow her to "hook up with" a faceless, nameless identity behind a screen.


Our daughter is not alone. Many of her classmates are also barred from sites like MYSPACE. These teen girls and boy e-mail EACHOTHER and go to more innocent sites together. It can be done and it can be great for the teen!


It's time parents wake up to ALL the dangers on the web. Speaking to strangers (even on the Internet) is not safe and not good for teens. It's simply too risky. As parents, we are supposed to minimize that risk!


My hubby is a federal officer and knows all too well who is lurking on MYSPACE and other similar sites. If the general pubic knew what he knows (and sees too often), they would monitor their children MUCH more carefully.

November 15, 2007, 9:44 am CST

11/15 A Daughter in Danger? Part 2

Quote From: chazabee

If they're doing the annorexic & bulemic show tomorrow when are they showing part 3?? You can't show the previews and have me practically fall out of my seat and then not show it!!!


I think this guy is manipulating this girl. I remember being wasn' t that long ago...I'm only 24! After seeing previews for part 3 I can see he WAS lying and so was least Dr. Phil got her home!!

Yes, my wife and I watched the 2 parts and to show a 3rd part and not say when it airs, just stinks! Anyone know when this concluding show about Katherine will air, please let me (us) know?


At 18 yrs old, she is living her fantasy life and for her wanting more time to be there, is just her way of stating, "Abdullah will be mad if I cam home right away".

November 15, 2007, 9:49 am CST

Katherine Is An Absolute Nut!!!!!!

katherine is an absolute nut and a moron!  Her family understands the danger that she has very

likely gotten herself into; but she is convinced in her crazy mind that she is "in love".  It's quite clear

that Abdullah and his family have this nut case right where they want her; and are also exercising

all the control over her family that they can.

            I hope and pray that Katherine comes out of this situation alive.  I also wonder if her

"beloved" and his family have terrorist notions.  As much of a nut as Katherine is, she was sure

smart enough to get her passport and other information together; and fly to the Middle East

unbeknownst to her family.  That takes both boldness and audacity!  What an awful mess this

woman(and I DO mean grown woman!) has gotten herself and her family into!

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